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If you are looking to figure out how much IUI cost in Delhi is, the first step is to be able to identify the requirements of the couple who are facing fertility issues and the level of complexity in their case. To be able to have the baby, it is important to take into consideration the amount of IUI cycles as well as the cost of IUI. IUI treatments are a cheaper process and within your budget.

IUI – Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine insemination (IUI), also known as artificial insemination, is an effective medical procedure that is used to treat some cases of infertility. In IUI it is a process where specially cleansed as well as concentrated semen are put right into the uterus, around the time when a woman begins Ovulating. It is the safest method that can significantly increase the chances of conception.

How Much Does IUI Cost?

IUI costs are significantly less than that of IVF but may vary depending on the individual to the individual case. Fertility World offers IUI treatment packages as low as Rs.10,000 only per cycle.

IUI TreatmentIUI Cost in Indian Rupees
Drugs and Medicine4,000 to 5,000
IUI Procedure6000
Total Cost of IUI Treatment10, 000

Let us understand how IUI Procedure works

Pre-Testing For IUI

Before undergoing the IUI Treatment, a Fertility Expert will typically perform an important pre-test before making a recommendation for IUI to couples. The ultrasound is recommended every second day throughout the mid-cycle. This allows doctors to track how many eggs are present as well as their growth.

Step 1: Stimulate Egg Cell Growth:

This procedure is utilized to increase the size and maturation of eggs through using a medication that helps increase the growth of eggs. The medication is administered to you by way of injections. The injection is injected into the skin subcutaneously and is then placed into the fat area like the stomach. The medication can take between 10 and 12 days to trigger the growth of eggs and maturation.

Step 2: Trigger Shots

A trigger injection is administered to allow the release of eggs. It is administered by the experts in the center for fertility. After 36 hours after giving this trigger injection, your IUI process will be observed.

Step 3: Pregnancy Test:

The fertility specialist will suggest you take the pregnancy test following two months of IUI.

Three ways IUI Increases the Probability of Conception

  1. Reducing the time taken by the Sperm IUI to get to the egg.
  2. The procedure of IUI aids in increasing the number of sperm to reach the female reproductive tract.
  3. The IUI can help to regulate both the timings of the sperm as well as the egg, if performed in the correct manner.

Success Rate of IUI

There are a variety of factors that can affect the chances of success, including your partner’s age as well as men’s sperm counts and the number of mature follicles. It is vital to have at least one fallopian tube which is open so that your egg can be in a position to be able to reach the male sperm. The Fertility Expert might order further tests to verify that the fallopian tubes remain open prior to having an IUI.


Although an IVF cycle costs more as compared to the IUI process, the IVF option can be worth it for certain patients as IVF has significantly more success rates. The likelihood of success for an individual patient will be contingent on the particular condition they have and their (and their partner’s in heterosexual couples) medical history as well as age.


Both IUI, as well as IVF cycles, run for two weeks, however, the IVF procedure is more complex than an IUI cycle. The main distinction in IUI as opposed to IVF is that with IUI fertilization occurs in the uterus (internally). The sperm is injected directly into the uterus of the woman. If fertilization is effective, then the embryo will be implanted there too.

In IVF, fertilization is performed externally, outside the uterus in an in vitro. The egg and sperm are combined to produce fertilization, and following this one or more fertilized eggs will be implanted into the uterus of the woman. In the ideal scenario, the fertilized egg will then be inserted into the lining of the uterus, leading to pregnancy and the birth of full-term or full-term babies.

IVF has a better rate of success than IUI. Artificial insemination is significantly cheaper than IVF and is less invasive. It is advised that couples attempt three cycles of IUI before proceeding to IVF.

What to Expect During Artificial Insemination

IUI is a straightforward procedure that only takes 5 minutes. If the doctor determines whether the partner who is to be inseminated has reached the point of ovulation, she could be asked to receive one final trigger injection. This triggers the eggs to mature and regulates when ovulation is likely to occur.

The male partner will check at the time he has been scheduled and will take a sperm sample. A frozen donor sperm sample or donor sample may be utilized. The sperm is cleaned then sorted before being prepared for the process of insemination. The female companion will arrive at the scheduled time and be transferred into the examination room. They will ask her to strip her waist down and put on an over-the-shoulder drape. Together the doctor and the patient will ensure that the sperm sample is the right one by using a variety of indicators. This will give you security, knowing that the right sample is connected to you and utilized during your treatment.

When the actual insemination is performed, it is the responsibility of the Fertility Expert to insert a small speculum inside the vagina to see the cervical canal. The cervical canal is cleansed and a small catheter is inserted into the cervix through the uterus. It is possible to feel a mild cramp, but some women feel nothing whatsoever. After that, the doctor injects sperm via the catheter. This catheter along with the speculum is removed and you’ll be given the opportunity to rest for a few minutes. It is possible to return to work after the appointment.

Our Fertility Expert will discuss any further directions with you prior to your departure from the clinic.

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