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Every year more than 45,000 IVF cycles over 40 years have got successful results at the Fertilityworld IVF clinic. Having 30+ years of an experienced team of embryologists has established its top 10 IVF clinics around the globe that produce the highest IVF success rate for elderly infertile couples.

high IVF Success rate  in the world

IVF Success Rate by Age

Generally, IVF has no particular age group and success rates happen at all ages. However, the grade of IVF success rate relies upon women’s age. Starting from 21 to 50 and beyond. The IVF success rate is summed up in three points:

  1. IVF Success rate by age
  2. Clinical pregnancy conditions
  3. Live birth rate
IVF Success Rate by Age

The ovarian reserves come down, the number of eggs reduces and the egg quality declines with advanced age. Older age can invite various complications like fibrosis, endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, miscarriages, recurrent pregnancy, and IVF failure.

Factors Affecting IVF success rate

Factors Affecting IVF success rate

It is not assured that an IVF pregnant woman must give healthy birth, miscarriages can happen many times in different age groups. The most important factor affecting the IVF success rate is the patient’s age as good quality eggs prevail as well as the sperm. Sperm is an equally important factor, if the sperm have been damaged there are different procedures to separate or extract them which is equally important (TESA/PESA). 

The other factor is the IVF laboratory-like equipment for blastocyst culture, the qualities of culture media used, the conditions of the incubators, and either fresh or frozen embryos used. There is no difference in fresh or frozen embryo success rate, in freezing if your embryo has acquired vitrification then IVF is possible even after 10+ years with that frozen embryo.

IVF success rate in the first attempt

IVF success rate in the first attempt

As described above, IVF has no particular age group and success can happen in the first attempt for any age group between 21 to 50 years and beyond. IVF is possible until you have the following reproductive qualities:

  • Normal AMH level: 2 to 6.8ng/ml
  • Good ovarian reserve.
  • Good follicle-stimulating hormone
  • Matching semen Quality. 

All these qualities prepare and kept your body to receive an embryo into your uterus. This environment creates successful IVF on the first attempt. Some aged women beyond 50 years reached inferior egg numbers and declined egg qualities, and also young women with (blocked tubes, endometriosis, fibroids, etc) achieve parenthood using a Donor (egg/sperm/embryo) from the Donor Bank.

Fertillityworld Egg Donor Database

Fertillityworld Egg Donor Database

The fertilityworld Donor Bank was established 10 years back to meet the ever-rising demand for Donor Assistance with eggs, Sperm, or the Embryo. Today, having helped thousands of couples experience the joy of parenthood. The fertilityworld is proud to become the world’s Best Donor Bank having an excellent database. Look at our donor database below:

  • Caucasian Egg/sperm/embryo Donors: We have them based in South Africa, the USA, Ukraine, or Georgia. They can travel to IVF destinations.
  • Thai and Asian Egg/sperm/embryo Donors
  • Indian Egg/sperm/embryo Donors 
  • Nepalian Egg/sperm/embryo Donors.
  • African Egg/sperm/embryo Donors. 

The Genetics of Donor Egg, Sperm, and Embryo

The Genetics of Donor Egg, Sperm, and Embryo

As the donor egg doesn’t share any of its genes with the intended mother, there’s a chance that a baby will not resemble its mother but If her partner’s sperm was used with the donor egg, the baby may look like its father because they share the same genetics. Likewise donor sperm + intended mother egg there’s a chance that a baby will resemble the intended mother and not her husband. In the case of a donor embryo being used, the baby won’t share any genetic relationship with either of the intended parents.

Let’s understand the IVF success rate Age in Decreasing Order

IVF success rate over 40 (45%)

IVF success rate over 40

If you’re planning to go for IVF using your own egg & husband/partner’s sperm. The younger you’re the better the pregnancy rate because at this age (21 to 37 years) the embryo quality remains the best. On average, the IVF success rate produced by the fertilityworld for over 40 years is 45%. Know that the IVF success rate mainly depends on the age, the right Doctor,  the patient’s infertility factor, and the IVF laboratory.

High FSH levels and low AMH indicate low ovarian reserve in aging women. Ovarian reserve decreases with age and reduced the number of eggs, egg quality becomes poor that decreases the quality of the embryos formed. Age also affects the chromosomal arrangement within the egg. Due to this many women over 40 years go for IVF with Donor (egg/sperm/embryo) and receive a higher success rate than with self-cycle.

IVF success rate under 35 (99%)

IVF success rate under 35

The IVF success rate under 35 is 99%, the idlest age for IVF treatment. The fertilityworld considered the age group from 21 to 37 as the “Nurturing New life age”. The egg quality starts to decline after 37 years but it may not affect the IVF success rate at its earliest stage. 

After 35 years, fertility gradually starts declining because egg numbers are reduced, and egg quality becomes poor. It starts forming fibroids in the uterus, sometimes ( endometriosis, pelvic inflammation), weight gain, and sometimes diabetes or hypertension. Therefore, the best conceivable age for IVF must be considered between 21 to 37 years, even though IVF is possible even at 50. Likewise, male advancing age also creates sperm motility problems, low sperm count, morphological disorders, and DNA fragmentation, all of these create in declining male fertility too.

IVF success rate for 30 years old

IVF success rate for 30 years old

The IVF success rate for 30 years old is 85% which is considered among the highest success rate produced by the fertilityworld. The fertility potential is good such as the number of sufficient eggs (good shape ovarian reserve). For the age group from 25 to 32 years, the chances of successful IVF pregnancy in a single menstrual cycle is 1 in 3 cycles. This reduces to as low as 5% in the age group between 45 to 50 years. Therefore, if you come across any fertility causes like:

  • Very low sperm count,
  • Blocked tubes,
  • Poor sperm mobility, poor morphology,
  • Low AMH level

Then it is far better if you approach IVF at a younger age. Don’t push to do it at a later age. It can save costs as well as certain complications.

IVF success rate age 28

IVF success rate age 28

Start IVF treatment for pregnancy at 28 years because the IVF success rate at age 28 is about 90% produced by the fertilityworld. This age group has the healthiest reproduction qualities like excellent AMH level, Good ovarian reserve, Good follicle-stimulating hormone, and top egg qualities. The uterus readily accepts embryo implantation at this age. If we compare IVF in 28 years and 35 years women, the pregnancy rate is higher, and less abortion rate in 28 years than in 35 years.

1 frozen embryo transfer success rates

1 frozen embryo transfer success rates

The fertilityworld has seen higher success rates with 1 frozen embryo transfer rather than a fresh one. A Frozen embryo is thawed and cultured up to the 3rd-5th day embryo which is known as a blastocyst because this stage is best for the embryo to be grown in the lab and the chances of pregnancy of the 5th-day embryo go really high from 45% to 85%. 

A fertility doctor thawed and cultured it up to a blastocyst which proves that the embryos are excellent and ready for transfer into the uterus. There are also chances of failure in transferring a single frozen embryo (blastocyst) but the chances of having a good pregnancy are guaranteed in the next cycle because your egg and sperm are fit enough because they are developing into the blastocyst 

Top IVF success rate in the World

Top IVF success rate in the World

The IVF success rates are different across the world because of different factors like lifestyles, climate variations, exposure to environments, and the IVF laboratory opted for IVF treatment. The following IVF destination countries show the top IVF success rate in the world include:

  • Canada, Australia, Kenya, Ethiopia, etc
  • European countries- England | France | Spain | Netherlands | Germany | Greece | Ukraine, etc.
  • Asian Countries like India | Nepal | Bangkok (Thailand), Malaysia | Philippines | and Dubai (UAE).

Below provided link shows some countries highest IVF success rates in the world:

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The fertilityworld is one of the best IVF clinics in the world with the highest IVF success rates at different ages between 21 to 50 years and beyond. The clinic not only provides IVF treatment but also functions as an agency, as it helps and guides any patients seeking IVF treatments at their preferred IVF destination with the best IVF treatment in the world. It has well-established chains with other top IVF clinics in the world, you name it. 

If you’re worried because of your advancing age, don’t worry the fertilityworld stands with you for the best solution like IVF for hopeful parenthood. You can enjoy your parenthood with us. Contact us and get free consultation either by contact or in person.

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