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Surrogacy in USA

At Fertility World Surrogacy in the USA, we help all intending parents, couples, Same-Sex, LGBT+ and single parents from all across the world to realize their dreams of having a complete family. International Surrogacy is an amazing journey of becoming a parent. With Fertility World, Surrogacy in the United States of America (USA) is legal, safe, and secure for all.

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Why international parents choose surrogacy journey in the United States

At Fertility World You can be from any origin around the Globe, there are various reasons for you to complete an American Surrogacy besides choosing one from another country.

The United States of America is widely considered to be the ideal destination for surrogacy programs. Most of the International intended parents prefer to select the United States for surrogacy because of its favorable-friendly legal laws, societal and medical conditions, treatments, and respectful care. Out of 50 states in the US, 47 states allow commercial surrogacy. For over two decades of expertise, we’ve worked and helped many intended parents succeed in their dreams of parenthood.

Fertility World is highly advanced in coping with the United States surrogacy program, legalities, standard medical procedures keeping our top priority for safe and secure family-builder. Our service does not only rely on success but also on providing complete satisfaction to our prospective parents. Together, we make your parental dreams a successful one.

Why choose the United States for Surrogacy

The United States is the most powerful, advanced, modernized in technology, and the developed country also understands the cost of the happiness of mankind and family-building. Quite many surrogacy destinations are easily available across the world, but most of the International intended parents prefer to choose the US because none other countries are unlike the United States.

In the United States, there are many favorable destinations (US states) to choose which allows pursuing a safe and secure surrogacy process. The state-specific surrogacy laws not only protect the rights of the prospective parents but also protects the rights of the Surrogates and Gametes Donors that they worked with. Surrogacy has been practiced for very long decades in the United States, this experience enlightened them to concerns international intended parents order of parentage, standard medical practices, and safety for all, unlike emerging developing countries.

Many international intended parents’ families have been built and are continually updating with the best Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), understanding family values and happiness. Also, there are some specific areas to choose for the surrogacy program which is likely surrogacy in the USA is the best path for you as an international intended parent.

Surrogacy Legal Laws in the U.S

In the United States, surrogacy is governed by State Laws rather than federal laws. This means each state that is permitting surrogacy has created its surrogacy program regulation. Some states have no restricted laws while some states have more restrictive laws, which makes plenty of state destinations for surrogacy. This puts international prospective parents at ease.

Surrogacy can be occupied in many areas of the U.S. and, when you work with an American surrogacy (Fertility World), your professional will make sure you are matched with a surrogate mother from a surrogacy-friendly state before you move forward or matched with your known surrogate. This encourages you; working in a surrogacy-friendly state allows you to:

  • Navigate you into an easy and satisfying process
  • Keep you away from confusions, fraudsters
  • Saves your time, career, and financial
  • Create an enforceable surrogacy contract of rights and responsibilities
  • Establish your parental rights before your baby is even born
  • Make sure your surrogate is protected, receiving proper care and compensation throughout her pregnancy
  • And many more.

Surrogacy in the United States has many benefits from secure legal protections and world-class treatment that you might not receive in another country. If you’re from LGBT+community, the United States recognizes gay marriage- you can add an advantage of writing both of your names in your surrogate child Birth certificate as legal parents before you return to your hometown. Many exciting surrogates are willing to work with LGBT couples of all nationalities, also you can easily find sperm or egg donation you need in the United States.

Experienced surrogacy attorneys across the United States will represent you during this surrogacy journey and make sure that you receive the legal protection you need and your surrogacy meets the legal standards. Fertility World is always available to guide and navigate you in your surrogacy journey in the United States. We advise and recommend all the intended parents of any origin seek the help of fertility service providers to avoid the risk of any complications.

How does the Surrogacy Process work in the U.S?

A surrogacy journey is not as simple as you read, it consists of many step-by-step milestones and bringing your baby home! Each journey differs and on its timeline. Generally, an average surrogacy journey takes about 14-16 months. However, the time taken of the process depends on the intended parents’ choices of treatments and situations. 

Step-by-step surrogacy process

  1. Consultation and sign agreement
  • Book an appointment with us
  • Direct consultation with our professionals
  • Sign an agreement with us for surrogacy program
  • Face to face introduction or via video calling

The biggest step you could ever have is your decision. If you’re intended for couples, parents, LGBT+, and individual parents considering surrogacy to extend your family. Book an appointment with us by filling the application form provided or directly contact us through our helpdesk number provided on our website.

Fertility World provides free consultation to our prospective parents because we understand your emotions of an incomplete family. Our professionals listen to your stories and clarify all your questions and confusions with a comfort-friendly approach. Once you feel like your decision is worth taking after our professional consultation, you decided to work with us for completing your family. You’ll sign a bond with us for the surrogacy program.

The next step is introducing you to our team and our team with you face-to-face or through video calling. Our teams consist of coordinators, managers, accountants, lawyers, doctors, specialists, psychologists, embryologists, and all the staff who will take care of you throughout the surrogacy journey.

  1. IVF clinic selection

If you’ve your own selected IVF clinic, it’s great. If you don’t, no worries our team stands with you in every step. Fertility World helps you in providing the best IVF clinics as we have worked with many well-known IVF clinics around the world.

  1. Embryo generation, matching surrogate, Donors gametes if required, implant embryo

If you’ve already created an embryo, you’re all set for surrogate matching. If not, an embryo is created at this point. If you require a donor egg, matching with the donor is the first step to do before matching the surrogate. If you don’t have your known donor egg, fertility World provides you with a donor database, you’re allowed to choose your preference donor. The donor is screened following the protocol and follows medication. If her body responds to medication she is monitored regularly and she is ready for egg retrieval. The best quality is retrieved and the embryo is created with prospective husband sperm or with sperm from a donor. The best embryo is selected and is implanted into your matched surrogate uterus.

  1. Start journey to pregnancy: 9 months

This stage is the most amazing stage in surrogacy and usually the longest step. At this stage, you’ll develop a stronger bond with the surrogate as she updates you on the pregnancy and your baby. After 10 weeks, the surrogate is released to her OBGYN and continues with ultrasound check-in. About 20 weeks ultrasound check, the prospective parents can see and listen to their child’s heartbeat, and also they can know the sex of their child via the anatomy scan of the baby. Most of the prospective parents present themselves in the hospital and feel life again. At this time, intended parents will also work with their legal attorney and local counselor to establish their parental rights and their child’s birth plan.

And let’s not forget the most heartwarming things: decorating a nursery at home! Plus, prospective parents can also be preparing for their baby’s arrival, packing, and booking travel. You’ll plan and plan and before you know it, your baby will be born.

  1. Welcome a baby and travel back Home with life

All the delivery plans, which hospital, which city will be decided involving prospective parents, surrogates, and our team. At the same time, we also worked with your legal paperwork and parentage order and after delivery, legal documents were submitted to the state law court. When the doctor releases your baby from the hospital, you are free to take your baby home. It can be hard to believe – the hospital is entrusting you with this very small baby! The good news is, you’ve been preparing and planning for this for so long – you’re finally parents. Finally, a milestone of an emotional journey succeeds, and you hold your biological baby in your arms, inhaling that amazing new baby smell, an amazing unforgettable journey. 

 The blank space is filled in your family!!!

Surrogacy Cost in the U.S

If you’re thinking about having a baby via surrogacy, Fertility World can help you understand the surrogacy programs involved, available, cost of surrogacy, cost of egg Donor, cost of the surrogate, and all the medical and treatment costs involved in the program. We’re transparent and provide the most satisfactory options to our patients. In General, the surrogacy cost in the U.S ranges between 80,000.00 to 120,000.00 USD.

At Fertility World, we provide the best cost-effective options, depending on your requirements of:

  • Surrogates compensation
  • Gamete donors
  • Your treatment preferences
  • Insurance
  • Legal screening and support for surrogate
  • Parent legal rights
  • Agency fees

Understanding what goes into the surrogacy process helps intended parents see the need for professionals and certain surrogacy expenses. To get the best effective option of expenses, kindly contact our helpdesk provided and free consultations.

Success rates

At Fertility World, the success rate of surrogacy and healthy live birth of a baby is up to 99% for parents; we’ve been guaranteeing our intended parents to bring home a baby at the end of their journey for over two decades and on. 99% success rate for those who conceived a baby from their first cycle of embryo transfer or completed at least two cycles transfers. 98% Success rate for those who had a baby from their first two embryo transfers, or completed at least three embryo transfers. 95% success rate for those who had completed surrogacy journey for at least one embryo transfer. 99.8% success rate for those who used Gametes (egg/sperm) from donors.

The fertility world believes in an indirect approach from the prospective parents for a complete understanding of the surrogacy aspects offered by us. One thing is certain!! Reading gives basic understanding and enlightens your path in your decision. But having verbal knowledge from the professional’s builts your path stronger and stern Courage to succeed!!

Come!! Together we build your family. Contact us today, with us you’re beautiful.

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