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The Fertility World in Malaysia is the best renowned IVF center, dedicated to connecting you with its most trusted doctors from around the globe with honest practices for IVF treatments producing high success rates. The Fertility World is committed to making IVF as affordable as possible without compromising overall satisfaction, offering the IVF cost at 15,000 RM only in Malaysia. Our highly experienced team of fertility specialists, embryologists, nurses, and support staff can help make your dream of having a baby come true.

IVF Success Rates at the Fertility World in Malaysia

In IVF the age of women plays a vital role in the IVF success rate. The best reproductive age for women is between 21 years to 35 years. Although IVF is possible beyond 45 years, its success rate is uncertain.

As women age, the quality of eggs declines, gradually affecting their success rates. Most couples between 21-35 years achieve IVF on their first attempt whereas others may or may not succeed on their first attempt and go for multiple IVF cycles to get pregnant. The below chart gives the statistics of the Fertility World IVF success rates along with an advanced IVF treatment in Malaysia:

Why the Fertility World for IVF treatments?

As the demand for IVF is increasing day by day, many fertility centers have come up along the way. However, to get the best-renowned fertility center is not easy to research. Complete information about the center, its experiences, success rates, overall environment, and the IVF cost should be well defined before picking your IVF destination.

The Fertility World in Malaysia is the most successful IVF center because it is well renowned:

  • Renowned and well-recognized IVF center,
  • 20+ Years of well-experienced fertility Doctors,
  • It offers free consultations with Doctors & Lawyers,
  • Offers IVF at a low cost of 15,000 RM in Malaysia,
  • IVF package offered is flexible, has no hidden cost,
  • Produces IVF success rates from 50% up to 100%,
  • It maintains a modern ultra-fertility laboratory,
  • It has the top ART technologies,
  • Have excellent Donor Bank (Egg, sperm, embryo),

The Fertility World IVF center in India, its Cost

The Fertility World has its main and most successful IVF center in India also. Many International patients have achieved IVF treatments in our Center. Apart from our highest IVF success rates in India, We’re also offering IVF treatments to any international citizen at the cost of 5,000 USD only. We are transparent and have no hidden charges. The package we’re offering is always flexible. Our inclusive package covers the following:

  • Consultations with Doctors: Free of cost,
  • Self-cycle IVF will costs from 4,500-5,000 USD 
  • Donor cost + IVF charge , Visa Invitation + Stay cost comes upto 6500-7000USD.
  • Covers the entire IVF treatment process, the cycle required.
  • Entire IVF medications,
  • Other minute unseen expenditures,

A typical inclusive IVF package covers the following procedures:

  • Free Covid-19 screening
  • Complete medical evaluations
  • Hormonal Injections
  • Blastocyst Cultivation
  • Blood test and ultrasound monitoring
  • Egg Retrieval (Donor/self egg)
  • Sperm Collection (Donor/self)
  • Culturing in the lab to get you the best blastocyst
  • Fresh Embryo transfer
  • Regular Monitoring after the embryo transfer,
  • Confirmed pregnancy,
  • Delivery Arrangements (if required).

If You’re looking for IVF in India, Book an appointment with the Fertility World. Together we build a family in You. 

Cost of IVF treatments at the Fertility World, Malaysia

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The Fertility World- Nurturing Life In You! IVF center in Malaysia is well experienced and understands the value of finance in today’s generation. We understand that IVF treatments are expensive, therefore we offer IVF in the best possible way at just 15,000 RM only. Being the most renowned IVF center, it thoroughly analyzes everyone’s affordability for IVF treatments.

Our Inclusive IVF cost of 15,000 RM covers the entire IVF journey and also covers the following expenses:

  • Consultations with Doctors & Lawyers: Free of cost,
  • Accommodations (Hotels/Homestays), Foodings,
  • Covers the entire IVF treatment process, the first cycle
  • Entire IVF medications,
  • Other minute unseen expenditures,

A typical inclusive IVF package covers the following procedures:

  • Free Covid-19 screening
  • Complete medical evaluations
  • Hormonal Injections
  • Blastocyst Cultivation
  • Blood test and ultrasound monitoring
  • Egg Retrieval (Donor/self egg)
  • Sperm Collection (Donor/self)
  • Culturing in the lab to get you the best blastocyst
  • Fresh Embryo transfer
  • Regular Monitoring after the embryo transfer,
  • Confirmed pregnancy,
  • Delivery Arrangements (if required).

What are the causes to undergo IVF treatments?

IVF treatment is required for those people who are unable to get pregnant naturally after trying a long duration of intercourse but are unable to get pregnant. Infertility is caused by the following factors: 

Infertility In Female

  • Ovulation disorders,
  • Fallopian tube blockage or damage,
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS),
  • Thyroid problems,
  • Premature ovarian failure,
  • Scarring from previous surgery,
  • Cervical mucus problems,
  • Fibroids,
  • Endometriosis,
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease,
  • Sterilization due to medical conditions.

Infertility in Male:

  • Poor Quality of semen,
  • Ejaculation disorder,
  • Hypogonadism (low level of testosterone),
  • Low sperm count or no sperm at all,
  • Abnormal Sperm Morphology (shape, mobility),
  • Testicular problems (cancer, previous surgery, congenital defect, injury)
  • Medicines & drugs (Sulfasalazine, anabolic steroids, chemotherapy, herbal remedies, illegal drugs).
  • Unexplained infertility problems.

What are the qualifications to undergo IVF treatment?

  • Female age plays a vital role in the IVF treatment success rate.
  • The best reproductive age for IVF is between 21-35 years of age in women.
  • Have better chances of fertility if they are below 40 years of age.
  • Women aged beyond 40 years are qualified for IVF treatment if they have a regular menstruation cycle.
  • Donor eggs can be used beyond 50 years.
  • Donor embryos can be used beyond 50 years.
  • To use surrogate mother- Intended parents must be less than 55 years.

How much time is required to get the IVF process done?

Some tests will be suggested to be done locally during consultations with the Doctor and the reports are discussed over email, direct contact before traveling to the IVF destination. IVF treatments usually start on the 2nd or 3rd day of your period. After that, it requires an average of 18-20 days from the start of stimulation till embryo transfer.

How is the IVF procedure done at the Fertility World?

IVF is a short form for In Vitro Fertilization which biologically means fertilization outside the body. In today’s generation, 1 in every 5 couples suffers from infertility all around the globe because of different factors. IVF treatment has become a boon for infertile people, it is fulfilling the lost dreams into reality with an amazing gift “ A Baby(ies)” for all the infertile people to experience parenthood like any normal parents.

The Fertility World follows a relaxable mode of IVF procedures. Any individual can easily understand even from a verbal conversation. Below is the process of IVF treatments step-by-step process carried out at the Fertility World:

Step 1: Book an appointment: To go for IVF treatment with us or if you need any related fertility information, book an appointment by filling out the form provided on our website (your name and your contact number), or you can contact us directly at +91 9311850412 or Email us at Our coordinators will contact you right away and based on your convenient time, direct consultations with our doctor will be scheduled.

Step 2: Free Consultations: The Fertility World provides free consultations. At this step, you are free to discuss, share and enquire about any problems related to your fertility issues. Our Doctors are always ready to hear your fertility stories to suggest to you the best way to achieve parenthood. You can be suggested to go for a fertility check-up at our trusted center at very minimal charges. We don’t entertain your previous fertility reports because we believe in our trusted center alone. After your reports examinations, you will be suggested to follow the best possible way to Conceive a baby. An IVF treatment is the guaranteed ART to get pregnant. The IVF treatment usually starts on the 2nd or 3rd day of your period.

Step 3: Ovarian Stimulation:  An hormonal injection is administered for the next 10 to 12 days. These hormones include follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), estradiol (E2), anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH), or antral follicle count. The hormones help women to produce multiple eggs than they would produce normally one egg in a month.

If the woman is determined to go for IVF treatment despite her poor ovarian reserve based on any of these values, she can still pursue IVF but may need to consider the use of donor eggs. 

Step 4: Egg Retrieval: After 10-12 days of ovarian stimulation, a trigger injection (HCG) is administered (the best time to collect the egg). After two days of trigger injection, the eggs are ready to be retrieved. This step involves 30 minutes under anesthesia to keep you asleep and pain-free. 

Our Embryologist uses a device called a catheter under the guided ultrasound. A catheter is attached to the suction pump which sucks out the eggs from the follicles one at a time. This step is very fragile, it requires a very skilled embryologist swinging hand.

Sperm Collection from the husband or a Donor: The male partner will have a semen analysis to decide whether ICSI is indicated, based on sperm morphology, count, and motility. During the egg retrieval, your partner or donor is asked to provide a sperm sample via masturbation or through different means.

The collected sperms are then put through a high-speed wash- spin cycled and concentrated to find the healthiest sperm to become fertilizable to the egg. 

Step 5: Fertilization: Insemination or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is used to fertilize the eggs. 50,000-100,000 sperm are incubated with the egg for 12-18 hours. If fertilized the embryo is formed. The Embryo is further monitored for some periods for complete development- The best stages to get a transfer (3rd or 5th blastocyst stage).

Male factor infertility may require ICSI: where one immobilized sperm is directly injected into the nucleus of the oocyte/egg. This bypasses the need for the sperm to penetrate the zona pellucida, the glycoprotein matrix that surrounds the egg.

Step 6: Embryo transfer: The fertilized embryos are allowed to grow for about 3 to 5 days (blastocyst stage) before transferring them to the uterus. The embryo is placed into the uterus by our gynecologist.

The pregnancy test is done after 15 days of transferring. You will be regularly monitored via blood tests and ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.

Confirm Pregnancy: If the first attempt of IVF is positive, you can continue carrying pregnancy like any other normal pregnant woman for nine months. Your pregnancy is monitored regularly.

Childbirth: One of the most amazing feelings you could ever have is to listen to the heartbeats of your child, all the pain you suffered will vanish within a second and this amazing gift will dwell in you always. Be bold enough to bear the pain and have the courage to face the realities.

How do you arrange for the gamete donor?

A donor can be your known relatives, friends, and your contact person. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Donor. The fertility World has an excellent Donor Bank where you are allowed to select your choice of preference Donor. Also, we share the relevant information about our Donor profile for you to choose when distance apart or you can visit us. The donor profile includes Height, Color (eyes, skin), education, medical background, generation background.

Why is PGS or PGD testing done?

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis or PGD test, treatment is done at the Fertility World when you have the following problems:

  • Family history of genetic diseases
  • Recurrent miscarriages
  • Several IVF failures
  • Previous children with genetic problems

It is offered to females close to or over 35 years of age to check the genetic content of the embryos before transferring them to the uterus, to improve their chances of a successful pregnancy. In Malaysia, the Fertility World has the finest of genetic testing laboratories with assured 100% results.

The Fertility World also provides the following fertility solutions

Apart from the IVF treatments, the Fertility World also provides all the fertility-related solutions along with an advanced treatment:

  • Ovulation induction, 
  • Frozen embryo transfer (FET),
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI),
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI),
  • Cryopreservation (egg, sperm, Embryo),
  • Surrogacy,
  • Healthy young surrogate mother,
  • The best attorney to represent surrogacy,
  • Excellent Donor Bank (Egg, sperm),
  • Laparoscopic surgery,
  • Hysteroscopic surgery,
  • 4D ultrasound scanning,
  • Male and female infertility treatments.

Final Decision

If you’re an infertile couple looking for IVF treatments in Malaysia or India as your destination, the Fertility World helps you to fulfill your parenthood dreams at minimal IVF cost. Your age is inversely proportional to the IVF treatment success rate- as you age, your reproductivity declines.

To fulfill your dreams of parenthood, Book an appointment with us today. Together we build an amazing family with you, A healthy live Baby(ies).

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