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If you are Intended hopeful couples looking to extend your family through Surrogacy in Hawai or surrogates carrier to help intended couples carry their child, who could not have a baby naturally due to fertility problems, physical health problems, or have a genetic disease and avoid the risk to transfer to their baby. You may be international intended couples or citizens of the US and Considering Hawaii as your destination for surrogacy, you’re in the right decision. Like many other states in the US, there are no specific surrogacy laws regulating surrogacy in Hawaii. However, it doesn’t mean surrogacy is not allowed, there is a legal option for you.

Moreover, many intended parents and surrogates (local and international Citizens) have completed a successful surrogacy in Hawaii, with the help of experienced surrogacy professionals, through legal agencies and so, if you’re considering, it will be a successful experience for your family.

Hawaii Surrogacy Laws: Know the Facts

To make your surrogacy Journey Easy and successful either you are Intended parents, LGBT couples, or individual parents, and prospective surrogates. Hawaii is one of the fastest surrogacy-friendly states in extending your family with a child. There are legal surrogacy laws & procedures you have to know and follow distinctly before you undergo a life-changing decision.

Like many states in the US, Hawaii has no specific established laws in regulating Surrogacy. Being intended parents or Surrogates, to grow a family is one’s natural way of mankind. Likewise Hawaii layout its favourability towards Surrogacy for the people. Therefore many intended parents, LGBT couples, individual parents, and surrogates have completed a successful surrogacy in Hawaii under the guidance of well-experienced surrogacy professionals, you are in the right place if you are looking for surrogacy in Hawaii. Firstly you can speak with the surrogacy attorney of Hawaii and know about legal surrogacy formalities in Hawaii or seek an agency to arrange legal surrogacy professionals attorneys for you.

How is surrogacy processed in Hawaii?

There are several steps involved in surrogacy which includes:

  • Consultation and initial screening: we provide an initial complimentary consultation through phone calls, facetime, and email, or either in person based on your queries. We are 24*7 available, we answer and clarify all the related queries that you may have. If you decide to be a surrogate, we provide an application to be filled, either online or offline. If your application is verified potential then all the requirements will be checked ( history, lifestyle, medical record, complete psychological evaluation.

If you are intended parents or individuals, we provide you all the legal information and also clarify all your confusions. If you agreed to take up a surrogacy journey with us then, we guide you to the next step to follow.

  • Profile creation of the surrogate: if you submitted your application, based on the information provided, we create your profile. After that, your profile will be given to the intended parents to select their type based on their preferences. 
  • Matching: If your profile is selected by the intended parents, we set up a meeting through teleconference or in person. All the arrangements will be handled by our teams. This first meeting will be a verbal agreement to proceed with the surrogacy journey.
  • Contract and Compensation of the surrogate: a contract for gestational carriers with intended parents is made. It outlines the expectations of both parties throughout the process, also about financial obligations. An independent attorney will be arranged to review the contract of the party.

When your contract is verified and legal, the intended are permitted to pay the surrogate compensation directly into your escrow account. We closely collaborated with the escrow agent to make sure you received the compensation in your account.

  • Medical screening: You will have an additional medical screening, including blood work and ultrasounds. Infectious diseases check to ensure you are free from transmittable disease. Also, you may undergo hysteroscopy (uterine cavity visualization).
  • To follow medical protocol: You will be instructed to follow the medical protocol from our IVF experts. To control your hormone levels and to prepare your uterine lining for an implant, you will be given injections. After that you will visit our clinic regularly, we monitor your hormone levels and the thickness of your uterine lining for the transfer. At the appropriate time of the cycle, the embryos of the intended parents or from donors will be implanted into your uterus via a painless catheter. You will be allowed to rest for one day.
  • Monitoring for pregnancy: we hope for the first cycle of pregnancy. Your blood will be tested to know your HCG level for pregnancy if tested positive. After 4-6 weeks, an ultrasound will be screened to see the fetal heartbeat. After this will carry the baby normally.
  • Parental Rights: At the 7th month of the pregnancy, an attorney will work with both parties to finalize the necessary paperwork to obtain the parental rights of the intended parents. After birth, the attorney will submit all the legal paperwork to the court of law in Hawaii.
  • Welcoming a baby: Our team will make a pleasant arrangement plan for the delivery, that will clearly outline all the expectations of the parties involved in the delivery. Our representative will be with the parties throughout the delivery and make sure all the legalities are smoothly successful. Even after the delivery, we will be with you for your complete recovery of health and emotional health.

Which type of surrogacy is allowed in Hawaii?

Traditional surrogacy is legal in Hawaii as no laws are addressing the Traditional Surrogacy law, its legalities could be unclear but you can learn more and proceed with the help of a Local legal Attorney about certain risks and liabilities for complete successful traditional Surrogacy. As it involves emotional risk, the surrogate is the biological mother, in this case, the courts may rule in favor of the Surrogates’ parental rights.

Therefore it is highly recommended to go for Gestational Surrogacy because in this type surrogate mother will not have any genetic link to a child she carries for intended parents making it easier to process legally without misunderstanding among the teams involved.  Compensated Surrogacy is Legal in Hawaii. There are no specific Laws for surrogacy that prohibit or regulate laws for base compensation for surrogate mothers, so it is a common practice between intended parents- a surrogate partnership to have compensation rates in the contract agreement.

Being a surrogate carrying a child is not an easy task, also her valuable time spent, sacrifices, dedication is highly concerning. Moreover, the compensation of surrogates will cover all her expenses such as all medical costs, lost wages, maternity clothes, and more during the surrogacy process to pre-birth if necessary till post-birth. Everything involved is surrogacy processes and is discussed with the legal surrogacy attorney to make sure everybody involved is treated fairly and straightforward according to the legal contract.

Same-sex Surrogacy is Legal in Hawaii as there are no specific laws in surrogacy, same-sex couples will have a similar surrogacy experience as opposite-sex-intended parents. Therefore it’s always recommended to work with an attorney who has well-experienced work with same-sex intended parents.

What are the surrogate qualifications and requirements in Hawaii?

Bringing new life into the world is a memorable and unforgettable experience. Carrying on with life and gifting to an intended family is one of the most determined decisions you can ever make.  If you want to be a part of someone’s family, sharing joy in your power, and possessing an awesome attitude, you are warmly welcomed.

However, every state in the US needs some requirements from you likewise in Hawaii that includes:

  • She can be the origin of any surrogacy-friendly state or US citizen.
  • She should be between the ages of 21-41years old.
  • She should have at least one child or currently nursing her child.
  • She should have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of not more than 32. Your height and weight should be proportionate with BMI.
  • She should be physically and mentally sound.
  • She should not be an illicit drug user in the past, and non-alcoholic during pregnancy.
  • Willing to obey all the surrogacy agreements.

We are committed and secured, our priority is your well-being and your comfort. We dedicate our services and guarantee you are paired with the perfect couple or individuals.

What are the conditions involved in the Contract agreement among the involving parties?

Before pursuing any process involved in surrogacy, a contract agreement is mandatory to be agreed upon among the involving parties. It assures the guaranteed process, compensation, and legal laws, that eliminate the risk of conflict and disagreement. All the involved groups should be confident and agree upon.

The contract agreement is drafted by two separate surrogacy attorneys: 

  • Representing the Intended parents or individual and the surrogate.
  • Addressing all the potential risks and complications, expectations of the surrogacy journey.

It addresses issues like;

  • Surrogate compensation.
  • Risk and liabilities for both parties.
  • Expectations for both parties.
  • Agreement on sensitive issues like selective reduction, termination of the program.
  • Also other financial information, like coverage of medical expenses and surrogacy insurance.

After the surrogacy contract has been approved and finalized by parties then only intended parents and surrogates can move ahead with the medical process in Hawaii.

What is the success rate of surrogacy in Hawaii?

The success rate of surrogacy in Hawaii is about an average of 65-70%. However, Once the surrogate mother is conceived with pregnancy, the success rate is as high as 95%. If you are interested in pursuing surrogacy in Hawaii, consider Fertility World. Our surrogacy specialists can provide all of the case management and support services you need to successfully make your surrogacy dreams come true, whether you are an intended parent or prospective surrogate. 

What is the cost of surrogacy in Hawaii?

The cost of surrogacy in Hawaii varies depending on your treatments, surrogates arrangements, Gametes use or not from donors, also for the same-sex couple that needs sperm/eggs from donors.

To know detailed costs and complete information, kindly contact our helpdesk

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