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Surrogacy in Sikkim
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Surrogacy is provided by the best surrogacy center in Sikkim. Fertility World, Sikkim is one of the top and leading surrogacy service providers in India. Since its inception, the center has been devoted to the goal of creating a new life using surrogacy services for the people of Sikkim. Sikkim is a popular destination for travelers from all over the globe and our fertility center gives you the chance to become a place of happiness! 

Let us understand Surrogacy in detail

Surrogacy is an arrangement of assisted reproduction often a legal agreement, where the parents are paired together with a surrogate gestational that will care for and carry your baby(ies) until they are born. Surrogacy is a method used by intended parents to establish or expand their families when they are unable to make it happen on their own.

Fertility World Sikkim is a leading surrogacy service targeted at providing state-of-the-art IVF and surrogacy services to Intended Parents irrespective of age, sex, or color, at the lowest possible cost in India. We are the pioneers in providing assistance to infertile couples, same-sex couples, and single men and women seeking to start a family through assisted reproductive technology. We also screen and select qualified, open-hearted surrogates to help make the dreams of a child come true.

Surrogacy is for those couples who are infertile and don’t have a child to make a complete family, you do not have to worry anymore. Medical science at the present day has improved to the point that it has found ways that couples who are infertile can create their very own baby to add to their family through the process of surrogacy. In the past, the surrogacy procedure has been accepted by many couples suffering from infertility. 

Gestational surrogacy offers an unusual option for those who have had trouble forming the family they want on their own. It’s often the only choice for couples to create their own genetically closely related child. Gestational surrogacy has been legally legal for heterosexual couples who are married. Furthermore, India is among those few countries that allow parents of the intended to be included on a baby’s birth certificates without having to mention the surrogate mom on the birth certificate. Surrogate mothers do not have parental rights over the baby born. Birth certificates for babies are an easy procedure and typically take anywhere from 1 to 5 days.

Is surrogacy legal in India?

Yes, Surrogacy is absolutely legal in India. It was just the first step in the development of legislation to regulate surrogacy. In December of 2018, following more than two years of debate, an Indian surrogacy law was adopted that:

  • Conceived Commercial Surrogacy illegal
  • Only permits altruistic surrogacy to those who are infertile, needy and Indian couple
  • The law requires that parents of the intended child be married for five years , and to have the doctor’s certification of their infertility

These changes are a reflection of an era of surrogacy that is now thriving across Asia. Our surrogacy services cover the following types of programs:

  • Surrogacy for married couples, single parents.
  • The Guaranteed Baby program (Surrogacy with Egg Donation ) with unlimited IVF attempts)
  • Surrogacy employing local donor eggs
  • Surrogacy by using International Donor Eggs
  • The Surrogacy method using shared donor eggs
  • Surrogacy using Frozen Embryos

We have experienced, healthy, and committed surrogate mothers who are available at any time. If you’d want to inquire about a surrogacy plan with us, you’re encouraged to contact us for a free consultation. It can be scheduled through Skype telephone, Viber, WhatsApp, or in person. The International Patient Coordinator can be able to provide all the necessary information to help you make a well-informed choice.

When you join the program, our coordinator will walk you through the entire process of the process: confirmation of your eligibility to this course (based on the results of your medical test results, marital status, and citizenship) and confirm the date of the program, the details of your arrival and signing contracts, deciding on the surrogate mother and egg donor (if necessary). We’re happy to assist you in communicating with the surrogate mom (and egg donor, if required) as well as the physician and notary office. We’re happy to help in finding the most ideal accommodation for your comfortable stay, as well as transportation as well as babysitters, and concierge services according to your needs.

Surrogacy using your Own Eggs.

In the surrogacy process, using your own eggs involves In vitro fertilization in which the experts simultaneously prepare you and your surrogate. Your progress will be tracked throughout the stimulation of your ovarian gland, and a  uterine lining is prepared to allow for the transfer of embryos.

After egg collection, fertilization, and embryo culture, the embryo will then be transferred into the uterus of your surrogate. Once the baby’s heartbeat is confirmed the surrogate will receive all the pregnancy-related care that is required. She will stay constantly in contact with her physician along with her coordinator. They will make sure she is in good health and nothing else is required. She is required to visit regularly for test results, blood pressures, or any other procedure she may require during her pregnancy.

Additionally, you will have your own personal coordinator who regularly updates you on the physical and emotional health of the surrogate. You can go to an ultrasound or other exam in person or on the online sessions too. The delivery will take place within Fertility World Centre Sikkim is one of the state hospitals.

We make sure that parents who are intended to be parents feel supported and loved throughout their surrogacy program in Ukraine. Every one of our surrogacy packages comes with an array of medical, organizational, and legal assistance for you to experience the joy of becoming parents.

Surrogacy with Donor Eggs.

One of our most frequently utilized services is the surrogacy process using donor eggs, which is also known as gestational surrogacy. In this kind of program Surrogate mothers carry an unborn child who does not have a genetic connection to her. 

Surrogacy using the  Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET).

Surrogacy can be a difficult and challenging process that presents numerous challenges due to the fact that it is regulated carefully by Law and medical regulations specific to as well as those who are intended to be parents as well as the surrogate and the donors (if you have a requirement to make use of the services of a donor).

  • In order to begin surrogacy using freezing embryo transfers, a woman has to be able to prove medical reasons (the medical reason for which she is unable to create a baby).
  • Surrogate mothers must not be genetically related to the child she will bear.

 Single Parent Surrogacy in Sikkim

The main reason single people choose to start a family is different from each of us. Perhaps it’s instinctual because of the desire to keep the human race. We believe the reason is more complex than it is.

A recent survey revealed that the main reasons were that they believed it was the appropriate moment (i.e. having dealt with worries about having a single parent as well as financial and career stability as well as a fear of growing older; not looking forward to waiting for the perfect relationship) external support as well as a desire to get married and fear of divorce/separation.

We believe that parents choose to have children for the reason that they wish to bring joy and love in their life. Playing with, loving, and hugging your baby as well as receiving and giving affection can make our lives more enjoyable every day. Children are also the repository of our beliefs, values, desires, hopes, and experiences that will continue to be a part of us for a long time after we’re gone. At Fertility World Sikkim, it is our aim to ensure to the highest level of our abilities the long-term security and health of everyone that is involved in the surrogacy process. This includes the intended parents as well as the surrogate, the egg donor, and especially the children.

To ensure that this is a success in the best interest of everyone involved, the initial step is to meet with you over the phone, and possibly in-person to know your goals, needs, and goals. We consider this to be an ongoing relationship in which we assist you through the entire process of surrogacy starting from the very beginning until you’ve got a beautiful child with you.

Be sure to make this work for all, we have to be able to connect you as Intended Parents to the most suitable Egg Donors IVF Clinics and Surrogates whose personalities and the services they provide are in line with your expectations. Our agency will respect your choice and provide the two alternatives. Your choice is yours.

After these choices are taken, we will together help you evaluate your options and provide you with a list of clinics for IVF, Law Firms, Agents, and Financing sources that will be the most beneficial for you. To help you become the wonderful Parents you’d like to be.

Will my surrogacy be completely anonymous?

Another issue that comes up repeatedly is whether surrogacy provided by any particular agency is anonymous or not? Many intended parents prefer the anonymous nature of surrogacy. We keep utmost care for your privacy, Surrogacy in Fertility World is a completely anonymous procedure. 

For more information about Surrogacy, IVF, or other fertility treatment, please contact our patient coordinator at Our program coordinators can help you determine the benefits of surrogacy during gestation and provide information about the cost, legal issues, treatments, protocols for treatment, etc.

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