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Surrogacy is an excellent alternative option for those Intended parents to conceive again. The fertilityworld is the best surrogacy clinic in Meghalaya that offers the finest altruistic surrogacy according to the new surrogacy law enforced by the supreme court in January 2022. The clinic provides the preeminent legal surrogacy lawyers and leading Doctors to any intending parents looking for altruistic surrogacy in Meghalaya.

surrogacy clinic in Meghalaya

Look at the Surrogacy Success Rates in Meghalaya

The pie chart depicts the Surrogacy Success Rates in Meghalaya:

The surrogacy success rates rely upon various factors which are discussed below. Therefore all intended parents may not produce the same success rate, some will achieve success after a single cycle while some achieve after a repeated cycle, the 2nd or 3rd cycle. The fertilityworld best surrogacy clinic in Meghalaya produces 99% success with donor eggs, 100% success with donor embryos, 80% success with Donor sperm and self egg, and 70% success rates with self-cycle (self egg+self sperm). The clinic does its best and maintains a lower package than other clinics so that everyone receives the best services by offering  Low-cost surrogacy in India with a high success rate

How is the New Surrogacy Law 2022?

New Surrogacy Law 2022

From January 2022, the supreme court has enforced a new surrogacy law stating that only altruistic surrogacy should be provided in India: That concludes that:

  • The surrogate should be from Intended family members, relatives, and friends.
  • The Surrogate must carry the pregnancy for the intended parents and hand over the baby right after the birth.
  • Surrogate medical expenses & insurance during pregnancy must be paid.
  • Surrogacy must be solely for intended parenthood and not commercial purposes such as for sale, prostitution, or any other forms of exploitation.
  • The child born is deemed as the biological child of the intending couple. 
  • The surrogate mother must allow for abortion during the process of surrogacy under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971.

Understanding the complete surrogacy process

Understanding the complete surrogacy process

The procedure and process of surrogacy require a team of highly experienced professionals and helpers to execute successful programs. The fertilityworld is rated as the best surrogacy clinic in Meghalaya for its outstanding services with overall satisfaction without compromising.

We have discussed here the Complete Surrogacy process in India. In surrogacy under the medical process for the surrogate, she is made to become pregnant (with the intended parent’s gametes) through a procedure called in vitro fertilization (IVF); read this to further understand what is IVF technology?. An embryo is created and developed in the laboratory and transferred to the surrogate’s uterus, then she continues carrying the pregnancy to term and delivers the child to the intended parents. These are the stepwise procedures followed at fertilityworld:

  1. Consultations: First free consultation.
  2. Contract and AgreementAgreement Signing.
  3. Approval from the Supreme court by our best lawyers.
  4. Screening: Intended Parents’ fertility conditions
  5. Matching of the surrogate and Intended Parents.
  6. Stimulation of the intended mother/Egg Donor.
  7. Surrogate and parent’s legal procedure by our lawyers.
  8. IVF procedure: IVF Process step by step.
  9. Implantation/transferring of the embryo into the surrogate uterus.
  10. Confirming the pregnancy.
  11. Delivery of the child and handing over to intended parents.
  12. Return home.

The fertilityworld will be available each step of the way and ensures you have all the information, guides, and support you need.

Who should go for surrogacy programs in Meghalaya?

Any couples from Meghalaya who cannot get pregnant, or deliver a child in natural form after trying regular unprotected sex for 1 to 2 years should go for surrogacy programs. If you encounter any of the following points provided below, you need surrogacy to make your parenthood successful

  • Couples who suffer from proven infertility.
  • Couples are deemed for family building and not for commercial purposes.
  • Couples suffering from any condition or disease specified through regulations.
  • Couples with multiple IVF-cycle failures.

What should be the eligibility criteria for a surrogate mother?

The undergo surrogacy, the intended parent’s surrogate mother should satisfy the following criteria:

  • She is a close relative, family member, and friend of the intending couple.
  • She is free from drug abuse and has no alcoholism.
  • She is a married woman having a child of her own; 
  • She is between 25 to 35 years old; 
  • She has been a surrogate only once in her lifetime.
  • She must possess a certificate of medical and psychological fitness for surrogacy.  
  • She needs to live in a safe and supportive environment as established by a home study.
  • Further, she cannot provide her gametes for surrogacy.

Different Forms of Surrogacy available in Meghalaya

  • Guaranteed surrogacy: Donor Egg + partner sperm.
  • Assured Surrogacy: Donor sperm + Self egg
  • Surrogacy with Donor Embryo: Donor egg + Donor sperm=Embryo.
  • Self-cycle surrogacy: Self egg + self sperm.

What is Guaranteed Surrogacy?

When the intended parents undergo surrogacy using the help of the Donor Egg instead of the intended female partner egg is known as Guaranteed Surrogacy. The Guaranteed Surrogacy in India gives an excellent 99% healthy live baby. This program is used when the intended female partner cannot produce a viable egg or has medical conditions. Let’s discuss here, which parents should go for guaranteed surrogacy:

  • Women with Premature menopause (when women reach menopause earlier than their age). 
  • Women whose Eggs are not suitable to produce an embryo.
  • Women with Poor quality and less quantity of eggs (not viable to fertilize with sperm).
  • Women with a significant decrease in ovarian reserve, 
  • Couples who have had several unsuccessful IVF attempts using their eggs. 

Where can I get Donor Eggs in Meghalaya?

Today, any Intending hopeful parents can easily get the best healthy donor egg in Meghalaya through the fertilityworld clinic or Donor egg Bank. It allows you to pick your egg donor preferences at an affordable cost. It also provides you with donor profiles before your choices like the color of the skin, and eyes. The shape of the ear lobes, height, education background, and family background, only her identity(name) is anonymous.

If you’re intending parents looking for donor eggs, getting it by yourself from Meghalaya, might be possible but it will cost you time, and more finance, and sometimes one may fall into fraudster draining your money. Always get the help of a renowned clinic, Donor bank, or professionals, it is the best option recommended to you. Contact the fertilityworld, we provide free consultations regarding donor eggs.

Assured Surrogacy in Meghalaya

Those intended parents that undergo surrogacy using the help of the Donor Sperm are termed assured surrogacy. This program is the best option to approach when the intended male partner shows infertility and the sperm is not viable to fertilize the partner’s eggs, or he has a genetic disease or certain risk factor recommended by the professionals.

  • Low sperm count
  • Azoospermia ( absence of sperm )
  • Severe oligospermia ( very less abnormal sperm)
  • Abnormal sperm morphology
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Repeated IVF failures due to poor sperm quality

Where can I get donor sperm in Meghalaya?

Finding the donor sperm in Meghalaya is simple and easy when the fertilityworld stands with you. There are a few processes and procedures to be followed but the fertilityworld will take care of everything, only that you need to choose your donor preferences. We provide you with detailed profiles about the donor sperm such as: 

  • Height, weight, color
  • Nationality
  • Hobbies
  • Educational background
  • Sperm quality
  • Health history
  • Anonymity/Openness

Here are the best sources where you can find a healthy sperm Donor for your family in Meghalaya.

  • Either fresh or frozen sperm provides the same 80% success rates, all sperm donations are frozen via semen cryopreservation, which ensures the safety and quality of the sperm. It is contagion-free before it is given to intended parents. 
  • Before cryopreservation, our Sperm donors undergo a detailed historical background test, Semen analysis test, routine tests, blood group, infection screens, STD testing, and Genetic Screening. However, their identity (names) remain anonymous according to ICMR guidelines. 
  • Always choose an open-identified donor, it gives the best information about your child’s family health history, genetic relationships, and more. Our donors are 100% identified and ready to share their background if needed by the recipients (Intended parents).

Self-Cycle Surrogacy in Meghalaya

Self-Cycle surrogacy means using own gametes (egg and sperm) in surrogacy. Most of the intended parent’s first option is to proceed with surrogacy with self gametes. However, this option doesn’t favor all of them because it depends on the individual conditions and the fertility treatment’s responses. See here why the couple cannot conceive when their gametes are viable and self Surrogacy treatments become the best options.

This journey helps those intended couples, whose reproductive gametes (eggs & sperm) are viable for fertilization but are unable to carry the pregnancy. The inability to conceive a pregnancy or immature pregnancy is due to:

  • The absence of uterus- genetically or surgically removed due to medical conditions, 
  • Female with Blocked fallopian tubes, but have healthy eggs.
  • Has a defective uterus (septum, bicornuate, arcuate, or due to infection like Tuberculosis).
  • Male have low sperm count and weak motility but are viable.

Surrogacy with Donor Embryo in Meghalaya

It is equal for all married couples to have a child of their own but sometimes fertility does not favor all of them, in some cases, self-cycle, or Donor assistance to fertilization attempts may fail many times. In such cases, embryo donation is an exciting new option that is being made available in modern infertility treatments for such couples.

Oocyte or embryo donation from young individuals is an established standard and effective treatment for age-related infertility because the pregnancy rates with such methods are significantly higher than those obtained with controlled ovarian hyperstimulation or IVF in women of advanced reproductive age. Surrogacy with embryo donation is strongly recommended in the case of both partners dealing with serious infertility or other health conditions. 

  • A couple who cannot conceive through IVF technology using their egg and sperm, Donor sperm, and donor egg.
  • Men with absolutely no sperm or azoospermia, testicular cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, etc.
  • Females with poor egg quality, advanced reproductive age, or premature menopause, can opt for a donor embryo that is fertilized with the use of donor sperm or donor eggs.

Why fertilityworld is the best surrogacy clinic in Meghalaya?

In Meghalaya, the fertilityworld is considered the best surrogacy clinic as its overall service is rated as the most satisfactory, and also get to know the best surrogacy agency in India from the link. The fertilityworld serves the best with its excellent standards such as:

  • It provides the best lawyers who execute all the legal surrogacy procedures without any disturbances.
  • Its surrogacy doctors are highly qualified and committed to serving any patients.
  • It is equipped with the best state of art instruments.
  • Has an ultra-laboratory for all the processes.
  • It serves the best fertility medicines in Meghalaya.

What do you think about your infertility?

If you are a married couple for years and are unable to get pregnant after having various medications and treatments such as IUI, IVF, medications, etc. Then Surrogacy is the best option to approach. The fertility treatment’s success rates also depend on the infertility duration, the more you advance in age, it is directly proportional in declining of your reproductivity. The fertilityworld provides free first consultations to any individuals hoping to know more about infertility issues and willing to make changes in its fertility. Contact the fertilityworld today.

For more information on surrogacy…

If you want to know more information relating to any fertility treatments such as Surrogacy (Guaranteed surrogacy, Assured surrogacy, self-cycle surrogacy, and donor embryo surrogacy), IVF, ICSI, IUI, FET, PGD, Surgical extractions, surrogacy, Donor assistance (egg/sperm), surrogate mother arrangements, best lawyers, and any other fertility treatments or services information in Meghalaya please write to us at we’re right away to answer and solve your problems. We provide free consultations. 

To directly discuss the cost of any fertility treatments such as Guaranteed surrogacy, Assured Surrogacy, Self-cycle surrogacy, cost of IVF with self gametes, cost of IVF with donor gametes, cost of ICSI treatments, cost of PGD/PGS, cost of Donor sperms, cost of Donor Eggs, Cost of the surrogate mother compensation, or any fertility-related treatment cost, and discount in Meghalaya please write to us at We provide free consultations.

Is Surrogacy Legal in India?

It is permitted only for altruistic purposes or for couples who suffer proven infertility or disease. Surrogacy is prohibited for commercial purposes including for sale, prostitution or any other forms of exploitation. Fertilityworld is the best Surrogacy agency to contact for legal process with its lawyer. Complete guidance will be provided with free first consultation.

How much does surrogacy cost in India?

The cost of surrogacy is approximately Rs 15 to 18 lakhs depending of type of surrogacy (self-egg or donor egg surrogacy) which includes 3 attempts for self but if you choose guaranteed package it will go multiple attempts till the baby’s heart beat comes.

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