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“Everyone deserves and has the Rights to grow a family” Maybe your path, your feelings are different from others but it is your right to grow a family together with your loved ones is universal to all the parents. We are honored to guide you and help you to make it happen throughout your journey in the Surrogacy center in Illinois. Illinois is one of the surrogacy-friendly states in the US, and under the Laws and procedures, an agency emits straightforward to your longing dreams of parenthood, Finding Surrogate Mother & welcoming a baby into your real-time arms.

Surrogacy Laws in Illinois

Intended parents, LGBT couples, individual parents, and Surrogates. Surrogacy laws in Illinois are compiled in the Illinois Gestational Surrogacy Act. Illinois is a famous surrogacy-friendly state because of the Gestational Surrogacy Act, this makes it easy to undergo Surrogacy for intended parents, LGBT couples, individual parents and to become a surrogate. However, to opt for surrogacy, guidance from an agency with experienced Legal Surrogacy attorneys is highly recommended for the smooth functioning of the surrogacy procedure.

Contract of Surrogate in Illinois

Surrogacy Legal contract between intended parents, LGBT couples, individual parents, and gestational Surrogate rights is given by the Gestational Surrogacy Act. This contract must be executed with an individual attorney after your match has been found, before the initial medical process.

Under this contract, all legalities regarding intended parents, LGBT couples, individual parents, and surrogate’s responsibilities are discussed, and how all the teams involved will handle the involved situation together. Also discuss the overview of surrogacy compensation, parental rights, and their responsibilities throughout the process of surrogacy. After all the involved teams agreed about the contract further process is followed from the medical process.

The surrogacy process of intended parents, LGBT couples, individual parents, and surrogates is dealt with by agencies with professionals after the contract is signed and takes you on a beautiful and amazing journey on your family’s growth.

The Surrogacy Process in Illinois

Fertility World is helping straight, LGBTQ plus singles, and intended couples from Illinois grow their families through surrogacy and egg donation. When you opt for surrogacy, the process could be complex and overwhelming, there are many moving parts involved. Working with an experienced agent will help you light the milestones and events throughout your journey so that you can focus on the most important thing: preparing for the arrival of your baby.

You may choose to undergo your surrogacy journey independently or with the help of a surrogacy agency. With over decades of experience, Fertility World recommends working with an agency to give you the proper support that will help you have a smooth and safe surrogacy journey as possible.

  • Choose your Agency: Initiating your decision towards the surrogacy journey is a great alternative and a great step. It can also be a challenging proceeding. so, it is essential to do research and understand the steps and procedures, its environment, the staff, and so on. Well, not every surrogacy agency is a good fit. Therefore, finding or choosing the best surrogacy agency is your part. Different parents have differences in their opinion, so choose such that you can have good chemistry, and environmentally-friendly manner, who understands and shares your views about the surrogacy process and most of all its success rates and the cost of surrogacy, which is a key to your successful journey. 

Every state in the US has specific regulations for surrogacy to be followed legally. Some states’ laws may be easy but there is a vast process to begin surrogacy in your selected destinations, where you alone is not easy to process. So working with an agency that has legal attorneys for assisted reproductive technology (ART) and surrogacy laws. We Fertility World help you, guide, and make you understand the surrogacy laws in Illinois.

  • Find a surrogate and egg donor: If you’re unable to produce good quality eggs naturally due to medical reasons or health issues, to avoid further risk to the baby (communicable/genetic disease). Before matching with your surrogate, you have to match with your egg donor. You can search and choose from our egg donor database. We provide the profiles and qualities, ambitious young women in their best reproductive age who are excited for the opportunity to help you grow your family. After your egg donor is matched, we will also find the perfect surrogate match for you, and also encourage you to build strong bondage with women who will carry your baby(ies) to extend your family.
  • Embryo implantation: After the selection of the best quality embryos and the stages by our physician and embryologist. Embryos are loaded in a catheter and transferred under transabdominal ultrasound guidance into the surrogate uterus by a catheter passing through the cervix. The embryos are placed 1-2cm from the uterine fundus and after transferring the catheter are checked under a microscope to see whether all the embryos have been successfully transferred in the Uterus. 
  • Pregnancy-welcomes a baby(ies)-parenthood: The surrogate will be monitored to check for a positive pregnancy. If conceived, the surrogate is taken care of by our trained professionals and doctors in every aspect during her pregnancy. Our team will manage all the requirements for delivery, we do our best and avoid the complications for all the involved teams (prospective parents, surrogates, baby). We also deal with all the legal paperwork and provide free and fair custody of the child to our prospective parents. We arrange for your journey back to your hometown safely and securely.

What is the success rate of surrogacy in Illinois?

The success rate of surrogacy in Illinois is about an average of 65%-75%. Once the surrogate mother is conceived with donor eggs, the success rate is as high as 95%.

What is the cost of surrogacy in Illinois?

In surrogacy, the cost is categorized into different categories:

  • Professional fees (Doctors, Attorneys).
  • A gestational carrier (Surrogate mother).
  • Gametes Donors fees ( if used).
  • Medical and insurance expenses.
  • IVF expense and 
  • Additional in case of complications.

Confusions and questions will arise when you search for surrogacy in Illinois whether it is:

Legal or Illegal for Surrogacy?

Well, it is legal, in Illinois it is a common way to grow a family and to become a surrogate besides it is a well-protected and regulated legally family-building method. It is a beautiful way of keeping a family bond together.

Traditional and Gestational surrogacy Legal or illegal?  

The Illinois Gestational Surrogacy Act does not include traditional Surrogacy, it does not mean that it’s not legally enforceable but in this method, there is emotional risk associated, therefore the traditional surrogacy method is not encouraged. But Gestational Surrogacy is highly encouraged to both intended parents and Surrogate, it is legal in Illinois.

Compensated surrogacy is legal in Illinois? 

To carry a child is not something that can be called an easy task, surrogate mother sacrifices her valuable time for her family, loses her body weight, body pain, a medical risk they agree and faces all the challenges during pregnancy. Not only carry a child but move from place to place to acquire all the legal formalities required by the agency professionals and legal attorney to undergo a surrogate contract. So surrogates are compensated for her dedication and to cover all her expenditures from pre-birth to delivery and after post-birth recovery.

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