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Surrogacy cost in Kalimpong
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Fertility World Kalimpong,  Surrogacy Cost Packages 

Treatments OfferedInclusive Cost Packages
Surrogacy Inclusive Package11 lakhs up to 15 lakhs
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)1.5 lakhs up to 2.5 lakhs
Intrauterine insemination (IUI)5,000 up to 40,000
Intracytoplasmic sperm injectionUp to 1.2 lakhs
Surrogate Mother5 lakhs to 6 lakhs
Egg Donor35,000 up to 45,000
Sperm Donor10,000 up to 20,000
Embryo Donation40,000 to 70,000
Embryo Freezing10,000 to 15,00/month
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)45,000 onwards
Semen Freezing5000 p.m
Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE)30,000+
IUI without injection18,000+
IUI 2 cycle with injection50,000+
IVF 3 cycle with injection (Donor egg+self sperm)3,80,000
IVF 3 cycle with injection (Own egg+donor sperm)3,70,000

For many parents the joy of having children is priceless and a lifetime of memories. However, it is a complex set of delicate procedures. Consequently, numerous experts and service personnel will be required to make your dreams of becoming a parent come true. Because of these numerous complicated procedures and demands, many prospective parents want to know, “How much could surrogacy cost you” In general when it comes to the Fertility World surrogacy center in Kalimpong, The cost of the surrogacy program is according to three different types of surrogacy costs that decide the total cost of surrogacy:

  • The Fertility World Surrogacy Center Fee
  • Legal fees for formalities
  • Reimbursement and compensation for expenses
  • Other professional assistance, such as medical expenses & drugs

Let’s understand Surrogacy Cost in Details

The Fertility Surrogacy World is the best-known surrogacy center in Kalimpong and is still thriving, even in this epidemic. We’ve not stopped providing our services to hopeful parents, following strict guidelines set by medical experts. We work closely with the best fertility clinics in India and across the World.

We provide expert legal assistance along with the top surrogate database donor eggs, donors of sperm pre-screening, case management, and other fertility-related services that are under our under one roof. Free travel costs and no consultation.

Today, we’re helping make your surrogacy journey successful by helping and supporting you throughout the entire process to ensure the point of success. Our packages are offered at a  minimum amount of Rs. 11 lakhs to. 15 lakhs which is much affordable than other center packages. The price can differ based on your fertility medical condition.

What surrogacy services will be covered under surrogacy expenses?

The fertility industry is among the top centers that recognize and appreciates the intended parents’ finances. We, therefore, charge surrogacy at an affordable cost. But, it isn’t accessible to every one, since it involves providing life to lost dreams it’s costly. The cost of the charge includes all expenses and services that will be handled by the appropriate experts designated by the fertility community. This cost break up is provided :

  1. Medical Expenses :Prior to pregnancy intended parents will incur costs for the embryo creation, screening and IVF treatments. If your fertility clinic does not have an all-inclusive program or if your carrier requires monitoring/testing close to her home, you may incur extra costs for medications, laboratory testing and ultrasounds. 
  2. Surrogacy Centres fees : Every surrogacy centre’s approach is  way different. You should select a qualified, well-vetted Centre that fits your personal requirements and expectations. Fertility World , Kalimpong advises you to always ask for a full fee structure inclusive of all variable expenses.
  3. Variable Expenses : No one can predict what costs can add up to your surrogacy journey as our journey is different from others depending upon medical anecdotes. Overall variable expenses may include gestational carriers, surrogate mother home, multiple transfer attempts, additional legal and medical services.

What is the process of surrogacy in the Fertility World in Kalimpong?

In general, there are two types of surrogacy:

Traditional surrogacy techniques v/s Gestational surrogacy.

The distinction between the two types of surrogacy is that traditional surrogacy relies on the egg of the surrogate mother to aid in conception. Contrary to this, gestational surrogacy involves the transfer of embryos that are created by IVF with eggs donated by the intended mother or donor. Therefore, the development of IVF assisted gestational surrogacy.

Today, traditional surrogacy is not widely practiced and it is not even a choice in certain countries because of numerous legal, parental external, and emotional problems. The gestational surrogacy method is the only type of surrogacy carried out by several centers for surrogacy. This is why Fertility World only offers gestational surrogacy.

Let’s look at the method of performing gestational surrogacy in detail:

The gestational surrogacy process involves searching for an opportunity to be a surrogate, signing legal contracts, concluding the IVF procedure, and then the transfer of the embryo to a surrogate, and confirming the pregnancy before the birth of the baby.

Some parents who are hoping to have children discover the surrogacy option independently and decide to attempt an independent surrogacy by consulting an attorney that specializes in assisted reproduction law. However, the majority of parents fail with their independent surrogacy due to a lack of understanding about surrogacy. Some get caught in the trap of fraud and forfeit their money. Today, the majority of prospective parents opt to collaborate with full-service experts (the Fertility World surrogacy center) to assist them in finding the right gestational carrier to ensure an effective surrogacy.

Locating the Suitable Surrogate 

If a suitable match is identified the surrogate and intended parents will work with an attorney on the legal risks of each side and obligations, in addition to the surrogate’s compensation. Once everyone is on the same page and contracts have been completed, a fertility center handles IVF and embryo transfer. IVF as well as embryo transfer. The embryo will be developed before being transferred over to the surrogate by one of the following methods:

The eggs and the sperm from the intended parents,

A donor egg is fertilized with the sperm of the father to be, the egg of the intended mother is fertilized by donor sperm. An embryo donated by a donor or an embryo created with donor eggs and donor sperm. After that, the surrogate is able to carry the baby as though it were a normal pregnancy. The parents who are intended to be the parents will greet their child and will have full legal custody once they are born.

What is a Surrogate?

Surrogates are women who give birth to an infant for another couple or for an individual. She could be a close friend or family member, an unknown acquaintance, or an arrangement with the world of fertility.

She should not be sharing any genetic link to the baby. The embryo she carries is not genetically related to her. It is instead implanted via a fertility process known as in vitro fertilization. It could be derived directly from the woman who employs her or from an egg donor.

How can you get the best Surrogate mother for a low cost?

The role of a surrogate mother isn’t an easy one as she goes through numerous medical examinations, suffers a lot of pain, has to carry the baby for nine months and then sacrifices her body. This is why she should be a healthy and young woman. Our surrogate is kept under the following conditions, and is considered to be the most suitable surrogate:

  1. She is a young, active, fit, and healthy woman.
  2. The woman is aged between 21 and 35 years old.
  3. She should be completely supported by her husband and families.
  4. She is legally recognized as a surrogate ,pleasant and happy personality
  5. Should have delivered at least one child
  6. All blood tests show positive results. Results are positive on days 15 to 18 of the thickness of endometrial tissue >9mm
  7. She is now ready to accept the embryo
  8. She will carry the baby for nine months.

We offer our surrogate mother to prospective parents looking for gestational surrogacy but are having difficulties in choosing their surrogates. You can choose the surrogate of your choice based on what you prefer from the database. Her identity is kept private between the parties involved.

 Gestational Surrogacy Legalities

The surrogacy process is not as old and the legal system is quite ambiguous and confusing in India. It is highly recommended that prospective parents and surrogates be represented by a legal representative to help them navigate the process and to protect their rights.

While the law surrounding surrogacy may be complex The legal process for gestational surrogacy is usually simpler than other forms of surrogacy. In the case of gestational surrogacy at most one parent is genetically connected to their child. This can help in simplifying the issue of custody.

How can I find Donor Eggs at kalimpong?

The Fertility World surrogacy center in Darjeeling is a very popular Donor Egg Gestational surrogacy program in India and is accessed through a variety of methods, which include: Couples who are married where the wife isn’t capable of forming her eggs and is in need of an egg donor and Gestational Surrogate.

  1. Parents who are single, and where the wife is not there anymore
  2. Divorce/Separated male couples

We stand with those patients who are trying to become parents because we believe that everybody can enjoy the joys of parenting as a normal parent. Our donor database includes over 40 different of ethnic Indian egg donors who are ready to be donated at any moment. We provide egg donors the best price ranging from starting at Rs.35,000 and up to Rs.45,000 only.

We will provide you with profiles of the donors we have for you to select from. We also can assist by forwarding the donor to an abroad facility that can help you in the same. We work in collaboration with surrogacy centers from all over the world and you can avail yourself of their contact details by writing a mail to info@fertilityworld.inIn addition we also offer free consultations for the first day of registration. Additionally, you can take advantage of discounts of up to 10% of our surrogacy package inclusive.

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