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Welcome to Fertility World Hospital, Bangalore

Fertility World the name itself is renowned for its ability to produce miracles on a daily basis. With a sprawling city center area, Fertility World offers many convenient locations in Bangalore equipped with the latest fertility technology as well as cutting-edge infrastructure as well as some of the top fertility experts in Bangalore. 

The majority of the fertility centers are supervised by a reproductive endocrinologist, or an entire team consisting of reproductive endocrinologists. We have the top 20 best IVF doctors in Bangalore nearby for your convenience.

A large staff doesn’t make a clinic fantastic the same way having a smaller staff does not mean a clinic isn’t great. When selecting the best fertility clinic, you have to be aware of your particular fertility requirements and circumstances. Some clinics won’t assist women who are over 40 unless they consent to use donor eggs right from the beginning, while other clinics are specialized in helping women who are over 40. A different scenario is if you’re struggling with menstrual infertility or alopecia, in which scenario a clinic with one of the doctors on their staff is perfect. In addition to fertility specialists in a fertility clinic, they may include nurses who are trained and knowledgeable in reproductive medicine, embryologists, sonographers along with other technicians from the lab who are on staff. In addition to doctors, clinics typically have financial advisors who can aid you with understanding payment options and also assist in conjunction with health insurance (if appropriate).

Why do we need a Fertility Expert ?

Fertility specialists, also known as reproductive endocrinologists are the doctors who have advanced education in infertility treatment. They address problems with fertility in both females and males and offer vital assistance and assistance. They also undergo a variety of treatment methods to address all fertility issues and allow patients to be an empathetic parent.

The advantages of visiting a fertility specialist

There are numerous advantages to having a doctor who specializes in fertility. A few of them are listed below.

1. They can assist you in the case of irregular menstrual flow.

Period irregularities refer to abnormal menstrual cycles or the ovulation process. Sometimes, they do not happen also. If there is an incongruity or absence of the regular menstrual cycles, it indicates that there are difficulties in natural conception, too.

A fertility specialist can solve all of these issues through a thorough exam and by prescribing crucial medications. It is not just medication but also through expert guidance and support to enhance the overall wellbeing of the individual.

2. We can provide solutions to all your problems with fertility

The principal job of a fertility specialist is to help solve any fertility issues. When you consult them, you’ll discover the correct answers to your fertility issues. They perform numerous tests and scans and reveal the truth of the cause behind the condition of infertility. They don’t just diagnose, they also offer treatment options to fix the problem.

3. Be your true support in the aftermath of any reproductive crisis

Couples can also suffer from various reproductive difficulties like miscarriage, unsuccessful assisted reproductive procedure, and so on. The failures of these attempts can have a significant impact on your mental health. Consulting a fertility specialist could aid you in recovering from these painful experiences.

Our Leading Fertility Specialists.

Fertility specialists are usually female gynecologists, or urologists, who have further training & advanced specialty in order to address concerns pertaining to reproductive organs & sexual disorders. There are many reasons why your doctor might suggest you consult an expert in fertility, some of them include:

  • Inability to conceive for longer than six months if aged 35 or older or for longer than one year If your age is younger..
  • Having at least two miscarriages.
  • Just beginning to conceive with risk factors or indications of infertility for example, unbalanced cycles or genetic disorders or previous sexually transmitted infections (even when they’ve been treated).
  • Women and men who are looking for permanently preventing births like tubal ligation , or vasectomy.
  • Women and men who have cancer and needing advice on how to maintain fertility prior to treatment or for those who are ready to have a baby after treatment.

While your primary doctor or gynecologist might be able to start the process of evaluating you and may even recommend basic treatments such as IMSE, ICSI but you may have to consult an expert in fertility evaluation and treatment. 

Reproductive Endocrinologists

Reproductive Endocrinologists(also called REs) are what people see as fertility specialists. Reproductive endocrinologists are Gynecologists with additional training on fertility treatment and infertility that addresses male and female issues with fertility. 

Reproductive endocrinologists oversee, conduct the prescription and carry out a range of tests for fertility and treatment which include IUI as well as IVF. If outside specialists are required for a specific case the reproductive endocrinologist will be generally the first choice for consultation. They help cancer patients who are undertaking chemos with fertility preservation for the future, working with an oncologist to coordinate fertility preservation prior to the start of fertility-threatening cancer treatments.


Andrologists are urologists that have undergone additional instruction in men’s fertility. Andrologists can examine and treat issues with male fertility as a whole, or in conjunction with an endocrinologist who is a reproductive specialist. They might also identify the root of the problem or absent sperm counts, and if it is possible, treat the issue so that couples can have a baby without IVF.

An andrologist may also conduct a testicular biopsy to be used for testicular sperm extraction (TESE). He or she also treats sexual dysfunction, reproductive issues as well as testicular torsion, and undescended testes.

Reproductive Surgeon

Another type of Expert who specializes in infertility is the reproductive surgeon. Reproductive endocrinologists can also do surgeries, reproductive surgeons are more educated in surgical procedures and can treat patients with issues that go beyond trying to bear an infant.

For instance, reproductive surgeons could remove fibroids, or surgery to treat endometriosis.  A reproductive surgeon can also perform vasectomies or reverse them as well as tubal ligations. their primary training could be in gynecology or urology.

Reproductive Immunologists

Reproductive immunologists are experts in the field of both reproductive medicine and immunology. Reproductive immunologists can be sought out in the event of repeated miscarriages, unexplained infertility, or unanswered repeated IVF failure.

They can also be advised if a woman suffers from endometriosis or an autoimmune disorder such as lupus, rheumatoid, or arthritis. Reproductive immunologists can be doctors or scientists. They typically work in conjunction with an endocrinologist who treats couples who are infertile. 

A Word From the Fertility World

A fertility clinic can only be as good as the doctors they employ. When you decide to choose a fertility center, make sure to get to know the personnel. Spend time talking to your prospective doctor. Find out if they are familiar with fertility issues, and what they will do to collaborate with you. If you choose to go through treatment and testing and treatments, you could have to work closely in the center for a long period of time, so you’ll need a staff who is not just concerned but understands how to best assist you.

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