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In Greece, the best surrogacy center or to find a surrogate mother is legal for both Heterosexual couples, either married or unmarried, and single parents who are not able to carry a child naturally due to fertility problems or medical Health conditions. Only altruistic surrogacy and egg donor arrangements are legalized and are available to Greek Citizens since 2002, which is regulated by Article 1458 of the Greek civil code and law 3305/2005 which is an Enforcement of Medically Assisted Reproduction. However, since July 2014, the Law has been amended for Non-European citizens (international patients) to undergo Surrogacy in Greece. Since 2014 Greece has become a significant market for intended foreigners seeking ART because Greece is one of the European countries that provide well-detailed regulated and legal surrogacy programs. 

Surrogacy success rate in Greece

Ever since, we the FERTILITY WORLD provides one of the best surrogacy services to our intended International patients, with the affordable cost of surrogacy in Greece following the legal laws with assurance and producing a high success rate of pregnancy and delivery. Which is highly appreciated and accredited by our patients. 

What is surrogacy?

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is commonly referred to as Surrogate motherhood, and this practice has been around since the 1980s. Those were the days when traditional surrogacy (the surrogate mother and the bond are biologically linked) is practiced but today Gestational surrogacy (no genetic linkage between the surrogate mother and the child) is highly practiced today. Also, there are technical differences in the process such as:

Surrogacy with Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Surrogacy with Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

This is used in the traditional surrogate process, the surrogate is artificially inseminated with the intended husband’s sperm or donor sperm and fertilized with her egg i.e. genetic linkage to a child.

Surrogacy with IVF

Surrogacy with IVF

Here, the surrogate pregnancy is achieved using In-vitro fertilization ( Heterosexual intended couples or same-sex, and single parents eggs and sperms or from Donors are used, to generate embryos outside and implants into the surrogate uterus to carry), she is only a gestational surrogate or carrier, there is no genetic link with the child.

What is the Law of surrogacy in Greece?

What is the Law of surrogacy in Greece

Since 2002, altruistic surrogacy has only been allowed to Greek citizens. However, the law was amended after 12 years, that is in 2014, it gave the rights to intended International patients to access surrogacy in Greece. Since then Greece has become a recommended destination for those interested in pursuing surrogacy abroad.

What is the eligibility of surrogacy in Greece?

What is the eligibility of surrogacy in Greece

The Greek Laws demand a series of Legal eligibilities that should be met to participate in the right-to-surrogacy program:

  • Only Heterosexual couples (married or unmarried) and single females are allowed for surrogacy programs. Same-sex and single males are not allowed now, however, it will amend the laws for Gay couples as soon as same-sex marriage is recognized in Greece.
  • The age of the intended mother should not be above 50 years, and she should have a proof letter from the Doctor, describing her valid infertility reason and His recommendation for surrogacy from her hometown.
  • According to the law, only altruistic surrogacy is permitted. But under certain circumstances, compensation may be given to the surrogate, as long as it does not exceed the amount of $12,000.00
  • Use of Donor Eggs or Donor sperm is permitted for surrogacy.

These requirements should be met to be eligible Egg Donors:

  • She can be from any origin. 
  • She must have previously given birth to a healthy child.
  • She should be between 18 to 32 years of age.

How is the Intended Mother Surrogacy Process? 

Ovarian stimulation:

To promote the production and maturation of multiple egg cells, ovulation is induced in the intended mother through Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). In this therapy, all the eggs that start growing in this cycle will be able to complete the maturation, unlike the natural cycle where only one egg reaches its maturation. This phase increases the chance of success in the IVF process. Generally the higher the number of High Quality of Eggs, the greater chances of fertilization result for viable embryos and able implantation for a successful pregnancy. Generally, the time frame for this phase is 6-10 days, but it can vary depending on each case. The patients are regularly monitored by gynecological experts for proper quality follicle development and check its maturation for collection from the ovary.

Oocyte retrieval/follicle puncture/transvaginal retrieval, or ovum pick-up: 

This procedure involves the collection of mature eggs from the ovary and fertilized with sperms of intended Husbands (semen samples are collected after abstaining from sex for 2 to 5 days which is usually achieved through masturbation, or from the donor in the same manner). Oocytes are retrieved using a needle that aspirates the fluid contained in the follicles, mature oocytes are found in this fluid. This step is done surgically with mild anesthetic administration, this step is simple and requires 15-30 minutes only.

As a service provider of surrogacy, our main goals believe to be part of your successful history making your dreams of parenthood into reality. We believe in delivering our best 10 years of experience, and highly skilled professionals to our intended patients. Many international intended couples have utilized our services and have achieved their prolonged dreams of becoming parents, and having their biological child.

How are Donor eggs arranged?

Fertility WORLD helps you find, and provide properly screened egg Donors, but the name of the Donors should remain unknown under Greek laws. However, the Donor’s physical characteristics are specified by the intended parents before finding a donor. Also, you can use your known Donor. Eggs/Embryos/Sperms can be shipped directly from your registered clinic to your destination Greece with an import License. Failing to comply with the law and undergoing surrogacy in Greece, whether you are a resident or non-resident, you can be sentenced to imprisonment up to 2 years and a penalty of at least $1,800.00

Surrogacy with Egg donation…

Surrogacy with Egg donation…

If you require an egg Donor for surrogacy from an unknown donor, the total services necessary to generate your embryos are provided completely by our team. In Greece, the use of Donor Eggs for In-Vitro fertilization (IVF) is allowed. However, the law says it should be done only for altruistic surrogacy, thereby preventing a woman from selling their egg Cells.

For Intended Parents (Heterosexual, same-sex, or single men and women). Using Donor eggs in gestational surrogacy is very common today. In the case of gay parents and single men, there is no alternative to using donor eggs. Heterosexual couples go for donor eggs when they have infertility problems. Even though compensating the Donors is prohibited, they are compensated to reimburse the costs incurred during the process, which includes loss of wages, travel expenses, time, etc. However, to become an Egg Donor is not randomly picked, we picked potentially healthy, mentally and physically fit, and also picked based on our patient’s choice. We are fully committed to making your journey a success, therefore Donors are thoroughly screened before accepting eggs from them. They are given an extensive medical screening for:

  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Genetic conditions.
  • Immunohematology.
  • Hematology.

Our team also questioned her family medical history, Education, specific talents, and hobbies. After all the processes we required from the Donors are completed by our skilled and experienced professionals, we enable our Intended couples to avail this information of the Donor:

  • Eye and Hair color, weight, age, blood type, and Rh factor.

The Donor can also disclose additional information such as work experience, interests, talents, and educational background. Based on the Donor Profile, our intended couples can make an informed decision and choose their most suitable donor. To avail of this Profil, we provide our “Donor Characteristic Form” to be filled, out to offer you your suitable egg donor profiles to consider. It can be seen as complicated, but our team is with you throughout your journey, all communication is with us, and our experienced team is the project manager of your journey.

How is a surrogate mother arranged for surrogacy?

To become a surrogate mother in Greece she should be:

  • Physically and mentally sound.
  • She should be medically fit.
  • She should be 25-35 years of age.
  • She should have court approval before the surrogacy arrangements.
  • She should have consent from her husband if married.
  • The fertilized ova should not be a surrogate.

How is gestational carrier pregnancy achieved?

When the intended couples both eggs and sperm or gametes from donors if required. They are fused and fertilization is achieved by our expert doctor, and obtain viable embryos. The gestational carrier comes into play after generating viable embryos. But firstly the gestational carrier is prepared medically and physically, so she could receive the embryos into her uterus for achieving pregnancy. Bellow steps are followed to achieve this:

Endometrial preparation

The endometrial lining is prepared so that the embryo gets attached to it. So fertility drugs that contain estrogen and progesterone are given to surrogates before embryo implantation. The endometrium acquires a triple-line pattern, and its thickness of about 7 to 10 mm is achieved. She can be given only Progesterone drugs to support the luteal phase if her natural estrogen levels were high.

Embryo Transfer or Embryo Implantation:

After the uterine lining of the surrogate mother is well prepared to receive embryos, an embryo (highest quality) is implanted into her womb. But, to avoid the risk of multiple births, the number of embryos to be implanted is first determined. Multiple pregnancies can be associated with several risks, including pre-birth before a full-term pregnancy. Delivering premature surrogacy can add an additional considerable amount to the overall cost of the surrogacy process if special care is required. On day 3 or Day 5 which is known as the blastocyst stage, this development stage is used because it develops into a high-quality embryo, and is transferred into a surrogate mother. Embryo implantation is done. Also, High-quality embryos which were not implanted are preserved in the frozen phase for later use. After pregnancy is tested positive, the surrogate is regularly monitored by doctors, her health response, the health of the baby, etc. After a full term of pregnancy, welcomes the delivery of a child.

What is the success rate for IVF surrogacy?

The success rate of IVF surrogacy produces a high percentage of 75%. And the success rate of surrogacy abroad produces as high as 65% as well. Once the surrogate achieves pregnancy, a live child’s delivery is about a 95% success rate.

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