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Surrogacy in Ukraine | Surrogate mothers in Ukraine
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The surrogacy programs we offer in Ukraine are closely monitored with the help of our team members from the local officials who are on the ground in India. The program is for couples who are married to each other. Being among the top surrogacy services, we at Fertility World Surrogacy, make sure that we offer a customized plan and the highest quality of care throughout every stage of your surrogacy journey. Get in touch with us today to start your family!

Have you ever wanted an infant but are in awe? The surrogacy process in Ukraine is available to married couples who are straight and could give you the baby you’ve always dreamed of.

All you need to know about Ukraine surrogacy

  • Intended parents to be legally married in order to undertake surrogacy in Ukraine.
  • Surrogate Mother is not entitled to hold the baby or claim any rights  for the baby. The birth certificate will be issued including the names of the intended parents
  • The Embryos Donation is legal in Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian law permits the choice of the sex of a baby, without having to make it a priority in order to achieve therapeutic goals or for the sake of balance in the family.
  • In Ukraine, surrogacy is legal and safe. It is regulated and surrogacy contracts are considered to be legally binding in the context of legislation that was enacted by level Federal and State levels.
  • The practice of surrogacy within Ukraine is regulated in law in accordance with Clause 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine which defines the relationship between parents for cases of Medically assisted Reproduction.

Guaranteed Surrogacy Program: 

  • Unlimited number of IVF attempts using egg donation;
  • Genetic diagnosis of embryos for genetic diseases (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnostics – PGD/PGS);
  • Gender selection;
  • Compensation and all payments for a Surrogate mother;
  • DNA test for father and baby;
  • Lawyer’s services for child’s documents execution.

It is not enough to say that a Guaranteed surrogacy program is a great choice. A guaranteed program is very appealing for the intended parents after many years of emotional stress and anxiety. However, they must be extremely attentive when considering this program and be aware of the benefits and what is the guarantee.

Every responsible Surrogacy center that has the desire to exceed the needs of its clients ensures that all scenarios that could have potential consequences have been analyzed and taken into consideration. The intended parents will be completely informed of their rights and obligations under the Guaranteed program’s legal conditions along with their rights as contractual obligations to ensure seamless implementation and planning for the program. The Guaranteed program is 100% satisfaction for the Intended Parents through Fertility World Ukraine!

Surrogacy using Own Eggs

If the mother of the baby is not able to bear the baby herself because of medical reasons, it is necessary to employ surrogate mothers to carry the baby. In this case, the eggs from the mother-to-be are collected and the IVF process is carried out by using her eggs as well as the spouse’s sperm. The embryos created are put in the surrogate. The surrogate is then implanted. 

When you are in the surrogacy program using your own eggs, experts in vitro fertilization simultaneously will prepare you as well as your surrogate. Your progress will be tracked throughout the ovarian stimulation process, and the surrogate is responsible for preparing the uterine lining in preparation for the transfer of an embryo.

Following the egg collection fertilization and embryo culture, the embryo will be transferred into the uterus of your surrogate. When the baby’s heartbeat is confirmed your surrogate will be provided with all the pregnancy-related care that is required. She will always remain in contact with her physician as well as her coordinator who make sure the health of her is in good shape and that there is nothing else needed. She will be regularly scheduled for ultrasounds, blood tests, and any other procedure she may require during her pregnancy.

You’ll also be assigned an individual coordinator who will periodically inform you of the physical and emotional health of the surrogate. You are able to attend an ultrasound exam in person or via the internet. The delivery will take place within the Fertility World of the state hospitals.

Surrogacy with Frozen Embryos

The embryos created can be implanted in the midst or even after 10 years of storage. The intended parent can enjoy the benefit of using frozen embryos later when they’re ready to assume the responsibility of becoming parents emotionally as well as financially. Numerous studies have shown freezing embryo transfers work better than fresh embryo transfers. A Surrogate Mother is required to undergo a Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle in order to have a baby. Prior to the procedure, the surrogate will be required to visit the Fertility Expert who is treating her to confirm that she’s medically suited to undergo the surrogacy process. The surrogate is also required to attend a meeting with a fertility counselor. In this session, the surrogate will receive information on the kind of treatment she’ll undergo (e.g. medication) and the potential risks associated with the procedure, and also the implications of pregnancy, lifestyle advice, and any other needs.

What are the conditions for surrogacy using freezing embryo transfers?

Surrogacy is usually a complex and demanding procedure that has numerous challenges due to the fact that it is regulated carefully by Law and has specific medical requirements as well as those who are intended to be parents as well as the surrogate and the donors (if it is the requirement to utilize services from a donor).

According to Ukrainian law, all parents to be must meet a number of requirements:

  • They must be a legally married heterosexual couple.
  • In order to begin surrogacy using freezing embryo transfers, a woman has to have medical evidence (the medical reason why she is unable to create a baby).
  • The embryo they intend to transfer must have a genetic connection with at least one of their planned parents.
  • A surrogate mother shouldn’t have any genetic connection to the child she will bear.

Egg quality is among the main factors that determine success in a surrogacy plan. The surrogacy process with an egg donor could yield results with higher chances of a successful conception. Thus, parents who are planning to adopt may face the requirement for the surrogate mom as well as eggs donated by an egg donor. Our surrogacy program with egg donor program allows you to select regional as well as a Caucasian egg donors from our extensive database of egg donors who have proven their worth. We can assist you in selecting the best egg donor based on your needs. We have Caucasian donors from the USA, South Africa, Ukraine as well as eggs donated by donors in Thailand as well as India.

Surrogacy with Egg Donor 

The process of conceiving using your own oocytes as well as donor eggs is among the most well-known fertility services offered by Fertility World. We make sure that the intended parents feel supported and loved when they are in the surrogacy process in Ukraine. Every surrogacy package comes with a variety of medical, organizational, and legal services that allow you to experience the joy of becoming parents.

One of our most frequently utilized services is surrogacy using donor eggs or as is also referred to as gestational. In this kind of arrangement, the surrogate mother has an unborn child who does not have a genetic connection to her. In accordance with Ukrainian law, the parents of the future must:

  • get married legally
  • be heterosexual couples
  • There are indications of surrogacy
  • Have a medical explanation for the reason a woman can’t have a child or conceive.


The process of LGBTQ surrogacy is very comparable to any other surrogacy procedure. There are however some specific differences when it comes to surrogacy with gay couples.

LGBTQ Surrogacy by Fertility World

Surrogacy law is a complex matter. It varies from state to state. Don’t let it hinder your progress towards being a mother. It’s essential to speak with a lawyer who is experienced in surrogacy issues for gay couples or gay parenting concerns.

How does surrogacy differ from the same intended parents with same sex?

While surrogacy for heterosexual intended parents as well as the same-sex intended parents is largely identical but there are a few things that differentiate gay surrogacy from surrogacy that is for straight couples and singles. It’s crucial to know your parental rights and also what the laws regarding surrogacy are in your country or state as well as in the state where the surrogate’s mother is.

Qualifications for Ukrainian Surrogate Mother

In addition, Order 24 from the Health Ministry of Ukraine further regulates the specifics for surrogacy within Ukraine providing guidelines to protect the surrogate as well as ensure an optimal outcome for the procedure. According to the guidelines, surrogates have to be:

  • Between 25 and 35 years old.
  • Should have given birth at least once
  • Physically and mentally competent to be a surrogate Mother.
  • It is not important to know the marital status for the surrogate’s parents is not relevant.
  • A legal surrogacy contract must be signed between parents as well as the surrogate

Surrogacy in Ukraine can be a bit of a task. New parents have to submit an application for citizenship and visas before they can return to their home country with their babies. This is fairly easy in nations like those of the United States or the UK. But some countries have not granted citizenship to babies born through surrogacy for a variety of reasons, including Italy as well as Switzerland. Anyone contemplating surrogacy in Ukraine should consult a local Family Law expert to determine the procedure to obtain citizenship and then bring the child home.

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