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Surrogacy centre in Rajkot
  • No hidden Cost. Multiple Cycle surrogacy
  • Success rate upto 95%.
  • Standard package Rs 10,25,000/- which includes 1 IVF & 1 another transfer in case we have their frozen embryos.
  • (Assurance package1) of Rs 13,50,000/- which includes 3 IVF attempts.
  • (Assurance package2) of Rs 15,50,000/- which includes 2 self IVF cycles & multiple donor cycles.
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Success Demographics of Surrogacy in Rajkot

Our Success Rates are outstanding & consistent every year. These high success rates can be depicted to our Professional experts together with high fertilization %.

With the latest techniques, Our expert team of embryologists has achieved a fertilization rate between 85%-100%. This is significant since the production of more embryos means we stand a greater chance of successfully choosing the right quality embryos to transfer. It also means that there could be excess quality embryos that can be frozen for further use in another transfer.

Wings women’s Hospital, Rajkot uses a team-oriented approach to provide the highest degree of trust, support, and understanding. Wings Hospital has partnered with Fertility World India to help you through each step of this life-altering process serving as both an information resource on the surrogacy process as well as an unbeatable assistance system for parents who are planning to adopt or surrogate mothers.

Since the year 2019, the Fertility World team has successfully handled hundreds of pregnancies for individuals and couples looking to start families using surrogates and egg donors. Our focus is around the idea that matches matter and the fact that we’re helping to contribute to the formation of families by using StandOut Surrogates as well as the top and most attractive egg donors as well as a desire to assist create family destinies for the future 

The expert professional team of  Fertility World manages many surrogacy cycles every year. They are committed to making this process joyful & result-oriented for their clients.

Surrogacy in Rajkot

Infertility and other problems hinder some couples from having a baby. Surrogacy procedures can help to overcome these obstacles. Through gestational surrogacy, couples and individuals can be blessed to enjoy the joys of parenthood without putting their child’s health at stake.

Surrogacy is the process by which a woman is able to carry an infant for a different woman or the intended parent. Surrogacy is a practice that has been in use for thousands of years in which a woman would reach out to another woman in order to help her to have a child. This deep connection between a surrogate mother and her intended parent continues to exist today through the current practice of surrogacy.

Reasons to Consider Surrogacy

  • Uterine Factors

Surrogacy is a good option for women with an abnormal uterine lining that is congenital as well as a scarred uterus due to previous surgery, or who have had complications as a result of a previous pregnancy. It’s also a viable option for women without the uterus because of surgery or who were born without a female uterus (uterine anagenesis).

  • Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

If you’ve had at least two miscarriages, it is called recurrent loss of pregnancy. This also indicates a higher likelihood of having another loss of pregnancy. Surrogacy lets women who’ve suffered multiple pregnancy losses become mothers for themselves and safeguards their health as well as the health of their baby.

  • General Health Risks

Certain medical conditions place women at risk during pregnancy or during delivery, such as heart disease kidney, and liver diseases, and autoimmune disorders such as cancer, uncontrolled seizures disorders, and chronic illnesses which require medicines that can be harmful during pregnancy.

  • Same-Sex Couples

Assisted reproduction technology has assisted LGBTQ couples Experience experiencing parenthood. Couples of the same gender who are unable to have a baby themselves employ a surrogate in order to carry their child. Male couples who are gay can also benefit, as they require an egg donor as well as an embryo carrier.

  • Multiple IVF Failures

While IVF is well-known and frequently successful, there are patients in some cases who have difficulty conceiving even after numerous attempts. Instead of putting off another unsuccessful IVF procedure, on the other hand, surrogacy may be a viable option. Another IVF cycle is carried out but there’s more chance of success with a gestational surrogate.

  • Mental Health Factors

We don’t often talk about the emotional impact pregnant women can inflict on women however, it’s one that we need to have more of. If a woman has experienced severe postpartum depression, or any other medical conditions resulting from pregnancy in the past, surrogacy may help to avoid psychological health issues.

What to Expect During the Surrogacy Process

The parents who are intended to be the parents will undergo an assisted reproduction technology (ART) procedure, usually the process of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to develop an embryo that is healthy on its own. If the reason for infertility lies in the production of fertile eggs, or even sperm it’s possible for the parents of the intended to make use of the sperm donor as well as donor eggs. Once they have developed an embryo that is healthy that is implanted in your uterus for you to grow to full term.

Before you are allowed to join the surrogacy program, there are several tests that have to be completed. It is possible to participate in a pre-screening which could include a thorough background on your medical condition, a physical exam by a medical professional, as well as a discussion about the psychological, medical, emotional, financial, social, and legal aspects of surrogacy. You can also expect background checks for criminals or psychological screenings. You can also expect in-person interviews with the agency to confirm that you’re a suitable person for this program.

Through the duration of your surrogacy, the entire medical expenses will be covered as part of the treatment. In the event of surrogacy, parents who want to have children are accountable for the cost of the legal, medical, and agency compensation expenses. This program was designed by us to make sure that you’ve taken by our staff during this time. 


As the intended parents, it is up to your decision to choose a range of crucial decisions during the surrogacy process, including deciding on the country where your surrogacy will occur. Based on the laws regarding surrogacy and procedures in the country you reside in internationally, it could be the ideal choice for you.

However, it can be an extremely complicated process, and having your surrogacy done overseas could make it more difficult, especially with the ever-changing laws that differ in a large way from country to country. Also, Fertility World offers a safe, legal & well-regulated surrogacy procedure covering across more than 20 locations globally.

Surrogacy through egg donor

We are aware that the egg donation procedure can be overwhelming. Relax.! You’re in safe hands. We have been pioneers in the field of egg donation and have evolved into a complete family fertility center by providing support and putting your safety first. From the moment you apply to retrieve, we will make sure that you have all the egg donor information you require and include the egg donation timeline to ensure that you’re as educated and empowered as is possible.

Egg Donation Procedure

  • Application and Intake
    3 to 4 weeks
  • Matching Variable
  • Medical Screening 6-8 Weeks
  • The Medication Cycle 10-21 days
  • Egg Retrieval 1 day

In Fertility World, we let embryos grow until day 5 as long as we are able to. We utilize our monitoring device which is known as the Embryoscope to make sure that we have all the data needed to select the most suitable embryos to transfer. Our couples are kept informed about the progress of their embryos over the entire five days of the cultivation. Through this method, we can achieve high success rates, leading to the birth of healthy infants. We understand that Surrogacy treatment requires Trust, Quality care Services & satisfaction. 

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