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What is the surrogacy success rate in the Philippines?

The Surrogacy success rate in the Philippines goes higher up to 99% depending on the women’s age (if self-egg surrogacy), the quality of the sperm, or the donor’s age.

Is surrogacy legal in the Philippines?

Is surrogacy legal in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, there is no law on surrogacy; whether traditional or gestational. But the Philippines have become the best gestational surrogacy destination for many patients. The presence of clinics and surrogacy agencies connects Filipino patients, whether as commissioning parents or surrogate mothers databases, donor assistance, or successful surrogacy program. 

Legal Documents for surrogacy in the Philippines

A contract agreement is signed between the agency and the intending parents under the legal surrogacy attorney of the Philippines. Legal documents requirements and processes include:

  • Marriage certificate, a divorce certificate if divorced, and if a widow, then the death certificate of the husband.
  • A medical certificate of infertility of the parents.
  • A mutually signed agreement between both parties.
  • Other Legal documents are provided by the hospital.
  • The birth certificate of the baby with the intended parent’s name will be issued by the center.
  • Child citizenship is discussed 

Surrogacy Process in the Philippines

Surrogacy Process in the Philippines

The surrogacy process is defined as the process where another woman “agrees to conceive a child via IVF, and agrees to hand over the child after birth, to another person with the intention of giving up permanently all her paternal rights, love, and affection over the child”. In the Philippines, most of the intending parents go for the gestational surrogacy process which is most recommended by the experts. The surrogacy process takes about 15 to 18 months from the moment an application is submitted until the intended parents are holding their newborn. To undergo the process at the fertilityworld surrogacy agency in the Philippines involves;

  • A Consultation with the intending parents is done,
  • Create a legal contract & have it reviewed by the attorney. 
  • Certain fertility tests, screening, and examination is done.
  • Arrangements and matching of the surrogate are done.
  • Arrangement of the donor (egg/sperm/embryo) if required.
  • Go through the IVF- egg retrieval process (if using the intended mother’s eggs) or obtain donor eggs. 
  • Create embryos using the intended father’s sperm or donor sperm. 
  • Transfer the embryos to the gestational carrier (surrogate).
  • If gets implanted into the lining of the uterus— the pregnancy follows.
  • Delivery of the child.

Gestational surrogacy in the Philippines

Gestational surrogacy in the Philippines

Gestational surrogacy in the Philippines is a process where one person (surrogate mother), does not provide her egg used in the conception of intended parents, but she carries only a fetus through pregnancy and gives birth to a baby for another person or couple. The Surrogate mothers are impregnated through the use of in vitro fertilization (IVF) at the best surrogacy agency in the Philippines. In this process, the doctors create an embryo by fertilizing eggs from the intended mother or an egg donor with sperm from the intended father or a sperm donor.

The surrogate then carries the baby until birth. They don’t have any genetic ties to the child because her egg was not used. A gestational surrogate is called the “birth mother.” and the biological mother is the woman whose egg was fertilized.

Surrogacy cases in the Philippines

Today, Surrogacy continues to be practiced to address infertility in the Philippines. Surrogacy is viewed to be “flexible” due to the cheaper costs and limited laws to govern it and the fulfillment of the parenthood dreams in the Philippines.

But in some cases, surrogacy is often approached in a detached manner as a last choice or one that is never considered. The women, in particular, described the involvement of another individual as “taking over” the role of the mother. The ambiguous role of faith was also negotiated by the people, where they argued for surrogacy using alternative teachings or through God-given “free will”. There are basically 4 types of surrogacy available in the Philippines; they are:

  • Gestational or traditional surrogacy, 
  • Compensated or altruistic surrogacy, 
  • Independent or Agency-assisted surrogacy, 
  • Domestic or International Surrogacy.

Available Surrogacy Programs in the Philippines

The Fertilityworld takes pride in managing egg donors, sperm donors, embryo donors, and Surrogate Management in-house in the Philippines. Below, we have discussed our agency’s assistance in the surrogacy program.

Surrogacy programs with Self-egg and self-sperm

Surrogacy programs with Self-egg and self-sperm

The intended parents create an embryo using their own egg and sperm. This surrogacy program is the most opted by all intending parents because it gives a 100% own gene related to children (of both partners’ genes which is 50/50). The intended mother goes through an IVF cycle and her eggs are retrieved. The eggs are then combined with the partner sperm in a laboratory that achieves fertilization. Then the resultant embryos are transferred to the surrogate uterus which carries the pregnancy to term for them (intending parents).

In the Philippines, Couples usually go for surrogacy with self-egg and self-sperm when the intending mother does not have a uterus (genetic or surgical removal) or has a defective uterus (septum, bicornuate, arcuate, or due to infection like Tuberculosis). The fertilityworld best surrogacy agency team of coordinators and a group of the finest Surrogacy doctors profoundly help and guide such couples to the best surrogacy program at an affordable cost in the Philippines. This surrogacy program with self-egg and self-sperm usually costs up to 16000 USD at the fertilityworld.  

Surrogacy with Donor Egg or Guaranteed Surrogacy

Surrogacy with Donor Egg or Guaranteed Surrogacy

Surrogacy with the donor Egg and partner sperm is the best option when the intending mother has very poor egg quality or no egg at all. In such cases, couples go for donor eggs from the fertilityworld in the Philippines. Under guidelines, the donor eggs/donor sperms are not allowed in the Philippines, China, Croatia, Egypt, Japan, or Morocco; they are permitted in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, and Hong Kong (Hong Kong is a statute country), India, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, and the United States.

However, the fertilityworld based in the Philippines has an excellent Donor database in other legal countries which can be legally transferred to the Philippines for legal surrogacy programs for donor assistance. Once the intending parents agree to proceed with donor egg surrogacy, all the legislation, donors, and surrogate mother arrangements are taken care of by the fertilityworld teams. This agency offers affordable surrogacy with donor eggs in the Philippines for 18,000 USD. The success rate is guaranteed at 99%.

Egg Freezing and semen Freezing services

Is egg freezing legal in the Philippines?

Is egg freezing legal in the Philippines?

Yes, egg freezing is legally practiced in the Philippines but there are no express laws or rules regulating oocyte cryopreservation or egg freezing. The fertilityworld surrogacy agency in the Philippines offers the best egg-freezing facilities. 

Where can I freeze egg cells in the Philippines?

The fertilityworld is a renowned surrogacy agency that provides excellent egg-freezing or oocyte preservation services in the Philippines at affordable costs. It has the best distinguishable Donor Egg Bank which has been trustworthy in its banking technologies with world-class tech.

How is egg freezing done in the Philippines?

The egg-freezing procedures include retrieving the woman’s eggs from the ovaries ( via the IVF process), done by the senior embryologist. Immediately after the retrieval, they are frozen when unfertilized under liquid nitrogen (-190 degrees) and stored for years to be used later by the couples, regular monitoring is done. Egg freezing is also combined with in vitro fertilization; they can be thawed and fertilized in IVF. The fertilized egg is then implanted in the intended woman’s uterus or in the surrogate mother’s uterus, which carries the pregnancy for couples. Couples can affordably seek fertilityworld to freeze their eggs as long as they want or to purchase the frozen egg from a healthy donor. Egg freezing can enable a woman to delay pregnancy until a later stage.

How much does egg freezing cost in the Philippines?

If a woman wants to freeze her eggs, it can cost her at least Php120,000 for the procedure. This cost includes tests, hormonal medications, doctor’s fees, and hospital fees. The payment is scheduled either on a monthly or yearly basis.

Semen Freezing in the Philippines

Semen Freezing in the Philippines

In the Philippines, the fertilityworld operates excellent sperm banking facilities with cutting-edge techniques for 20+ years of experience in preservation. This semen freezing or semen cryopreservation process is done by the best clinical technicians. The cost of Semen freezing is about Php20,000 for the procedure and the storage is charged on a monthly basis or yearly basis.

The Fertilityworld’s standardized storage period of sperm is 10 to 15 years. However, it can store sperm for up to 55 years in certain male circumstances. Sperm Freezing is a technical privilege for couples or single parents to preserve their chances of conceiving a biological baby in the future via Surrogacy, IVF, or ICSI. 

Is freezing sperm a good idea?

Yes, it’s because sperm freezing is the most successful method of preserving a man’s fertility and he can have a child(ren) at a later date of his choice. It’s also used to store sperm so it can be used in someone else’s treatment as a donor form.

How to get a surrogate mom in the Philippines?

How to get a surrogate mom in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, the surrogate mother can be found at Surrogacy Agencies such as the fertilityworld and Matching Professionals, Surrogacy Clinics, Surrogacy Attorneys, and Networking with Family and Friends. The fertilityworld surrogacy agency is also best known for its online support agency in the Philippines for all surrogacy-related information and programs. It has a renowned healthy, and young surrogate who is readily prepared and ready to receive the couple’s embryo in their uterus.

Arranging, screening, and matching the surrogate during the surrogacy program takes more time and higher expenditure. Keeping a readymade surrogate saves time and money where the fitness and qualifications are guaranteed by the fertilityworld. 

surrogate mother cost in the Philippines?

Surrogacy in the Philippines is a safe and affordable option for couples or individuals who are unable to conceive or carry a child. The average cost of hiring a surrogate mother from the fertilityworld surrogate mother database is up to $8,000. The fertilityworld provides all ethnic surrogates based on the intended parent’s preferences. A surrogate residing outside the Philippines easily travels and reaches the intending parent’s surrogacy destination.

How does a surrogate mother get pregnant?

The Surrogate mothers are impregnated through the use of in vitro fertilization (IVF). In this process, doctors create an embryo by fertilizing eggs from the intended mother or an egg donor with sperm from the intended father or a sperm donor.

Best Surrogacy Agency In The Philippines

Best Surrogacy Agency In The Philippines

In the Philippines, surrogacy seems secretive and unexplored by many because Medical Association opposed it and is often compared to “child trafficking” as the act of “buying a child” through its development in a body of a surrogate. But today, with an emerging surrogacy agency and the needs of parenthood by the intending couples. Surrogacy has been flourishing with a higher success rate in the Philippines.

The fertilityworld is the leading surrogacy agency in the Philippines. It is helping and guiding many intending parents in receiving parenthood legally through surrogacy programs at an affordable cost. Taking help from such an agency creates huge differences in legislation, time consumption, arranging donors, arrangement of surrogates, etc. All the procedures and process is made easier, shorter, and legal. It is more affordable compared to self-arrangements.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re intending couples, parents, and singles from the Philippines looking for surrogacy parenthood. Consulting with the fertilityworld is the best option, it provides free first consultation and the best guidance. Further, if you are looking for an alternate country other than the Philippines for surrogacy, fertilityworld teams make it 100% sure in finding your surrogacy destination. Reach out today, and embrace your child.

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