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Cost of IVF in Gurgaon

Cost of IVF in Gurgaon/Gurugram At FertilityWorld clinic starts from only Rs 1.50 Lakhs for self-cycle IVF to 2.50 lakhs for using donors,  the clinic is located at DLF Phase 4, Sector 28 Galleria Market provides free consultation to couples with the available of Dr. Nidhi Sharma we provide detailed information about IVF Treatment Costs in Gurgaon for infertile couples who are looking for the best IVF center with affordable IVF costs in Gurgaon. Dr. Nidhi Sharma is a senior doctor with experience of 30+ years and has given miraculous results in IVF treatment.

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IVF and its Success Rate in Gurgaon

IVF Success rates in Gurgaon

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a medical procedure where a collected egg is combined with the sperm in vitro (outside the body) in a Petri plate culture medium to undergo fertilization called an embryo. The Fertility World at Gurgaon is a certified and reputed fertility center. It is no less than the World standards of IVF treatment and technologies with ultra-fertility laboratories. In India, Gurgaon is one of the richest societies with few populations of world standards, Fertility World is one among them building a bridge between their standard lifestyle and their family tree which is very important in one’s life journey.

Today, people are so busy in their professional lives and have no time for their family plans. We understand the value of having a complete family despite infertility problems and their richness. At this point, Fertility World comes to the rescue and helps many infertile couples, parents, and individuals complete their families through IVF treatment along with their busy lifestyles. We don’t compromise on the price of the treatment, we believe having a delighted family is natural and everyone should experience and feel that happiness. Therefore, we offer IVF treatment at our lowest expense starting from Rs. 1.2 lakhs to Rs. 2.5 lakhs per IVF cycle and up to Rs. 3lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs depending upon your fertility conditions in Gurgaon. Also, one can avail of up to 10% to 20% discount, we provide free consultation on your first registration.

What is the process of IVF?

What is the process of IVF in Gurgaon

Today, when we talk about fertility treatments, in-vitro fertilization (IVF), comes to mind, there is a valid reason for IVF to tackle your mind. IVF has been a common practice since very long years back and you know the basic idea behind IVF (combining egg and sperm outside the body). However, there is much more to IVF happening before and after. Let’s take a closer look and clear one’s confusion about the IVF process in five steps:

  1. Ovarian Stimulation or superovulation: You’ll be given fertility drugs (containing Follicle Stimulating Hormone) that will begin stimulation. The drugs induce your body to produce more than just the normal one egg per month. The more eggs produced, the more chances of fertilization. You’ll be monitored regularly to check your ovaries and hormone levels via ultrasound and blood test.
  1. Egg Retrieval: Through follicular aspiration needle via ultrasound guide mature eggs are retrieved, one at a time.
  1. Collection of sperm from the male partner or Donor: once your egg is retrieved, your partner should provide a sperm sample, or donor sperm (if required). The sperm are high-speed wash and spin cycle and select the healthiest one to fertilize your egg.
  1. Fertilization of eggs and sperm: Combining the selected sperm with your selected eggs is called insemination. It takes a few hours for a sperm to fertilize an egg. Your doctor may also inject the sperm directly into the egg instead, a process known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) if necessary.
  1. Embryo implantation into the uterus: Before implantation, medication is prescribed to prepare the lining of the uterus to receive the embryos. After three to five days after fertilization, the embryos are implanted into the uterus using a catheter. 
  2. Welcome The Baby: After the implantation of the embryo, you’re monitored on a scheduled basis to check for pregnancy. Once pregnancy is confirmed you can continue like any natural pregnancy. Then Comes the birth of the baby, the most amazing gift one could ever be thankful for is Having a Healthy Child.

Who should undergo In-vitro Fertilisation in Gurgaon?

Who should undergo In-vitro Fertilisation in Gurgaon

Late marriages, stress, and a career-centric lifestyle have led to a rise in infertility among couples in the millennium city. This has led to awareness and acceptance of fertility treatments such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and sperm/egg donation. If you and your partner are not able to conceive pregnancy naturally after long periods of having regular intercourse, or you have medical conditions, genetic disease, or cancers and you don’t want to pass it to your child. Then IVF is your only alternative option to achieve a parenthood goal.  You and your partner could have the following reasons: 

  • IVF is offered as a primary treatment for infertility in women over age 40 (Older women with fertility issues).
  • Fallopian tube damage or blockage: It makes barriers for an egg to be fertilized, or for an embryo to travel to the uterus.
  • Ovulation disorders: If ovulation is irregular or absent, fewer eggs are available for fertilization.
  • Endometriosis: The uterine tissue implants grow outside the uterus, affecting the function of the ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes.
  • Uterine fibroids: Benign tumors grow in the wall of the uterus. It is common in women in their 30s and 40s. It interferes with the implantation of the fertilized egg.
  • Previous tubal sterilization or removal: A type of sterilization in which the fallopian tubes are cut or blocked to avoid pregnancy permanently- want to conceive-IVF is an alternative to tubal ligation reversal.
  • Impaired sperm production or function: Less sperm count is a major reason for male infertility. Below-average sperm concentration, weak and poor mobility of sperm, or abnormalities in sperm size and shape can make it difficult for sperm to fertilize an egg.
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome among women is another big hindrance to conceiving a child.
  • Unexplained infertility: No cause of infertility has been found despite evaluation for common causes.
  • A genetic disorder: If either one or both the partners have inherited genetic disease and are at risk of passing on a genetic disorder to your child, go for preimplantation genetic testing – a procedure that involves IVF. Embryos that don’t contain identified problems can be transferred to the uterus.
  • Fertility preservation for cancer: If you’re about to start cancer treatment- such as radiation or chemotherapy- it can harm your fertility, fertility preservation for IVF is an option for future pregnancy. Your eggs will be harvested from ovaries and frozen in an unfertilized state for later use, Or the eggs can be fertilized and frozen as embryos for future use in IVF with surrogacy.

What are the additional factors for infertility causes?

What are the additional factors for infertility causes

There can be various factors associated with infertility in men and women which can include the following:

  • Several lifestyle changes (eating habits, smoking, drinking). 
  • The stress factor among working couples. 
  • Using contraceptives long before marriage.
  • Women get married after their 30s years. 
  • Multiple sleeping partners have led to a rise in infertility among couples in the city.

What is the Cost of IVF in Gurgaon At FertilityWorld?

Cost of IVF in Gurgaon

IVF has given hope to many childless couples and unlike before, seeking medical help in such cases is no longer taboo. IVF cost in Gurgaon at Fertilityworld clinic is anywhere between Rs 1,50,000  per cycle and the cost of donor egg IVF and donor sperm IVF cost is a little higher starting from 2.50 lakhs per cycle.

All the medication is prescribed by the IVF professionals only after a thorough check-up. Generally, the total average cost of IVF ranges between 1.50 per IVF cycle. Many intending couples spend 3.00 to 5.00 lakhs for IVF treatment in Gurgaon. The all-inclusive packages of IVF vary from one clinic to another clinic or differ among couples to other intended couples or known and unknown IVF treatment centers. The cost of IVF is not fixed and is subject to change depending on your infertility conditions, types of treatment applied, standard laboratory, etc.

The Fertility World understands the uncertainties and the value of the family. So we try our best to offer at minimal cost IVF treatment and ensure our 100% efforts of successful IVF treatment. We consider ourselves very fortunate and blessed to be part of your wonderful journey of parenthood.

IVF Treatment Cost in Rupees (Rs)
Basic IVF treatment (1st cycle) 1,50,000 to 1,80,000
IVF with ICSI 1,80,000 to 1,90,000
IVF with FET 1,20,000 to 1,30,000
IVF with PESA, TESA & TESE 1,40,000 to 1,80,000
IVF with Donor egg 2,50,000 to 3,00,000
IVF with Donor Sperm 2,50,000 to 2,80,000
IVF with Embryo Donation 2,40,000 to 3,00,000
  • IVF- In-Vitro Fertilisation
  • ICSI-Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
  • FET-Frozen Embryo Transfer
  • PESA-Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration
  • TESA-Testicular sperm aspiration 
  • TESE-Testicular Sperm Extraction
  • PGS/ preimplantation genetic screening 
  • PGD-preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

Expert fertility specialists recommend IVF for couples who deal with infertility because of fallopian tube damage, premature ovarian failure, endometriosis, hampered sperm production, and other such issues. It is recommended for women with an impaired and malfunctioning uterus. Some people may be curious about the IVF costs and seek affordable pricing and excellent medical facilities. 

IVF is the process that involves removing eggs from a woman’s ovaries and fertilizing them with sperm in the lab. Fertility World is one of the top clinics that helps couples who are struggling with infertility and wish to start a family. The clinic offers IVF at discounted rates; however, the cost for one cycle of IVF in Gurgaon ranges between 1.50 Lakhs to 1.80 Lakhs. The basic IVF packages include egg retrieval, sperm production, sperm production, conventional IVF fertilization, and fresh IVF transfer. 

Fertility World Success Rate in Gurgaon

IVF With Donor Eggs 80%
IVF With Self-Eggs 70%
IVF With Donor Sperms 70%
IVF With Self Sperms 75%
IVF With ICSI 85%
IVF With FET 60%
IVF with PESA 55%
IVF with PGD 43%
IVF With Surrogacy 75%

What can I do to reduce the cost of IVF treatment in Gurgaon? 

Every intended couple does their best to minimize and save some amounts involved in IVF treatments, it is natural for everyone to spend. The fertility world always advises and recommends you to do the following:

  • Seek knowledge from experts
  • The FertilityWorld provides free consultation on your first appointment & up to 20% discount on IVF costs.
  • Before IVF immediately treats your infertility, first IUI treatment, tube reversal process if blocked or damaged fallopian tubes.
  • Freeze the embryos fertilized by the previous IVF cycle.
  • Investigate your insurance coverage thoroughly (no insurance coverage in IVF India).
  • Use social platforms rather than traveling (it’s a digital World).
  • Use online pharmacies.
  • Be a smart shopper.

Always remember, female age (18 to 35) plays an important role in your success of IVF treatment. Therefore, grab the best opportunity at your best reproductive age. Fertility World walks along with you in the IVF program.

Factors that affect the IVF cost in Gurgaon

IVF is said to be the most expensive fertility treatment option; however, the actual cost of IVF treatment depends upon the fertility issue and treatment methods that need to be undergone. Some couples conceive a child in single IVF treatment; others may need to undergo the IVF cycle multiple times, so the IVF cost in Gurgaon largely varies as per the infertility condition. IVF is not just one treatment but involves a series of procedures at every stage. The cost of different procedures all make up the total cost of IVF. The process involves lab tests, medications, ultrasounds, embryo culture, transfer, and storage, as well as additional costs. IVF cost varies and depends upon many factors, including : 

  • Age and medical history
  • Type of IVF procedure 
  • Reputation and location of the clinic
  • Cost of medications 
  • Need for additional procedures like frozen embryo transfer or testicular sperm aspiration.
  • Experience and qualification of the fertility specialist
  • Number of IVF cycles required.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

In India, IVF treatment follows regulations by the Indian Council of Medical Research. Patients must provide informed consent, and understand the procedures and risks. Guidelines govern embryo storage duration and conditions. Ethical concerns include embryo selection, genetic screening, and embryo disposition. Clinics prioritize patient interests in embryo selection and uphold non-discrimination in genetic screening. Patients have options for unused embryos, such as donation or disposal, respecting their preferences and autonomy. Compliance with legal and ethical standards ensures patient safety and ethical practice in IVF treatment.

Alternative Fertility Treatments

Alternative fertility treatments provide options for individuals encountering difficulties with IVF. These treatments include:

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

In IUI, sperm is specially prepared and then placed directly into the uterus during the woman’s fertile window. It is often suggested for couples dealing with mild male factor infertility, cervical issues, or unexplained infertility. The procedure is less invasive compared to IVF, carries a lower cost, and typically causes minimal discomfort for the patient. However, its success rates may be lower, especially for certain fertility issues.

Ovulation Induction

Ovulation induction involves the use of medications to stimulate the ovaries, encouraging the production of multiple eggs in a cycle. It’s beneficial for women with irregular or absent ovulation and may be combined with timed intercourse or IUI. While it can enhance the chances of natural conception by increasing the number of eggs released, it also poses risks such as multiple pregnancies and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).

Donor Egg or Sperm IVF

Donor egg or sperm IVF entails using donated eggs or sperm from a third-party donor in the IVF process. This option is suitable for individuals or couples facing severe male or female infertility, genetic disorders, or advanced reproductive age. While it offers the possibility of achieving pregnancy when using donor gametes and bypasses certain fertility issues, it also raises ethical considerations, emotional challenges, and the need for legal agreements.

These alternative treatments may be recommended based on individual circumstances, preferences, and fertility diagnoses. Consulting with a fertility specialist is essential to make the right decisions about the most suitable treatment options for one’s unique situation.

International Patients and Medical Tourism

The rise in international patients seeking IVF treatment in Gurgaon, India, reflects the city’s reputation for high-quality medical care, competitive pricing, and advanced fertility treatments. Gurgaon’s fertility clinics offer cutting-edge technology and experienced medical professionals, attracting patients from abroad seeking effective solutions for infertility.

One major draw for international patients is the affordability of IVF treatment in Gurgaon compared to many Western countries, without compromising on quality. Additionally, the city’s convenient location and well-developed infrastructure make it easily accessible for travelers.

However, international patients should consider several factors before embarking on their IVF journey to Gurgaon. This includes arranging travel logistics such as flights and accommodations, understanding visa requirements for medical tourism, and ensuring access to necessary support services during their stay.

Fertility clinics in Gurgaon often provide assistance with travel arrangements and offer guidance on visa procedures to facilitate a smooth experience for international patients. Moreover, patients may choose from various accommodation options, including hotels and serviced apartments, to suit their preferences and budget.

Overall, the combination of top-notch medical care, affordability, and logistical support makes Gurgaon an attractive destination for international patients seeking IVF treatment, offering hope and solutions for individuals struggling with infertility worldwide.

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Best IVF doctor in Gurgaon?

The Best IVF doctor in Gurgaon is found at Fertilityworld IVF clinic where the top Indian IVF specialists perform and have achieved the highest success rate in India over the past decades. Doctors having 30+ years of experience and research in the infertility field have given successful results to all the patients who have visited the clinic and these doctors are specialized in multiple failures IVF as well as favorable for elderly couples over 40 years.

Cost of ivf in Gurgaon?

The cost of IVF in Gurgaon at Fertilityworld clinic is more affordable than any other clinic in Gurgaon. It starts from Rs 1,00,000 Lakhs for self-cycle IVF to Rs 2.20 lakhs for using donors. The cost is flexible and transparent, we ensure no hidden cost for any infertility treatments at our clinic.

IVF cost in Gurgaon at Fertility World 

IVF cost in Gurgaon is anywhere between  Rs 1 Lakhs to Rs 2.20 lakh per cycle. However, the cost is not fixed and is subject to change depending on the factors listed above. You can get yourself checked by the best IVF doctor in Gurgaon at FertilityWorld clinic, where the top fertility specialists perform and achieve the highest success rates. So book your appointment to get yourself checked and treated to fulfill your dream of starting a family.

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