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single parent surrogacy legal countries

The fertilityworld is the leading surrogacy service provider around the globe since 2009. It provides single-parent surrogacy in legal countries such as Argentina | Brazil | Georgia | Nigeria | Mexico | Colombia | Kenya | and Nepal. The clinic is highly successful over the past decade, bonding a considerable gap among the intending parents with a healthy baby(ies).

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Cost of single parents surrogacy in different countries.

The fertilityworld offers reasonable single parents surrogacy in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Georgia, Nigeria, Mexico, Colombia, Kenya, and Nepal.

The table below depicts transparent and flexible single parents surrogacy costs.

CountryMin. cost in USDMax. cost in USD

The minimum and maximum cost of surrogacy for single parents differs from country to country. Because for single man donor eggs OR donor embryo is required and for single women, donor sperm or Donor embryo is required.  Some countries allow only altruistic surrogacy (the surrogate is the relative of the intending parents) while some allow even commercial surrogacy (the surrogate mother can be anonymous to the intending parents). Therefore, an overall surrogacy cost covers the following in every country in the fertilityworld:

  • Legal surrogacy fees (attorneys)
  • Surrogacy Doctor’s fees.
  • Surrogate mother cost.
  • Donor egg, Donor sperm, and Donor embryo cost.
  • The surrogacy process (Medication, screening/testing, IVF, and Delivery of the child).

Let’s discuss more single parent Surrogacy legal countries

Single parent Surrogacy in Argentina

Single parent surrogacy in Argentina

Surrogacy in Argentina allows single parents surrogacy. It is one of the legal countries offering surrogacy solutions to single parents and same-sex couples. The babies born there via surrogacy are entitled to an Argentinian passport and therefore, citizenship. Its National Law on Assisted Fertility was passed by the Senate in 2017. There is a well-developed medicine in ART, thereby many clinics are found for the treatment of infertility- The fertilityworld.

Single parent surrogacy Legislation in Argentina.

Surrogacy in Argentina is not prohibited by law but a clear legal framework that regulates the use of this method of assisted infertility treatments has not been created. Soon the government will legalize surrogacy. The ministry has created a special registry for medical institutions for providing fertility services like artificial inseminations, sperm donor banks, and egg donor databases for single men and women looking to achieve parenthood via surrogacy.

As of today, commercial surrogacy for single parents can be done, and the surrogate mother can be compensated by the intended singles. The fertilityworld is an excellent model for single-parent surrogacy as it has the best Egg donor database, Sperm Donor database, and healthiest surrogate mother database.

Surrogacy Success Rates in Argentina

The fertilityworld produces the highest number of single parents in successful surrogacy in Argentina. The pie chart below shows the statistics of success rates. However, the success rates highly depend upon the individual conditions and the age of the individuals.

Surrogacy Success Rates in Argentina

The single-parent surrogacy success rate also depends upon the Donor’s conditions and age but with the fertilityworld donor bank, the donors are guaranteed as fit for reproduction. In fact, once the surrogate is conceived pregnant, there is up to a 100% chance that a healthy baby will be born. Single men, single women, and LGBTQ surrogacy in Colombia are becoming the highest and the most demanded options in receiving parenthood dreams. The plus point about surrogacy in Colombia includes the;

  • Excellent fertility medical services,
  • Affordable surrogacy cost, and
  • The well-established legal framework of surrogacy.
  • Equal rights in all social services.

Surrogacy in Brazil

Single parent surrogacy in Brazil

Surrogacy is legally permitted in Brazil. However, only altruistic surrogacy is permitted to Brazilians and foreigners. By altruistic surrogacy, it means that single parents should possess their known surrogate mother so that only a relative can carry a child for a couple. The fertilityworld is the best surrogacy provider in Brazil with a higher success rate and an affordable and flexible single-parent surrogacy cost.

Single Parents Surrogacy and LGBTQ Surrogacy in Brazil

Single Parents Surrogacy & LGBTQ surrogacy in Brazil is the most demanding and rising rapidly. The Fertilityworld in Brazil helps many single parents and the LGBTQ community to achieve parenthood through Surrogacy. The fertilityworld welcomes all prospective intended single parents, LGBTQ despite their marital status, Gender. All the legal documents related to birth certificates, (child-Mothers) (child-Father) are provided legally after the child’s birth.

Surrogacy Legislation in Brazil

In Brazil, overall (single parents, couples, and LGBTQ) surrogacy is not prohibited and is legal. However, it is mandatory that “only the relatives of the intending parents must carry the child” for them which is termed altruistic surrogacy. It stated that surrogacy can be availed by the intending parents if they fulfill the requirements:

  • A medical problem certificate stating infertility.
  • Seeking surrogacy for parenthood and not for commercial or profitable purposes.

All surrogacy arrangements in Brazil must fulfill the requirements such as overall agreement from the involved parties (intending parents, service provider, and legal attorneys).

Surrogacy Success Rate in Brazil

The pie chart below shows the surrogacy success rates for intended single parents, couples, and the LGBTQ community.

Surrogacy Success Rate in Brazil

Single Parents Surrogacy Cost in Brazil

The table below shows the minimum and the maximum cost in USD of couples, LGBTQ, and single parents surrogacy costs.

SurrogacyMin. cost in USDMax. cost in USD

The surrogacy cost may vary from one to another person depending on the following situations:

  • For Single male: It requires Donor sperm
  • For Single mom: It requires Donor Egg
  • For LGBTQ: It may either require a donor egg or donor sperm.
  • For a heterosexual couple: It may or may not require donor assistance.
  • In general, it depends on fertility conditions and the age of the individuals.

In fact, it is not possible for every intending individual can have a relative who can carry their child. Therefore, some Brazilian individuals go abroad and get anonymous/known surrogates with compensation. For such reason, every year some infertile couples come to Mexico to achieve their parenthood dreams.

Single Parents Surrogacy in Georgia

Single Parents Surrogacy in Georgia (2)

As a matter of fact, this tiny Eastern European nation has become the hub of surrogacy following the banning of global surrogacy in India. Surrogacy for single men and women is not illegal. The surrogacy option for single parents is legally permitted in the Republic of Georgia. However, the surrogate is not allowed to use her egg.

Single Parent’s Surrogacy Legislation in Georgia

Georgia does not bring forth any regulations for single parents’ surrogacy and so most single parents undergo surrogacy and receive parenthood. As there is no regulation, most single men and women use surrogacy with the help of the surrogate mother. The fertilityworld provides excellent gestational surrogacy to single parents by providing donor assistance to both the single male and women at an affordable and flexible donor cost.

In General, the Georgian legislation, states that the commissioning parents are the parents of the infant right out of conception, and their name must include in the infant’s birth certificate. Most countries restrict or prohibit surrogacy agreements for their own citizens and foreigners. However, Georgia offers a viable choice for cross-border surrogacy for all would-be parents. But it’s better to consult with your consulates to find out whether your home country allows surrogacy baby legal parentage. Although Georgia will accept heterosexual married couples, single parents, and de facto couples (same-sex, different-sex) for surrogacy for taking the baby home safely, consult the regional surrogacy attorney. 

Surrogacy Success Rates in Georgia

Single parent’s surrogacy cost in Georgia

The fertilityworld is an outstanding surrogacy service provider for single men and women in Georgia and takes care of every cost involved, a transparent and flexible surrogacy package. The surrogacy cost charged by the fertilityworld is much cheaper than other centers in Georgia. Look at the Guaranteed/total surrogacy cost in Georgia by the fertilityworld:

Program StagesPayment SchedulesCost 
Security DepositOn signing the agreement4000$
Stage 1: 1st visit, IVF, surrogate selectionDuring the 1st visit, Georgia28000$
Stage 2: Pregnancy & Prenatal CareAt 3-month Pregnancy8000$
Stage 3: Delivery & exit process3 days after birth15000$
Total cost55000$
5% discount on full payment at once52,250$

The cost in stage 1 covers the following expenses:

  1. Accommodation and Transportation within Georgia.
  2. Medical Procedures.
  3. IVF (ICSI, & embryo storage up to 1 year).
  4. Surrogate mother selection.

The cost in stage 2 covers the following expenses:

  1. Pregnancy monitoring,
  2. Regular surrogate appointments,
  3. Surrogate accommodation from the 28th week.

The cost in stage 3 covers the following expenses:

  1. Delivery (childbirth, paternity DNA test, Hospital stay & consultation for parents, appointment with pediatrician).
  2. Legal Assistance (Birth certificate, existing documents, a surrogate visit to embassy/consulate on requirements)
  3. Assistance in Finding accommodation.

The fertilityworld best surrogacy program in Georgia

The fertilityworld ensures risk protection & is included in the surrogacy cost that may occur during the program:

  • Amniocentesis
  • Embryo reduction
  • Miscarriage
  • Stillbirth
  • Loss of an organ
  • C-section
  • Other health risks related to pregnancy & delivery
  • Maternal Death.
  • NICU for 1 baby.

Additional Services and Procedures at affordable cost are provided by the fertilityworld in Georgia:

Additional Services & ProceduresCosts
PGS24 (Up to 8 embryos) with gender selection.4000$
PGS24 per embryo with gender selection600$
Premier Donor7000$
Asian/African Donor10,000$
1st IVF attempt with own eggs6000$
Surrogate Mother replacement+notary services on request.3000$
Experienced surrogate mother3000$
Prioritized surrogate matching (no waiting list)3000$
Additional fee for twins5000$
NICU insurance for a baby (paid with 2nd installments).4000$


In case of failed transfer, miscarriage, or other breakdowns in the process, the fertilityworld will resume the program free of charge until a successful live birth is achieved.

Single Parents Surrogacy in Nigeria

Single Parents Surrogacy in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the selective destinations for heterosexual individual surrogacy and single-parent surrogacy programs. A success rate is guaranteed in surrogacy with a donor egg and donor sperm. The fertilityworld in Nigeria offers the lowest cost of surrogacy.

Single Parents Surrogacy Legislation in Nigeria

Single Parents Surrogacy is legal in Nigeria, and surrogacy contracts are enforceable in Nigerian courts. Legal surrogacy guidelines are approved by the Association of Fertility and reproductive health (AFRH). Currently, gestational surrogacy is practiced and single-parent surrogacy is practiced by a few IVF clinics like the fertilityworld. The ART regulation considered by the senate permits surrogacy and allows some inducement to be paid for transport and other expenses. Heterosexual individuals and single parents go for compensated surrogacy, including foreigners. Where LGBTQ surrogacy is not approved.

Single Parents Surrogacy Success Rate in Nigeria

Single Parents Surrogacy Success rate in Nigeria

The fertilityworld is the surrogacy provider in Nigeria with the highest success rate at an affordable cost.

Cost of Single Parents Surrogacy in Nigeria

Single Parents Surrogacy in Nigeria is cost-effective and affordable. The fertilityworld is the leading surrogacy services provider in Nigeria having many years of experience in the field. It offers surrogacy at a lower cost of N2, 215,000 or 48,103 USD. The cost can vary from cycle to cycle (if surrogacy is repeated on failure). At another center, the scheduling (consultation) charges are about N 60,000. But the fertilityworld provides free first consultation. The inclusive surrogacy cost at fertilityworld covers the following fees:

  • Legal surrogacy fees.
  • Gamete Donation.
  • Scheduling fees (free first consultation)
  • Surrogate mother cost.
  • Drugs for the surrogate and donor cost.

Single Parents Surrogacy in Mexico

Single Parents Surrogacy in Mexico

Mexico is the top demanding country today because it allows LGBTQ surrogacy, heterosexual surrogacy, Single parent surrogacy in Mexico, and foreign intended parents. To help in building the family of single men and single women’s dreams, the fertilityworld Surrogacy in Mexico provides 100% legal surrogacy by helping and guiding individuals to reach their goals at a reasonable surrogacy cost in Mexico with a high success rate.

Surrogacy Legislation in Mexico

In 2021 Mexico joined the short list of countries where compensated surrogacy is legal for married, single men, single women, gay, and straight. This right is also given to foreign intended parents to undergo surrogacy in Mexico. Before 2021 it does not allow surrogacy but the Supreme Court has declared and ensured to provide protected medical procedures to all intending parents. It also decided that no Mexican state can prohibit surrogacy. The court decision stated 3 main important parts:

  • 1.  Surrogacy is a protected medical procedure.
  • 2.  Intended parents are the rightful parents of surrogacy children.
  • 3.  Surrogacy must be universally accessible.

Surrogacy success rates in Mexico

Surrogacy success rates in Mexico

Cost of Surrogacy in Mexico

The surrogacy cost in Mexico is affordable and flexible with the fertilityworld. There is the lowest and highest cost mentioned depend on the individual’s situation of fertility, donor assistance, and surrogate mother requirements.

SurrogacyMin. cost in USDMax. cost in USD

Prospectus of Donor Assistance in Mexico

Prospectus of Donor assistance in Mexico

Donor assistance such as egg, sperm, and embryo are entirely legal in Mexico. The best donor assistance is contributed by the fertilityworld today to all the intending that includes foreigners. The fertilityworld offers surrogacy services and is thankful to egg donors and gestational carriers because any person can pursue surrogacy and have their biological children. It also provides multiple embryo transfers on the intended parent’s request and also supports gender selection.

Single parent’s surrogacy laws in Colombia

Single parent’s surrogacy laws in Colombia

The constitution of Colombia assures single men and women surrogacy is legal and available. It also allows same-sex couples Surrogacy. In 2009 the Colombian constitutional court declared surrogacy to follow the constitution, although no specific law has been approved, the court issues its guidelines. Today, safe and secure surrogacy is the law of the land in Colombia for all couples. The law provided is equal for same-sex couples, single parents, and the LGBTQ community. Anyone can pursue surrogacy as long as there is a genetic link to the baby. Assisted Reproduction of surrogacy is protected in general by the Colombian constitution.

  • The law protects same-sex couples, single parents, and LGBTQ from discrimination.
  • It provides full legal rights to children born via surrogacy.
  • A child born in or outside of wedlock, adopted, and procreated naturally or with scientific assistance holds equal rights and duties.
  • Birth registration & citizenship is assured for those children born via surrogacy.

Equal rights are also extended to foreigners from Article 100 of the constitution granting them the same civil rights and guarantees as those given to citizens.

Single Parent’s surrogacy success rates in Colombia

At fertilityworld, the single-parent surrogacy success rate is assured only during consultation. This session examines the individual’s fertility conditions with the experts and determines the possibility of success rates. Look at the chart below for the surrogacy success rate in Colombia:

Single parent’s surrogacy success rates in Colombia

Surrogacy in Kenya

Single parent Surrogacy in Kenya

Surrogacy is the ultimate pathway that fulfills the dreams of parenthood and the fertilityworld is the best surrogacy center in Kenya. It offers surrogacy at a low cost ranging from 35,000-45,000 USD including the surrogate mother’s cost. The fertilityworld provides outstanding services:

  • Surrogacy with self-egg and self-sperm.
  • Surrogacy with Donor egg and self-sperm.
  • Surrogacy with Donor Egg and Donor Sperm.
  • Surrogacy with Donor Sperm and Self Egg.

To know more details about surrogacy in Kenya, kindly follow the link: Surrogacy in Kenya.

Single Parents Surrogacy in Kenya

Kenya is one of few countries which is legally open for commercial surrogacy (surrogate mother, donor’s compensation). And Kenya is particularly famous for single men, single women, and same-sex surrogacy programs. The fertilityworld have equipped with all the requirements involved in the surrogacy program starting from; the healthiest surrogate mother database, Excellent groups of gamete donors. This possession is creating a joyful dream among thousands of single hopeful parents through surrogacy. Its donors are available from every ethnic origin and given out based on the intending parent’s selection.

Surrogacy Legislation in Kenya

As of today, there is no legislation for surrogacy in Kenya which does not mean surrogacy is prohibited. Surrogacy is carried out smoothly by various fertility clinics such as the fertilityworld, a renowned fertility center in Kenya. Kenya is the most favored nation for intending foreigners from other well-development countries for its incomparably low surrogacy cost.

However, to undergo surrogacy both the involved parties need to sign an agreement before the surrogacy procedure. The agreement states that after the birth of the baby, the surrogate must handover to his/her intended parents without any issues, and the surrogate must be compensated.

Surrogacy Success Rates in Kenya

Surrogacy Success Rates in Kenya

Single parent’s surrogacy cost in Kenya

At fertilityworld, single parent’s surrogacy cost in Kenya is much cheaper compared to other surrogacy service-providing clinics. The fertilityworld aims to create happiness in every individual’s parenthood. So it has analyzed every possible charge involved in surrogacy and has minimized it to create successful parenthood affordably. Making Kenya one of the cheapest destinations for surrogacy to single parents and gay couples.

The table below shows the minimum and maximum costs in USD so that each individual can be prepared before undergoing the surrogacy program.

SurrogacyMin. cost in USDMax. cost in USD

Single Parent Surrogacy in Nepal

Single Parent Surrogacy in Nepal

Parenting a child is the most amazing feeling in one’s life and this freedom cannot be snatched away. It gives the ultimate joy of parenting life. In Nepal, married couples can pursue surrogacy whenever they want but single parents require some ultimate arrangements for surrogacy in Nepal.

Today, innovation in medical techniques, it has made easy for single parents to parent a child through surrogacy. The best thing about surrogacy in Nepal is that it is easily available for single parents that are not permitted in some countries. The fertilityworld has made an immense impact in Nurturing New Life via surrogacy at the lowest cost.

Single Parents Surrogacy Success Rate in Nepal

Single parents Surrogacy Success Rate in Nepal

Cost of Single Parents Surrogacy in Nepal

For a Single male requires a donor egg, and a surrogate mother if his sperm is compatible. For single women, it requires donor sperm and a surrogate mother. The cost can go higher if their conditions require certain fertility treatments to make their gametes reproductive. Sometimes, a donor embryo can be required. The fertilityworld have all the possible measure to tackle every fertility situation among individuals.

The table below shows the transparent minimum and the maximum possible surrogacy cost in Nepal.

SurrogacyMin. cost in USDMin. cost USD

Know the generalized surrogacy process by the fertilityworld.

At Fertilityworld the surrogacy process is much faster and consumes lesser time because of world standards instruments and the best surrogacy Doctors from across the world.

Beginning of the surrogacy process;

1st step: It begins with complimentary consultations to any intending parents, individuals hoping to achieve parenthood- domestic or International via offline, phone calls, or online.

Coordinators schedule an appointment with the best surrogacy Doctors and have consultations. Fertility conditions are discussed, and they further demystify how the surrogacy process works.

Further, you will be consulted by our Doctors and legal surrogacy attorney and clarify all the legalities involved in the selective destination.

All the detailed information regarding the process of matching the surrogates with egg/donor egg (if needed), and basic medical information.

Fertilityworld has its base in India and is in collaboration with many fertility centers around the Globe. Our process is designed and performed in such a way that, no intended parents or couples are disappointed after the surrogacy journey with us. We’re dedicated and proud to be a part of your wonderful journey.

2nd step: An agreement is signed between the involved parties. You’ll be navigated and introduced to the team, separate doctor, surrogacy attorney, and psychologist to make your environment favorable-friendly from infertility (emotions, stress, pressures from others, etc.).

The program coordinator takes all the logistics involved from scheduling medical screenings, to monitoring the IVF retrieval, and transfer for your surrogate and egg donor (if applicable). All the coordination teams assigned to you will stand with you from the beginning till welcoming a baby in your arms. Most of our previous successful parents are still having a strong bonding relationship with us; we expect from you the same.

3rd Step: Matching with egg Donors and the surrogate mother: The coordination team will work with you to choose an In-vitro fertilization (IVF) clinic if you don’t have one. Egg donor if needed and a gestational surrogate. All the arrangements will be based on your choice.

4th Step: The first stage of the surrogacy journey is the matching process, upon your choice of IVF clinic and an egg donor (if needed).

Next step, the program coordinator will find you an appropriate gestational surrogate from our qualified surrogate’s profiles or based on your choice. The matching process will take approximately 1 to 4 months; depending on your matching requirements.

5th Step: Embryo implantation and pregnancy: After the surrogate is medically cleared and qualifies for the requirements, she is made ready to receive the embryo in her womb. The best-stage embryo is selected and transferred to the surrogate uterus.

After implantation, the surrogates are monitored regularly to check the positive pregnancy, and lining of the uterus and do an ultrasound. The surrogates conceive pregnancy during the 6th-7th week. You will feel the first heartbeats of your prospective child and be excited. After full-term pregnancy, your coordination team will start arranging hospitals for the delivery of your surrogate.  During the time of delivery, the legal team will coordinate the completion of the legal paperwork for your baby(ies).

6th step: Take your baby home: This step is the most anticipated stage of the journey, filled with excitement, and surprising wonders and you may feel like an end. But it will be your most awaited new beginning for your family. Our team will arrange all your formalities for your return back home safe and secure with your child.

The fertilityworld Egg Donors database

The fertilityworld Egg Donors database

One can get any type of Egg donor from different countries which can be transported to Nigeria. Egg Donors available in our database includes

  • Caucasian Egg Donors from South Africa, the USA, Ukraine, or Georgia.
  • Thai or Asian egg donors in Thailand can easily reach your preferred destination.
  • Indian Egg Donors, easily travel to any country for Donation.
  • African Egg Donors.

The fertilityworld surrogate mother Database

The fertilityworld Egg Donors database

The fertilityworld fertility team is prepared to produce the best success rate. So, apart from providing world-class facilities, it keeps 100% healthiest surrogate mothers from all ethnic groups and international origins. Our surrogates:

  • She is at her best reproductive stage i.e. between 21 to 35 years.
  • 100% pre-screened surrogate mothers, ready to receive the intended parents’ embryos.
  • She is fit and healthy for a surrogate mother;
  • She has become a surrogate at least once in her lifetime;
  • She is free from any complications during or before the delivery of her baby.
  • She can be from any other country; she fully understands the process and her responsibility toward the program.
  • She is screened and does not have any sexually transmitted diseases.
  • She has no history of miscarriage or abortions.
  • She has the consent of the family member.
  • She is ready to receive the embryo in her uterus and stay in the surrogate house for full pregnancy term for better monitoring and success rate.

Do surrogacy babies look like surrogate mothers?

With gestational surrogacy, the surrogate is not genetically related to the embryo because the embryo comes from the intending parents or from the donor, and so the baby will not look like the surrogate since there is no transfer of DNA during pregnancy in gestational surrogacy but will look like the intended parents, or look like donors.

The fertilityworld believes in togetherness “Nurture New Life in You”.

Any intending single parents or foreigners looking for a surrogacy program at any of the selective destination countries can easily contact the fertilityworld. The fertilityworld will help and guide you in reaching your destination legally, at the lowest surrogacy cost. The fertilityworld is the best surrogacy provider in all the permitted surrogacy countries.

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