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Why intending parents in Canada should choose the Fertility World Surrogacy Center  

Highest success rates: We’re the most surrogacy center with a success rate of 100% for parents, delivering a healthy Baby!  

  • Established relationships with IVF clinics: Working  closely with the most successful IVF clinics throughout Canada, So that everyone should get successful results.
  • We stand with intended parents from all backgrounds till delivery and beyond: For over 20+ years we’ve helped straight and LGBTQ+ couples and single parents to fulfill their dreams of parenthood.
  • Flexible consultation schedule: We are available for private surrogacy consultations via phone call and video regularly with parents in Canada.
  • In-house legal support: We have attorneys on staff to help with your legal work and insurance. We have ensured all new parents made it home safely with their babies.

Let us understand the meaning of surrogacy first.

Surrogacy is a process that uses the service of medical specialists, experts, skilled and legal professionals to guide the intended parents, as well as a strong support process throughout the gestational surrogacy journey and helps you build your parenthood Dreams with a healthy beautiful Baby!. 

Gestational surrogacy helps those intended parents, intended couples, single parents, and LGBTQ communities who cannot bear a child in their womb to become parents.  Those intended people use a gestational carrier/surrogate mother to carry a baby to term for them. 

A surrogate mother, she is a young woman at her best reproductive age, she renders her committed help to those intended people by caring and delivering for them.


  • The baby delivered by the surrogate mother does not have a biological relationship with her.
  • The baby will be the biological child of the intended parents.

Know the Surrogacy laws in Canada?

Canada has a robust surrogacy law framework concerning legal parenthood. It is one of the few destinations around the world where international intended parents can enter into a surrogacy agreement with a surrogate which (in most Canadian provinces) is legally recognized and makes them their child’s legal parents from birth.

Contrary to popular belief, Surrogacy is legal in Canada.

The Canadian surrogacy law respects the Canadians’ values and sets out broad principles to guide how Canada applies and enforces the Act and its regulations. It also encourages health professionals, researchers, and other interested groups to follow the principles while carrying out assisted human reproduction-based activities. 

The result was the Assisted Human Reproduction Act (AHR Act), which became law in March 2004.

The Assisted Human Reproduction Act prohibits the provision or acceptance of consideration to a woman for acting as a surrogate; it is illegal to pay a surrogate mother for her services. However, it is legal to reimburse a surrogate mother for her reasonable expenses incurred as a result of the surrogacy. 

How does surrogacy work?

Surrogacy is incomplete without the process of In-Vitro Fertilization. Through IVF, embryos are created in a lab (outside the body) at Fertility World fertility clinic. Sometimes the intended parents use their genetic material (eggs/sperms). Sometimes, an egg donor or sperm donor is required. At the fertility clinic, 1-2 embryos are implanted into a gestational carrier uterus, which carries the baby(ies) to term and gives a healthy birth for the prospective parents. At The Fertility World Surrogacy center in Canada, the Surrogacy Program proceeds in the following steps respectively: surrogacy law in Canada

  1. Consultations: Once you book an appointment from the given online forms or via our provided social platforms. Within no time, our coordinators will contact you and schedule you for a direct free consultation with our fertility specialist and know more about your medical history and your genetic background. After that, you, and our team will sit down together and devise a surrogacy plan. We feel it is our job to help you navigate your options and collectively determine the best plan to achieve your personal family goals.
  1. Find an egg donor, Sperm Donor (if needed): Arrangement of a donor and the surrogate mother is the next step for couples where the female partner doesn’t want to use her eggs or the male partner doesn’t want to use his sperm. Frozen eggs are also an option, but because eggs are single-celled units and do not always thaw well after freezing once a donor is arranged, we conduct a fresh donor egg cycle. This is the first half of IVF, in which the donor will take medication to optimize her ovaries and will ultimately undergo an in-office egg retrieval procedure.

Your egg or sperm donor will be genetically linked to your future child, so this may seem like an overwhelming decision. Clinical and mental health professionals will help you choose the donor that is right for you.

  1. Complete the IVF cycle: The male partner sperm sample (or donor sperm may be used) is collected. The good news is that retrieval of sperm doesn’t have to happen on the same day as the partner or donor’s egg retrieval. The sperm can stay safely frozen for years and use.

On the day of egg retrieval, our clinic staff will complete the procedures and let you know how many eggs were retrieved. The sperm and egg will be combined in the laboratory for fertilization and generate an embryo. IVF steps involve a series of skilled experts. Read the process of In-Vitro Fertilization for detailed steps involved. It’s important to remember that there is a natural rate of attrition when it comes to the IVF process. Not all eggs retrieved will be mature, and not all eggs that are fertilized will develop into Grade A embryos, which is completely normal.

You may also have to undergo preimplantation genetic testing at this time (generated embryos) to help select the best embryo. Chances for chromosomal abnormalities are rare with a young, healthy donor, but this test can also allow you to determine the sex of your embryos. Embryos are usually cryopreserved until your surrogate’s uterine lining is ready for implantation.

  1. Find a matching Surrogate: Finding the surrogate mother is possible in all the states where surrogacy is legal. We will arrange the best surrogate, typically a young, healthy woman who has had prior pregnancies and uncomplicated births. She will be screened and matched with the intended parents (Expect the surrogate matching process to take some time, in some cases six months or longer).

She will be your selection choice. You can share any specific requests you have concerning your surrogate (the location of your surrogate, dietary requests, or the amount of contact you wish to have with your carrier). We will take great care and provide mental health counseling to you, your surrogate, and her partner (if applicable) are all on the same page throughout the process. 

  1. Embryo Transfer: The embryo transfer is a quick procedure, and most intended parents attend the clinic for this experience with the surrogate. The transfer is performed under the guidance of an ultrasound, so everyone can see the procedure take place. Most surrogates travel home right after the procedure.

After eight to ten days of the transfer, a pregnancy test is done. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate will undergo eight to ten weeks of monitoring at our local office with fertility supervision. She will then regularly visit her local OB-GYN’s office for observation. 

  1. Complete Legal Paperwork: We will help you to navigate the necessary legal paperwork. Documents include a pre-birth order, parentage documents for intended parents, and a formal birth plan. These documents ensure everyone’s rights and wishes are known and protected throughout the entire process.  
  1. Welcome the Baby: You can come to the birth of the child and capture the amazing memory, with many choosing to be in the delivery room. After that, you can hold your baby in your arms and return home.


Guaranteed Surrogacy with Egg donation

In many cases, intended couples at Fertility World apply for an egg donor for a surrogacy program in Canada. As the intended wife or female partner cannot produce healthy eggs, or possess a genetic disorder and avoid the health of their baby. In such cases, we provide a 100% success program with a healthy child delivered by Gestational Surrogate for you.

Fertility World provides you the best healthy Egg donor, or we may provide our Donor’s database with biological background information for you to pick. Based on your choice, Egg donor is used in completing a guaranteed 100% successful surrogacy. Our donor is ever ready to receive the embryo in her uterus to carry your child. After the Donor is matched with your conditions. Fertility World handles all the legal status of the Donor. She is thoroughly verified and move to the next step:

  • Prescreening: Screening call with Egg Donor team and Activate her profile in our egg donor database.
  • Matching: (If Donor is selected for a match, she will be connected via phone/video call with potential Intended Parents)
  • Complete medical screening: at the fertility clinic.
  • Contracts: Negotiate an egg donor contract with your attorney at the lowest price.
  • Medications and Egg Retrieval  

The retrieved eggs are fertilized with the intended husband’s sperm and Embryos is created. Once embryos are created, either they will be frozen until the intended parents are ready to implant the embryo(s) into the gestational surrogate’s uterus or freshly implanted.  

The surrogates are taken care of pre-post embryo implantation and up to their full-term pregnancy, 9 months. She is kept under good nutritious food, clean and hygienic accommodation. Our experienced staff nurse visits them regularly to ensure her medication is taken on time, to ensure a successful and healthy pregnancy and delivery of the child. For this reason, surrogates at Fertility World in Canada can deliver a healthy baby(ies) at term.  Also, during delivery, we coordinate and help you with the necessary paperwork to assist you in getting citizenship for your child. Birth certificates are issued in the names of the genetic parents or Intended Parents, following the guidelines set in the Canadian surrogacy Act.  

Surrogate Mother Qualifications at the Fertility World in Canada

  • She is well aware of Surrogacy laws in Canada
  • She is a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident
  • She is between the age of 21-38 years, the best reproductive age.
  • She is under the Body Mass Index (BMI) 35 
  • She has experienced 1 prior pregnancy/birth, or currently nursing her baby.
  • She has no history of serious pregnancy, delivery, or postpartum complications 
  • She has no history of premature birth.
  • She is in excellent physical, emotional, and mental health.
  • She has no health issues.
  • She is free from criminal history.
  • She is prepared psychologically and medically fit.
  • She stays in a stable residence and is ready whenever needed.
  • She is married or in a stable relationship. 
  • She is supported by her partner, friends, and family.
  • She has a positive outlook on life, considerate of others, compassionate, a good communicator, and caring.
  • She is ready to take IVF medications.
  • She is ready to travel to fertility clinics, lawyers, doctor’s/ultrasound appointments.
  • She is free from abuse of drugs/alcohol and is a non-smoker.
  • She is ready to enjoy being pregnant.

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