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surrogacy cost in Meghalaya

Monday July 25, 2022

Every hopeful intended parent searching for an affordable surrogacy cost in Meghalaya relies upon the fertilityworld best surrogacy clinic. The clinic charges reasonable costs in guaranteed surrogacy, Assured surrogacy, Embryo donor surrogacy, self-cycle surrogacy, Donor egg, Donor sperm, and Donor embryo. All these forms of surrogacy are purely based on altruistic surrogacy as enforced by the Supreme Court since January 2022. 

Cost of Surrogacy in Meghalaya

Surrogacy success rates in Meghalaya

The pie chart below depicts the statistics of surrogacy success rates in Meghalaya:

Surrogacy success rate in Meghalaya

For most Intended parents (childless) Surrogacy is the ultimate pathway to achieving higher success rates of parenthood. However, every individual success rate is not the same because of certain infertility factors and unexplained infertility some achieve in a single cycle while some achieve parenthood after the 2nd or 3rd cycle. But the fertilityworld is well-equipped with all the sophisticated instruments to handle any infertility issues and provides 99% success in Guaranteed surrogacy, 100% success with donor embryo, 80% success with Assured Surrogacy, and 70% success in self-cycle surrogacy at a reasonable Low-cost surrogacy in India with high success rate.

What is the cost of surrogacy in Meghalaya?

ost of surrogacy in Meghalaya

Generally, the cost of surrogacy in Meghalaya differs from location to location, standards of the clinic, infertility treatments applied, and the cost of the professional fees like Doctors, Lawyers, and helping staff. However, the fertilityworld is the best surrogacy clinic where any intended parents are welcome to proceed with surrogacy at a reasonably low transparent cost, there is no hidden cost and all the rates are fixed- Surrogacy Cost in India. You have to pay only what you see on the chart, unlike other clinics where unseen expenditures become a burden. Look at the table and know the flexible cost of surrogacy in Meghalaya:

Surrogacy Process Surrogacy Package In Rupees (Rs)
Surrogacy with self gametes(15 to 18) Lakh
Surrogacy with donor eggs & own sperms(17 to 20) Lakh
Surrogacy with Donor Embryo(18 to 20) lakh
Surrogacy with Donor sperms(16 to 18) Lakh
Surrogate mother(SM) selection, blood test, SM preparation (cost)Upto  1 lakh
Normal Vaginal Delivery CostUpto  35,000
C-section delivery costUpto 1 to 2 lakhs
Surrogate mother stays and foods Up to 2.5 lakhs

Discussing the detail cost of Surrogacy in Meghalaya

The cost of surrogacy has risen a little bit higher than before after the implementation of the new surrogacy law in January 2022. The Surrogacy process in India involves a complex series of procedures that utilizes more sophisticated instruments, ultra laboratory, fertility medications, the best Surrogacy doctors in India (Meghalaya), legal best lawyers, helping staff, etc. All these add up to the cost of surrogacy making your parenthood dreams successful. The cost of surrogacy in Meghalaya is categorized into different packages which are discussed below:

Cost of Guaranteed Surrogacy in Meghalaya

The cost of guaranteed surrogacy in India (Meghalaya) is more expensive than other forms of surrogacy in the fertilityworld because it produces a guaranteed 100% success rate with the help of the Donor Egg fertilized with the male partner’s sperm via In-vitro fertilization (IVF) technology. The fertilityworld offers guaranteed surrogacy at a lower cost in Meghalaya starting from Rs. 17 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs. This inclusive package covers the entire surrogacy process including the cost of the Donor Egg and donor compensation.

Guaranteed Surrogacy @17-20 lakhs (Complete Package)

 Stage 1 (Rs.4 Lakhs).

  • Preparation of Embryos.
  • Egg Retrieval, Egg Stimulation, Egg Collection, Egg Retrieval, and Semen Collection. 
  • Embryo Preparation through IVF, ICSI.

Finalization by Surrogate

  • To choose from surrogacy, you will be given at least 3 surrogate mothers Surrogate IVF cycles
  • Prepare Surrogate uterus (or FET) with blastocyst or not (As needed), Up to 4 ET until pregnancy is achieved

Stage 2 (Rs.4 Lakhs).

  • After 30 days of successful pregnancies, scan the fetus to determine if there is any cardiac activity in the fetal heart.

Stage 3 (Rs.5.5 Lakhs).

  • Prenatal Baby’s Major Organ Check-up
  • This stage is completed in the 4th month of the baby. To ensure the prenatal health and well-being of the baby, all major organs are examined.

Schedule for Payment of Miscellaneous Charges

  • Donors of premium eggs for embryo preparations, Rs.1.5 lakhs to Rs.2.50 lakhs.

Fetal Deduction

  • Nutrition of a Surrogate Rs.1.50 lakhs to Rs.2 lakhs for 8-Month Nutrition (In the event of your specific advice about nutrition)
  • Pre-delivery Hospitalization Rs.1 lakhs to R.2 lakhs (If a surrogate needs hospitalization during her pregnancy, between 4th and 32 weeks),


  • Rs.50,000 to Rs.150,000 (Delivery Included in the Package)
  • Twins ChargesExtra: Rs.150,000 to Rs.250,000

The Guaranteed program is attractive for Intended Parents who have experienced years of emotional tension and uncertainty. Women who are unable to conceive with their eggs can now use egg donation as a fertility treatment. Women who have experienced premature menopause, a significant decrease in ovarian reserve, and/or who have had several unsuccessful IVF attempts using their eggs are good candidates for egg donation programs.

Cost of Donor Egg in Meghalaya?

Any Intending hopeful parents can easily get the best healthy donor egg in Meghalaya through the fertilityworld clinic or Donor egg Bank at an affordable cost. It allows you to pick your egg donor preferences at an affordable cost. It also provides you with donor profiles before your choices like the color of the skin, and eyes. The shape of the ear lobes, height, education background, and family background, only her identity(name) is anonymous.

If you’re intending parents looking for donor eggs at an affordable cost, getting it by yourself from Meghalaya, might be possible but it will cost you extra, more time, and sometimes one may fall into fraudster draining your money. Always get the help of a renowned clinic, Donor bank, or professionals, it is the best option recommended to you. Contact the fertilityworld, we provide free consultations regarding donor eggs.

Cost of assured surrogacy in Meghalaya

Assured surrogacy means intended parents proceeding with surrogacy using the help of the Donor sperm and not the intended partner sperm due to various infertility factors. The cost of assured surrogacy in Meghalaya at the fertilityworld best surrogacy clinic starts from Rs. 16 lakhs to Rs. 18 lakhs depending upon the fertility conditions of the female partner’s reproductivity.

Assured surrogacy (Donor sperm + female egg) is the best option to approach when the intended male partner shows infertility and the sperm is not viable to fertilize the partner’s eggs, or he has a genetic disease or certain risk factor recommended by the professionals.

  • Low sperm count
  • Azoospermia ( absence of sperm )
  • Severe oligospermia ( very less abnormal sperm)
  • Abnormal sperm morphology
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Repeated IVF failures due to poor sperm quality

Cost of Donor sperm in Meghalaya?

The cost of Donor sperm in Meghalaya starts from Rs. 20,000 and can cost you up to Rs. 30,000. Both fresh and semen cryopreserved donor sperm are available, you can select your preferences of Donors. We provide our donor profiles, but only his identity (name) remains unknown. The profiles can have the following characters:

  • Nationality
  • Hobbies
  • Educational background
  • Sperm quality
  • Health history
  • Anonymity/Openness

Our donor sources are trusted by all our previous successful intended parents, as we give very favorable donors to them at a lower cost in Meghalaya.

Cost of Self-Cycle Surrogacy in Meghalaya

Sometimes the reasons for not getting pregnant may not be your gametes, it can be viable to get pregnant but the reproductive cells do not allow you to get pregnant due to some conditions. These reasons are:

  • The absence of uterus in women- genetically or surgically removed due to medical conditions, 
  • Female with Blocked fallopian tubes, but have healthy eggs.
  • Has a defective uterus (septum, bicornuate, arcuate, or due to infection like Tuberculosis).
  • Male have low sperm count and weak motility but are viable.

Couples with such conditions can go for surrogacy using their eggs and sperm. This produces up to 70% success rates. The fertilityworld offers this program from Rs. 16 lakhs to Rs. 18 lakhs. The cost covers all the processes involved in surrogacy and no additional cost is charged.

Cost of Surrogacy with Donor Embryo in Meghalaya?

Some intended parents’ infertility conditions may not support either guaranteed or assured surrogacy, in such cases surrogacy with Donor Embryo is the best option to complete building a family. Surrogacy with embryo donation is strongly recommended in the case of both partners dealing with serious infertility or other health conditions. 

  • A couple who cannot conceive through IVF technology using their egg and sperm, Donor sperm, and donor egg.
  • Men with absolutely no sperm or azoospermia, testicular cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, etc.
  • Females with poor egg quality, advanced reproductive age, or premature menopause, can opt for a donor embryo that is fertilized with the use of donor sperm or donor eggs.

Intended parents can get surrogacy with Embryo Donation in Meghalaya at a reasonable price starting from Rs. 18 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs at the best Surrogacy clinic- fertilityworld. This inclusive cost covers the entire process of surrogacy:

  • Complete legal formalities in surrogacy by the best lawyers.
  • Screening and matching process by the best Doctors.
  • Complete the IVF Process step by step of donor gametes.
  • Implantation of the embryo into the surrogate mother’s uterus.
  • Cost of the Donor Egg and Donor Sperm.

Understand what the new surrogacy law states?

From January 2022, the supreme court has implemented a new surrogacy law that states that only altruistic surrogacy should be provided in India: Which concludes that:

  • The surrogate should be from Intended family members, relatives, and friends.
  • The Surrogate must carry the pregnancy for the intended parents and hand over the baby right after the birth.
  • Surrogate medical expenses & insurance during pregnancy must be paid.
  • Surrogacy must be solely for intended parenthood and not commercial purposes such as for sale, prostitution, or any other forms of exploitation.
  • The child born is deemed as the biological child of the intending couple. 
  • The surrogate mother must allow for abortion during the process of surrogacy under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971.

Why fertilityworld is the best surrogacy clinic in Meghalaya?

In Meghalaya, the fertilityworld is considered the best surrogacy clinic for the most satisfactory surrogacy services provided at affordable packages. If you wish to know the best surrogacy agency read here best surrogacy agency in India. The fertilityworld is rated as the best clinic for its excellent unique standards such as:

  • It provides free consultations with doctors and lawyers.
  • It has the top legal lawyers formulating surrogacy.
  • It has a team of the best surrogacy Doctors, chief embryologists, gynecologists, and Psychologists.
  • It is equipped with the best state-of-the-art instruments.
  • It provides a reasonable surrogacy cost in Meghalaya.
  • It has an ultra-laboratory for all the processes involved in fertility treatments.
  • It serves the best fertility medicines in Meghalaya.
  • It provides overall satisfaction without any compromises.
  • All our professionals, the serving staff, and nurses are very friendly and committed to delivering the best results.

Are you searching for low-cost surrogacy in Meghalaya?

If you are a married intended couple for years and searching for low-cost surrogacy in Meghalaya, you are at the right place. The fertilityworld provides free first consultations to any individuals hoping to know more about infertility issues and willing to make changes in its fertility at a low surrogacy cost. Contact the fertilityworld today and get detailed information from the best surrogacy Doctors about your infertility conditions.

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