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If you’re couple either married or unmarried, single parents from Chennai and Unable to have a baby naturally leading you to have a second thought, Surrogacy in Chennai is only an alternate approach to have your own biological child.\or a couple, you may have been suggested to follow the surrogacy journey after your infertility diagnosis from the doctor. we’re at your service for making your dreams a successful “Parenthood” welcoming with a beautiful life “child”…

  • Get the Best & healthy Surrogate mothers at their best age.
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In such cases, “FERTILITY WORLD”  based in Chennai has been the best one-stop destination for many intended couples and singles for receiving a baby via surrogacy. The surrogacy cost package in Chennai is affordable & effective with a solution when you are looking forward to becoming the parents of your baby We offer the best, reasonable, Secured, and Guaranteed, easy mode of payment of Surrogacy package in the world to have a baby through surrogacy. We also provide our best Gametes Donors in case of low and weak quality of gametes from our prospective couples.

Choosing “FERTILITY WORLD” Surrogacy as your mentor, counselors for your surrogacy journey will always get concluded on favorable grounds with a wholesome healthy kid whose rights are safeguarded. Our team consists of committed and dedicated professionals from around the world-class level. Your safety and success are our top priorities. Together with our preeminent surrogacy agency institution worldwide, we’ve developed flexibility in catering exactly the same to our planned parents in selecting their choice of the destination and IVF clinic according to their own medical, financial, legal, and geographical aspects of the clients.

we’re equipped with centralized  Laboratory facilities for all those IVF experts who wish to take care of their patients in a hi-tech atmosphere. The facility delivers the specialists complete control over their patient’s procedures. An entirely independent and innovative surroundings aids in delivering unparalleled achievement.

Our facilities of advanced technologies with sophisticated instruments and devices have lifted our center with great success. we’re confident and proud in delivering our decades of experiences and making our emotional parents into a beautiful family. 

Our Cost package 

The cost of surrogacy is considered to be every intended couple, single parents’ first concern. Therefore, we’re well prepared in minimising costs. In general, the Surrogacy costs package varies depending on the style of surrogacy process selected, type of treatment, medication, and so on. Bringing Life into a family through Assisted Reproductive technology is not an easy decision financially but we understand our patients’ grief. So We manage the very best low-cost Surrogacy in Chennai to select based on Surrogacy achievement rates (very high) in Chennai, therapy quality, individual’s view, Doctor’s eligibility, Reviews & ratings, and place availability. 

To get our fully packaged policy information in detail, contact us today. we’re available 24*7 at your service.

Concept of Surrogacy 

Surrogacy is an arrangement between an infertile couple and a volunteer woman (surrogates) who agrees to get pregnant for the intended couple through assisted reproductive technology (ART). The embryo is created in the fertility laboratory using intended parent gametes or using Donors Gametes (if required). The embryo is then implanted into the surrogate’s uterus/womb and conceived. This pregnancy is then continued to the full term and the child born is sent or handed over to the prospective parents without any risk.

Surrogacy has helped thousands of couples and individuals around the world in building their complete families. Infertile couples, single parents, and people who’ve been through years of fertility therapy with no effect start considering surrogacy when nothing else works and they’ve nearly lost the impulse to have their biological children. surrogacy is your only first and second option to have your own biological child.

Occasionally women get to understand they will never be able to take pregnancy in early childhood (e.g. in the case of Müllerian agenesis),  then surrogacy is the only option available.

Surrogacy is a choice for the following types of patients:

  • Individuals who struggle with infertility
  • heterosexual couples
  • LGBT couples
  • Same-sex couples
  • Single individuals considering having their own biological child.
  • People who cannot carry the pregnancy to full term.

Who selects surrogacy for a means to get parents? 

A person who is waiting to turn into a parent via surrogacy is known as an ” intended parent.” Couples and individuals of this type can choose surrogacy as your alternate path for fulfilling your dreams of parenthood, but most importantly, intended parents ‘ are: People who have struggled with infertility and have the following requirements:

  • You should be Indian citizens and married for at least five years.
  • Prospective mothers should be between 23 to 50 years.
  • A prospective father should be between 26 to 55 years.
  • Intending parents should not have any surviving child (biological, adopted, or surrogate), not including a child who is mentally and physically challenged or suffers from a life-threatening or fatal illness.

What is conventional and gestational surrogacy?

In conventional surrogacy, the surrogate is the biological mother of a child whereas, in Gestational surrogacy, the surrogate has no genetic relationship with the child.

The difference is in whose egg is used for embryo formation. Classic or conventional surrogacy is rare today because there are serious legal and emotional risks related to the surrogate being the biological mother of the infant. Not many professionals will finish traditional surrogacies. Rather, gestational surrogacy is what’s commonplace and often preferred by those involved.

What legalities are required for surrogacy ?

India creates a friendly atmosphere for surrogacy for its citizens who are unable to have a child naturally. To score a goal, there are certain rules and regulations to follow, likewise, India has certain laws for the surrogacy legal process. This is a query with an always-evolving response. Surrogacy laws vary from one state to another state, from one kind of surrogacy to a different one, and more. We have a manual to all those state laws here. Don’t allow the laws to intimidate you, but do recall; Essentially, it depends on your origin. Surrogacy law is complex, and the security of a child could be at stake. That’s why it is highly recommended and advised to seek and work with an experienced professional to procure a legal surrogacy contract that protects both parties with no exceptions. Working with professionals boosts your courage and safeguard your decision. not only that, it saves your time and your career.

Over the past decade or so, a lot of positive changes have taken place in the legal framework surrounding surrogacy. The financial viability of the market has ensured corporate interest as well. Consequently, Indian clinics offer completely legal and efficient surrogacy plans and safeguards all the involving teams (prospective parents, surrogate mothers, and Gametes Donors) from any issues, and ensure a successful surrogacy program.

What are the odds of Success in surrogacy?

In the event of an IVF process, where, the semen donor has gone through a thorough medical investigation, the egg donor is youthful (under 30 years) using a favorable fertility history, and the surrogate mother has fulfilled every surrogacy standard, such cases have 75 percent to 85% chances of effective surrogacy. But in case, the intended mother decides to donate her own eggs for fertility along with also her era doesn’t fulfill the fertility criteria then the chances of IVF success rate goes down 25% to 30% since the planned mother has gone through numerous failed in vitro fertilization efforts, there might be a risk of inferior quality eggs produced by her.

Fertility World surrogacy success rate

With “Fertility World” you can count on us, together we make your dream come true! As our holistic surrogacy program provides a stable pregnancy rate at FERTILITY WORLD provides one of the best about 85% live birth and 90-95% success after pregnancy is confirmed using egg donors.

In General (at Fertility World), the success rate is very high when the whole process and procedure of IVF and surrogacy procedure are taken into consideration, generating a high success rate of up to 95% once the surrogate mother conceives with pregnancy. The live birth rate for gestational surrogacy is about 30% to 40% per single cycle while the traditional surrogacy is about 10% to 15% per one cycle.

Being among one of the best surrogacy services providers across India and Chennai particularly, we at Fertility World,  Surrogacy make certain that you are offered a tailored strategy and the ideal level of service through each step of your surrogacy procedure.  we’re always helpful and to be part of your most amazing journey.

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