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What is Surrogacy| Complete surrogacy procedure in India

Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproductive technologies, where intended (parents, couples, LGBT) work with a gestational surrogate (the surrogate mother) who will carry the pregnancy and care for their baby(ies) until birth and handover the baby to the prospective parents. Intended people use surrogacy programs, when pregnancy risks are too dangerous for the intended mother or when a single man or a male couple wish to have a child to grow or to extend their families when they can’t build naturally.

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Now understand what is surrogacy- Surrogacy is an arrangement supported by a legal agreement, monetary compensation (receiving money for the arrangement is known as commercial surrogacy). The legalities and cost of surrogacy vary widely from country to country, sometimes resulting in problematic international or interstate surrogacy arrangements. Couples seeking a surrogacy arrangement in a country where surrogacy is not permitted travel to a country that allows surrogacy. In some countries, surrogacy is legal only if money does not exchange hands. 

Where commercial surrogacy is legal, most of the intending couples use the help of third-party agencies to assist them in the process of surrogacy. Fertility, finds the surrogate and navigates the surrogacy contract with her (surrogate mother) for the prospective parents. Before accepting the surrogate, she is thoroughly screened for psychological and other medical tests that ensure the best chance of healthy gestation and delivery. 

All legal works concerning the intended parents, parentage order, citizenship of the child, and the surrogate contract are facilitated with concerned authorities and provide 100% safeguard (Before, During, and After) of the surrogacy program.

What are the Methods of Surrogacy?

Earlier, Surrogacy was either a traditional method or gestational method. These methods were differentiated by the genetic origin of the Egg. However, Today Gestational surrogacy is preferred by all couples over traditional surrogacy and is considered less legally complex and there are no parentage order issues.

In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate’s eggs are used and fertilized with the sperm (partner/donor) and generate an embryo, making her the biological mother of the child she carries. Gestational surrogacy was first achieved in April 1986. It takes place when an embryo created by in-vitro fertilization (IVF) technology is implanted into a surrogate mother also known as a gestational carrier. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate has no biological link to the baby.

Gestational Surrogacy Laws

Many countries permit surrogacy while some countries don’t. Each country has its norms for surrogacy regulation and is controlled by state affairs. Surrogacy Laws differ widely from one jurisdiction to another. Intended parents and surrogates each will have their legal representation to guide them through the process and protect their rights. Before medical procedures start, there are three very important legal steps to consider:

  1. Surrogacy contracts- Draft and negotiate a surrogacy contract, that involves the surrogate’s base compensation, additional payments for maternity essentials, added compensation in the case of any complications or other possible circumstances (carrying multiples/going on bed rest), and Social Requirements of surrogates and parents.
  1. The pre-birth order- Official establishment of the intended parents as the baby’s legal parents according to the state laws of surrogacy of your destination. 
  1. Adoption and Other Post-Birth Legal Processes- In some cases, added legal formalities steps are taken after a baby is born via surrogate. This is when either one or both the intended parents is not genetically related to the baby (stepparent adoption is required) or second-parent adoption for unmarried same-sex couples, a full adoption is required for embryo donation surrogacy.

Surrogacy laws are determined by each state, and certain states do not allow surrogacy at all. Fertility World professional or attorney can help you understand gestational surrogacy laws of different states and help you complete the surrogacy process regardless of where you live.

Who is eligible for Gestational Surrogacy?

The following people are eligible to consider gestational surrogacy:

  • A certificate of proven infertility of one or both members of the intending couple from a District Medical Board
  • An order of parentage and custody of the surrogate child passed by a Magistrate’s court;
  •  The couple being Indian citizens and married for at least 5years; 
  • Wife is 23 to 50 years old and husband is 26 to 55 years old;
  • They do not have any surviving child (biological, adopted, or surrogate); they may have been mentally or physically challenged or suffers from life-threatening disorder or fatal illness child;
  • Hopeful single parents
  • Same-sex couples
  • People who don’t want a genetic link between the surrogate and their child, and don’t want to have legal parental problems.
  • Anyone who is unable to safely carry natural pregnancy or cannot conceive after a long term of trying intercourse.

How Does Gestational Surrogacy Work?

Gestational surrogacy helps those parents, couples, LGBT who are unable to have children on their own naturally. This procedure requires medical attention, legal expertise, official formalities as well as strong support mentally and emotionally throughout the journey process. 

Without IVF surrogacy is incomplete. Through IVF, embryos are created in a fertility laboratory by skilled embryologists. Some intended parents use their own genetic material (eggs and sperms). Sometimes, an egg or sperm from a donor is required to generate an embryo, it depends on the infertility issues. Fertilization is monitored and 1 to 2 embryos (best stage) are selected by the embryologist which then implanted into a gestational carrier (Surrogate mother), who carries the baby(ies) to pregnancy term and delivers the baby successfully for the prospective parents.


  • Gestational carriers will have no genetic relationship at any point to the child they deliver.
  • Stepparent or second-parent adoption is not required. 

Process of Surrogacy

Generally, the gestational surrogacy process involves the following steps:

  • Finding the best surrogacy Destination-Fertility World
  • Completing legal contracts and agreements between intended parents, surrogate mothers, and all involving groups.
  • Implantation of embryo into the surrogate Uterus.
  • Delivery of the baby(ies).
  • Bring Home a baby.

The surrogacy process involves the following Steps

The intended couples are first matched with the surrogate mother by the fertility experts, it can involve medication prescription if required.

Once a match has been identified, the surrogate and intended parents will each work with a legal attorney and discuss each party’s legal risks and responsibilities, as well as surrogate compensation. Once everyone is in agreement and the contracts are signed, a fertility laboratory will handle the IVF and embryo implantation process. An embryo will be created and 1 to 2 best stage embryo is transferred to the surrogate uterus using one of the following:

  • The eggs and sperm of the intended parents, both intended parents are genetically related to their child
  • A donated egg fertilized with sperm of the intended father, the intended father is genetically related to the child
  • The intended mother’s egg is fertilized with donor sperm, the intended mother is genetically related to the child
  • A donor embryo or an embryo created using donor eggs and donor sperm, neither intended parent is genetically related to the child.

From there, the embryo is implanted into the surrogate uterus and she will carry the baby as if it were any other normal pregnancy to term than delivery and the intended parents will welcome their child with full legal custody when he or she is born. The gestational surrogacy process may vary somewhat based on your state’s laws, your individual circumstances, and requirements. 

Surrogates mother

The surrogate mother is a healthy woman at her best reproductive age (21 to 35). She bears a child in her womb for those (couple, parents, and LGBT) unable to produce children naturally, usually because the wife is infertile or otherwise unable to undergo pregnancy due to medical or health conditions. She (surrogate) gives up all parental rights to award you an amazing gift “baby(ies)”.

The costs associated with surrogacy depend on where you live. In general, the costs for a gestational carrier (surrogate mother) may fall somewhere between Rs. 5 lakh to Rs.6 lakhs INR. Taking into account the compensation, health care costs, legal fees, and other situations that may arise. All the surrogates’ compensation and other charges are included in the overall package of surrogacy that starts from Rs. 15 lakh to Rs. 20 lakhs INR.

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Building a family through surrogacy and egg donation can be a complicated process and overwhelming due to a long process, how surrogacy works, how much surrogacy costs, egg donation process at first for intended parents. However, with Fertility World everything is visible, and will be at ease on their journey to parenthood.  

Surrogacy is only an ultimate option if not naturally. Egg donation, sperm donation, Embryo donation is also surrogacy option for those hopeful parents (LGBT+, single parents) or heterosexual couples who have weak and poor quality genetic material production (sperm, egg). And Fertility World is proud to have helped so many different types of parents for over 20 years.

Surrogacy: A Blessing For Infertile Couples

For couples who can’t conceive, surrogacy is a wonderful option that gives them optimism and a route to parenting. The woman who becomes a surrogate mother bears a child on behalf of the infertile couple through the surrogacy procedure. With IVF (in-vitro fertilization), the surrogate gets impregnated with the embryo of the couple. The couple gets to maintain a biological relationship with the child using this procedure.

Parenthood becomes possible for couples battling infertility because of a variety of medical conditions thanks to surrogacy. It avoids the difficulties they would have, like infertility, illnesses, or recurrently failed efforts of conceiving. Couples can connect genetically with the kid through surrogacy. This is particularly significant since it provides a deep and intimate link to people who hope to have a child with their own DNA.

Infertile couples experience enormous inner delight when their desire for parenthood is realized through surrogacy. It gives them an opportunity to encounter the pleasures and difficulties of being pregnant and giving birth. A crucial part of releasing this goal is surrogates. By bearing and raising the child, they sacrificially assist couples, forming a special connection between the prospective parents and the baby’s surrogate.

Who should go for Surrogacy? Use of eggs from donors for surrogacy?

  • Heterosexual individuals and couplescan opt for surrogacy with egg donation for a variety of reasons such as infertility, a medical diagnosis such as cancer, genetic defect, or health condition. Either with the intended mother’s own eggs or donor eggs are fertilized with the intended father’s sperm- embryos are created and implanted into a gestational surrogate for pregnancy.
  • LGBTQIA+ community- Fertility World Surrogacy center has a long legacy of working with all types of hopeful parents. We believe in everyone’s equality and should have the privileges to become a parent despite gender. We sacrificed and rendered our services to uphold that commitment. So, we work hand to hand with a diverse community of intended parents including individuals who are straight, gay, bisexual, non-binary, single, coupled, and those living internationally in 73 different countries by providing eggs from healthy, medically certified donors making the dreams of parenthood coming true.

We provide lawyers who deal with the surrogacy legal issues law for the LGBTQIA+ community and understand the nuances of this process for this community. Trans and non-binary communities may be biologically linked to the child, however, it may not be the most suitable choice. So, we lend our support and expertise in surrogacy to have a child in reality. Our aim is to provide an overall comfortable and safe environment to our patients.

Outcomes of Surrogacy

Generally, among gestational surrogacy arrangements, between 50% to 80% of gestational surrogates will successfully conceive pregnancy from an Embryo Implantation. Fertility World provides guaranteed Donor eggs surrogacy with a 100% success rate, 70% to 90% assured surrogacy with donor sperm, and with embryo donation.

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For many hopeful parents, couples, surrogacy in Chennai is a great and safe destination to have a baby. Choosing “FERTILITY WORLD” Surrogacy as your mentor for your surrogacy process will always get concluded on favorable grounds with a healthy child and whose rights are safeguarded.

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Fertility World stretched its surrogacy network flexibly in most states and cities in India because of its friendly environment, understanding the grief (mentally, and emotionally of not having a baby) which is adored by many hopeful parents and its center’s networks. Kolkata is one of our Surrogacy cities, having a great reputation in our surrogacy services. We possess and produces:

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Fertility World is one of the best Surrogacy Clinics in Bangalore also regionally and nationally. When you book an appointment with us, our great expectations to fulfill our intended couple’s dreams come forward and so, we are committed to helping you in this endeavor with the best that technology can offer along with our expertise and experience in Bangalore. What you can expect from us:

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The Best Surrogacy Center in Lucknow is Fertility World. We understand that Surrogacy plays a very important role in today’s world. Many Couples across the globe between the age of 30-45 years are suffering from Infertility. In India, 10 million couples are infertile and take assisted way of reproduction. Lucknow is gradually emerging as one of the Hot spots in surrogacy treatment because of its affordable cost, accessible location, low cost of the surrogate mother, easy and fair means of legalities, where no external disturbances are involved.

Fertility World being long years of experience for over more than two decades with highly qualified professionals, and specialists extend our services in Lucknow fulfilling many hopeful parents Dreams of having a child. We’re unique with the best performer in surrogacy due to:

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Let Fertility World be the first stop in your search for a good fertility center while searching for joyful parenthood via surrogacy in Hyderabad. Hyderabad happens to be one of the most searched surrogacy destinations from Locals, other states of India, and also searched from abroad. The surrogacy cost is lower than in many other cities in India. Fertility World surrogacy at Hyderabad is ranked the most searched keyword today. 

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  • We’re committed and strive for our services for the overall satisfaction of our patients.

Why Opt For A Surrogacy With Fertility World?

Select Fertility World as your surrogacy provider as they offer a trustworthy and compassionate road to parenting. They provide excellent surrogacy solutions through their global network of professional clinics. They adapt their strategy to fit your particular requirements since they are aware of the complexities and emotions you experience.

Fertility World makes certain that both, the prospective parents as well as the surrogate carrying the child, receive efficient assistance at every stage of the procedure. You can rely on Fertility World to ensure that your surrogacy journey is rewarding and enjoyable because of their dedication to upholding global norms and cultural awareness. With the caring and knowledgeable advice of Fertility World, your goal of starting a family comes true.


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