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Being the best recommended IVF center, our engagement focus is primarily on the patient seeking reproductive medical treatment with one idea in mind: to obtain a healthy baby at home. We take great pride in the number of women we have helped get pregnant, either through in vitro fertilization, as surrogates, with sperm or egg donations, or using other treatment options.

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Fertility World Center has been providing IVF to Southern India for over a decade. We are aware that South India acquires 70 % of the Indian Population. However, we want to see more & more families growing. We are confident we can help you succeed and guide you through your fertility journey. Fertility World offers many options, but you’ll quickly see what makes our IVF treatments different from others. Our embryology lab directors will ensure that you receive excellent fertility care during IVF.

What is IVF?

In vitro fertilization is a term that comes from Latin “in glass” fertilization. This term refers to a procedure that is performed in a test tube. In vitro fertilization (IVF), also known as fertilizing an egg with sperm in glass dishes, is a process that fertilizes the egg. Naturally, the process would take place in the fallopian tubes. Modern fertility clinics have replaced glass with single-use plastic dishes. However, the principle is the same.

IVF is an effective fertility treatment that can help overcome severe infertility. Some couples won’t be able to restore their fertility naturally and will need to rely on technology to help them conceive. This could be due to blocked fallopian tubes and poor sperm function.

IVF costs are significantly higher when using state-of-the-art reproductive technology than simpler fertility treatments. We choose carefully who we recommend for this fertility treatment. When possible, we try to find alternative IVF options like intrauterine injections (IUI). The Mini IVF Package treatment option offers us new options. This is a less costly option than traditional IVF, and maybe an excellent choice for a select group of infertility sufferers. Initial fertility evaluations will determine the best treatment plan. Many patients don’t know how IVF can restore fertility. 

Let’s take a look at the IVF Cycle Step-By-Step.

  1. Ovarian stimulation using fertility medication (absent in natural IVF cycle)
  2. Egg (oocyte), retrieval (also called Oocyte aspiration (ovum pickup, or simply “retrieval”)
  3. Natural fertilization or ICSI (not for egg freezing) is used to inseminate the egg.
  4. Laboratory culture and development (typically up to blastocyst formation and up until day 7)
  5. Transfer of embryos into the uterus (fresh transfer).
  6. CryopreservationPreimplantation Genetic Testing (PGD or PGS) – optional but improves success rates.
  7. Support for implantation and pregnancy tests


IVF with micro or minimal stimulation. The creation of an embryo occurs outside the body, just like conventional IVF. The only difference is the amount of medication used to stimulate the ovaries ability to produce eggs. Mini-IVF is more effective than traditional IVF, which aims to produce more eggs. It can also be done without ovarian stimulation drugs


This is the process of preserving or protecting eggs, embryos, or reproductive tissues so that one can have biological children. Women can freeze their eggs to plan for the future. Egg freezing has become a popular way to preserve eggs and help you get pregnant.


Frozen embryo transfer is an IVF treatment in which a frozen embryo is transferred to a woman’s Uterus. A cryopreserved embryo may be from a woman’s previous IVF cycle or donor embryo.


IUI increases the number and quality of sperm that can reach the Fallopian tubes, which in turn leads to increased fertilization chances. This gives sperm a head start and offers an advantage. Sperm can also bypass the cervical mucus, which in some cases may hinder sperm growth. The best results can be achieved if the IUI is done at the exact time that spontaneous ovulation occurs. Insemination timing can be optimized by using hCG (pregnancy hormone) as an artificial ovulation trigger.

Our team is proud that we offer many effective LGBTQ fertility options. Fertility World for Reproductive Medicine proudly supports the LGBTQ community. Our Expert will start the process of finding the best option for fertility after your first appointment. There are three options available for LGBTQ fertility: donor sperm IUI, donor IVF, and reciprocal IVF.

Our Southern Fertility World center welcomes women to find out more about LGBTQ fertility. They are delighted to be informed about all the options available to them to become mothers.

  • A woman can find a donor sperm IUI and then she goes through the IUI process. For women who are over 35 years old or have irregular periods, your doctor might recommend fertility medication.
  • Donor sperm IVF is a great option for women who need a little extra help welcoming a baby. This treatment involves using donor sperm as part of an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle.
  • Reciprocal IVF allows both partners to play an active role in the pregnancy. The egg donation will be done by one partner, while the other will deliver the baby. The medical procedure is similar to traditional IVF.

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We aim to be the best and provide the highest quality reproductive care possible and the best chance of conception. The dedication and hard work of our center’s team of excellent staff are reflected in our success rates. Our success rates are the best way to gauge our effectiveness. Book an appointment to start your parenthood journey.

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