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IVF Cost in Ahmedabad | Low cost ivf in Ahmedabad

In vitro fertilization (IVF), which is the best and safest fertility treatment, gives hope to infertile couples to have their biological child. The average cost of an IVF Treatment package in Ahmedabad starts from Rs.1,00,000-Rs. 2,50,000 with drug expenses, medical reports depending on individual health. it is still super affordable for the intending parents. India is a more affordable country for medical treatment than western countries like the USA, UK, and Canada. Fertility World IVF center offers affordable IVF treatment costs packages.

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Why does the IVF cost vary from state to state ?

  • The Good IVF Program is the foundation for IVF treatment. Your IVF journey will vary depending on your fertility and genetic issues. Further IVF medication costs can vary from one hospital to the next. The cost of IVF treatment is also affected by the quality of the facilities used during and after the procedure.


In Vitro Fertilization is where eggs from a woman and sperm from a man are mixed in a laboratory. This involves stimulating a woman’s cycle, taking eggs from her ovaries, and then letting the sperm fertilize them Culture Media in a laboratory. The embryo is cultured for between 2 and 6 days before it is placed in the woman’s uterus with the intent of creating a successful pregnancy.

Under the guidance of medical professionals, the entire process of collecting eggs, sperms, fertilizing and embryo transfer takes place in the laboratory. After 14 days, the pregnancy test confirms the pregnancy. Fertility World has helped thousands of couples fulfill their dreams with this medical paragon.

What happens during IVF?

Invitro fertilization, also known as IVF, is the process of fertilizing a woman’s egg with male sperm in controlled laboratory conditions. This process occurs normally within the fallopian tubes. However, if the woman is unable to conceive after six months of trying, IVF may be recommended. The four basic steps can briefly explain the Process of IVF by Fertility World

Stimulation and Egg collection: For 10-15 days, hormone injections are administered to the woman to stimulate her ovaries to produce more eggs. A higher number of eggs is known to increase chances of IVF success, but if you are averse to taking too many medications, you can also ask the doctor for Mini IVF Package. After stimulation is sufficient, an HCG trigger injection is administered and eggs are collected.

  1. Sperm collection:The semen sample is also washed and processed the same day as the egg collection.
  2. Fertilization:The eggs are mixed with the concentrated Sperm, and the fertilized embryos are left in the laboratory for between 3-5 days.
  3. Embryo transfer :Select the best quality embryos and transfer 1-3 embryos back into the uterus. A pregnancy confirmation test is performed 15 days later.

Why is IVF conducted ?

Before you decide to have IVF in Ahmedabad, you need to determine if –
If your fallopian tubes become blocked, they may be damaged.

  • Ejaculation issues or low-quality sperm are a problem for your partner
  • If you’ve tried fertility drugs such as Clomiphene but failed to conceive,
  • If IUI has not helped you conceive,
  • You are younger than 35 years old and you have not been able to conceive in 12 months of active trying.
  • You are older than 35 years old and you have not been able to conceive in 6 months.

The Fertility World offers an array of infertility treatments

  • IVF Treatment
  • IUI Treatment
  • ICSI Treatment
  • IMSI Treatment
  • Blastocyst Culture
  • PGS & PGD Treatment
  • Freezing Embryos
  • Embryo Vitrification
  • Hatching of embryos
  • Freezing of Semen

Fertility World : 

The cost of intrauterine injection (IUI), a form of fertility treatment, involves placing sperm in a woman’s body close to her fallopian tubes. This increases the chance of having children. IUI is recommended before IVF. It is an affordable and quick process. You don’t need anesthesia. IUI costs from Rs.8000 Up to Rs. 10,000 if donor sperm is required

  • Cost of Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) Treatment 2021 – ICSI is a technique that allows one sperm to be directly injected into an egg in a laboratory. This is done to fertilize the egg if the other methods fail. The ICSI treatment has a higher success rate than conventional infertility treatments. IVF can cost around Rs. 10,000 when combined with ICSI. 10,000 to Rs. 150,000, including all drugs, lab charges, scans, and other expenses. The cost of treatment may rise from Rs. The cost of treatment could rise from Rs.1,30,000 to Rs.1,65,000.
  • Cost of Embryo Freezing 2021 – Your egg and sperm are used to create the embryo.Research has shown that frozen embryo implantation is more effective than new embryos for women. Your embryo can be kept for up to 2 years. You can also continue IVF with us at any time. The embryo can be frozen at a minimum cost Rs.1,25,000 The maximum can go upto Rs. 1,50,0000
  • Cost of Frozen embryo Transfer (FET 2021): The FET process involves the transfer of previously frozen embryos into the uterus by experts. The FET process is generally cheaper than IVF. The cost of FET is Rs. From Rs.30,000 to Rs. 35,000 35,000.
  • TESE fee with medicines range Rs. 5000
  • You need to pay Rs. for donor eggs/sperm, but not IVF. Rs.5000 for sperm, and Rs. 5000 each for eggs. 
  • Adoption of an embryo may cost Rs. 45, 000, excluding any additional fees and IVF costs
  • You will need to pay Rs. Rs.5000 per embryo

What happens if IVF doesn’t work?

  • It is difficult to lose hope after an IVF failure. There is no way to know why, even at the best clinics.
  • You should choose the right doctor, and trust him/her. If possible, get additional cycles with the same doctor.
  • This will allow you to get a better discount and more chances of success since the doctor already knows your case.


IVF single cycle cost in AhmedabadCost
IVF single cycle with own eggs and sperm (including injectables) Rs 1,00,000-1,50,000
IVF single cycle with Fresh donor eggs and sperm (including injectables)Rs.1,20,000-1,70,000
IVF single cycle with  donor perms and own eggs (including injectables)Rs.1,10,000-1,70,000
Cost of IVF cycle with Donated Embryos (including injectables cost)Rs 1,50,000-2,20,0000
Additional IVF Treatment Options- In addition to IVF CostRs.1,20,000-1,70,000
Surgical Sperm Retrieval Cost (PESA or TESA or TESE)Rs.80,000- 2,50,000
ICSI (IN addition to IVF cost)Rs.30,000-50,000
IMSI (includes ICSI)Rs.20,000-40,000
Laser assisted HatchingRs 35,000-50,000

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