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Surrogacy cost in Chennai| Guaranteed surrogacy in Chennai
  • The new surrogacy law (2022) enforced by the supreme court allows only Altruistic surrogacy
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  • Guaranteed Surrogacy package available with 100% surety of healthy baby.
  • Surrogacy cost in Chennai starts from 18 to 20 lakhs approximately.
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Surrogacy in Chennai

With Fertility World Chennai, Childless Couples can expect legally secure & affordable surrogacy services. We are an international network of the best ivf treatment center clinic in Chennai, Surrogacy, and Egg Donor consultancy services. Our presence is growing every day with the affordable Surrogacy cost in Chennai starting from Rs 18,00,000 to 20,00,000. Fertilityworld world is a leading center with a high success rate,

Your marital status, financial limitations, and citizenship are all considered to help us understand your situation. We then offer the most affordable surrogacy services. We will work with you and your local partner to make families possible once you’re satisfied. Trust and expertise in surrogacy can only be earned over many years. 

We will always place you and your dreams first. That’s why we listen to every patient and tailor our treatments to their needs. We will go to great lengths to get to know you and your needs so that we can provide the most effective and tailored treatment possible. We will answer any question, no matter how small or large. It is important to feel at ease with your treatment, and optimistic about the future. Fertility World promises to be there for you, no matter if you are an intended parent, surrogate, or egg donor.

Guaranteed Surrogacy Program using Donor Eggs

  • High Success rates & Affordable packages
  • Easy EMI Options are available
  • No Hidden Cost.

Guaranteed Surrogacy Services are when a donor egg is used and sperm from a partner. This guarantees a healthy, live baby. If your partner is unable to produce eggs or has low fertility rates, your doctor may recommend you get a donor egg in order to create embryos. The donor egg profile will be shared with the intended parents according to their preferences. However, it is strictly forbidden to meet with the donor egg lady. After fertilization with the egg, the embryo is transferred to the Surrogate uterus for full implantation and positive pregnancy. The facility is available to every Indian couple. The Guaranteed surrogacy program will include a guaranteed donor cost package starting from 20 – 25 lakhs tentatively

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Assured Surrogacy Package 

You can be assured by using your own egg and your partner’s sperm. There are multiple attempts depending on the reserved embryos. If suppose for IVF Failure IVF attempt fails, the procedure can be repeated (this is IVF + Medicinal + embryos preparation). The cost is approximately 18-20 lakhs. After fertilization with eggs through the technique of ICSI, the sperm are transferred to the Surrogate uterus where the embryo can be implanted.

Note: Surrogacy via donor eggs is covered by the Guaranteed Surrogacy Package. However, surrogacy via own egg comes in an assured package that goes for multiple (2-3) IVF attempts.


The IVF process creates embryos(retrieve Eggs and Sperm) from the intending parents. These embryos are transferred to the surrogate. The surrogate mother carries the child but has no genetic link. In the donor case, the couple will opt for either a donor egg or sperm to complete healthy embryos.

Avail of our affordable Surrogacy package starting from just INR 18 lakhs!


The donor gives her eggs. The IVF/ICSI uses the sperm from the biological father to fertilize the egg. The surrogate mother will carry the child for intending parents. Only Chennai-based women are selected for surrogacy. We only screen those who live in Chennai and are healthy, in good health, free from any sexually transmitted disease, and have a positive reproductive history. 

Donor Sperms

Fertility World looks for & arranges the most qualified and healthy sperm donors from our donor database. We also share a networked partnership with many nationally certified sperm banks. This is based on your preferences as well as your choice of the donor. All certified donors have been thoroughly screened and cleared of any diseases. Sperm is also collected and quarantined. The sperm from donors is fertilized with the eggs of a potential mother through Intrauterine Insemination or In Vitro Fertilization. The surrogate is then able to implant the embryo into her body for pregnancy. 

Fertility World offers the highest success rate of donor sperm combined with self-eggs is 70% to 80%, depending on the medical condition.

Surrogacy costs with donor eggs and self-sperm

Surrogacy with donor eggs in Chennai is a high-end expense starting from 15 lakhs, Fertility World offers surrogacy with donor eggs at a minimal cost starting at 20 lakhs.

Surrogacy costs with donor sperms and self-eggs

Fertility World offers surrogacy with donor eggs at a minimal cost starting from 18 lahks to more. Our surrogacy experience has been invaluable over the past two decades. We have learned to understand the emotions and grief of the prospective parents. Therefore, we offer the lowest package available in Pan India for our patients.


Consultation is crucial as the information we gather will often allow us to assess your eligibility and suitability for the program. We will answer all your questions and provide information regarding surrogates. Please note that we offer completely non-discriminatory service to all patients. A prospective surrogate should have at least one child, be in a stable relationship or marriage with her partner and support her decision. You must also be willing and able to commit to the Intended Parent and follow our rigorous screening and counseling protocol. We are only interested in presenting you with women who are genuinely interested in helping others have a baby. All surrogate mothers have proven medical records, and are committed to carrying the pregnancy to its fullest term. We can assure you, rest easy knowing you made the right choice. You’ll also have a healthy child at the end.

STAY (Residential Surrogates).

The surrogates live in the hospital or surrogate home until the pregnancy test results are positive. If the couple wishes, they can be accommodated at an airy, well-maintained place that gives the surrogate a homey feel and also provides medical care every day.

The Process

  • When you schedule a consultation, we will arrange for you to meet with all those involved in your treatment (coordinators, physicians, and embryologists, lawyers). You will need to give notice in advance if you wish to meet potential surrogates.
  • We only select women who are healthy, have no sexually transmitted disease and have a good reproductive history. A prospective surrogate must have had at minimum one child and be in a stable marital or partnership. Her partner should support her choice. You must also be willing and able to be committed to the intended parent and willing to follow our rigorous screening and counseling protocol. We only want to work with women who are genuinely interested in helping others have children.
  • Meet the Coordinator.
  • Consultation with Physician- Medical counseling.
  • Register.
  • A doctor must sign off on your surrogacy request.
  • Meet the legal counselor

Basic Investigation completed.

  • Medical Screening of the surrogate.
  • Infection screening, Hepatitis C, HIV, Syphilis
  • Blood sugar
  • Profile Hormone
  • ECG, X-ray Chest
  • Ultrasound abdomen & Pelvis

To outline the cavity of your uterus and tubes, 


For the surrogate and her family, we offer detailed counseling on family support, checking accommodation& Diet counseling. The decision to find a surrogate can be difficult for couples. We are here to help you ease the stress by making surrogates available to you. More than 1000+ couples had successful surrogacy treatment with the Fertility world they are now enjoying being parents. We hold the highest success rate in Chennai. Contact to start your dream of becoming a parent.

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