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ICSI treatment cost

ICSI, or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is the most efficient & advanced fertility treatment in addressing male infertility in which the best quality single sperm is selected through a specific standard procedure by the experts, directly injected in the middle of the retrieved egg, assists fertilization in the embryology laboratory and transfer embryo into the uterus, conceives a pregnancy. 

The overall cost of ICSI is brought forward by different essential factors including fertility diagnostic tests, semen analysis of males, fertility medication(s), ICSI procedure, laboratory fees, Doctor’s fees, additional services, and procedures, etc. All these promising factors contribute to the overall cost of ICSI. The Fertilityworld is rated the most successful ICSI treatment centre with the most affordable ICSI treatment cost. 

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ICSI treatment cost

The ICSI treatment cost ranges from ₹150,000 to ₹250,000, when comparing ICSI treatment costs to other centres, the fertilityworld ICSI inclusive treatment cost is more affordable and transparent. Its ICSI treatment success rate is always excellent and the patient’s complete satisfaction is served here with no compromises.

The fertilityworld has its expanding centre worldwide from pan India to countries such as the USA, Bangkok, Dubai, Philippines, Kenya, Nepal, Mexico, Malaysia, Australia, etc. Here, the ICSI procedure is smoother and trouble-free when analyzed with other clinics. Open communication is one of the easiest and simplest ways to find out the ICSI treatment cost, contact the fertilityworld today.

Breakdown of ICSI Treatment Costs

The inclusive ICSI treatment cost can be questioned by the patient. Therefore, a prior understanding of its procedures and breakdown of ICSI treatment costs will give a clearer picture. The treatment itself, which involves the ICSI procedure & laboratory procedure, typically costs about ₹100,000 to ₹150,000 per cycle, this is just one part of the financial equation. There are more essential factors and their expenses to consider, such as consultation fees, diagnostics tests ranging from ₹10,000 to ₹40,000, fertility medicines ranging from ₹40,000 to ₹50,000, blastocyst culture ₹15,000 to ₹20,000. Some other additional services may be included such as laser hatching ₹15,000 to ₹20,000, and embryo glue ₹15,000 to ₹20,000. All these procedures and services add up to the overall ICSI treatment.

ICSI procedure costs

The ICSI procedure costs about ₹100,000 to ₹150,000 per cycle. The procedure involves the stimulation of the female partner’s egg using fertility medication/injection of separate costs and retrieving it by the embryologist from the laboratory. The sperm sample is collected either from a male partner or a sperm donor, it undergoes multiple techniques to eliminate poor-quality sperm. The remaining “healthy” sperm is then inspected by our embryologist under high magnification, then selects the best sperm based on its motility (ability to move), normal head shape, and overall appearance, then places it into a tiny, hair-thin glass needle.

This special needle gets gently inserted into an egg cell and cultured under the medium in the hope of achieving fertilization. The lining of the female uterus is prepared beforehand by gynecologists and the developed embryo is then transferred into her uterus to conceive. After 2 weeks, a regular check-up is done to test for pregnancy (bloodwork & ultrasound) and her health. All these works make the ICSI procedure cost, not including the cost of ICSI medications/injections, cost of ICSI diagnostics tests, cost of additional ICSI procedures, donor sperm cost, etc.

Insurance Coverage for ICSI 

Generally, any type of fertility treatment including ICSI is not considered a necessary medical treatment, and thereby most of the company do not provide insurance for the ICSI treatment. However, there are few exceptional clinics and policy companies that provide full/partial cost coverage based on the severity of the issue, in their basic or additional health policies of this Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) procedure. 

The fertilityworld is considered the best fertility agency that navigates patient to meet their ICSI financial management either by connecting the patient with an assured insurance company and also help them to receive the lowest ICSI treatment by adding free consultations. Any individuals looking seeking specific coverage details can contact the fertilityworld and explore options to maximize financial support.

Additional Procedures and Services in ICSI 

In some couple’s fertility conditions, ICSI treatment goes along in combination with In-vitro fertilization (IVF) and extra medications/injections which increases the chances of a successful pregnancy. This combination offers a comprehensive approach to infertility treatment. The Inclusive Cost of ICSI-IVF is ₹150,000 to ₹2,20,000 per cycle, some couples may need donor egg/donor sperm which affects the overall cost. Also, this cost does not encompass medication, consultations, and diagnostic tests, which are additional expenses. It may also vary depending on the number of cycles required, the clinic’s location, and additional services. 

Clinic Reputation and ICSI Success Rates

The fertilityworld is the most reputed fertility clinic with the longest fertility networks. It has the finest team that researches and updates its instruments and treatments moving ahead allowing them to connect thousands of infertile patients from across the world creating their parenthood dreams via ICSI procedure. Today, this clinic has the highest reviews and most demanding in ICSI procedure for its excellent success rates. The clinic’s reputation and its excellent ICSI success rate between 75% to 80% also influence the cost of ICSI treatment.

As a fertility finest team, we recommend patients diligently research reputed clinics and their quality treatment beforehand which ultimately emphasizes you to easily consider both the cost and quality of complete satisfaction. Contact the fertilityworld and receive the most successful treatment at a lower ICSI price and free consultation.

ICSI Financing Options and Payment Plans

The fertilityworld offers the most amazing ICSI financing options including free consultation. It also provides easy ICSI payment plans where couples can pay the cost at different schedules including:

  • 1st payment plans: During initial registration, the couple can pay up to ₹20,000.
  •  2nd payment plan: During diagnostics tests and screening couples can pay up to ₹50,000.
  • 3rd payment plan: During medication for ovary stimulation. For about 3 weeks couples can pay up to ₹30,000.
  • 4th payment plans: During the ICSI procedure couples have to pay about ₹100,000.
  • 5th payment plan: After the procedure and pregnancy confirmation couples can pay all the remaining balances including donor cost (if used) and for additional services if applied. These payment options have hugely benefitted patients making ICSI treatment more financially manageable as it gives them enough time to get finance either from insurance or self-prepared.

ICSI Cost Optimization Strategies 

The fertilityworld provides a manageable ICSI Cost Optimization Strategy that helps patients readily manage the overall ICSI expenses. Follow the strategy tips mentioned below:

  1. Research and compare: Explore multiple clinic’s reputations, both in major cities and smaller towns under your preferred destination. Compare their costs and success rates statistics to find the right balance.
  2. Insurance options: Check if your health insurance policy covers come under your ICSI treatment or whether the clinic can help you navigate any insurance. Some policies may offer partial coverage for specific procedures. Contact the clinic and ask them about the financing options and their offers under the treatment.
  3. Payment Plans: Inquire about payment plans and financing options offered by clinics like that of the fertilityworld mentioned above. You can receive many facilities that provide flexible payment arrangements to ease the financial burden through open communication.
  4. Government Initiatives: Stay vigilant of government schemes or initiatives under your selected ICSI destination. Many states may have financial assistance for infertility treatments but learn the period of the scheme so that your egg reserve stays healthy (the best age group is 21-35 years in females).
  5. Consultation: Seek a consultation with a reputable fertility specialist who can provide a personalized treatment plan and help you navigate the financial aspects. Also, discuss considerations such as comparing clinic fees, understanding insurance coverage, and ICSI costs and deals during free consultations.

Importance of Open Communication 

Open communication is the key factor in easing the questions and cost confusions that may be pondered in the patient’s mind. The fertilityworld clinic team openly welcomes and diligently answers the problems incurred by the patient.   

The fertilityworld clinic always provides transparent and flexible ICSI cost details so the patient can be ready for the exact package to get prepared and no further financial concerns. The clinic also encourages individuals to seek clarification on costs, insurance coverage, and available support services so that the ICSI procedure proceeds in full swing without any further burdens. Contact the fertilityworld today.


ICSI treatment in India offered by the fertilityworld is cost-effective with a promising success rate, ranging from ₹150,000 to ₹250,000 per cycle, and ₹150,000 to ₹220,000 when combined with ICSI-IVF cost. The fertilityworld is best renowned for its medical excellence and its top-notch infertility treatment facilities. Despite the challenges, it provides absolute proper planning and expert support throughout the treatment committing its services to secure the intending parent’s parenthood dreams.


  1. How much does ICSI treatment typically cost?

Only ICSI treatment typically cost ranges from ₹150,000 to ₹250,000 per cycle whereas the combination of ICSI-IVF treatment cost ranges from ₹150,000 to ₹220,000 in pan India. Some additional services and procedures can be included in some couple’s fertility conditions, in such cases additional costs can be involved minimally.  

  1. Does insurance cover ICSI, and how can I maximize coverage?

Most fertility clinics or insurance companies do not provide ICSI fertility treatment insurance coverage. However, few clinics and insurance companies can provide partial ICSI insurance coverage. The fertilityworld is one such clinic that helps navigate the patient in financial management. Open communication is one such window where patients can freely communicate and get privileges for cost-effective ICSI treatment. Contact the fertilityworld today.

  1. Are there additional tests or procedures that may impact the overall cost of ICSI?

Some additional medication/injection may be needed only in some patients with severe fertility conditions and an IVF-ICSI combination otherwise ICSI treatment procedure is highly advanced and produces excellent success rates. 

  1. How can I choose a fertility clinic that balances cost and success rates?

Look for the clinic’s reputation from the previous patient’s review prescriptive and the quality of the treatment provided by the clinic. These two key qualities inspire the clinic ICSI balancing costs and its success rates. 

  1. Are there financial assistance programs or payment plans available for ICSI treatment?

Yes, different clinics can help navigate the patient’s financial assistance programs or payment plans available for ICSI treatment and free consultations. Also, many states provide infertility treatment assistance to the patient in their region.

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