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Cost of IVF in Hyderabad

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IVF costs in Hyderabad India start from the standard range,  couples can find the most affordable and reliable IVF packages in Hyderabad city. Our Specialists will see and analyze an individual’s medical report and shall consult on how your infertility treatment is going to perform. This is why it can vary from person to person. IVF cost in Hyderabad includes all medical and diagnostic procedures and treatment. Fertility World is a leading IVF center in Hyderabad and offers IVF treatment at a reasonable price starting from INR 90,000 to 2.50 Lakhs with a high success rate over the decades.

Who needs IVF?

  • Tubal disease: Stuck tubes or impaired tubal function.
  • Unexplained Infertility: If infertility lasts more than three years. Women over 30 years of age are eligible for this benefit. 
  • Male infertility-Severe malefactor.Severe impairment of count or motility.
  • ENDOMETRIOSIS- severe endometriosis: If mild or moderate endometriosis lasts for 3 years or more.Women between 36 and 60 years with mild to moderate endometriosis.

IVF with Self Eggs

Hormonal stimulation is required to produce more eggs than the periodical ovulation cycle. The doctor watches the progress of ultrasound stimulation. The doctor monitors the course of stimulation by ultrasound. On the same day that the eggs are taken, the partner’s sperm will be taken. The eggs are fertilized with sperm, and the embryos are kept (cultivated) outside of the woman’s body. After several days of maturation, the best embryo is transferred into the woman’s uterus via embryo transfer. You can freeze the embryos of high quality for future treatment. Package starting at INR 1 Lakh for IVF with self-eggs

IVF with Donor EGG

IVF Cost in Hyderabad for donor eggs is a little higher due to the additional process of egg retrieval from donor and fertility medication (which she must take in order to follicular aspiration). The IVF treatment using your own eggs can be classified as either Conventional or Standard. If IVF is combined with advanced equipment or other ART techniques (such as donors), these IVF treatments are called advanced IVF. An egg donor can offer couples the chance to have a baby. It is often a long-term decision. This decision is made after IVF and other fertility treatments have been exhausted. After doing a thorough fertility analysis, your fertility specialist may recommend IVF with egg donation as a treatment option in the following situations:

  • Patients with low ovarian reserve (insufficient high-quality eggs)
  • Maternal age at an advanced stage
  • Premature ovarian dysfunction (when the ovaries stop working before age 40)
  • If the mother is suffering from a genetic condition, it may pass on to her baby.

Fertility World IVF can provide donor egg IVF to couples who are interested in IVF with donor eggs. They may choose to use fresh eggs from a well-known donor or frozen eggs from an accredited donor bank. Our patients receive complete assistance in obtaining frozen eggs from an approved donor egg bank.

The eggs from a donor bank are carefully screened before being frozen to ensure fertilization.

  • Fresh donor eggs are given medication to stimulate the ovaries and allow for the release of mature eggs. She will be subject to blood tests and an ultrasound scan during this time to monitor the development of eggs.
  • The recipient is also given medication to suppress her natural cycle of ovulation to prevent her ovaries from releasing eggs.
  • Eggs are harvested from donors once they have reached maturity. Sperm from the recipient’s spouse is then added to the eggs in order to fertilize them. After they have developed sufficiently, one (or sometimes two) of the embryos is placed in the patient’s uterus for pregnancy. The embryo transfer can be done outpatient and doesn’t require hospitalization. You can freeze the embryos for future use.

Fertility world announces affordable IVF package with donor embryos starting at Rs.1,00,000 onwards Need help regarding a donor egg IVF cycle you are considering, please contact us.

  • Our Plans & Approach

Fertility World is a Brand New Initiative by a Group Of Like-minded Technological and Clinical Professionals to Make a Difference in the Indian Reproductive Ecosystem. Fertility World’s First Project was launched in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is India’s most Centrally-located destination, with great connectivity across India and the globe. Our team is determined to achieve our mission of “Journey for One Cycle One Family”. With our team On-board and technology to keep each individual connected and informed, we believe that every customer should have a unique and personal experience. Our Virtual Network – is one such initiative. It will keep all customers on top of the latest developments and ensure seamless information, stage by stage engagement to minimize gaps. Fertility World is a team of fertility specialists and scientists and counselors. We have excellent success rates because of our collective experience, scientific research, advanced medical care, collaborative team approach, and shared expertise. Our patients have the best chance possible of having a healthy pregnancy thanks to our evidence-based practice and investments in the most recent technologies. Our success rates are equal to or better than the very best anywhere in the world.

Why Fertility World

We understand the challenges couples face when trying to conceive. It can be a difficult decision to select the right Specialists and Centres in order to achieve the desired results. Fertility World is a preferred choice for all of our customers because of the following:

Ethical Practice: We strongly believe in Ethics in Medical Practice. This ensures we deliver the best to our customers under any circumstances. Our mission is to let science speak for itself.

  • Evidence-Based: Because Fertility is a Clinical specialty, there is a lot of dependence on Science and Protocols. This is why we place importance on science and its relevance to our community.
  • Promise: We will not do anything that isn’t necessary, un-indicated, or unscrupulous.
  • Transparency: Our Treatment method is designed to keep YOU as our Universe. We will make sure you are kept informed at all stages and processes.
  • Virtual Networks: is a proprietary online system that keeps you up to date throughout your journey. The framework will allow you to communicate with your team, understand your next steps and plan intelligent treatment. This will help us reach our mission of “One Cycle One Family”.
  • Most Common Treatment: We understand the emotional trauma of not having children. We promise to provide the best options that will maximize your chances of having kids with minimum intervention. IVF patients have the opportunity to achieve maximum pregnancy rates in one IVF cycle.

Complete IVF Process

  • Fertility Specialist Consultation: Doctors will review your medical records, scans, history, and other investigations during your first visit. They will also decide whether IVF should be performed if necessary. The doctor will also discuss your pre-IVF medications and any investigations. Starting and maintaining treatment Reporting of day-2 of menses is required by the patient. After conducting a complete blood examination and obtaining scans, hormone injections will be given every day for between 8-12 days to mature the follicles. These injections don’t hurt and must be given at a set time each day. Nearly every day, you’ll need to come in for scans for between 8-10 business days.
  • Trigger injection-
  • After you have gathered the most follicles and sized them, we schedule egg collection. In the evening, or at night, we will give you a trigger injection of hCG, and then we will collect the eggs in a 24-hour day-care operation.
  • Egg collection (OPU )-
  • Egg collection is an easy procedure. This procedure is performed under short anesthesia in the operation theatre under ultrasound guidance with a small, needle-like needle. This procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. Even though it’s quite quick, we recommend taking the day off of work. This procedure does NOT require any cut or sewing.
  • Fertilization in the lab
  • The eggs are incubated with culture media. On the morning before egg pickup, the semen sample from the partner is taken. There are two options for the fertilization of eggs: ICSI (or conventional IVF). ICSI has a better success rate.
  • Transfer of Embryo
  • The procedure can be done painlessly and without Anesthesia. Ultrasound guidance is used to transfer the best quality embryo into the uterus. Usually, 2-3 embryos will be transferred. The rest of the embryos can be frozen. The patient’s endometrium determines whether embryo transfer can take place in the same or next cycle.
  • Embryo freezing
  • If the fresh transfer is not possible, or if embryos remain after fresh transfers, those embryos may be kept in the lab for future freezing. The freezing of embryos is not an effect.
  • Pregnancy Test-
  • After embryo transfers medicines have been administered, and two weeks later, a blood test to confirm the result is conducted.


  • Blood Test and Ultrasound INR – 2000-3000
  • Oral medication INR 10,000
  • Lab charges (included within the IVF Package)
  • Counseling both before and during your IVF cycle INR- 1000
  • Consultation with your IVF Expert -INR – 1000
  • Fertility medication, hormonal injection INR 1,00,000-1,75,000(approximately).
  • IVF Cycle in Bangalore -INR 90,000 – 3,00,00,000.
  • Successful IVF Treatments at affordable rates in Hyderabad.
IVF Costs at Fertility WorldPrices start from
Initial Fertility Consultation with scanRs 500
IVF with own Eggs & SpermFrom Rs.90,000 –Rs.2,25,000
IVF With Egg DonationFrom Rs.1,50,000- 3,20,000
IVF with Embryo DonationRs.100,000-Rs.2,00,000
ICSIRs 1,20,000 onwards

*Cost for IVF with embryo Donation Depends on the quality of embryos*

Success Rate of IVF

Many factors affect the success of IVF, including maternal age, infertility cause, and lifestyle. One of the most important factors is women’s age. IVF costs in Hyderabad India are much lower than in other countries. It is also one of the most affordable cities in the world. You should Women under 35 years old are more likely to have a baby than those over 35 with a High Success Rate of 70-80 %. This could include:

  1. Both the men and women’s reproductive history
  2. Age of the woman
  3. Infertility is caused by lifestyle

If you’re trying to get pregnant, and are looking for the best IVF centers in Hyderabad then Fertility World is the right place.

Fixed price fertility treatment packages

Fixed-price IVF and ICSI packages offer patients peace of mind. Patients receive first-class treatment at a fair price without worrying about hidden fees. Hyderabad has a low-cost IVF procedure that is affordable for couples who are not married and want to try their luck with conceiving a child.

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