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Note Today, the new surrogacy law (2022) enforced by the supreme court allows only altruistic surrogacy .

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Medical science today has been enhanced so much that it has discovered advanced techniques by which infertile couples can have their child complete their family with the technique of surrogacy program at an affordable cost of surrogacy in Lucknow Today!! surrogacy has been accepted by all infertile couples across the World. Also, numerous worldwide couples have come for surrogacy in India and like to move to India for the procedure as the expense of surrogacy in India is reasonable.

Surrogacy is an assisted reproduction technology (ART) where intended parents, couples, LGBT communities, and single parents work with a gestational surrogate/surrogate mother who will carry and care for their baby(ies) until the birth of a child. Prospective parents use surrogacy to begin or grow their families when they can’t do so on their own (infertility problems).

Gestational surrogacy is one of the most promising treatments and is chosen over other surrogacy methods. During gestational surrogacy, eggs, and sperm are collected from the female and male partners, mixing them all for natural fertilization outside the body (fertility lab). 

Who is eligible to undergo surrogacy?

Surrogacy is eligible for those intended: 

  • Couples who are infertile and can’t have a baby naturally.
  • That has a certificate of proven infertility of either one or both couples from the district medical board.
  • Married couples, unmarried couples, LGBT communities, and single parents.
  • The wife is between 25-52 years old and the husband is between 26 to 55 years old.
  • Do not have any surviving child (biological, adopted, or surrogate).

How does surrogacy work?

Gestational surrogacy (surrogate mother carrying the baby for you) helps those intended who are unable to have children naturally and cannot become parents. It is a process that requires medical and legal expertise from expert professionals, Embryologists, psychologists, as well as a strong support team (emotional and psychological care) process throughout the surrogacy journey.

Without the IVF technique, surrogacy is incomplete. With the help of In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), the embryos are created in a laboratory at a fertility clinic. Sometimes the intended parents use their genetic material. Sometimes, an egg donor is required. At the fertility clinic, 1 to 2 embryos (best stage) are implanted into a gestational carrier uterus, which carries the baby(ies) to full-term and delivers the baby for the prospective parents. Gestational carriers have no genetic relationship to the children they deliver, there are no parental issues.

Why does Surrogacy Seem Overwhelming in the beginning?

Surrogacy is not a simple process, it is about giving Life!

When you begin to initiate surrogacy, it can be overwhelming considering its step-by-step procedures, process, its legalities, formalities, contracts, agreement, surrogate arrangements, and most of all its expensive program, it could be a financial drain. However, It’s all about producing an amazing gift of life and it is worth investing in. The Fertility World understands you, with over two decades of experience in the fertility field boldly stands with you throughout the process, and makes you a complete family. Stop being stressed anymore because we’re your answers.

Guaranteed Surrogacy with donor Eggs

Some intended couples at Fertility World require an egg donor because the intended wife or female partner is no longer able to form her eggs and requires both an egg donor as well as a Gestational Surrogate.

Fertility World provides you with a healthy Egg donor, also we may provide our Donors database to our prospective parents with biological background information. Based on your preferences, Egg donor is used to completing a guaranteed 100% successful surrogacy. After, your choice of Egg Donor. Fertility World handles all the legal status of the Donor. She is thoroughly verified and follows the next process such as:

  • Prescreening (Screening call with Egg Donation team and Activate her profile in our egg donor database).
  • Matching (If Donor is selected for a match, she will be connected with a phone/video call with potential Intended Parents)
  • Screening and (Complete medical screening at the fertility clinic)
  • Contracts (Negotiate egg donor contract with your attorney
  • Medications and Egg Retrieval:
  • Receive cycle schedule from IVF Clinic
  • Begin medications
  • Attend local monitoring appointments
  • Travel to IVF clinic for egg retrieval

The retrieved eggs are used to fertilize with the intended husband’s sperm and Embryos is created. Once embryos are created, either they will be frozen until the intended parents are ready to implant the embryo(s) into the prospective mother uterus or with a gestational surrogate’s uterus or freshly implanted.

The surrogates are taken care of pre-post embryo implantation and up to their full-term pregnancy, 9 months. They are kept under good nutritious food, clean and hygienic accommodation. Our experienced staff nurse visits them regularly to ensure their medication is taken on time, to have a successful and healthy pregnancy and delivery of the child. It is for this reason that surrogates at Fertility World in Lucknow can deliver healthy babies at term.

Also, during delivery, we coordinate and help you with the necessary paperwork to assist you in getting citizenship for your child. Birth certificates are issued in the names of the genetic parents or Intended Parents, following the guidelines set in the ART guidelines Bill.

Assured Surrogacy with Own eggs

The path to parenthood for many is not easy. Many married couples, unmarried couples, the LGBT community, and single parents have trouble carrying a baby naturally or to term. These fertility problems occur when the female does not have a uterus (genetic or surgical removal) or due to a defective uterus. Today, there are alternatives to these problems and the fertility solution is through Surrogacy with self Eggs. Another reason to use surrogacy with a self egg with a gestational surrogate is when the couple has had numerous failed IVF cycles.

At Fertility World Assured surrogacy with own egg 

  • The intended parents first sign the contract and the tentative dates for surrogacy with self egg are finalized. 
  • Then, the intended female has prescribed pills, to synchronize with the surrogate’s menstrual cycles.
  • Once the intended female period starts, hormones are injected to make multiple quality eggs.
  • The surrogate is prepared to build endometrium.
  • After 10 to 12 days, they continued medication at home (regular communication is mentioned for the best quality eggs).
  • The intended female eggs are retrieved under anesthesia.
  • The retrieved eggs are allowed to fertilize with the husband’s sperm.
  • After fertilization; the embryo develops after 2-3 days. Grade A embryos are selected.
  • The selected embryos (2-3 cleavage) are then implanted into the surrogate uterus under ultrasound guidance.
  • The surrogate is formulated with hormonal supplements like estrogen and progesterone.
  • A pregnancy test is done after 2 weeks.

If pregnancy is tested positive then 80% assured successful surrogacy with a self-egg and delivering a healthy Baby. If pregnancy fails then repeat the same cycles and possibly only up to the third cycle.

What is the Cost of Donor eggs?

The cost of Donor Eggs and self-sperm in Lucknow ranges from Rs.80,000.0 to Rs.100,000. However, at Fertility World the cost of Donor eggs is offered at minimal packages ranging from Rs.70,000.0 to Rs.90,000. The Cost of the Donor egg is included in the overall surrogacy cost which is 20 lakhs and above INR.

Cost of Surrogacy with self Eggs and Donor sperm

The cost of surrogacy with Donor sperm and self Eggs, At Fertility World the cost of surrogacy with Donor eggs is offered at minimal packages ranging from 18 lakhs INR to 20 lakhs INR. 

Surrogate Mother Cost in Lucknow

It’s not a secret: Pregnancy is expensive!! There’s nothing quite like bringing a baby into this world. The surrogate mother sacrifices all her body, valuable time, and energy to carry her child full-term until delivery. She needs medical attention, legalities, and practical costs. Therefore, Gestational surrogacy is an emotional and physical journey, and they should be compensated. Considering all her tireless sacrifices, the cost of a surrogate mother ranges from 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs INR at Fertility World in Lucknow. 

We understand and recognize that selecting a gestational carrier is a crucial part of the surrogacy program we offer. All surrogate mothers in our database are young at their best reproductive age, healthy, have proven medical records, and volunteered to carry the pregnancy to its term. The cost includes the following:

  • Injectable medications
  • Drug allowances
  • Housekeeping and Psychological support (4 to 5 lakhs)
  • Embryo transfer (4 lakhs)

Note: Surrogate mother with twins will be charged Rs.1 to 2 lakhs extra

Surrogacy Success Rates, At Fertility World
Fertility World all Inclusive Surrogacy Packages

The Surrogacy programs cost in Lucknow can be different in different locations and different fertility centers. The Total Cost of Surrogacy in Lucknow starts from INR 18 lakhs to 20 lakhs. This package covers the following process:

  • Registration
  • consultations
  • Agreements
  • Legal documentation
  • IVF process
  • Surrogate mother arrangements
  • care of the surrogate mother, & accommodation. 
  • every trimester ANC (Ante-natal care) up to the delivery of the child i.e for 9 months.

The overall surrogacy costs can be between Rs.18 lakhs to Rs. Rs.20 lakhs, if the couple can donate their eggs or frozen fertilized embryos. These involve fees to the agency, gestational carrier, attorney, and social worker, along with legal and medical costs and money to cover the carrier’s maternity wardrobe and medicines, and disposable expenses. It also includes the costs of harvesting the egg or embryo.

The Fertility World is considered the best low-cost Surrogacy center in Lucknow because of Surrogacy success rates in Lucknow, treatment quality, patient’s opinions, doctor’s qualifications, Reviews & ratings, and location accessibility. The below table provides a clear idea about the cost and expenditures during the surrogacy program:

Surrogacy ProcessPackage
Surrogacy with own eggs & own sperms18 to 20 Lakh
Surrogacy with donor eggs & own sperms20 Lakh
Surrogacy with donor sperms & own eggs18 to 20 Lakh
Cost of Surrogate Mother5 to 6 Lakh
Cost of IVF & Embryo TransferUp to 4 Lakh
SM selection+blood test + SM preparationUp to 1 lakh
Normal Vaginal Delivery Cost35,000 to 40,000.
C-section delivery cost1 to 2 lakh
The surrogate mother stays and foodsUp to 2.5 lakhs
Caretaker + Cook + Maid for SMUp to 1 Lakh
SM Post Pregnancy Protein and MedicationUp to 40000
Legal costUp to 50,000
SM Post Embryo Transfer Drugs CostUp to 30000
Donor arrangement costUp to 50,000
Post-Preg Care + Taxi +caretaker allowanceUp to 5000
Embryo storage and freezing for 1 yearUp to 10,000
Surrogate supplier commissionUp to 1 Lakh

The Cost of Surrogacy also Depends on the following Standards

  • Doctor’s experience, 
  • success rates,
  • Surrogacy clinic location which includes the IVF Drugs,
  • Consultations, 
  • Investigations, 
  • Ultrasounds, 
  • Oocyte Pick Up, 
  • IVF Lab and embryology lab, 
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Sperm Freezing 1 year + Egg Donor Compensation by the IVF doctor

We offer Free complimentary consultations on our first Prospective parent’s registration, unlike other centers. Also, we provide up to a 10% concession on the surrogacy cost.

Our service is 24*7 available. Contact us today!! To grab the offers.

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