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Semen is the most powerful body fluid and an asset of men that expands its generation. A fluid- Semen contains sperms that reproduce human offspring(baby) upon fertilization with the female egg. Self-fertilization of the partner’s sperm & egg maintains the heredity of the life cycle. Therefore, taking good care by following a healthy lifestyle will produce viable semen and healthy sperm. However, having different lifestyles, the Semen analysis test is highly performed among young generations today to estimate the quality of their sperm. The fertilityworld is the best fertility centre to determine the most accurate semen quality and structure through Semen Analysis Test. Its procedure, cost, and purposes are elaborated in this page.


Semen is a whitish-gray fluid released from the penis, usually after orgasm. Semen consists of sperm, semen, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Semen functions as a lubricant that makes the sperm tail swim into the female egg. The fluids also lubricate the female urethra and make it possible to deposit sperm toward the back of a vagina. Other names of semen are ejaculate or cum. 

What is the Semen Analysis Test? 

The semen analysis is the initial laboratory test under a microscope that evaluates the male semen sample examining certain characteristics of both semen and the sperm contained therein. It is an important test that provides the andrologist with useful information on the male partner’s fertility potential, i.e., characteristics of sperm quality. This test is solely done to characterize male fertility i.e. sperm quality, of those males seeking to impregnate their wife/partner. The semen analysis test can also verify the success of vasectomy. Semen analysis is also referred to as a seminogram/spermiogram.

Purpose of semen Analysis

Semen analysis does not provide any information about the ability of the sperm to function. The clinical purpose of semen analysis is to measure the following sperm parameters and compare them with WHO sperm standard variables:

  • Ejaculate sperm volume,
  • Sperm concentration,
  • The sperm pH,
  • The sperm count,
  • The sperm motility, 
  • The sperm forward progression,
  • The sperm vitality, 
  • Sperm morphology (shape, and size),
  • The presence of white blood cells in sperm, 


Preparation for semen analysis

Avail of free consultation by connecting with the fertilityworld, its healthcare provider will review your medical history and perform a physical exam, including a genital exam. To have an adequate sperm count, do not have any sexual activity that causes ejaculation for 2 to 3 days before the test. This allows your sperm count to be at its highest and helps ensure the test is accurate.

Semen Analysis Procedure

The semen analysis procedure involves an andrologist collecting a fresh semen sample from the patient either way, by masturbating into a sterile jar or by using a special condom during intercourse given by the clinician. Patients can produce the sperm from home or the clinic but it should reach the andrologist within 30 minutes with followed instructions to avoid damage. The sample is prepared from the laboratory and observed in the microscope under low/high magnification with/without staining using standard WHO criteria/Kruger criteria. To obtain successful semen analysis results, the semen sample is analyzed within 1 hour of collection under the microscope. The following parameters are evaluated:

  • The volume of the semen, 
  • The concentration of the semen,
  • Fluid thickness, acidity, and sugar content
  • Semen viscosity
  • Movement of the sperm (motility)
  • Total number of sperm count
  • The sperm pH,
  • The sperm motility, 
  • The sperm forward progression,
  • The sperm vitality, 
  • Sperm morphology (shape, and size),
  • The presence of white blood cells in sperm.

All the evaluated and calculated parameters are compared with the normal standard semen profile values provided by WHO. Even if the compared standard results show normal or abnormal, a 2nd semen analysis procedure must be done again 6 weeks later and compared with the previous results. If it has similar parameters, the semen analysis procedure is successful.

The normal range of semen analysis test

The normal semen profile according to followed World Health Organization (WHO) are listed below, in the table:

Parameters Reference value
Ejaculate sperm volume ≥1.5 mL
Total sperm count ≥39 million/ejaculate
Sperm concentration ≥15 million/mL
Total sperm motility ≥40%
Progressive motility ≥32%
Normal forms ≥4%
Sperm Vitality ≥58% live (i.e., excluding dye)
Sperm pH ≥7.2
White blood cells in sperm ≤1 million/mL


Who needs a semen analysis test?

The semen analysis test is solely done for male sub-infertility. A male with the following conditions/circumstances should consider this test:

  • You and your partner have been trying to have a baby for at least 12 months without success.
  • Male Infertility: A semen analysis evaluates the overall health and parameters of your sperm and the likelihood that you can cause a pregnancy.
  • Vasectomy follow-up: A semen analysis determines whether a vasectomy was successful. A vasectomy is a type of permanent birth control that stops sperm from entering your semen and leaving your body. 

Semen Analysis Cost

The average semen analysis test cost ranges from Rs.300 to Rs.800, the semen analysis test price varies depending on the different parameters that are tested as discussed above. However, the cost can vary from location to location, and the clinic’s standards. In India, the fertilityworld is the highest recognized in semen evaluation and the most affordable Semen Analysis Test cost. Semen analysis is compulsory for those males whose sperm are unable to fertilize female partners’ eggs due to various male fertility factors, it allows a doctor to determine the precision of male infertility and guide them to follow the suitable steps towards fatherhood.


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