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Fertility World is rapidly growing in building many intended parents Homes, fulfilling their Dreams of Parenthood across the legal countries for surrogacy. We are functional in all the US legal states, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, India, and Mexico.

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We provide fruitful services in assisted reproductive technology (ART), in-vitro fertilization, Laparoscopy, Surrogates mothers, and Gametes Donors. We are committed to our services to fulfill our hopeful prospective parents’ dreams. We are smoothly functioning in Mexico. Our idea and inspiration are to establish several fertility services all around the world and guide our intended parents to experience the joy of having a complete family regardless of their origin and the country they belong to.

If you’re Mexican intended parents, neighbor states parents, or from any country considering Mexico as your destination, or if you are willing to become a surrogate, or Become a Donor to help those intended parents in their uncertain times, Mexico might be your final destination. What you need to know and understand about Mexico and our center for your unforgettable journey to begin. Mexico is mostly beneficial to the American intended parents who are undertaking surrogacy processes internationally, Mexico is your nearest destination and lower cost than US surrogacy cost.

Mexico’s surrogacy law is regulated by the state law and not by the federal law like most of the countries US and others. In earlier years the only state in Mexico which allowed international intended surrogacy was Tabasco, legally. However, as the concerns of the intended parents, Mexico has paved its way in solving the controversies about Baby Factory in Mexico, allowing other states to take up the international surrogacy program. Therefore, new regulations have limited the laws on exactly who can enter into surrogacy agreements in the state of Tabasco.

Before you begin any fertility program in Mexico, it is highly recommended and advised you know the regulations for your address and its legalities. Every country has its own rules and regulations, permitted or prohibited, Mexico is one among them.

Surrogacy Legal in Mexico

The Surrogacy program has been legal in Tabasco(Mexico) since 1997, and due to modifications made in the state’s civil code, stating that a Child Born from a Surrogate Mother would legally belong to the prospective parent. After this civil code, there were no detailed regulations mentioned about Mexican surrogacy in Mexico. In response to the growing controversies across the world in the surrogacy process, the government of Tabasco recognized the need for safe surrogacy regulations in 2016. It banned International intended parents from completing the surrogacy program in Mexico. Not only international but American LGBT (individuals or couples), heterosexual singles were also banned from surrogacy programs. All surrogacy in Mexico has to comply with specific requirements that include approval from the Health Regulations Department of the state.

Mexico today, allows surrogacy to:

  • Only Heterosexual couples with Mexican citizenship.
  • Couples must be between the age of 25 and 40 years old.
  • Medical certificates and a letter from their doctor about their inability to carry a child naturally.

Our team and our reproductive expert’s attorney will work together with you, let you understand the detailed laws of surrogacy in Mexico, and guide you through the legal process of welcoming a baby of your Dreams. However, Fertility World could obtain a Resolution from the Mexican court, to enable registering ( The Child Born As biological) to single parents, Married, Heterosexual couples, and same-sex couples on a trial basis.

Is surrogacy legal for International intended parents?

For international intended parents who wish to pursue Surrogacy in Mexico would be doing so in illegal ways, but we are at your service for any possibilities of a surrogacy program in Mexico for You. Our concern is Your complete family Happiness. Since most Mexican States do not have surrogacy laws, that results in many unregulated surrogacy programs continuing to be offered.

Fertility World is functional in Mexico if you are considering Mexico as your surrogacy destination. We’re ever ready to help you out and be a part of your unforgettable journey. Like all our treated and successful parents, you are warmly welcomed. We believe in your happiness of being a complete family.

We provide possibilities by practicing Cross-Border Surrogacy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mexico Surrogacy 

Is surrogacy in Mexico safe?

Unfortunately not, like many of the other countries, Mexico does not legalize foreign intended parents surrogacy programs. It even prohibited at Tabasco for foreign intended parents in 2016 new modification of civil code.

Can I get a surrogate in Mexico?

Surrogacy is permitted legally to heterosexual couples with Mexican citizenship, between the age of 25 and 40, who prove their inability to carry a baby. Foreign intended people would be doing surrogacy illegally.

Will Mexico Surrogacy ever be legal again?

There is a probability to say whether Mexican legislators will allow international Intended parents to pursue surrogacy in Mexico. Today, every country is scientifically advanced in technologies and modernized, a highly consistent psychologist. Therefore, human rights should be established, to have a family is the natural consent of the world.

What happens to those International surrogacy contracts before 2016 laws in Mexico?

Those intended parents who were involved in surrogacy programs before modified laws were given a 9month delay to enable them to obtain a proper birth certificate of the child. Pregnant surrogates and the initiated process would need more than nine-month to complete their surrogacy in Mexico. Many intended parents were with early pregnant surrogates and expecting a child after nine months or under process, their family plan remains uncertain.

Why has Mexican surrogacy been Banned for international intended parents?

The lack of regulations in the early initiate surrogacy in Mexico leads to many consequences for surrogates in Mexico. International parents’ surrogacy increased and skyrocketed in Mexico, their demands could not be provided to all and the protection of intended parents and surrogates somewhat failed along the way.

There were many controversies by other international programs (no regulations for surrogates compensation, unlicensed fertility centers, and specialists). With the high mortality rate of childbirth, surrogates are kept until birth and so. Many women were involved in surrogacy to gain, a child is born year after year, and a failed victim is involved in medical risk. Mexican officials recognized the potential risk for surrogacy situations, an unregulated surrogacy process. So, the Mexican surrogacy restrictions were passed shortly after those international scandals made headlines across the world news.

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