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Best IVF Doctors in Kolkata

IVF Doctors like embryologists, Reproductive endocrinologists, and gynecologists creates parenthood dream of infertile couples via IVF. 25+ years of experience in fertility has awarded the fertilityworld of procuring the best IVF Doctors in Kolkata today & 50,000+ babies have been born to hopeful parents.

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Best IVF specialist doctor in Kolkata

Best IVF specialist doctor in Kolkata

The only & fragile components required in IVF treatment are the gametic cells that is the egg and sperm. To retrieve such cells a very fine chief embryologist is required and they are considered the best IVF specialist Doctors in Kolkata. The role of the embryologist is stability in the handling of the gametic cells & avoid damage and contamination, only then it will lead to the successful creation of the embryo which guarantees a positive IVF pregnancy. In Kolkata, people are visiting the fertilityworld frequently for the best IVF specialist.

Which IVF clinic has the highest success rate in Kolkata?

Which IVF clinic has the highest success rate in Kolkata?

The fertilityworld IVF clinic obtains the highest success rate in Kolkata which is over 85%. On average, successful IVF is found among younger couples in the age group of 21 to 35 years, with a good-quality egg and sperm that makes healthy embryos and supports pregnancy. As we grow older beyond 35 years, the reproductive quality starts to weaken gradually. But some prescriptive pills/injections can rescue the weakened condition to better quality. Look at the IVF success rate with women age involved:

IVF Doctor in Kolkata Success rate

Top 5 IVF doctors in Kolkata

Top 5 IVF doctors in Kolkata

Before IVF, the utmost concern of infertile patients is having researched the best IVF Doctors. When we look into IVF, the fertilityworld is the top included among the top 5 IVF Doctors in Kolkata, the best IVF specialists, Reproductive endocrinologists, Gynaecologists, and general fertility consultants. These top 5 IVF Doctors are the best in surgery, fertility medications, or the finest in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, Surrogacy, male infertility, and other fertility treatments and services like Egg freezing, semen cryopreservation, semen analysis test, Surgical sperm extractions,  Egg/Sperm Donation Assistance, etc. The fertilityworld is also acclaimed in the top 10 IVF Doctors in Kolkata, Top 10 infertility Doctors in Kolkata. All its top Doctors are listed serially on this page.

FertilityWorld in Kolkata Review

FertilityWorld in Kolkata Review

The personalized treatment makes us unique in comparison to our best services and we pay great attention to this. Our Consultations are detailed and relaxed and we always consider your situation and IVF treatment history. Your treatment plan is based on our expert’s recommendations. We are always mindful of empathy and are driven by a strong desire to assist. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards and providing the highest quality service.

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Kolkata

“In Vitro” is a Latin word that means “in glass”. IVF is a major method of assisted reproductive technology in which male sperm and female egg cells are fertilized inside a lab to make an embryo. The embryo fertilized is then transferred into her uterus. A complete cycle of IVF takes approximately 21 days long. The process can be performed using eggs that are the couple’s own as well as the sperm. It is possible to use donor embryos, eggs, and sperm. If multiple embryos are implanted into the uterus, it could result in multiple births.

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable fertility experts and embryologists employ sophisticated diagnostic methods and the most modern technology to provide the most sophisticated fertility treatments. It’s affordable to get IVF cost in KOLKATA  with FertilityWorld, which is both inexpensive and reliable, and with the highest rate of success. 

Available fertility treatments in Kolkata

The fertilityworld provides the best Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures in Kolkata. Patients can choose the treatment depending on their budget and flexibility. The treatments include:

  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)
  • Laser Assisted Hatching
  • Blastocyst Culture and Embryo Transfer
  • Laparoscopy
  • And Surrogacy

Here is the list of best IVF Doctors in Kolkata

Dr. Biplab Roy Chowdhury

Dr. Biplab Roy Chowdhury is a renowned Gynecologist/Obstetrician who specializes in IVF and Infertility Treatments. He has extensive experience of over 24 years working in this field. Due to his warm and friendly personality, he is an absolute favorite with many doctors with many patients. Additionally, he obtained the prestigious MRCOG of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London in 2005. Nowadays the doctor is fully engaged to the Calcutta medical center and, in the complex world of our time, where infertility is becoming a major worldwide issue for many women and men and he is an inspiration for his outstanding service and efficacious methods for men.

Dr. P. Namratha

Doctor. P. Namratha a famous fertility specialist from India has produced more than 5000 test tube babies during her 18-year service. She chose to become a doctor at six years old. If one is to succeed, one needs to have an insatiable desire to study how to do things correctly.

Dr. Rohit Gutgutia

Dr. Rohit Gutgutia is the Medical Director, of Eastern India. Since 2005, Dr. Gutgutia completed instruction in the field of Reproductive Medicine in Israel in conjunction with Prof Amit Ami’s staff. He was instrumental in helping set up and develop the protocols for the clinic at Genome Genome – The Fertility Centre situated in Kolkata. At present, he’s working to create an environment that allows fellow embryologists and fellow clinicians to provide top-of-the-line quality treatment and support for couples who are trying to conceive. In line with the professional motto and his words “We are forever striving to ensure the quality of care and service for everyone and everywhere.”

Dr. Rajeev Aggarwal 

Dr. Rajeev Aggarwal is one of the most renowned IVF specialists, surgeons using laparoscopic techniques Gynecologists, obstetricians, and gynec in Kolkata. His specialization includes Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), normal vaginal deliveries (NVD), hysteroscopic procedure, polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOD/PCOS). He is proud to have numerous honors and awards in his name. He was also awarded the Kumud Tamaskar Prize for his research into polycystic Ovary and its Role in Metformin Therapy In 2002. Dr. Rajeev Agarwal has an impressive record of success and has helped countless couples who are seeking help with fertility issues to begin their family.

Dr. Syed Monajatur Rahman, 

A well-known by the name of DR. S.M. Rahman is one of the top IVF physicians in Kolkata and currently is the founder of Care IVF. His primary goal is to offer patients the best quality medical care and is committed to adopting the most recent advances and staying up-to-date with current healthcare technologies. One of the most renowned Gynecologists at AIIMS, Delhi. Dr. S.M. Rahman has proven to be a highly successful Gynecologist over the past 18 years. He is an MBBS, MD – Obstetrics & Gynecology. He founded Care IVF to provide quality treatment for middle and high-income as well as poor people.

The top treatment options include fertility treatment, ovulation stimulation, IUI, IVF, ICSI, embryo Freezing, PGD, and PESA/TESA at a low cost. Additionally, the doctor provides cutting-edge medical facilities that make use of top-of-the-line medical equipment. His patients have described him as a friendly and highly skilled physician who is attentive to the client’s needs and problems and suggests the most appropriate options based on them.

Dr. Debalina Brahma 

A well-known obstetrician, Gynecologist, and specialist in infertility, who is based in Kolkata. She has expertise in the assessment and treatment of infertility and gynecological issues. She is well-known for her assistance with various treatments for infertility like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Endoscopic Surgery, and Normal Vaginal Delivery.

She has more than two decades of experience with modern fertility therapies. She completed her MBBS and post-graduation, with top-ranked results. Patients are aware of her expertise and the latest methods of medicine in the area of Gynecology. She also completed an infertility fellowship from NUHS and CREST in Singapore in 2017. She provides services that include Obstetrics and Gynecology related therapies including High-Risk Pregnancy Management and intrauterine Insemination(IUI), Laparoscopy Surgery, In Vitro Fertilization(IVF), Infertility Assessment & Treatment, and numerous others.

Dr. Akanksha Jangid 

One of the most renowned Consultants in Gynecology and Obstetrics. She is currently in Kolkata and affiliated with Indira IVF. She is extremely trained and is equipped with modern technology in assisted reproduction techniques (ART) and advanced facilities and labs. She is passionate about her work and assists as many couples as she can who struggle with infertility.

Dr. Akanksha Jangid is trained in the field of infertility treatment. She offers services such as In Vivo Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine insemination IUI) IUI, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) assisted laser Hatching, Donor Services, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Egg freezing, freezing embryos, Fertility test, Sperm freezing Blastocyst cell culture, and Transfer and Closed working Chamber IVF.

Dr. Indrani Lodh

Dr. Indrani Lodh is a Gynaecologist Consultant, specializing in IVF, IUI, OBGYN Maternity Infertility, Laparoscopy, and Hysteroscopy. She has more than thirty years of experience. She works in top nursing homes and hospitals in Kolkata such as Apollo Gleneagles, Columbia Asia, Bhagirathi Neotia Woman & Child Care Centre Woodlands, Bellevue, and Dewan Medical Centre. She is a specialist with advanced laparoscopic techniques, like laparoscopic hysterectomy endometriosis removal, ovarian cystectomy for treatment of infertility, and many other fertility-related issues, such as the enhancement of fertility surgeries. Dr. Lodh has given numerous lectures on IVF and gynecology at international and national seminars. He has contributed chapters to numerous medical textbooks.

Dr. Teesta Banerjee

Dr. Teesta Banerjee is a Gynecologist and Obstetrician from Kolkata and has 13 years working in these fields. She specializes in hysterectomy/myomectomy, ovarian cysts, infertility, endometriosis, polyp, and ectopic pregnancy. The doctor has expertise in managing high-risk pregnancies as well as painless deliveries, and repeat abortions. She is the best at preventing gynecological hormonal imbalances like PCOD as well as PCOS.

Dr. Kaushiki Ray Sarkar

Dr. Kaushiki Ray Sarkar has been a well-known Gynecologist and Obstetrics specialist as well as an IVF Specialist. She has experience in the stimulation of ovulation through fertility medications, Intrauterine insemination (IUI) and surgery to bring fertility back and Sperm extraction. She also has command over the treatment of Sexually transmitted diseases, Urinary tract infections, Uterine, vaginal, and vulvar disorders, Vaginal yeast infections, Vulvodynia, Warts, premalignant lesions of the lower reproductive tract, Cystocele, Fecal Incontinence/Accidental Bowel Leakage (ABL), and Lower genital tract dysplasia. She is a participant in the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction, the Fertility Preservation Society, ISAR Bengal, and the Indian Fertility Society. Dr. Kaushiki has been awarded numerous honors and certificates.

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