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Cost of IVF in Amritsar, Punjab

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Are you thinking of In Vitro Fertilization to address infertility issues? It is important to understand the cost of IVF in Amritsar. Infertility is a problem that affects one out of six couples. The best infertility treatment is IVF. IVF is also known as test-tube pregnancy. IVF costs vary between couples. Amritsar is a popular destination for medical tourism due to its low IVF costs. 


The cost of IVF in Amritsar ranges from Rs.90,000 to Rs.2,00,000. If the intended parents require 2 or more IVF cycles this will add up to the IVF cost package. It is important to consider that IVF is not a one-step procedure for couples. There are many steps involved and different treatment methods that can impact the cost. Scientifically proven, IVF treatment increases the chances of getting pregnant. In such a situation, a couple undergoes 2-3 IVF cycles. However, it is important to select the right IVF center and consider the expertise of fertility experts.

Cost of IVF in Amritsar (inclusion & exclusion)

The IVF treatment costs at the IVF Centre in Amritsar are not prohibitive. There are other factors that can increase IVF costs.

  • Age of a Woman– Women between the ages of 22 and 30 have higher chances of success than women above 35.
  • Multiple cycles of IVF– depend on the reserved numbers of Embryos. However on the occasion of multiple failures and zero embryos; the extra cost to repeat the IVF procedure is added. 
  • You need a donor egg or sperm– The success rate of IVF varies with the quality of eggs or sperm. If the Quality and fertility of the Egg or Sperm is Poor/Low, the IVF doctor recommends proceeding for donor eggs and sperms; here the extra cost is added.
  • Egg freezing– It’s a way to protect women’s future fertility. It can be done either for medical or social reasons.
  • Need for additional treatment– It is advised to the couple to run a fertility investigation before family planning. Like the same way, the fertility doctor will ask you to take a fertility Investigation, which adds to the IVF cost.


This involves the fertilization of eggs with sperm at a laboratory in an incubator. IVF treatment is more egg-intensive than natural cycles, therefore the ovaries are stimulated in order to increase the number and quality of mature eggs to be retrieved. The Sonography guidance allows the detection of mature eggs and also prepares the collection of eggs from the ovaries. Fertilization is done by the process of ICSI where the sperm is injected into the eggs in the laboratory.

After 4-5 days in an incubator, embryos are observed for full blastocyst on the 6th day, that is where the embryos are transferred to a woman’s uterus via the cervix. After the wait of around 2weeks from the day of transfer of embryos, the woman is asked to run for a pregnancy test.  IVF is suggested to women suffering from unable to conceive due to fertility issues like Blocked Fallopian tubes, Fibroids/cysts, small uterus, endometriosis, poor uterine like, or unexplained infertility.

Steps of IVF procedure

Step 1: The first step is ovarian stimulation: which goes for 10-14days depending on the maturation of the eggs. 

Step 2: After ovulation, the eggs are retrieved from the ovaries. This procedure is done within 15-20minutes under general anesthesia. 

Step3: The male partner’s sperms are taken and mixed with the female eggs through the process of ICSI. 

Step4: After fertilization, a healthy embryo is transferred to the womb by the female partner for a successful pregnancy.

The Fertility World Amritsar test tube baby center is here to help you make your dreams a reality.

IVF with Egg Donor

The cost of IVF with Egg Donor is Rs.1,50,000 up to 2,00,000. Additional cost for egg or sperm is between Rs.30,000 to Rs.40,000 and in case of medical complications, the range shall vary.

IVF with embryo donation

The cost of an embryo donor may be as low as Rs 50,000 to Rs.70,000. These extra costs may increase the cost of an IVF cycle. The cost of IVF with an Embryo Donor starts at Rs.1,70,000 to 2,50,000. For couples who are unable to produce high-quality eggs, IVF with an embryo donor is the best option. This is also a great option for those with a genetic medical condition. 

Different IVF Treatment Packages by Fertility World

IVF treatment can be a significantly large & vital process. IVF is performed by fertility experts and medical staff. IVF is one of many ART methods for infertility. Infertility is the most common reason for IVF treatment. However, each individual’s IVF cost in Amritsar could vary. 

  • Initial Consultation Fee-It is the first step towards a miraculous IVF journey. The average consultation fee lies between Rs.500-1000. To get started with IVF treatment, our fertility Expert will ask you some questions to know your past medical history if any.
  • Pre Lab tests-Basic fertility tests will be recommended. The cost of fertility tests can vary depending on the number required. The average cost of a fertility test ranges from Rs. 3000 to Rs.10,000.
  • Ultraviolet Monitoring-Ultrasounds are used to detect the female’s internal organs. This allows us to determine the health of eggs during ovulation. Eggs are ideal for retrieval. Ultrasounds cost on average between Rs.500 and Rs.2000.
  • Fertility drugs are needed– To increase egg production, hormones and fertility medication are administered to females. The cost of fertility drugs injections varies depending upon the doctor’s prescription. 
  • Basic IVF Treatment– Three steps are taken by the fertility doctor. The three steps include egg retrieval, fertilization, or embryo transfer. Basic IVF treatment in Amritsar offered by Fertility World starts from just INR 90,000.
  • ICSI cycle– The IVF specialist performs Intracytoplasmic Sperm injection treatment. One mature sperm is removed and placed in female eggs for fertilization. It is necessary for a couple to pay the additional IVF costs(if ICSI is required). The cost of the IVF treatment is Rs. 1,50, 000. ICSI process performs to solve male infertility issues.
  • FET cycle– is part of In vitro fertilization treatment. IVF doctors use donor eggs and sperm to help couples achieve IVF success. Additional IVF costs are added to the FET cycle. The average cost ranges from Rs.30,000 to Rs. 50, 000
  • IUI cycle– As an additional treatment for IVF, Intrauterine Insemination Cycle can be used. To aid fertilization, sperm is injected into the female uterus. The IVF cost in Amritsar can vary. IUI costs start at Rs. 3000.

If a woman is under 35 and uses her own eggs for IVF, she has a chance of having a baby with a chance of 80-90%. However, if she is over 42, that chance drops down to 20%. However, IVF with donor eggs is a different story. Women of all ages can have a baby by using fresh donor eggs. In Amritsar, Fertility World’s IVF success percentage is greater than 80% compared with other fertility clinics. The success rate of IVF depends on various factors. The utilization of donor eggs and sperm improves the IVF success rate is one of the major factors.IVF success rates can be significantly improved by using donor eggs and sperm. 

We offer many modifications to standard IVF procedures to assist patients with specific conditions.

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