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Tuesday March 29, 2022

In India, the fertilityworld is the best recognized in Semen Analysis Test reports for those males whose sperm are unable to fertilize female partners’ eggs due to various male fertility factors. The analysis allows a doctor to determine the precision of male infertility and guide them to follow the suitable step to receive a child. The fertilityworld offers a Semen Analysis Test at a low cost in India from Rs.300 to Rs.800 depending on the different parameters that are tested. 

The center has a great chain of laboratory establishments in most Indian Cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, and other major cities providing Semen Analysis Test for any male suffering from infertility factor. The average cost of the test varies depending on the city’s policy.

Fertilityworld specializes in Semen Freezing | Semen cryopreservation in India and Semen Analysis Tests at the lowest cost by the best Best Fertility Doctors in India. The Center’s best team of fertility doctors includes Dr. Pammy Murthy at Miracle advanced reproductive Center Chennai, and other finest doctors from across India are  Dr. Mohit Saraogi, Dr. Brigadier R K Sharma, Dr. Adinarayana Makam, Dr. Swapna Chekuri, Dr. M Niharika, Dr. Mukesh Agarwal, Dr. Indira Hinduja, Dr. Abha MajumdarDr. Hrishikesh Dattatraya Pai, etc. 

Why the fertilityworld, for semen analysis?

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  • The center provides detailed analysis parameters,
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What are Semen and its functions?

Semen is a male reproductive substance in the form of fluids containing water, plasma, mucus, and proteins. Semen is released from the penis during a man’s sexual orgasm called ejaculate.

This semen functions as a lubricant, making the sperm or the spermatozoa swim to reach the female’s egg during intercourse. Semen also carries fructose and other enzymes that help the sperm to survive and facilitate successful fertilization. Then, it develops into an embryo- the first stage of an unborn baby’s development.

Semen is grayish-white due to being rich in protein and is secreted by the gonads of male animals. While semen is initially thick, its ability to liquefy, or turn to a watery consistency, helps sperm to swim smoothly.

What is semen analysis?

A semen analysis (also known as sperm count/sperm analysis/semen testing or male fertility test) is a medical procedure to diagnose male infertility conditions by analyzing the sperm and the semen parameters under the microscope:

  • Sperm count,
  • Motility and viability of the sperm
  • Morphology of the sperm
  • Liquefaction time of the sperm
  • The quantity and quality of semen and sperm. 
  • The color of the sperm
  • The pH of the sperm
  • The viscosity of the sperm
  • Fructose content in Semen 

Who is recommended for semen analysis?

The fertilityworld always suggest those males who are struggling to achieve parenthood either naturally or via assisted reproductive technology (ART) like IVF and are unable to fertilize the female partner’s egg failing to get pregnant, you must undergo semen analysis because you may be having certain infertility factors which will be specifically analyzed under this procedure. 

  • Men who have had a vasectomy to make sure no sperm are in their semen.
  • Semen analysis is required if you and your partner have been trying to have a baby for at least 12 months but not conceiving.
  • Having infections diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases,
  • Drug abuse, tobacco smoking, and occupational hazards such as exposure to heavy metals or chemicals.
  • There are no risks of semen analysis tests.

How do get prepared before semen collection?

Our Doctor will suggest you follow certain precautions before collecting the semen samples such as:

  • To avoid any sexual activity within 3-4 days before the sample collection. This makes sure the sperm count is still high. 
  • No lubricants are to be used as it affects the motility of the sperms. 
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine for at least a week before the test.
  • Any hormonal medication should be avoided.

How is semen collected for analysis, in the fertilityworld?

The fertilityworld Doctors based on their experiences suggest the best possible means to collect healthy semen in men for analysis tests via traditional methods. The four best ways to collect a semen sample suggested are:

  • Masturbation– Stimulation of the genitals with a hand for sexual pleasure
  • Sex with a condom on
  • Sex with withdrawal before ejaculation
  • Ejaculation stimulated by electricity
  • Also, TESE/TESA/PESA/MESA sperm extraction methods are used when ejaculation is weak or no sample at all.


Masturbation is considered the preferred way to get a clean and healthy sample.

After ejaculation by any means of conventional methods or extraction procedures, semen samples are collected in a collection cup. The sample needs to be maintained at room temperature and tested within an hour. The sample is then examined, 2 key roles are to maintain a good, healthy, and clean sample:

  • Samples are maintained at body temperature, if not the sample gets too warm/too cold which is not healthy for analysis.
  • Samples must reach the testing laboratory within 30-60 minutes after ejaculation, maintaining body temperature.

2-3 samples need to be provided within 2-3 weeks as sperm count may vary even though the sample is from the same person.

Why is sperm analysis mandatory for male infertility diagnosis?

Sperm analysis is important and mandatory for male who is experiencing the inability to impregnate their female partners failing to achieve parenthood. It is because a low sperm count, abnormal sperm shape, weak movement of the sperm, or any abnormality mentioned in the parameters above makes it difficult for a man to make his woman pregnant, failing to achieve parenthood. 

The inability to conceive a baby is called infertility

Infertility can affect both men and women- about 1/3 of couples in today’s generation are unable to have children, which might be contributed to male infertility. A semen analysis/Test will help our Doctors to figure out the reasons for male infertility.

Sperm movement, or motility, is important to fertility because sperm must travel to fertilize an egg. An automated system analyzes the sperm for movement and rates them on a scale of 0 to 4. The analysis is conducted at least seven days apart and over two to three months. Sperm counts can vary daily. Taking an average of the sperm samples gives the most conclusive result.

Semen analysis helps determine if a man needs infertility treatments. This test is also often done to check the success of vasectomy. It also helps to determine if there is an infection in the reproductive tract.

How is the semen analysis test determined?

At the fertilityworld we determine the semen analysis test in the following outcomes:

Sperm CountNormal sperm count 20*10(6)-200*10(6) If this number is low, conceiving can be more difficult.

Sperm Shape
Normal sperm shape > or=50%.Abnormal sperm shape >50%.Abnormalities in sperm’s head, midsection, or tail, or immature and therefore not able to effectively fertilize an egg.

Normal mobility per hour >50% after ejaculation. Sore=0 means the sperm are immobile, Score of =3 or 4 represents good movement.

Semen Density
The volume of semen for a normal result Normal Semen density >2 mL. A low semen density indicates a low sperm count to fertilize an egg. Excess semen means sperm present is diluted.

Semen Color
Whitish to gray or opalescent is normal. A red to brown tint indicates the presence of blood, while a yellow tint indicates jaundice or be a medication side effect.

Normally 15-30 minutes before semen liquefies. If semen does not liquefy in 15-30 minutes, fertility conditions.

The normal pH level is 7.2 to 7.8.pH level >8.0 indicates infertility. pH < than 7.0 indicates the specimen is contaminated or the man’s ejaculatory ducts are blocked.

Our Doctors will often conduct repeated 2 to 4 times sperm analysis tests to get a good idea of the sperm’s health and fertility conditions. Guaranteeing is precise reports about male fertility conditions.

How long does it take to get the Semen Analysis report?

After the collection of your semen sample, the test results can be finalized within 24 hours and up to 1 week, depending on the fertility laboratory you choose. The fertilityworld gets ready with semen analysis reports within 24 hours without any compromisation because we use sophisticated equipment such as the microscope, BS3 laboratory with the highest standard operating procedure (SOP).

The periods of the semen analysis report also depend on your conditions; Our analysis doctor reviews sperm analysis test results based on many factors, considering after vasectomy looks for the presence of sperm, but the analysis to look for fertility issues is much more in-depth. 

What is Semen Analysis Test Cost in different cities in India?

In India, the Semen analysis test or sperm count test average cost is between Rs.70 to Rs. 800. However, the fertilityworld has exercised its cost of transparency and flexibility without any hidden cost in semen analysis/sperm count. The table below shows the fixed semen analysis cost in different fertilityworld fertility centers: Note; the cost depends on different cities and your fertility conditions.

CityFixed starting CostMaximum Cost
ChennaiRs. 90.00Rs. 800.00
HyderabadRs. 100.00Rs.500.00
MumbaiRs. 180.00Rs.700.00
GurgaonRs. 100.00Rs.700.00

Summary of the Semen Analysis Cost at fertilityworld

The cost of Semen Analysis in India varies from the table starting from Rs.70.00 up to Rs.800.00 In different cities of India. The Lowest Cost of Semen Analysis, amongst metro cities, is Mumbai. Starting from Rs.180.00. The market price is higher up to Rs.700.00. 

The most expensive city in India for Semen Analysis amongst the metro cities is Bangalore/Bengaluru. Semen Analysis Costs Rs.300.00 in Bangalore/Bengaluru. The market price is up to Rs.500.00. The average cost of Semen Analysis in India is Rs.70.00 if booked through us. The average market price in India is much higher at Rs. 800.00.

The fertilityworld Laboratory Advisor is making diagnostic testing more affordable because we’re a trusted laboratory, affordable costing, and dedicated to providing overall satisfaction to our patients without any compromising from:

  • Relaxable environment,
  • Very friendly doctors, ready to listen and serve you in better ways.
  • Over 35+ years of experience as Doctors and staff,
  • An Ultra laboratory ensures your samples are healthy,
  • A successful result with the best suggestion to follow next that suits your conditions.
  • Always available to hear from you after analysis.

To undergo sperm analysis test at the lowest cost in any city in India at the fertilityworld or to directly consult with our Doctors free of Cost:

Significance Of Getting Semen Analysis Test At A Certified Facility

On the journey to parenthood, undergoing a semen analysis through the most reliable and accredited facility, Fertility World is essential. This procedure is extremely important for single people or couples who are attempting to conceive. 

Fertility World employs cutting-edge technology and stringent protocols to guarantee precise outcomes, facilitating the identification of any infertility problems in males. The basis for customised therapy, which might range from straightforward lifestyle changes to more complex medical measures, is this first evaluation.

In addition, Fertility  World offers dependable counsel and assistance, guaranteeing that people and spouses have the appropriate knowledge and direction to deal with their particular reproductive issues. Fertility World protects the rights and confidentiality of people wanting fertility support by abiding by ethical and regulatory requirements.


  1. What’s the turnaround time for results?

Usually, results are ready in a couple of days. Your physician will go over the results including any next measures that need to be taken.

  1. Can reproductive possibility be predicted by analysing semen?

Indeed, it can be a reliable indicator of potential for conception. But keep in mind that it is only a piece of the jigsaw. There are more elements at work.

  1. What happens if sperm testing reveals an issue?

Consult Fertility World’s fertility experts if a problem is found. To increase fertility, they could suggest treatments or way of life adjustments.

  1. Can infertility problems be identified by just one semen analysis?

Sometimes issues can be found with just one analysis. However, as sperm quality varies, it can be advised to have another test to validate the results.

  1. Is it possible to undertake a semen analysis at home?

A clinical analysis of semen will be more precise, even if there are kits you may use at home. To get the most accurate findings when assessing fertility or any problems, it is advisable to speak with a registered facility like Fertility World.

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