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Are you considering becoming a parent or surrogate mother in Georgia? Surrogacy is a life-changing decision. You’re in the right place “best surrogacy agency” known for its successful surrogacy program, but become a parent or a surrogate is not a simple process, it requires great dedication and commitment, to understand how surrogacy proceeds, it is best for you to know surrogacy Laws and processes.

Your decision to add happiness to the family is a CHILD as an intended parent and your commitment to carry a baby for someone who is emotionally stressed due to their inability to carry a child is a great cause( the greatest gift you could ever give someone).

Georgia Surrogacy Laws 

Since surrogacy is such a legally complicated problem across the USA, you may wonder if Georgia surrogacy laws even allow for the process to be legal in such a state. The very first thing that you ought to be aware of is that there are not any Georgia surrogacy laws that specifically deal with the legality of this process. However, that does not mean that surrogacy isn’t possible. In reality, surrogacy in Georgia is an efficient and friendly process that has been developed in spite of the lack of recognized surrogacy laws. 

In Georgia, surrogacy has been viewed as a legal contract in the eyes of law. Fertility World attorneys are skilled and experienced professionals in this process, so any Georgia surrogacy journey with us won’t only be completed legally but also economically, ethically, and successfully. 

Since the lack of surrogacy laws in Georgia demonstrates, a state doesn’t really need surrogacy laws to be surrogacy-friendly. In reality, too few surrogacy laws actually may create a Georgia surrogacy much easier than a surrogacy completed in a state where the process is more closely regulated. As long as both parties need a surrogacy arrangement to proceed and be legally enforced, the Georgia legal system creates surrogacy a legal chance. Surrogacy isn’t legal in all 50 states in the US. 

While the USA is, overall, among the most surrogacy-friendly countries in the world, there is no federal law to give uniform regulation. Each nation must produce its own surrogacy laws, and a few are more friendly to the procedure than others. 

Surrogacy in Georgia is lawful yet reasonably priced but only available to married heterosexual couples and de facto couples (same-sex, different sex). The Republic of Georgia (an eastern European country) is quickly becoming a favorite global surrogacy destination for childless couples.

Surrogacy Contract Agreement: In Georgia, there is no law that specifically mentions the surrogacy contract, so it is compelling to have a legalized signed contract agreement among the involved teams before the local notary. The surrogacy attorney will help and assist the involved teams to create legal documentation regarding the expectations, surrogacy compensation, its responsibility, process risk, and liabilities overcome prior to the medical process which is the ultimate pathway for family building.

Third-party reproductive laws have been beneficial in Georgia since 1997. Therefore, giving equal opportunity to local and international fertility seekers. Gradually, Georgia is becoming a brand new surrogacy hub for couples, who would like to be a parent through the surrogacy process.  In the following guide, we will cover most of the aspects of Georgia surrogacy including the procedure, benefit, surrogacy laws, surrogacy cost, and travel tips for Georgia. 

Why gestational surrogacy in Georgia, Europe? 

Low surrogacy cost with legal protection makes Georgia a perfect destination for global surrogacy among childless couples. The Republic of Georgia is located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. It is a small but obviously diverse nation. Previously it was part of the USSR. Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia to offer you a modern facility

with an aged architectural charm. Before, other Asian nations like India and Thailand were widely popular for international surrogacy. But now, Georgia is a possible destination for couples that want to have a baby through surrogacy. 

Is surrogacy permitted in Georgia? Is cross-border surrogacy legal? 

Yes, as a matter of fact, this tiny eastern European nation has become the hub of surrogacy following the banning of global surrogacy in India. In accordance with Georgian legislation, commissioning parents are the parents of the infant right out of conception, and their name is dependent upon the infant birth certificate. Most countries restrict or prohibit surrogacy agreements for their own citizens and foreigners. However, Georgia offers a viable choice for cross-border surrogacy for all would-be parents. But it’s better to consult with your consulates to find out whether your home country allows surrogacy baby legal parentage. Although Georgia will accept heterosexual married couples and de facto couples (same-sex, different-sex) for surrogacy but for taking the baby home safely, consult the regional surrogacy attorney. 

Surrogacy is a controversial topic. It involves the discussion about the ethical, societal, and legal issues for the baby and Intended parents. That’s why the legal situation needs to be assessed carefully.  Since 1992, Georgian Law gives “Married Heterosexual Couples”  or de facto couples to be eligible for surrogacy. This means the single parents or even a same-sex couple aren’t eligible to do surrogacy in Georgia.

Traditional surrogacy: As there is no established Law for Surrogacy, there is no prohibition to undergo traditional surrogacy. however very few agencies and professionals complete this type of surrogacy as there is a high risk associated with this method…
Compensated Surrogacy: Although there is no established law in compensation surrogacy. This method of surrogacy is commonly practiced today in Georgia. Professionals and the involved teams’ contract agreement makes it legal for the compensated surrogacy journey.
LGBT couples surrogacy (married or unmarried): A journey can be a unique step but to have a beautiful family together is a universal right, nobody can steal away your right to construct your family circle. Although there are no specific laws for LGBT couples surrogacy, it is liable to undergo surrogacy.

To achieve LGBT surrogacy you have to incorporate with professionals who have experience in LGBT surrogacy throughout the process in Georgia to build a family as it may involve additional steps based on gamete transfer, work with or without state surrogate’s partners or donors, and more.  

Legal parentage order: Receiving a Child through Surrogacy is one of the most supernatural joys for intended parents, wiping off all its struggles and difficulties faced by the partners likewise a surrogate sacrifice and dedication to carry a baby for intended parents.

So you have to establish Parental Rights as there could be pre-birth and sometimes post-birth legal measures to be accepted from both sides, these measures are parentage orders which are permitted in Georgia and are easily obtainable for hopeful parents. The best and easiest way is to take guidance from an agency with well-experienced professionals to help you in fully detailed Georgia surrogacy Laws. Book an appointment with us. Get a free consultation with our fertility expert.

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