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  • Successful results around 80 % — Greatest in U.P.
  • World-class modern, modular IVF lab. Globally acclaimed trained Professionals working in this field for the last 18 years.
  • 1st surrogacy center in U.P. to utilize Embryoscope to provide better outcomes.
  • Laser hatching for elderly individuals. Computerized ICSI system for men with very low sperm count.
  • Best Surrogate mother for intending couple.
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It is the dream of most couples to have their own child as part of their relationship. Back in India 1 in 6 couples will have difficulties conceiving. The Fertility World Surrogacy Center in Lucknow & IVF intends to reduce the stress and hassle associated with infertility diagnoses and treatment, by providing a one-stop diagnostic and therapy support for infertile couples.


We also take care of their family throughout the time they’re registered in our program. The superb healthcare, household support, and monetary compensation are that the least we can offer our surrogates for the wonderful gift they provide -the gift of life! Our surrogate mothers in Lucknow feel immense pride and pride in being able to help our customers become households.

Medical and emotional screening

Potential surrogate moms are rigorously screened physically for overall health and optimal fertility. Equally as important, surrogate mothers are emotionally counseled to ensure they can cope with the emotional demands and obligations of the requirements of our surrogacy program. Time is spent with each surrogate to make certain they give informed consent to be surrogate mothers. Husbands of our surrogate mothers also fulfill our psychologist to be sure they can support their wives in their choice to participate in the program.

Physical examination

Tests include a complete blood count, renal, thyroid, and liver function tests, chest X-Ray to rule out tuberculosis, and a full selection of evaluations for fertility. A list of screening tests for surrogates can be obtained upon request.

Surrogates must have given birth

Our surrogates have experienced no problems conceiving or delivering their own babies, no history of illness during pregnancy, or had some pregnancy complications. They must have appreciated their twenties and been physically able to deal with pregnancy and mentally prepared to take care of the hormonal and physical changes pregnancy brings.

How long do we wait till we’re paired using a surrogate?

There’s no wait to match you with a surrogate mother.

How are surrogate mothers recruited?

Friends and relatives of past and current surrogates and our egg donors approach us, keen to employ. Some girls hear about our program from the media and ask. We don’t need to market for surrogate mothers. Some 40 percent of women needing to enroll in our program have not accepted a surrogate.

Are all your surrogates married, or can unmarried girls be surrogates?

Surrogates may be married or single (widowed and divorced).

Why would a woman accept to carry a baby for another mother, just so she can give it away?

Most women who accept to become surrogates love the feeling of becoming pregnant. They are also interested in helping other couples who desire to experience the joys of parenthood. Another reason is the financial incentive. They do not see the act of giving the child to their intended parents as “giving away”, but rather as “giving back” to them (since they are the parents who conceived the child via IVF or with their own intention). You will often hear a surrogate say she is a babysitter for nine months.

Q: How can the intended parents bond with their child, without having to experience pregnancy and childbirth on their own?

A: Children born to surrogate moms are loved and desired just like any other child who is fostered or adopted. While they may not have grown as children under their mother’s care, they have certainly grown from the support of it. Children should feel loved and appreciated and thrive in a supportive environment. A surrogate mother’s child will have the benefit of many people contributing to their creation. This includes their parents, their siblings, their families, their lawyers, their doctors, and sometimes donors of egg or sperm. This child is more special than the other children.

Q: Why choose surrogacy for couples when they could just adopt a child?

A: Most surrogacy couples have already attempted to adopt and have had a child. They have to have been open to the possibility of surrogacy and not known until it is too late. Some couples are fed up with the adoption process. Many birth mothers will have their baby shortly after childbirth, even though they have formed a relationship with the baby. An unsuccessful adoption can prove to be devastating for a couple. Many couples attempt it again several times, fearing that they will get hurt again. To be eligible for adoption, couples must go through a lengthy process. This includes background checks, applications, and home studies. References are also required. The adoption process is costly and takes a span of five to ten years. Adoptions are difficult because many children available for adoption are malnourished, abused, and have severe medical conditions. Open adoptions make up the majority of adoptions today. Many parents fear that their children will be taken away if they change their minds.

Q: Is surrogacy allowed in India?

A: Yes. Commercial surrogacy in India is legalized. The Indian Supreme Court recognized it in 2002.

Surrogacy Packages

Fertility World’s surrogacy plans are designed to provide our Intended Parents with a complete plan that includes as many “extras”, which may be charged by other clinics. Fertility World is committed to providing excellent success rates, premium care, as well as value, transparency, budget, trust, and peace of mind. With integrity and a direct approach, our staff and client managers, as well as specialists, are here to help you every step of the process. We want to help you create the family of your dreams and make it as easy as possible.

Parents to be at Fertility World

Sometimes the road to parenthood can be difficult and rocky. Our years of experience have helped people to become parents by taking the less-traveled roads. Our program does not discriminate against any race, religion, sexual preference, marital status, or nationality.

You should carefully research your options and make sure you choose an agency that has a track record of success. Fertility World Surrogacy center in Lucknow wants you to feel confident and comfortable that we will guide you and support you as you journey towards parenthood.

We would like to get to know you and your Intended Parents in order to match you with the perfect surrogate.

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