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Surrogacy laws in Georgia

In the 90s, the Georgian State legalized surrogacy, as well as egg donation for couples. Since the time Georgia is seeing an increasing amount of surrogacy options for intended parents. Egg donors and surrogates do not have any rights over the surrogate baby.

Since 1997, Egg donation and sperm donation, and surrogacy have been legal in Georgia. In accordance with the law, a surrogate or donor mother does not have parental rights over the child who is born. The intended parents will be registered as the parents of the child. Even in the event, the embryo is obtained through an egg or sperm donation that is then transferred into the uterus of a surrogate mother, and the intended parents are legally recognized as the parental parents to the child.

  • The birth certificate will be issued shortly following the birth of the child – within one day. The parents of the intended will be acknowledged in the certificate of birth as parents. The consent of the surrogate mother is not required to register. The following information will be required to register the intended parents:
  • Surrogacy Agreement: Certificate of transfer of embryo to the Surrogate mother made by the IVF clinic.
  • A certificate of the fact of childbirth issued by the maternity hospital.

Article 143

Extracorporeal fertilization (IVF) is permitted.

(a) To treat infertility and when there is a risk of transmitting genetic diseases either on the wife’s or husband’s behalf, using sex cells or embryos of the couple or donor, provided that the consent of the couple was obtained.

B) If the woman has no uterus at all, she can transfer and develop the embryo that is the result of fertilization to the uterus of a female (“surrogate mother”). A couple’s written consent is mandatory.

Couples are considered parents when in the event of birth and are liable and authority that follows from it. A donor or “surrogate mother” has no right to be recognized as an actual parent of the child.

Article 144

To achieve artificial fertilization it is possible to use male and female embryos or sex cells preserved by freezing. The period of conservation is determined based on the wishes of the couple using prescribed procedures. We are now sure you’re informed about the law governing surrogacy in Georgia.

Gestational Surrogacy in Georgia

Gestational surrogacy happens when a woman is able to carry an embryo for parents who are medically unable to carry the baby by themselves. This child isn’t biologically related to yours because the intended parents construct their own embryos using the assistance of fertility specialists. ARR’s job is to educate, promote for, and assist you on your surrogacy journey, from beginning to the very end.

About Fertility World Georgia

  • “Personalized Professional Services” going from the initial to the final phone call even after parents have returned to their country with their baby.
  • Everything we do in our operations is based on the patient’s goals.
  • We offer consultations with the top experts in every country that we work in.
  • Access to a vast database of clinics across various locations around the globe.
  • Organization and evaluation of “medical quality” of service providers.
  • Coordination of lab and medical programs. Psychological and Holistic Support.
  • Supervision of all cases and the drafting of contracts to be finalized in conjunction with the service provider.
  • Legal Documents to prepare.
  • Facilitation and mediation procedures of reproduction Therapies in collaboration with third parties.
  • Legal representation and consultation services across 10 locations around the world.

Know the Three Stages Of Surrogacy.


Case Study

We will analyze your specific situation and decide if our services are appropriate or not to aid you. You will be able to understand the steps by step on the process we follow as well as its potential destinations and estimated cost estimates.

The Gestation

The gestation phase of the baby spans beginning when the woman who is pregnant is undergoing the embryo transfer up to when the child is born.

The birth

The birth of the infant is probably the most anticipated part of the whole process. We help the parents as well as the surrogate mom during the birth, and we assist all members throughout the postpartum time.

How Does Surrogacy Work ?

You’re no longer contemplating becoming a surrogate you’re completed the necessary requirements and are now prepared to take the plunge! 

  • Select a surrogacy Agency: You should consider whether you’re more comfortable with an agency that offers surrogacy services or a surrogacy lawyer or if you prefer to go it alone. 
  • Create your surrogacy strategy with Fertility World: After you’ve completed the screening process and selected your surrogacy provider the surrogacy specialist will help you determine your objectives for the journey. Surrogacy is a wonderful selfless act. You’re entitled to partner with an agency that will put your demands above all else!
  • Take a break and let us leave the legalities to us: To ensure that the surrogacy journey is legal both you and the parents of the intended parent will sign an agreement for surrogacy. You’ll have your own surrogacy attorney licensed in the state of residence. They will serve as your representative for you and the family members in the details of the contract. Once the contract has been signed, you’re now ready to get ready for the IVF cycle medications as well as your first (and often last!) embryo transfer. Sometimes, the medical screening may take place after the contracts have been signed and on a case-by-case basis.

1. Welcome your parents’ aspiring to the world of parenthood: There is nothing more rewarding than helping a couple or an individual make the family they want. Surrogacy for gestation is a wildly satisfying experience that can change your life for the better. Being able to see your intended parents with their child for the first time is among the most memorable aspects of the surrogacy journey. They will finally feel the joy you feel each day in your own family!

2. About Gestational Surrogacy: How to Become a Surrogate
If you’re thinking of offering the surrogacy gift there are bound to be a lot of concerns about the gestational surrogacy procedure. The process of surrogacy can differ dramatically based on your gestational surrogacy provider as well as your specific life situation, including your marital status and your home state. As the law regarding surrogacy either by statute or case law, varies between states, it’s crucial to get the assistance of an attorney firm or reproductive lawyer to help you navigate the legal procedure.
If you’re considering becoming a surrogate parent whether it’s to have an infant for one parent alone or a heterosexual couple or homosexual couple or someone else who is looking to expand their family, this guide will guide you through all the testing process, medical and legal requirements that will assist you in preparing for the exciting journey that lies ahead!

Gestational Surrogate Requirements

In order to become a surrogate, your first task is to comprehend the basic requirements set out by the organization or the law firm you select to collaborate with. For Fertility World Connections, here are the conditions for women who are interested in surrogacy via gestation:

  • Between the ages of 21 and 43
  • Have experienced at least one healthy pregnancy that was full-term and birth (no more than five)
  • Have been through no more than three previous C-sections
  • Have a BMI of below 32 (33 or less on an individual basis)
  • Stable and financially steady
  • If you live in a state where surrogacy is legal check out our complete list of specifications
  1. If you’re eligible to become a surrogate you’re now ready to go through the screening process that includes:
    • Your surrogate application
    • Medical information about the history of medicine
    • A physical examination
    • An in-home assessment
    • Background checks for all adults living in your home
    • A mental health evaluation
  2. Medical Requirements for Surrogates
    Your health as a surrogate’s health is vital and must be closely monitored throughout the gestational surrogacy procedure. Surrogacy requirements in medicine are divided into four stages:
    • Medical screening
    • Fertility treatments and IVF medication
    • Embryo transfer
    • Prenatal consultation with an doctor of obstetrics
  3. Legal Requirements for Surrogates
    Before beginning the cycle process along with the embryo’s first transfer the intended parents must sign a legally binding contract. After all parties have signed the document, you can begin taking the medication for the cycle and begin preparing for the transfer. There are a few payment options that you can receive prior to you’re even expecting! Surrogacy laws differ between states, so it’s essential to locate the surrogacy law firm that is an expert on current surrogacy laws.
    The contract will describe the elements of lawful surrogacy, including:
    • Your obligations as an intermediary
    • Details on compensation during the journey of surrogacy
    • Guidelines for traveling and limitations
    • Various possible “what if” scenarios & inherent risks
    • Legal rights of the intended parent and responsibilities for their baby

Surrogacy for LGBTQ+ Couples

For decades to the present, Fertility World Connections has helped a variety of gay and LGBTQ couples overcome the hurdles of surrogacy. We believe that every person who would like to have a child should be able to do so regardless of race, background gender, gender sexual orientation, or the status of their relationship. We adhere to the principles of equality, Privacy in our guidance on your surrogacy journey. We strive to make it as easy and pleasurable as possible.

Overview of surrogacy options for LGBTQ parents

The procedure of surrogacy for LGBTQ+ couples is a lot like other parents and their experiences; however, there are a few extra aspects to be considered. The process of surrogacy that gay couples undergo comprises of the following elements:

  • Searching for a surrogate: If you’ve made the decision to begin your process of surrogacy, Fertility World Family Connections will match you with a carrier who is gestational. All of our gestational surrogates go through our thorough screening process prior to being screened along with physical and mental screening tests to ensure they’re suitable to be an embryo donor.
  • Matching with remarkable gestational surrogates Fertility World: A LGBTQ-friendly agency that is very specific about the women we select to be a surrogate for our potential parents. The women we have worked with who would like to be surrogates are motivated, friendly and driven women.
  • Egg donor choice: Because surrogacy for  LGBTQ+ men requires an egg donor and a surrogate donor, we’re happy to assist you in finding the ideal candidate for your surrogate. After you’ve chosen an egg donor and the surrogate has completed her IVF cycle the fertility expert will transplant the most healthy embryo to the uterus of your surrogate.
  • Communication facilitation: At Fertility World,we can help you set solid lines of communication between you and your surrogate to ensure a successful surrogacy. A lot of parents and surrogates we work with want to keep in touch following the birth of their baby!

Fertility World Family Connections supports international surrogacy clients

Fertility World Family Connections is well at hand to help the international clients of our surrogacy. Text, e-mail, and videoconferencing techniques enable us to connect with clients quickly and frequently throughout match-making, screening, and even gestation. This provides peace of mind for potential parents who are not or reside in INDIA.

At  Fertility World Georgia, we only match parents of the intended surrogate gestational that has successfully completed our extensive screening procedure. Our team is dedicated to helping prospective parents around the world achieve their dream of having the family of their dreams. We’ll ensure that your surrogacy journey within Georgia is legal and ethical. The United States is legal and ethical.

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