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The Fertility World based in Gurgaon is highly certified and renowned for its service in surrogacy. It has over two decades of experience consisting of highly qualified professionals from the world level. It produces a great success rate in surrogacy of up to 100%. It has highly advanced technology and answers to all intending parents, fulfilling their longing dreams of parenthood. 


Surrogacy is a type of assisted reproduction where intended parents work with a gestational surrogate (surrogate mother) who agrees to carry a baby (pregnancy) and care for their baby(ies) until birth. The surrogacy program is approached by the hopeful intended parents to start or grow their families when they can’t do so in their natural way.

What is the type of Surrogacy?

In General, there are two types of surrogacy. They are:

  1. Altruistic Surrogacy

In this type of surrogacy, the woman (surrogate mother) who carries a pregnancy is not compensated. She will be a voluntary surrogate willing to help build your family. In practice, all the expenses required during pregnancy of the surrogate mother such as medical expenses and insurance coverage for the pregnancy, and other essential expenditures during birth are borne by the prospective parents.

  1. Commercial Surrogates 

In this type of surrogacy, the surrogates who carry your child are compensated for their medical expenses and other essential requirements. This compensation is borne by the prospective parents included in the overall package of the surrogacy program. 


  • Surrogates deserve compensation for their time investment and their efforts to bear pregnancy for you.
  • In both altruistic and commercial surrogacy, the surrogates will not have a genetic relationship with the child.

Who should undergo Surrogacy?

  • Parents, unmarried couples who are unable to get pregnant naturally after a long period (9 to 12 months) of trying intercourse.
  • Couples that have a certificate of proven infertility of either one or both couples from the district medical board.
  • Malformation in the uterus (shape, size, post-surgery scar, or pathology of placenta).
  • Women born without a uterus or Congenital or removed after operation.
  • Medical disorders where pregnancy may threaten the life of the women- uncontrolled & severe diabetes, hypertension, severe cardiac disease, kidney disorders, cancer, uncontrolled bleeding, etc.
  • Recurrent abortions/miscarriages
  • Failure of implantation in multiple IVF cycles
  • Cardiac, Renal, and Neuro patients
  • LGBTQ couples, single parents looking for parenthood.
  • The wife is between 25and 52 years old and the husband is between 26 to 55 years old.
  • Do not have any surviving child (biological, adopted, or surrogate).

What is the process of surrogacy?

Surrogacy involves the following process step-wise:

  1. First book an appointment with- The Fertility world
  2. Avail complimentary (Free) consultation, share your stories
  3. Follow our professional’s suggestions based on your stories
  4. Choose a preferred surrogate, we provide our surrogate database.
  5.  Investigation of the infertile couple for the capability of donation for sperms and eggs.
  6. Create a legal contract with the surrogate, and the involving groups and have it reviewed by a legal surrogacy attorney.
  7. Extraction of own egg or from the egg donor. Fertilize the egg using the intended father’s sperm or donor sperm called embryo.
  8. Implant embryos into the surrogate uterus- if it sticks- follow the pregnancy test. 
  9. Welcome to childbirth, at which time the intended parents obtain full legal custody as outlined in the legal contract.


In India, the newly proposed surrogacy bill 2019 prohibits commercial surrogacy but allows altruistic surrogacyIt has legalized surrogacy only for infertile heterosexual married Indian couples who are married for more than 5 years. Secondly, a close relative of the infertile couple can approach for surrogate while the commercial surrogate mother is not allowed. However, these new proposed bills have not yet been passed. Till today, commercial surrogacy is practiced legally without any internal and external disturbances. It is smoothly arranged by an agency for you without issues. All the legalities involved are handled by an attorney.

How does surrogacy work for hopeful parents?

The term surrogacy is very simple but it possesses a very deep root meaning and experiences for those intended people and those that have achieved parenthood via surrogacy. Before you begin, your decision could be confusing, its financial investment can be questionable, the time it consumes and whether it can have health risks, its legalities procedure, and a lot many small things can create disturbances. However, your starting confusion is indirectly proportional to the successful outcomes of surrogacy. Once you begin the program, all your confusions, stress mentally and emotionally, financially about the program. It will vanish within no time after hearing your child’s first cry. For surrogates, it is a lifetime opportunity to help a couple who needs a baby. Surrogacy is an incredible journey and a life-changing experience for both building a very strong bond even after the birth of the child.

Why do I seek surrogacy for my family extension?

Surrogacy is your ultimate choice in extending your family. It helped many intended women in the repeated failure of IVF, single parents, and LGBTQ communities to achieve their parental dreams. Surrogacy gives you hope a second time in building a complete family. Therefore, if you’re one among them, consider surrogacy as your decision to fulfill your longing dreams.

How to find your choice of Surrogate Mother in Gurgaon?

If you have a known surrogate or your relative surrogate, it helps you reduce its cost. If you don’t, Fertility World, the most trusted surrogacy center in Gurgaon is your source to get you the best healthy surrogate at her highest reproductive age for fruitful pregnancy. We will provide you with our surrogate database to have hassle-free surrogacy in Gurgaon, you can pick from there. The cost of a surrogate mother starting from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 6 lakhs is included in the overall surrogacy budget.

Guaranteed Surrogacy with donor Eggs

Some intended couples at Fertility World require an egg donor because the intended wife or female partner cannot produce healthy eggs. You need both an egg donor as well as a Gestational Surrogate. Fertility World provides you with a healthy Egg donor, also we may provide our Donor’s database with biological background information. Based on your choice, an Egg donor is used in completing a guaranteed 100% successful surrogacy. After your Donor is matched. Fertility World handles all the legal status of the Donor. She is thoroughly verified and moves to the next step:

  • Prescreening: Screening call with Egg Donor team and Activate her profile in our egg donor database.
  • Matching (If the Donor is selected for a match, she will be connected via phone/video call with potential Intended Parents)
  • Complete medical screening at the fertility clinic.
  • Contracts: Negotiate an egg donor contract with your attorney.
  • Medications and Egg Retrieval

The retrieved eggs are fertilized with the intended husband’s sperm and Embryos is created. Once embryos are created, either they will be frozen until the intended parents are ready to implant the embryo(s) into the prospective mother uterus or with a gestational surrogate’s uterus or freshly implanted.

The surrogates are taken care of pre-post embryo implantation and up to their full-term pregnancy, 9 months. They are kept under good nutritious food, clean and hygienic accommodation. Our experienced staff nurse visits them regularly to ensure their medication is taken on time, to have a successful and healthy pregnancy and delivery of the child. It is for this reason that surrogates at Fertility World in Gurgaon can deliver healthy babies at term.

Also, during delivery, we coordinate and help you with the necessary paperwork to assist you in getting citizenship for your child. Birth certificates are issued in the names of the genetic parents or Intended Parents, following the guidelines set in the ART guidelines Bill.

Why The Fertility World is most recommended for surrogacy in Gurgaon?

Our great achievement of surrogacy in Gurgaon is awarded and recommended because of the following standards:

  • Firstly, we provide overall satisfaction to our prospective parents.
  • We strictly follow the guidelines laid down by the ICMR.
  • We consider your stories our solution.
  • We provide the best of the best friendly environments.
  • We’re equipped with advanced technologies, medical facilities, ultra laboratories, and highly qualified world standard professionals.
  • We’re in great collaboration with most world standard-level surrogacy centers around the globe.
  • We produce a great success rate of up to 100% with guaranteed donor eggs.
  • We have born up to 1500 healthy babies and up to 1000 happy families.
  • We offer surrogacy at our best lower cost than other surrogacy centers in Gurgaon.


Surrogacy ProgramSuccess rate
Surrogacy with Donor Egg100%
Surrogacy with Self Egg80%
IVF with Donor EGG80%
IVF with Self Egg70%

What are the advantages of Surrogacy?

The advantages of surrogacy are countless such as:

  • It makes single people, infertile couples, and LGBT community members become proud parents.
  • Through surrogacy prospective parents can own their biological linked baby (ies).
  • Surrogacy allows many hopeful parents to raise a baby from birth.
  • Surrogacy influences both intended and surrogate to build a strong relationship.
  • A surrogacy child is legally related to the parents.
  • Surrogacy helps intended parents by giving them more peace of mind and control through ups and downs during the fertility program.


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