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IN-VITRO FERTILISATION in Kathmandu, Nepal- IVF treatment is the most effective in practice to overcome various fertility issues and improves the chances of the baby. Fertility World is the best IVF center in Kathmandu, Nepal aspires to aid couples who are unable to conceive naturally and help them have a baby of their own. Fertility World uses cutting-edge technology to tailor your care plan to meet your emotional and physical needs.

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International Fertility Centre Kathmandu, Nepal

Fertility World works with the leading fertility service provider International Fertility Centre. With the strong mission to Uphold the team’s legacy in setting benchmarks for excellence and quality across industries, we are built on the vision of changing the future of fertility worldwide by providing compassionate and empathy-driven, clinically reliable, and innovative fertility care. The Centre has a high success rate and lives birth rate, which is nationally recognized for its pioneering work in IVF and ICSI.

“One in six couples worldwide experience some kind of infertility disorder at least once during their reproductive lifetime.” The most common fertilization (treatment) technique is IVF. IVF is responsible for about three-fourths of all treatment worldwide, while ICSI accounts for approximately one-fourth.  IVF success rates are rising and many couples suffering from infertility have been able to conceive successfully since it was introduced into mainstream medical science, creating a life for nearly millions of babies.


In-Vitro fertilization is a new type of assisted reproductive technology (ART). It’s a highly advanced form of assisted reproduction technology (ART), specifically designed for infertile couples and those who have difficulty conceiving. IVF involves removing eggs and manually fertilizing them with sperm from a donor or partner outside of the body. There are many ways to customize the in-vitro fertilization process to suit intended parents. These include egg donation and surrogacy and mini IVF packages for those who want to have a low-impact, more affordable approach to fertility.


Eligibility of good candidates for IVF includes:

Female Factors:

  • If your fallopian tubes become blocked or severely damaged.
  • You have had unexplained infertility for longer than 2 years.
  • If you have had 3-4 cycles of ovulation stimulation followed by timed intercourse, and 3-4 cycles of intrauterine failure
  • If you have moderate to severe endometriosis.
  • A reduced ovarian reserve can lead to lower quality eggs and lower quantities. This can be treated by IVF or egg donation.
  • You may need IVF with an egg donor if you are suffering from premature ovarian failure.
  • You may need IVF with surrogacy if you have a problem in your uterus.
  • To avoid passing a genetic condition on to your child, you can use embryo testing (PGD/PGS).

Male Factors

  • Low sperm count and motility, or an abnormal count of sperm can indicate that the male partner has sperm issues.
  • If your partner is not able to produce sperms in his own semen, sperms can be taken from the testis and used for IVF-ICSI.

Process of IVF treatment includes :

  • Step 1: Initial Specialist Appointment
  • Step 2: Pre-treatment consultation
  • Step 3: Treatment begins
  • Step 4: Hormone stimulation
  • Step 5: Treatment monitoring
  • Step 6: Trigger Injection
  • Step 7: Egg collection 
  • Step 8: Egg fertilisation
  • Step 9: Embryo development
  • Step 10: Embryo transfer
  • Step 11: Embryo freezing
  • Step 12: Pregnancy test

Egg Collection

The procedure for collecting eggs is often done under sedation. The ultrasound-guided vaginal probe can be used to locate and empty the follicles. The eggs are then cultured in our state-of-the-art laboratory. It is not possible to estimate the number of eggs collected before the procedure. In rare cases, no eggs are collected. The embryology team closely monitors the development of eggs and sperm as they are placed in a petri dish.

Embryos Development

Embryologists will examine the eggs for signs of fertilization on days when the sperm has been mixed with the egg. The embryos can then be allowed to develop in the laboratory and monitored until day 5 or 6. Around 40-50% of embryos should reach blastocyst by day 5-6. The embryologists carefully grade and monitor the embryos. If the embryos are well developed, we recommend that one embryo be transferred in order to decrease the chance of twins. 


In IVF, fertilization occurs in a dish that has many sperms placed next to an egg. In ICSI, an embryologist chooses single sperm to be injected directly into an egg.

Precautions should you take after IVF treatment

Any vigorous exercise, heavy lifting, and activities that require jarring movements are to be avoided. Normal routine activities (cycling/jogging/ etc.) can be allowed. Prescribed medications should be used to increase the chances of continuing a pregnancy.

IVF treatment cost in Kathmandu, Nepal

IVF Treatment in Kathmandu, Nepal costs between NPR 2,00,000-NPR 4,00,000. The final IVF treatment cost for Nepal can vary between centers. It all depends on many factors, such as the expertise and experience of the IVF specialists, the type of procedure, medications, the success rate of the clinic, and so forth.

Expectations from IVF Treatment Package

IVF has been a successful treatment for millions of couples around the globe. Some patients will need to go through several IVF cycles before they can have a baby. It is important to remain optimistic about the outcome of IVF. Side effects or risks: Rarely, side effects may include breast tenderness, stress, swelling, discomfort, and bruising. Most side effects disappear on their own or can be managed by the support staff and infertility specialists. Multiple Pregnancy. More than one embryo can be placed back into the female uterus, which can lead to multiple pregnancies. At Fertility World Centre, our infertility doctors and specialists ensure the focus is on reducing the incidence of multiple births.

Leading Success Rates

When choosing a fertility clinic, success rates are a key consideration. Fertility World proudly announces its partnership with International Fertility Centre. All procedures and embryology are performed there. This allows us to offer excellent success rates for our patients at half the price. Simply put, we offer more people the opportunity to start a family.

Our experienced team will be glad to answer any questions you may have about our success rates and how to begin treatment. Contact us for a free consultation!

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