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Best IVF doctors in Bangalore | Top IVF specialist in Bangalore

It is an important decision to undergo IVF. We naturally want the best. Finding the right IVF Doctor is not an easy task. Most couples end up trying a variety of methods to find their ideal match. We know that every couple is different and have compiled a list of the best IVF clinics in Bangalore by Fertility World to assist you in your search.

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  1. Dr. Vijay Kumar PK (Jeevan Bima Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka)

23+ years of experience.

Dr. Vijaykumar PK is the Director of Vardhan Fertility & Laparoscopy Women’s Care Centre in Bengaluru (Karnataka). He has 18 years of experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He has 12 years of experience in Infertility treatment and ART. He has performed many cycles of IVF/ICSI, (stimulation until transfer), independently. Dr. Vijaykumar has been a great team player and hard worker. He is also highly valued for his sincerity, hard work, and dedication. He has set his sights on becoming a Gynaec-Laparoscopic Surgeon, with a particular interest in Infertility. He hopes to participate in basic research in reproductive medicine as part of his efforts in the practice of evidence-based medicine. He’s a great communicator and can work well with a multidisciplinary team. Know more

2. Dr. Adinarayana Makam (Near Balagangadharanatha Swamy Metro Station, Bangalore).

23 +Years of experience.

A well-known doctor, Dr. Adinarayana Makam. The experience of Gynecologists India and ObstetriciansIndia is extensive. Dr. Adinarayana Makam works as a consultant in Fetal Medicine for Sparsh Super Speciality Hospital. Yeshwanthpur (Bangalore), Cardiff University is one of the most prestigious institutions in the UK. He received advanced training in Fetal Medicine. Know more

3. Dr. Manju B Nair (Near Balagangadharanatha Swamy Metro Station, Bangalore).

17+ Years of experience.

Cloudnine Hospitals’ famous Fertility Specialist, Gynaecologist, and Obstetrician Dr. Manju Nair, is well-known. You can consult her at Old Airport Road, Kammanahalli, Whitefield, Kammanahalli, or the HRBR, Whitefield, and Kammanahalli centers. She is a gold medalist with over 17 years of experience in infertility treatment. Before joining Cloudnine Hospitals, she was employed previously by Manipal Hospitals Group. Know more

4. Dr. Mahesh Koegol (Near Apollo Hospital, Banglore)

10+ years of experience.

With more than 10 years of experience, Dr. Mahesh Koegol is a specialist in IVF and Infertility. He is a well-respected expert in IVF, ovulation stimulation and male fertility, PESA, and other related procedures. He is a member of the Indian College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and Federation of Obstetricians of India, and the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction. Know more

5. Dr. Aviva Pinto Rodrigues (Bangalore, West of Chord Road)

20+ years Exp.

Aviva Pinto Rodriguez, a specialist in Reproductive Medicine & Gynecology has more than 20 years of experience. Her MBBS degree was obtained from Kasturba Hospital in Mangalore and her MD from Kasturba College in Mangalore. She is a graduate of the University of Kiel in Germany. Dr. Rodrigues has completed the Preceptorship Advanced Reproductive care Certificate Course at Assuta Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel. Know more

6. Dr. Sudhir Sadanand and Chopde (Behind Sacred Heart Church in Bangalore).

40+ years of experience

A highly respected surgeon in India, Dr. SS Chopde is a great choice. He has been in practice for 40 years. He has experience in complex pregnancies and medical terminations of pregnancy. Know more

7. Dr. Parimala Devi (Opposite IIM-B, Bangalore).

35+ Years of experience.

Dr. Parimala Devi, a prominent physicianGynecologistThe last time he has been practicing was in35 years. She is a specialist for intrauterine fertilization, Cervical cerclage, and colposcopy. Infertility treatment includes hysteroscopy, salpingo-oophorectomy, and other procedures. Know more

8. Dr. Santosh Gupta (Near Apollo Hospital, Bangalore).

15+ Years of experience.

Dr. Santosh Gupta is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist with 15+ years of experience. Numerous awards have been presented to her, including the Dr. Asha Rao AwardISAR 2013. She holds an MS degree from SMS Medical College Jaipur and a Postdoctoral Fellowship (Reproductive Medicine) from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science in Bangalore. Dr. Gupta specializes in infertility procedures like IVF, IUI, and Laparoscopy. Know more

9. Dr. Deepthi Bawa (Landmark: Opposite Godrej Apartments, Bangalore).

7+ years of experience.

Deepthi Bawa, an AnatomistIVF specialist with 7+ years of experience. She specializes in IVF, IUI, Hysteroscopy and Female Infertility treatments, Embryo Donor Programs Fertilization Hysteroscopy, and Female Infertility treatments. She is a member of BSOG (Bangalore Society of Obstetrics & Gynecology) and ESHRE(European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology). She is a specialist in IVF, IUI, and Hysteroscopy. Know more

10. Dr. Jayashree Nagraj Bhagsi (Behind Sacred Heart Church in Bangalore).

28+ Years of experience.

Jayashree Nagraj is one of India’s most prominent doctors. He has 28 years of experience. She is a specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics. She is an expert on medical termination of pregnancy, complicated pregnancy treatment, fertility conserving procedures, and cervical cerclage. Know more

11. Dr. Bharathi Rajanna (Panduranga Nagar, Bangalore).

29+ Years of experience.

Dr. Bharathi Rajanna is a well-known researcher and physician. She is an expert on cases such as Intrauterine Insemination or Laparoscopic surgery. Her articles have been published in Brunei International Medical Journal (TOI), and Deccan Herald. Know more

12. Dr. Mangala Ramachandra (Panduranga Nagar, Bangalore)

33+ years of experience.

Dr. Mangala Ramachandra is a well-known Gynecologist with almost 33 years of experience. She is able to perform complex and routine surgeries, prolapse surgery on the pelvic organs, and reproductive counseling. She completed her MBBS in 1984 at Kasturba Medical School. In 1987, she received her MD. She was the first rank. She also graduated from Kasturba Medical School in 1986 with DGO. She was the highest-ranked student in intern medicine during her final years of MBBS. Dr. Mangala also presented a paper about Gestational Diabetes in India. Know more

13. Dr. Jahnavi Esanakula (Electronic City, Bangalore).

33+ Years of experience.

Dr. Jahnavi Esanakula, a qualified obstetrician/gynecologist, is capable of dealing with Infertility. By attending conferences and workshops, she keeps herself current. Her dedication to patients and their health has been appreciated by them. Her expertise is in infertility. Know more

14. Dr. Mala Prakash (J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru).

29+ years of experience.

Dr. Mala Prakash is a Bannerghatta Road Gynecologist and Infertility Specialist. She has 29 years of experience in these fields. She is a doctor in Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, and Apollo CM Fertility Jp Nagar, Bangalore. Her specialties include Vitro Fertilization and Intrauterine Insemination. Know more

15. Dr. Akhila Anand (Rajajinagar, Bengaluru).

Dr. Akhila Anand is a Rajajinagar-based Gynecologist and Obstetrician. She is also one of the most respected Fertility/IVF Doctors. Book a consultation with Dr. Akhila to get high success rates for fertility treatment at Rajajinagar’s Tamara Hospital or IVF Centre. Akhila Anand is also a specialist in laparoscopic surgery and reproductive medicine. A highly qualified obstetrician/gynecologist, she is capable of managing high-risk pregnancies as well as gynecological problems. Know more

16. Dr. Sangeetha S. Anand (Brookefield, Bengaluru).

17+ years of experience.

Dr. Sangeetha, an Infertility Specialist in Marathahalli and Gynecologist, has 9 years of experience in these areas. Dr. Sangeetha is a doctor at Apollo Fertility, Marathahalli in Bangalore. The doctor may provide services such as Intrauterine Insemination, High-Risk Pregnancy Care and Female Infertility Therapy, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, Infertility Treatment, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, and Infertility. Know more

17. Dr. Priyanka Rani (Basavanagudi, Bengaluru).

5+ years of experience.

Dr. Priyanka is an Infertility Specialist and Gynaecologist. She has 5 years of experience in these areas. Dr. Priyanka Rani is a highly respected, skilled, and expert in her field of specialization. Know more

18. Dr. Priyanka Reddy (Banaswadi, Bengaluru).

Dr. Priyanka is a well-respected Marathahalli Infertility Specialist and Obstetrician-Gynecologist. She received her specialist training in obstetrics, and gynecology at the prestigious Kempegowda Institute of Medical College. Rajiv Gandhi University has awarded her a Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine. She is sub-specialized in infertility. Know more

19. Dr. Chaitra Nayak (J. P. Nagar 1st Phase, Bengaluru).

Dr. Chaitra Nayak is a specialist in Reproductive Medicine at Milann. Milann is grateful for her seven years of teaching and clinical experience. Her main interest lies in the management and treatment of patients with sub-optimal Prometrium. Through her Rotary Club involvement, she supports social causes. Know more

20. Dr. Shyam Gupta (2nd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru).

10+ Years of Experience

Dr. Shyam is a highly motivated gynecologist who specializes in gynae laparoscopic surgery and cosmetic skin dermatology. He believes in evidence-based, ethically motivated clinical practice. With 5 years of experience, he is an expert in the field. He provides laser vulval rejuvenation for women of all ages, as well as vaginal reshaping services. Know more

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