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Cyprus is one of the most economical European countries to apply for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Here the Gametes Donation and sex-selection are fully regulated, Cyprus has considered the best Surrogacy Treatment as one of the ideal destinations for intended couples, gay couples, and single parents who wished to extend their family with a child by selecting specific sex for their child. This type of laws regulation is not available in most of the countries where sex selection is not allowed, which is not adapted to the needs of the intended couples. Its economic cost and enforceable laws in assisted reproductive treatment make this country an ideal destination for all the intended family models around the globe. 

Also, most of the intended couples, LGBT couples, and single parents prefer to choose Cyprus as their destination for surrogacy because it is a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean, High-income economy, and has a very high Human Development Index.


In Cyprus there is no solid regulation ground on the surrogacy Program and allows embryo transfer to a surrogate without any legal challenges, therefore we accept and transfer embryos from intended couples into surrogate mothers according to the law provided. and like the UK and Australia, any agreement with your surrogate is not enforceable. The agreement or surrogacy contract between the intended couples and the surrogate mother lacks validity, unenforceable before a court. But all the involving groups with Cyprus surrogacy Agency should agree with the terms of the law, the treatment options, and the cost associated.

If the surrogate mother is single and delivered a surrogate child, then the child is considered to be of intended husbands and the surrogate mother. In such cases, legal custody and parenthood of a child are established either by voluntary acknowledgment or by a court order. However, voluntary acknowledgment cannot be revoked, but the Husband needs the consent of the surrogate mother as she is deemed to be the natural mother, it does not take into account the genetics of the baby, nor the will of the intentional parents.

After 3 months of the delivery of a child, the surrogate mother may share her willingness and renounce motherhood and allow the intended prospective couples for the child adoption. After adoption under legal laws, intended couples become the legal parents of the baby. However, if the surrogate decides to keep the baby by herself and does not agree and give up her legal motherhood, she can express it freely (under Cyprus Adoption Law 19(1)/1995) at least 3 months after Birth, and the prospective parents cannot claim the child, losing their child inevitably. Local Heterosexual couples can appeal to the court for adoption during the Cyprus surrogacy agreement.

To avoid the risk of complicated issues with the surrogate mother and the parenthood, The Fertility World also offers to perform the entire procedure and process of the Programs in our center by using a surrogacy contract with other countries like the US, Ukraine, Colombia, Greece, Georgia, etc. for our international patients, based on the choice of their Surrogacy Destination. In Cyprus, Assisted Reproduction is regulated by law 69(l)/2015. We extend our services in both territories of Cyprus that are in the North (the Turkish side) and the South (the Greek side). The costs of surrogacy are slightly different in these Territories and also depending on your choice of treatments.

What are the Legal ways for Donor Selection?

In Cyprus in both territories, Donation of Gametes from Donors are legal and is strictly regulated by the court of Laws, which includes:

  • The name and details of the donor’s appearance are anonymous.
  • His/Her ethnicity and area of study are known.
  • A brief message from donors is required about ethnicity and study.
  • The medical information of the donor is confidential, only the prospective child can access it under the favorable report from the medical board.
  • The legislation allows prospective parents to choose the characteristics of the donor, without revealing the identity of the donor. 
  • The clinics and the center will accept the donors from the agency with photos and his or her family background if available. Both the clinics and the agency should be certified by ISO with the modernized technologies and facilities.

The Fertility World also provides the services of embryo preservation through freezing for your future surrogacy program in our center or you can send them abroad for surrogacy according to your planning period and your surrogacy destination. It is beneficial and saves your valuable time. The preserved embryo is high quality and you can choose the sex of a child, which is legal.

Who is eligible to use eggs from Donors in Cyprus?

  • Married or unmarried women who have reached the menopause stage.
  • Women who cannot produce eggs naturally or who produce but poor quality.
  • Women who have multiple attempts in assisted reproduction but have failed cycles.
  • To avoid the risk of transmitted disease to their baby.

Fertility World with skilled professional doctors, embryologists, geneticists, and experienced staff ensures your egg donation is done effectively with positive outcomes of embryos and pregnancy. All our donors are healthy young women, in their twenties. They are highly qualified in the medical process certified by our expert doctor, who is in excellent health to donate eggs.

All the donors undergo the following test:

  • Checks Hormones (FSH, LH, E2, PRL).
  • Genetic disease screening- hemophilia, thalassemia, Mediterranean fever, cystic fibrosis.
  • Infectious disease screening.
  • Blood analysis-blood group and RH, hematological, biochemical.
  • Psychologist test.

The donor’s identity is anonymous according to laws, there will not be any connection between the donor and the recipient.

However, the below information is provided about the donor:

  • Color (eye, hair, and skin).
  • Height and weight
  • Nationality.
  • Profession and education.

Who is eligible for surrogacy in Cyprus?

Cyprus is a great destination for surrogacy program, surrogacy is only an ultimate gateway in extending a family who have fertility issues and medical problems to carry a baby but like other countries, it also has laws and eligibility criteria for surrogacy programs:

  • Surrogacy programs are available for intended couples (married or unmarried) or single intended parents.
  • Intended parents can be Heterosexual couples or gay couples and individuals.
  • There is no such age limit to intended couples for surrogacy in Cyprus.

Arrangements of a Surrogate mother in Cyprus?

Many international intended couples (heterosexual, Same-sex, individuals) married or unmarried choose surrogacy with their own surrogates for embryo transfer. The surrogates may be their friend, known surrogate, or their family relatives from across the globe. This saves the cost of IVF and most of all the birth of the surrogate occurs in their hometown in the scenario. Fertility World also finds you a surrogate, if you don’t have one from your side. We provide the best surrogate after thorough screening and matching. Our surrogate has to qualify certain criteria:

  • She should be mentally and physically sound.
  • She should be of great reproductive age (24-35) years of age.
  • She should have strong consent from her husband if married as she will be the mother of a child.

Also if you are using a surrogate mother from Cyprus, it is always recommended and advised to use a surrogate from the proven surrogacy agency Fertility World. We guide our professionals throughout their journey, from ideal surrogate mother, legal bits that ensure you end up claiming your baby successfully if it is eventually born in the Cyprus territory.

In Cyprus surrogacy, the parents’ names listed on the birth certificate of a surrogate child are the surrogate mother and the intended Husband, if birth occurs in Cyprus. A parental order is required for the prospective parents to become legal parents of a child and can only take them back to your home town. It looks like an unresolvable issue but Fertility World stands with you and helps you in all the formalities required and extends your family by welcoming you with a baby.

Gay Surrogacy in Cyprus:

In Cyprus, there are no specific laws that regulate surrogacy, either of heterosexual couples or gay couples. Whether you are a heterosexual couple or a gay couple, the legal process and procedure of surrogacy are the same. You can find your ideal agency and clinic for the surrogacy program. Fertility World is one of the leading infertility centers in Cyprus that helps, and guides you, finds you an ideal surrogate mother and leads your parenthood dream into a successful journey.

The great thing in Cyprus surrogacy is that there is no discrimination on one gender and marital status; you are equally treated the same. It is highly recommended to seek the help of an agency to go for a surrogacy program in Cyprus or any destination for gay Surrogacy. 

What are the success rates of surrogacy in Cyprus?

In Cyprus, the success rates are consistently higher and are between (70-80)% if gametes from donors are used.

What is the cost of surrogacy in Cyprus?

The cost of surrogacy depends on your preferences of treatment, surrogate mother arrangement, and the childbirth destination.

To know detailed costs and information, contact our helpdesk: 

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