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Are you an intended parent, heterosexual couple, same-sex couples, LGBT couples, or single parents, either married or unmarried, and considering going for international surrogacy to extend your family in Colombia? Well, it is factually true that different countries provide different approaches to surrogacy programs according to their legislation. 

If you are planning to undergo surrogacy in Colombia, it is highly beneficial in many ways. It’s more affordable than in the US. Colombia is an explicit surrogacy destination because intended parents eligible are considered mostly in Colombia more than other countries. Also, it is eligible for gay couples, single man and single women for surrogacy. Colombia is among one of the rising and preferable destinations for In-vitro fertilization (IVF) abroad because of its lower cost of living and due to an extensive advancement in infertility treatments and medicines.

Before your final decision toward Colombia, like all other destinations, we recommend you first understand its legal laws, contract agreements, procedures, surrogates arrangements, Donor arrangements, process, success rates, and the cost of the program. Also, it gives you a huge relief and easier passage of understanding during the process of the surrogacy to be followed.

Types of Surrogacy provided in Colombia.

According to the origin of the Ovules used during the assisted reproduction treatment. Surrogacy is classified into two types:

Traditional Surrogacy

In this type of surrogacy, the surrogate mother uses her eggs and fertilizes with the intended Husband’s sperm through artificial insemination. Therefore, the surrogate mother and the surrogate child are genetically linked. This type of surrogacy is rarely used, and also the agency does not process this program, and avoid future complications issues between the surrogate and the child custody and also the laws applied.

Gestational Surrogacy

In this type of surrogacy, a genetically unrelated embryo is transferred into the surrogate mother to carry. An embryo is generated using the intended mother’s egg and the intended husband’s sperm or Gametes from Donors is used and implants into a carrier (surrogate mother). A surrogate mother is known as a gestational carrier or gestational surrogate. It is most commonly used today by many international couples and individual parents. We prefer and deal with gestational surrogacy.

Legal Laws of surrogacy in Colombia

In Colombia there are no specific laws that regulate surrogacy, likewise, there are no restrictions on surrogacy. The constitution of Colombia states that “Children born in or out of wedlock, adopted and procreated naturally or with scientific assistance, have equal rights and Duties. In 2009 Colombia further clarified about surrogacy that there is no express prohibition of surrogacy. However, in terms of Assisted Reproductive Technology, surrogate or surrogate motherhood is legitimately considered legal beyond her location or origin.

In Colombia commercial surrogacy is prohibited and only Gestational surrogacy is allowed so that the surrogate mother does not use her eggs or sell her eggs. The compensation of the surrogate is permitted to meet certain expenses. Even after the delivery of a child, the surrogate mother is not permitted to contact the baby unless it is approved in a meeting attended by the prospective parents. Prospective parents can appeal to the Colombian court to remove the name of the surrogate mother in the Birth certificate of a child and replace it with the prospective parent’s name legally.

In Colombia, any baby delivered through a surrogate has automatic Colombian citizenship and is eligible for a Colombian passport. However, it allows prospective parents to return home with a child and transfer citizenship in their comfort zone or hometown. Also in 2016, Colombia has made available for same-sex couples surrogacy through the reason of the Colombian court interpretations of the constitution.

Intended couples Eligibility for surrogacy in Colombia

The Colombian Constitution treats the rights of everyone equally, and strictly regulates the discrimination of any individuals in terms of surrogacy and in general. So, all intended (Heterosexual, same-sex, single) couples either married or unmarried under the age of 50 years are welcomed in Colombia for Gestational surrogacy (Genetic link to their Baby).

Also, we provide an available option for gay surrogacy. Same-sex couples preferred Colombia as their destination for surrogacy because they truly get benefit from available options for gay surrogacy that is not available or ban in other countries.

Accordingly, equal rights are also extended to Intended Foreigners couples, same-sex, single parents, married or unmarried in Article 100 of the Colombian Constitution as best surrogacy and further grants the equal civil rights and guarantees to foreigners as those granted to its citizens.

Legal parameters of surrogacy in Colombia

In Colombia Surrogacy is lawful only if:

  • It is altruistic surrogacy; the surrogate mother is paid for her expenses.
  • They should not use surrogate eggs for IVF
  • Intended mothers have psychological problems and cannot conceive naturally.

Even though the parameter states surrogacy to be altruistic, it also permits for the compensation, educational and economic support which is provided to the surrogate mother.

Requirements to Become a Surrogate mother in Colombia?

  • She should be between the age of 21 to 37 years of age.
  • She should have at least one child or more of her own.
  • She must be historically free from complications and had a full-term pregnancy.
  • She must have a clear legal agreement and consent to become a surrogate.
  • The surrogate is mentally and physically healthy.

Also, before embryo implantation, she has to undergo a variety of psychological and medical treatments, she must qualify for a variety of medical checks including uterine receptivity and infectious diseases, screening at our FERTILITY WORLD center before, during, and after the pregnancy.

Arrangements of a Surrogate mother in Colombia?

Intended couples can arrange their surrogate of their relatives, friends, or their known previous surrogate which can also reduce the cost of the program. If not, Fertility World provides you the best of choice, your surrogate mother. Our team consists of skilled, professionals and expert Doctors, who have decades and decades of experience in the fertility field. The surrogates are thoroughly verified and screened by our experts that possess a high potentiality of conceiving a pregnancy. 

We understand the grief of our intended couples to begin parenthood, so we dedicate ourselves to your services, fulfilling your longing dreams by welcoming you with a beautiful child that completes your family.

When do I use Donor eggs in surrogacy?

An intended woman whose own eggs are unable to conceive pregnancy naturally due to advanced reproductive age, or whose egg quality is poor, who has genetic abnormalities, and has previous surgery or other medical conditions uses Donor eggs for surrogacy programs. Under Colombian law, the identity of the donor remains anonymous. Also, they have to meet the qualifying criteria for gametes donation based on ART guidelines.

In Colombia, Egg donation is well-established and well maintained by respectful and expert professional specialists in fertility, it offers the highest degree of excellence, empathy, and compassion to intended couples and vows their sacrifices, making their dreams coming true.

However, if you are unable to choose the right donor or in doubt about how to arrange, it is always recommended to seek an agency. Fertility World provides the best services and clarifies all your queries and gives you the best healthy donor you will be looking forward to.

Fertility World in Colombia offers a large pool of healthy, intelligent, and positive egg donors. All the donors are selected based on their highest reproductive age by our professionals and sustain a high success rate of pregnancy.

Fertility World, before accepting the Donors eggs performs various tests and screening which includes:

  • Screening as per the guidelines of assisted reproductive associations of North and South America.
  • Donors are tested and checked for sexually transmitted disease (STD), Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C.
  • Donor historical backgrounds are studied to avoid genetic link diseases.

Also, if you are willing to help and support the intended couples by donating an egg. Fertility World in Colombia is a center of highly trained human reproductive experts that offer the most advanced medical attention in the region, it will be a life-changing experience that will help a world of intended family-building privilege and renewed hopes for having a baby.

Is Gender selection Legal in Colombia?

Yes, Colombian laws allow gender selection as legal through preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) techniques.

What is the success rate of surrogacy in Colombia? 

The success rate of surrogacy in Colombia is about an average of 75%. Once the surrogate mother is conceived with pregnancy, the success rate is as high as 95%.

What is the cost of surrogacy in Colombia?

The cost of surrogacy depends on your preferences of treatment, surrogate mother arrangement, and the childbirth destination.

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