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A leader in fertility treatment in Chennai for over decades.

“Fertility World IVF treatment Center” is equipped with all the advanced infrastructure, advanced equipment, and a pool of famous specialists, delivering a high IVF Success rate in Chennai. We began using a two-room clinic and now we stand tall as among the most prestigious and prestigious IVF providers in the nation and beyond. We’re deeply committed to supplying all of the main and ancillary services associated with your therapy under precisely the exact same roof since we are aware of the importance of a combined, meticulous, and well-oiled system for your pregnancy achievement.


Highly Acclaimed group of IVF specialists practicing for over 25 years and trained globally. Wide Experience of getting treated more than tens of thousands of patients. Our Laboratories (The Heart of the IVF Program) are outfitted with sophisticated state – of – art technology & manned by highly trained & skilled personnel. Standardized Protocols with demonstrated results, thousands of ART procedures every year. Complete Bundle of ART services including services like oocyte freezing and egg donation. Our cumulative Pregnancy rate at the end of 3 tries is 90 percent.

At Fertility WORLD we understand the process of IVF can at times be overwhelming. To deal with this problem, we have IVF Physicians available 24/7 to answer questions, guide you through the process, and provide emotional support. In addition, we offer a Reproductive Health Psychologist to help couples create their best coping plans along their journey. The success of the IVF Program in Fertility WORLD is due to our scientific and technological excellence coupled with our compassionate and highly personalized approach to patient care. 

What exactly is IVF?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) has become the most typical kind of assisted reproductive technologies (ART), utilized to make an embryo bypassing specific causes of infertility, such as moderate sperm abnormalities in males, and rectal tube or childbirth irregularity in girls. During IVF, a woman’s eggs are retrieved then fertilized in a lab by mixing with a spouse (or donor ) sperm. The fertilized egg, or embryo, is made to grow two to five times and is subsequently surgically transferred back in the girl’s womb. Know the detailed IVF process: Click here

How long should I wait until consulting with a fertility doctor?

Generally, patients will seek out help from a fertility physician following one year of trying unsuccessfully to become pregnant. The possibility of a fertile couple conceiving a child in any particular month (known as the pure pregnancy rate) is approximately 20%; leading to approximately ninety percent of couples getting pregnant after one year of attempting to conceive.

It is suggested that the remaining 10 percent of couples consult with a fertility specialist. Specifically, women over thirty are invited to experience a fertility therapy test, following six months of trying to conceive. And it might be good for women over forty to fulfill a fertility doctor soon after deciding to attempt to have a young child. There are quite a few variables involved in deciding whether a patient is acceptable for IVF therapy. Proper candidates frequently contain couples who may encounter:

  • Low sperm counts
  • Endometriosis
  • Issues with the uterus or fallopian tubes
  • Ovulation ailments
  • Sperm not able to penetrate or live in the cervical mucus
  • Other Wellness or unexplained reproductive problems
  • The only way to know for certain if in vitro fertilization is ideal

for you would be to undergo a comprehensive examination and consultation with our acclaimed specialists.

How powerful is IVF?

Based on federal statistics by the middle for Disease Control, the normal IVF success rates with one’s own eggs starts to fall around age thirty and drops quickly from the mid-30s and early 40s, because of reduced egg quality and quantity. Besides age, success rates with IVF change with respect to one’s height, weight loss, infertility analysis, sperm counts, and reproductive histories, like the preceding number of pregnancies, miscarriages, and births.


We program a pregnancy test 10 days after embryo transfer.


We recommend waiting for one complete menstrual cycle prior to experiencing another IVF stimulation. It may take up to 6 weeks for inflammation to fix; thus, it’s sensible to wait a similar amount of time before restarting the process. Fertility WORLD is dedicated to every couple’s achievement by offering individualized and supportive care along the way. We believe every couple component of our household as we try to help them produce their very own.

Are you likely to seek IVF treatment but not sure if it is safe during this outbreak? Are you stressed if the coronavirus pandemic could harm your baby? If so, don’t worry, you are not alone. Back in India, almost 1 in every 6 couples is looking for an infertility solution. Fertility problems and IVF are already stressful.

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