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Surrogacy in Agentina Surrogate mother in Argentina

Today, surrogacy provides a promising dream of parenthood for all the intended parents in Argentina, the fertilityworld surrogacy center is the best surrogacy service, provider. Intended parents receive a healthy live birth at a low cost ranging from 80,000 to 99,000 USD. Flexible and transparent surrogacy cost, surrogate mother cost can be availed by booking an appointment.

Surrogate mother cost in Argentina

Affordable Surrogacy Programs in Argentina

Most couples and single parents aspire to become parents but 1 in every 5 families struggles with infertility. Some are unable to conceive, and some conceived but miscarried. After several years of trying, these hopeful parents may consider having children through alternative means that as surrogacy. They will proceed with surrogacy based on their infertility conditions. Surrogacy options include:

  • Caucasian Donor Egg surrogacy
  • Self Egg Donor Surrogacy: Self Egg + Partner Sperm 
  • Guaranteed Surrogacy: Donor Egg + Partner Sperm

Surrogacy Success Rate in Argentina

The success rate of taking home a baby via the gestational method is around 70%-100% which is quite high compared with the success rate of other surrogacy options like traditional surrogacy. Thanks to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART),  the fertilityworld in Argentina is able to produce the highest surrogacy success rate for intending parents. In fact, once the surrogate is conceived pregnant, there is up to a 100% chance that a healthy baby will be born. Look at the bar graph, which shows the gestational surrogacy success rate:

Surrogacy Success Rate in Argentina

Caucasian Donor Egg Surrogacy in Argentina

Caucasian Donor Egg Surrogacy in Argentina

Caucasian Donor Egg Surrogacy is a surrogacy program where the Donor Eggs are from a female of European origin. Egg Donors have heritage from the U.K, Northern Europe, Irish, etc. The fertilityworld having 25+ years of functioning in Argentina has experienced that some intended parents have confident choices of the egg donor, they care deeply about the donor heritage, the European heritage.

Therefore, the fertilityworld has maintained the best approach caucasian egg donor database where the intending parents can have full freedom to choose their donors from the database which has a similar look to fit their family.

Self-Egg Donor Surrogacy in Argentina

Self-Egg Donor Surrogacy in Argentina

When the female partner’s egg and male partner’s sperm are compatible with fertilization but the female is unable to conceive pregnancy due to certain reasons. The surrogate mother (gestational) is used to carry the pregnancy for them which is termed as Self Egg donor surrogacy. Initially, most intending people choose to undergo a self Egg Donor surrogacy program with the surrogate mother because the surrogate and the child do not share any biological relationship.

Sometimes, intended parents bring their own Egg donors from among their families, or relatives to continue their bloodline when the female partner’s eggs are not viable in achieving fertilization with the partner’s sperm. The woman who carries and delivers a baby through gestational surrogacy is referred to as a gestational carrier (or sometimes gestational surrogate).

Guaranteed Surrogacy in Argentina

Guaranteed Surrogacy in Argentina

The use of any donor egg in Surrogacy is specially termed as guaranteed surrogacy because the fertilityworld put its whole efforts to use highly sophisticated instruments and produce a 100% success rate of healthy live birth from the first cycle.

This Guaranteed program is attractive for those Intended Parents who have experienced years of emotional tension and uncertainty. Women who are unable to conceive with their own eggs can now use egg donation as a fertility treatment. Women who have experienced premature menopause, a significant decrease in ovarian reserve, and/or who have had several unsuccessful IVF attempts using their own eggs are good candidates for egg donation surrogacy programs. Terms and Conditions of the Donors in Guaranteed Surrogacy:

  • Partner Normal sperm count: 60 million/ml & above
  • Partner Normal sperm motility rate: above 40%
  • Normal Morphology of sperm: Oval head with Longtail
  • AMH level of the Egg Donor: 1.5 ng/ml
  • Excellent egg reserve (follicle count in Ovaries) of the egg Donors.

Fertilityworld Egg Donor Database in Argentina

  • Caucasian Egg Donors: We have them based in South Africa, the USA, Ukraine, or Georgia.
  • Thai/Asian Egg Donors from Thailand
  • Indian Egg Donors 
  • African Egg Donors
  • Kenyan Egg Donors

Surrogacy Cost in Argentina

The surrogacy costs offered by the fertilityworld in Argentina are more affordable than in Western industrialized nations. It is reasonable and does not have any law or regulation controlling the form. All intending people from another country can choose the process freely and successfully achieve parenthood at low surrogacy costs in Argentina. Look at the flexible, transparent, and affordable surrogacy cost table below at the fertilityworld:

Surrogacy ProgramCost in USD ($)
Caucasian Donor Egg Surrogacy79,000-80,000
Self Donor Egg Surrogacy69,000-75,000
Guaranteed Surrogacy99,000-100,000

Remember that your surrogacy cost depends on the type the program you select, or after the fertility examination or suggested by your examiner. Also, it depends on your choice of surrogate mother either compensated or altruistic surrogate mother.

The fertilityworld team of experts is here to help with our top-notch services and assistance. We perceive every person’s condition and desire to have biological children. We welcome and acknowledge a person’s problem and try our best to solve it and provide the best results. You can have the entire viewpoint of the process, a surrogate mother, and the cost of surrogacy in Argentina. Inclusive Surrogacy Cost covers the following:

  • Cost of the surrogate mother, clothes, food, and stays.
  • Cost of the egg Donors in Donor surrogacy
  • Cost of IVF procedures
  • Cost of the surrogacy services provided
  • Cost of legal framework done by the lawyer
  • Fees of the Doctors
  • Fees of the equipment used.

Surrogate Mother Cost in Argentina

If you choose to use a surrogate mother from the fertilityworld database in Argentina. She will undergo various procedures that will cost some price for medical diagnosis, her compensation, essential needs, travel, food, living, and other nutrients and assistance needed during pregnancy. However, the surrogate mother is included in the inclusive package:

  • Caucasian Donor Egg Surrogacy: (79,000-80,000)$
  • Self-Donor Egg Surrogacy: (69,000-75,000)$
  • Guaranteed Surrogacy: (99,000-100,000)$

Surrogate Mother Database at the fertilityworld

At the fertilityworld surrogate mother database, the intended parents can easily select their preferences by simply connecting with the coordinator or by filling up online forms. You will have various options to select based on your choice, the options include:

  • Select the country, region/state, and zip code you want.
  • Type of surrogate, search by name of the surrogate, and by nationality.
  • Race, Religion, spoken language, education
  • Height, Hair color, eye color, working with an agency
  • Age, marital status, availability.
  • Support from the family, or husband if married.

From all these available opinions one can select anyone based on their preferences.

How is Surrogacy done in Argentina at the fertilityworld?

The fertilityworld operates in different countries providing a smooth and easy procedure for surrogacy. The process of surrogacy is done in the following manner:

  • First Registration or booking an appointment.
  • Free consultations and presentations on surrogacy options.
  • Signing the contract agreement & discussing the expenditures.
  • Egg Donor selection (if needed/suggested)
  • Surrogate mother arrangements and screening.
  • Finalizing the trip, travel, and stay booking.
  • Logistics & arrangements- (shipments of embryos, eggs, sperms) if needed. 
  • IVF procedures of either self-egg with partner sperm, donor egg with partner sperm, Self egg with donor sperm, or direct use of the donor embryos.
  • Legal contracts between the donors and intended parents and involving parties.
  • Implantation, or transferring of the embryos into the surrogate uterus.
  • Pregnancy management, confirmation with regular monitoring.
  • Arrangements of the child delivery.
  • Send you home with the healthy live baby(ies).

Who should consider the surrogacy program?

Surrogacy should be considered by those Intended parents having the following conditions:

  • Couples who cannot conceive traditionally. 
  • Same-sex couples  (primarily males, in conjunction with an egg donor), single people, or those who find age to be a barrier to natural pregnancy, gestational surrogacy completes their family. 
  • LGBT surrogacy is one of the most preferred locations for Single Parents Surrogacy.
  • For couples with limited success with IVF, or ART; surrogacy provides an alternative option for you and your family.
  • Couples with uterine shape abnormalities, septate uterus, uterine fibroids, uterine scars from infection or surgery, or others. Medical problems or illnesses that affect the health of the uterus.
  • For Couples with previous surgeries or hysterectomies, surrogacy helps to fulfill the dreams of becoming a parent.
  • Couples with obesity, diabetes, heart or blood disorders, maternal age, or certain sexually transmitted diseases should consider surrogacy. These conditions can make a pregnancy high-risk or prevent pregnancy. 
  • Couples with unexplained infertility: If you and your partner have tried conceiving for 12 cycles and/or have tried IVF unsuccessfully, surrogacy provides you with another option to grow your family.

Is Surrogacy Allowed in Argentina?

Yes! Surrogacy is allowed in Argentina today. Although it was permitted a few years ago, the growth boom has reached its highest in 2022. More and more patients have undergone surrogacy in the last few years, where the option of having birth and receiving a birth certificate in the name of the intended parents is possible and safe. 

In 2015 Argentina’s Civil Code changed, and it admitted a third source of filiation; infants born through ART.  Surrogacy was not mentioned and it was not forbidden. Under Argentine law, such processes must be altruistic in nature, meaning a surrogate can be paid only expenses.  Since 2013,  mainly Argentine nationals have engaged in surrogacy. But more recently foreigners have also been engaging in Argentina given surrogacy is allowed regardless of the nationality of parents.

While Argentina does not have laws regarding the transfer of parentage after surrogacy, in the City of Buenos Aires, a prior class action means intended parents are recognized as legal parents. Both intended parents (or a single parent) appear on the newborn’s birth certificate in surrogacy cases. The surrogate is not named.  Such infants are also eligible for an Argentine passport. (Registry of Marital Status and Legal Capacity of the City of Buenos Aires issued  Regulations 93/DGRC/17, 103/DGRC/17, and  122/DGRC/20). A genetic link is not required to the intended parent under Argentine law.

What makes the fertilityworld very unique?

The fertilityworld surrogacy center is the most trusted center. It has the largest chain of surrogacy in most countries. The uniqueness of the fertilityworld from the rest of other surrogacy centers is because of the following:

  • Intended parents from Argentina, India, Australia, Canada, Ireland, China, Dubai, Russia, Spain, USA, European countries, Africa, and North America as well as South America trusted the fertilityworld and have achieved successful parenthood dreams.
  • The fertilityworld offers cross-border surrogacy options predominantly in Kenya, Georgia, and Argentina.
  • It has the best egg donation services or egg donor database globally for specifically premium Indian Donors or shipping of frozen eggs from African and caucasian Donors.
  • It has the best IVF and fertility treatment case referrals in India, Kenya, Dubai, and Thailand.
  • It provides Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) or Gender Selection in Thailand, Dubai, and Kenya only.
  • Cross-Border Surrogacy- The fertility world can create embryos in India or Georgia and ship them to the destination country where surrogacy will take place.
  • The surrogacy cost is flexible, transparent, and cost-effective.
  • The team provides complete support and guidance and the best advice on aspects such as the choice of donors, IVF clinics, surrogate mothers, and so on.
  • It offers money-back plans in Mexico, Colombia & Kenya, Georgia, and Ukraine.
  • Take onboard HIV cases intended parents provided the viral load is optimum.

Know more information about Surrogacy

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Further, if you want to directly discuss the cost of gestational surrogacy, the cost of guaranteed surrogacy, the cost of the surrogate mother, the cost of the gamete donation (egg/sperm/embryo) cost, or any fertility-related treatment cost, and discount. Please feel free and write to us at We provide free consultations and no charges for your query.

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