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Surrogacy in Mexico

The Fertilityworld is rapidly growing in building many intended parents’ Homes, fulfilling their long dreams of Parenthood across the legal countries for surrogacy. We are established and functional in all the US legal states, and smoothly functioning in Mexico, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, and India.

Today, Mexico has a huge advantage as the National Supreme Court of Justice has recognized the whole process of surrogacy and commercial surrogacy to be performed with provided legal guarantees. 

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Surrogacy Success rates:

The fertilityworld is committed to its services for fulfilling our hopeful prospective parents’ dreams in Mexico. Guaranteeing surrogacy success rates with Donor Eggs. Our idea and inspiration are to establish several fertility services all around the world and guide our intended parents to experience the joy of having a complete family regardless of their origin and the country they belong to.

Surrogacy is impossible without In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The fertilityworld provides fruitful services in assisted reproductive technology (ART) i.e. best in-vitro fertilization treatments with higher success rates. Offers young and healthy surrogate mothers, and an excellent donor bank for eggs and sperms. 

If you’re Mexican intended parents, neighbor states intended parents, or from any country and considering Mexico as your surrogacy destination, or if you are willing to become a surrogate, or Become a Donor to help those intended parents in their uncertain times, Mexico might be your final destination. What you need to know and understand about Mexico and our center for your unforgettable journey to begin. Mexico is mostly beneficial to the American intended parents who are undertaking surrogacy processes internationally, Mexico is your nearest destination and lower cost than US surrogacy cost.

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproductive technologies (ART), where the intended (parents, couples, LGBT) work with a gestational surrogate known as the surrogate mother, she will carry the pregnancy to the term for the intended parents and care for their baby(ies) until birth and handover the baby to the prospective parents. Intended people use surrogacy programs, when pregnancy risks are too dangerous for the intended mother or when a single man or a male couple wishes to have a child to grow or to extend their families when they can’t build naturally.

Is Surrogacy Legal in Mexico?

The Surrogacy program has been legal in Tabasco(Mexico) since 1997. The modifications made in the state’s civil code- state that a Child Born from a Surrogate Mother would legally belong to the prospective parent. After this civil code, there were no detailed regulations mentioned about Mexican surrogacy in Mexico. 

In response to the growing controversies across the world in the surrogacy process, the government of Tabasco recognized the need for safe surrogacy regulations in 2016. It banned International intended parents from completing the surrogacy program in Mexico. Not only international but American LGBT (individuals or couples), heterosexual singles were also banned from surrogacy programs. All surrogacy in Mexico has to comply with specific requirements that include approval from the Health Regulations Department of the state. But in 2021 the Supreme Court ruling reopened the possibility for legal commercial surrogacy in Mexico. The court permitted commercial surrogacy for married couples, single parents, gay, straight, and foreign Intended Parents.

In Mexico, Tabasco and Sinaloa states, have surrogacy regulation. Three other states, namely Coahuila, San Luis Potosí and Querétaro, prohibit surrogacy completely. The other states have no specific legislation. The new ruling has opened the door for all Mexican states to legislate as they see fit, including allowing commercial surrogacy for any Intended Parent. 

Legal surrogacy procedure in Mexico Today

In 2021, the National Supreme Court of Justice has recognized the whole process of the surrogacy journey to be functioned based on the legal guarantees provided, which states that a surrogacy program is legal if it is performed with the laws provided:

  • Registration of the contract between all involving teams (intended parents, surrogate mother, and the surrogacy program provider-The fertilityworld) under the notary.
  • Compensation of the surrogate mother for her sacrifices,
  • Surrogacy professionals should work strictly without any other concerns,
  • Confirming pregnancy and the delivery (birth) of the child should be in Cancun (A Mexican city on the Yucatan Peninsula bordering the Caribbean sea).
  • The birth certificate of the child born is issued in the name of the intended parents.
  • The child has the right to hold Mexican Citizenship and a passport respectively.

This law is stated so that a strong responsibility from the professionals, citizens, and employees to attend and give full support to the surrogate mother and the intended parents, it provides safety and security in the future. This legality was formulated to be able to assist any family that wishes to have their dream baby in their arms.

Mexico today allows surrogacy for all family models:

  • Same-sex couples
  • Women and men married couples
  • Unmarried men and women couples, 
  • Single men with Donor eggs,
  • Single women with Donor sperms 
  • Gay, 
  • Straight and foreign Intended Parents.
  • Couples between the age of 25 and 40 years old.
  • Medical certificates and a letter from their doctor about their inability to carry a child naturally.

The fertilityworld team and reproductive expert’s attorney work together with the intended parents, lets them understand the detailed laws of surrogacy in Mexico, and guides you through the legal process of welcoming the baby of your dreams. However, Fertilityworld could obtain a Resolution from the Mexican court, to enable registering ( The Child Born As biological) to single parents, Married, Heterosexual couples, and same-sex couples on a trial basis.

Is surrogacy legal for International intended parents?

In 2021 the Supreme Court ruling reopened the possibility for legal commercial surrogacy in Mexico. The court permitted commercial surrogacy for married couples, single parents, gay, straight, and foreign Intended Parents.

The Fertilityworld in Mexico strictly follows the legalities and procedures provided by the supreme court and offers a commercial surrogacy program for married couples, single parents, gay, straight, and foreign Intended Parents. in Mexico. Our concern is Your complete family’s Happiness. 

The Fertilityworld is a renowned surrogacy center in Mexico producing high success rates. If you’re international intended parents and considering Mexico as your surrogacy destination. The fertilityworld will handle all the legalities, and help and guide you in the entire surrogacy journey until you go back home with your beautiful child. Like all our previous successful parents, you are warmly welcomed. We believe in your happiness of being a complete family. We provide possibilities by practicing Cross-Border Surrogacy.

Two methods of surrogacy program 

The fertilityworld provides gestational surrogacy. This method is preferred by all couples over traditional surrogacy and is considered less legally complex and there are no parentage order issues.

In traditional surrogacy the surrogate’s eggs are used and fertilized with the sperm (partner/donor) and generate an embryo, making her the biological mother of the child she carries.

Gestational surrogacy was first achieved in April 1986. It takes place when an embryo created by in-vitro fertilization (IVF) technology is implanted into a surrogate mother also known as a gestational carrier. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate has no biological link to the baby.

Surrogacy Procedure

Through the In-Vitro Fertilization process, the embryos are created in a laboratory i.e. outside the body at the Fertilityworld laboratory. 

Surrogacy is performed using the intended parent’s genetic material which is self egg and self sperm. However, most often intended parents use a donor egg or donor sperm due to their fertility conditions based on the fertility reports. 

1-2 embryos are implanted into a gestational carrier uterus (womb), which carries the baby(ies) to term and gives a healthy birth for the prospective parents.

The Gestational Surrogacy Program proceeds in the following steps respectively:

  1. Book appointment: Call/WhatsApp: +91 9311850412 Email:
  1. Consultations: After booking an appointment. The fertility coordinators will contact you and fix your direct free consultation with our specialist. The specialists will know your medical history, genetic background, and previous fertility reports if available. Our specialist will suggest the best possible steps for you. 
  2. Contract agreement: If you agree to take up our specialist suggestion during consultations. Then you, our team will sit down together and devise a surrogacy plan and sign a contract agreement under the surrogacy notary. We feel it is our job to help you navigate your options and collectively determine the best plan to achieve your personal family goals.
  1. Find an egg donor, Sperm Donor (if needed): Arrangement of a donor and the surrogate mother is the next step for couples where the female partner doesn’t want to use her eggs or the male partner doesn’t want to use self sperm. Frozen eggs are also an option, but because eggs are single-celled units and do not always thaw well after freezing, fresh eggs and fresh sperms are the best options.

Once a donor is arranged, we conduct a fresh donor egg cycle. This is the first half of IVF, in which the donor will take medication to optimize her ovaries and will ultimately undergo an in-office egg retrieval procedure.

Your egg or sperm donor will be genetically linked to your future child, so this may seem like an overwhelming decision. Clinical and mental health professionals will help you choose the donor that is right for you.

  1. Complete the IVF cycle: The male partner sperm sample/donor sperm is collected. The good news is that retrieval of sperm doesn’t have to happen on the same day as the partner or donor’s egg retrieval. The sperm can stay safely frozen for years and use.

On the day of egg retrieval, our clinical staff will complete the procedures and let you know how many eggs were retrieved. The sperm and egg will be combined in the laboratory for fertilization and generate an embryo. IVF steps involve a series of skilled experts. Read the IVF process step by step for detailed steps involved. It’s important to remember that there is a natural rate of attrition when it comes to the IVF process. Not all eggs retrieved will be mature, and not all eggs that are fertilized will develop into Grade A embryos, which is completely normal.

You may also have to undergo preimplantation genetic testing at this time (generated embryos) to help select the best embryo. If you have the risk of chromosomal abnormalities, this test can also allow you to determine the sex of your embryos. Embryos are usually cryopreserved until your surrogate’s uterine lining is ready for implantation.

  1. Find a matching Surrogate: The arrangement of the surrogate mother is possible in all the states where surrogacy is legal. The fertilityworld has the best screened surrogate mother who is ready to receive your embryo. Our surrogate database is where the intended parents can pick their selection, typically a young, healthy woman who has had prior pregnancies and uncomplicated births. 

You can share any specific requests you have concerning your surrogate (the location of your surrogate, dietary requests, or the amount of contact you wish to have with your carrier).

We accept your surrogate (your friends, relatives). However, for a fresh surrogate, she will be screened and matched with the intended parents (Expect the surrogate matching process to take some time, in some cases six months or longer). We will take great care and provide mental health counseling to you, your surrogate, and her partner (if applicable) throughout the process. 

  1. Embryo Transfer: The embryo transfer is a quick procedure, and most intended parents attend the clinic for this experience with the surrogate. The transfer is performed under the guidance of an ultrasound, so everyone can see the procedure take place. Most surrogates travel home right after the procedure.

After 8 to 10 days of the transfer, a pregnancy test is done. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate will undergo eight to ten weeks of monitoring at our local office with fertility supervision. She will then regularly visit her local OB-GYN’s office for observation. 

  1. Complete Legal Paperwork: We will help you to navigate the necessary legal paperwork. Documents include a pre-birth order, parentage documents for intended parents, and a formal birth plan. These documents ensure everyone’s rights and wishes are known and protected throughout the entire process.
  1. Welcome the Baby: You can come at the time of delivery and capture the amazing memory, with many parents choosing to be in the delivery room. After that, you can hold your baby in your arms and return home.

F&Q About Mexican Surrogacy 

Is surrogacy in Mexico safe?

Unfortunately not, unlike many other countries, Mexico does not legalize foreign intended parents’ surrogacy programs. It was even prohibited at Tabasco for foreign intended parents in 2016 new modification of the civil code.

Can I get a surrogate in Mexico?

Surrogacy is permitted legally to heterosexual couples with Mexican citizenship, between the age of 25 and 40, who prove their inability to carry a baby. Foreign intended people would be doing surrogacy illegally.

Will Mexico Surrogacy ever be legal again?

There is a probability to say whether Mexican legislators will allow international Intended parents to pursue surrogacy in Mexico. Today, every country is scientifically advanced in technologies and modernized, a highly consistent psychologist. Therefore, human rights should be established, to have a family is the natural consent of the world.

What happens to those International surrogacy contracts before the 2016 laws in Mexico?

Those intended parents who were involved in surrogacy programs before modified laws were given a 9month delay to enable them to obtain a proper birth certificate of the child. Pregnant surrogates and the initiated process would need more than nine-month to complete their surrogacy in Mexico. Many intended parents were with early pregnant surrogates and expecting a child after nine months or under process, their family plan remains uncertain.

Why was Mexican surrogacy Banned in 2016 to international intended parents?

The lack of regulations in the early initiate surrogacy in Mexico leads to many consequences for surrogates in Mexico. International parents’ surrogacy increased and skyrocketed in Mexico, their demands could not be provided to all and the protection of intended parents and surrogates somewhat failed along the way.

There were many controversies by other international programs (no regulations for surrogates’ compensation, unlicensed fertility centers, and specialists). With the high mortality rate of childbirth, surrogates are kept until birth and so. Many women were involved in surrogacy to gain, a child is born year after year, and a failed victim is involved in medical risk. Mexican officials recognized the potential risk for surrogacy situations, an unregulated surrogacy process. So, the Mexican surrogacy restrictions were passed shortly after those international scandals made headlines across the world news.

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