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IVF cost in Chandigarh | IVF in Chandigarh

IVF has become the only best infertility treatment option to fulfill parenthood dreams for those couples that fail to conceive naturally. In Chandigarh, the Fertilityworld clinic is the only hope for patients because of its affordable IVF cost (Rs 1.50 Lakh for self and 2.20 Lakh for using a Donor), better IVF success rate, and for providing overall satisfaction with IVF treatment without compromises. It provides the best quality infertility treatments across Chandigarh at a low cost.

IVF cost in Chandigarh with price

IVF cost table at Chandigarh 

The table below shows transparent and flexible IVF costs offered by the fertilityworld best IVF center in Chandigarh:

Infertility Treatments Cost INR (Rs.)
Self-cycle IVF treatments 150,000. – 200,000
Donor-cycle IVF treatments 220,000 – 250,000
IVF with Embryo Donation 280,000 – 320,000
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) 40,000 – 50,000

How do you pay the IVF cost at the fertilityworld?

How do you pay the IVF cost at the fertilityworld?

The Fertilityworld has created a simple, easy, and payable mode of IVF cost for all the patients who undergo IVF treatment in Chandigarh:

Payment break-up  Payment Schedule
1st Payment At the time of registration
2nd Payment During the egg retrieval
3rd Payment At the time of embryo creation
4th and last payment After embryo transfer is done.

More details about the IVF cost in Chandigarh 

More details about the IVF cost in Chandigarh 

IVF treatment costs in Chandigarh start from Rs.1,50,000 to Rs.2,50,000. This includes all fertility medications, IVF injections, and entire IVF procedures. The cost of IVF treatment can vary depending on your current health, how long you have been infertile, and what type of infertility you are experiencing. There may also be other treatments that you need in addition to IVF. Look at the fertilityworld detailed IVF cost described below:

Self-cycle IVF cost: A single self-cycle (self-egg & self-sperm)  IVF cost is Rs. 1.50 lakhs and covers all the IVF procedures including multiple egg development by IVF injection, egg retrieving by the embryologist, preparation of the egg-sperm, fertilization of the egg-sperm, embryo development, embryo implantation in the uterus, and pregnancy confirmation. However, some couples may achieve successful IVF in the 2nd cycle, for this a sum of Rs. 50,000 will be added to the total IVF cost as it will generate a fresh embryo that supports IVF pregnancy.

Donor-cycle IVF cost: The cost of a single cycle using a donor egg with self-sperm or donor-sperm with self-egg is Rs. 2.20 lakhs to Rs. 2.50 lakhs which also covers the entire IVF process, Doctors fees, IVF injection cost, and other minor expenditures. If the couple wishes to go for the 2nd cycle that creates a fresh new embryo, Rs. 50,000 will be added to the total IVF cost. This is the most affordable donor-cycle IVF provided by the Fertilityworld in Chandigarh. 

Donor-embryo IVF cost: The cost of IVF using a donor embryo is Rs. 280,000 – 320,000. This inclusive IVF cost includes all the IVF preparation process including donor egg ovulation, egg extraction, donor sperm extraction, fertilization, and embryo transfer into the intended mother’s uterus to confirm the pregnancy. This type of IVF treatment ensures an absolutely healthy live birth rate, only that the child is not biologically related to intending parents.

Cost of IVF with frozen embryo transfer: The cost of IVF using a frozen embryo is Rs. 40,000 – 50,000 (egg frozen cost) plus the cost of IVF. The inclusive cost includes washing and concentration of the frozen embryo to embryo implantation into the uterus and pregnancy confirmation.

IVF success rate in Chandigarh

IVF success rate in Chandigarh

The self-cycle IVF success rate for IVF is 75% and 85% with donor-cycle IVF in Chandigarh produced by the fertilityworld IVF centre. A better IVF success rate in India is found between the age group of 21-35 years for they produce good-quality eggs. But when we grow above 35 years, the success rate begins to decline with advancing age, as the egg quality starts to decline slowly which may also invite infertility complications including endometriosis, obesity, fibrosis, recurrent pregnancy, and miscarriages. But, IVF is also possible at an advancing age with proper fertility medication from the best infertility specialist. The table below shows the IVF success rate in Chandigarh:

IVF Chandigarh success rate

Which factors affect the IVF cost in Chandigarh?

Which factors affect the IVF cost in Chandigarh?
  • Prime consultation fees are free in the fertilityworld. However, the overall IVF cost can be affected by the female partner advancing age due to various infertility treatments involved before IVF, her fertility issues may require stability, additional medication, tests, screening, etc. as well as the number of repeated IVF cycles required.
  • Laboratory charges are also a major factor. The process takes place in Vitro which involves the laboratory charges and maintenance fees.
  • Sometimes you may need IUI or ICSI before proceeding to IVF treatment. This could help to lower the cost of your IVF treatment.
  • Egg donors and sperm donors are another additional cost for the process of IVF treatment.
  • The longer the infertility treatment takes, the more expensive it can be. 

What is the cost of IVF injection in Chandigarh?

What is the cost of IVF injection in Chandigarh?

Basically, IVF treatments require two types of injection; one is ovulation injection and the cost is between Rs. 60,000 – Rs. 70,000 including the injecting procedures. The other IVF injection is for suppressing egg ovulation and the cost is Rs. 2000 (only the injection cost). But a suppression IVF injection is given only to those females whose egg ovulation does not stop even after the egg retrieval process. The most effective IVF injection is provided by the fertilityworld in Chandigarh.

Cost of egg freezing at fertilityworld?

Cost of egg freezing at fertilityworld?

Egg freezing is the best option for those couples who want to extend their pregnancy or those females without a male partner can conceive later, through ART programs like IVF, ICSI, and surrogacy. The Fertilityworld uses the highest form of egg-freezing technology which can preserve the egg for more than 15 years. At Fertilityworld Donor egg bank couples can either freeze their egg, sperm, and embryo or they can buy the preserved gametes at a lower cost. You can get any type of preserved gametes and receive an assured success rate. The table below shows the egg-freezing cost at Fertilityworld in India:

Followed Procedures           What is included Cost in INR
Initial Screening Fertility hormone test, health check 8000 – 10,000
Ovarian stimulation Injections & Medications 70,000 – 80,000
Cycle Monitoring USG, Hormone tests, Consultation 10,000 – 15,000
Surgical Procedure Egg retrieval under anesthesia 20,000 – 25,000
IVF laboratory Egg screening & denudation 25,000 – 30,000
Cryofreezing Freezing & maintenance 8,000 –   10,000 
Initial total Cost ………………………………………… 140,000-175,000

Donor Egg cost in Chandigarh 

Donor Egg cost in Chandigarh 

We all know how vital healthy eggs are to fertilization. If the female is unable or unwilling to give healthy eggs, donors can help. Good medical treatment is necessary for egg retrieval. This procedure requires a surgical step in order to obtain healthy eggs. Couples will need to spend about Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000 only for getting the donor eggs excluding the IVF cost.

Donor Sperm cost in Chandigarh

Donor Sperm cost in Chandigarh

Sperm donation is the best option for successful IVF if the male partner has infertility including insufficient sperm, poor quality, or no sperm in semen. The advanced IVF treatment uses the donor sperm, which will then be fertilized in the lab with the self-eggs. A couple may pay at least Rs. 10,000 to Rs.20,000 to use the donor sperm facility. Our IVF Expert will recommend examining all medical history before availing of a sperm donation facility. 

What is the cost of IUI treatment in Chandigarh?

What is the cost of IUI treatment in Chandigarh?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or artificial insemination (AI) is less-invasive and the most basic form of all other infertility treatments. The cost of IUI provided by the fertilityworld is Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 only. Couples can conceive absolute pregnancy implying their compatible reproductive cells.  IUI is the first recommendation for a couple whose male partner shows infertility factors like low sperm count, weak mobility, or a female with a hardened-thick egg membrane.

Lowest IVF cost in India

Lowest IVF cost in India

The lowest IVF cost in India is Rs. 1.50 lakhs for a single self-cycle IVF and Rs. 2.20 lakhs for a donor-cycle IVF. The fertilityworld is one of the oldest and the most successful IVF centers in pan India shows great compassion to all struggling infertile patients and allows them to avail successful parenthood through IVF treatments at the lowest possible cost at any of its established IVF centre in pan India. Contact the fertilityworld to find the nearest and the best IVF centre.

Factors that affect IVF cost in Chandigarh

Chandigarh has the highest IVF success rate and lowest IVF failure cases in India. This is the reason that Chandigarh has become the IVF hub in the country. Moreover, the clinics in Chandigarh offer comparatively lower IVF costs. The cost of entire IVF treatment can range from normal to very expensive, depending on the facilities provided by the clinics. IVF treatment cost varies and depends upon many factors, like

  • Your overall health condition
  • Period of infertility
  • Type or cause of infertility
  • Location
  • Multiple IVF cycles
  • Genetic screening or diagnosis of embryos 

Embryo cryopreservation for future use can also increase the cost of IVF treatment in Chandigarh.

Fertilityworld is among the best IVF centers in Chandigarh, known to offer cost-effective fertility treatments without any hidden charges. The packages are reasonably priced. IVF costs at Fertility World in Chandigarh start from Rs.1,50,000 to Rs.2,50,000 and include medications, IVF injections, as well as entire IVF procedures.

IVF is an emerging trend nowadays to solve the infertility problem suffered by about 30 per cent of young couples. Fertilityworld is among the top IVF centers in Chandigarh that offer affordable, successful IVF treatment at low IVF treatment costs. Thus, if you are seeking a trustworthy IVF center, then book your appointment with Fertility World Center to overcome undiagnosed infertility and to help couples who are struggling with fertility-related issues.

Why Fertilityworld for IVF treatment in Chandigarh?

Lowest IVF cost in India

When you search for IVF treatment in Chandigarh, the Fertilityworld will be the finest IVF destination for you because it provides a detailed satisfaction IVF treatment without compromises including:

  • cost-effective IVF treatment,
  • Provides first free consultation by the experts,
  • advanced assisted reproductive technologies (ART),
  • highest IVF success rate,
  • best infertility specialist take care of you,
  • A very comfortable environment,
  • All treatments under its single roof,
  • Most recommended IVF hospital in Chandigarh

Many IVF centers in Chandigarh offer unmatched benefits. We are a center that focuses on infertility issues with advanced treatments. Chandigarh is a great place to find IVF treatment that’s affordable. The fertilityworld offers affordable IVF treatment packages but meets every couple’s financial needs. Our IVF center in Chandigarh uses the latest technology to offer hope for couples facing difficulties in conceiving naturally. We offer services not only in India but also abroad for those who need to have their baby via test tubes. Our result-oriented infertility treatments increase your chances of becoming parents. If you are looking for infertility treatment, don’t wait any longer and visit our top fertility clinic in Chandigarh India.

Fertilityworld Chandigarh has been one of the most prestigious fertility centers in India with a high success rate of over 85%. It has a unique treatment protocol.

Infertility happens when couples wish to start a family but struggle to conceive. Although, many people face it, but do not speak about it due to social stigmas. However, with advancements in technology, it is no longer an issue and is a boon to couples who want to become parents.

IVF, well known as In Vitro fertilization, is one of the assisted reproductive technologies that works through a combination of medications and treatments, leading to the fusion of an egg with sperm outside the body and the placement of the fertilized egg into the uterus. IVF is not the cheapest treatment, but it is one of the most effective methods of ART. No two IVF experiences are the same, and the cost also varies depending on specific requirements. IVF cost in Chandigarh at FertilityWorld is the cheapest and put under some bracketed range. 

FertilityWorld -Best IVF centre in Chandigarh 

Parenthood is a dream that couples cherish. However, many times, their journey to start a family can be filled with unexpected challenges. At Fertility World, experts understand the profound desire for parenthood and offer compassionate support and advanced medical solutions like IVF.

IVF is a type of ART that involves retrieving eggs from a woman’s ovaries and fertilising them with the retrieved sperm. The process requires ovulation, induction, egg retrieval, fertilisation, embryo transfer and implantation into the uterus. After completing all these IVF steps, an embryo is formed. Fertility World is among the best IVF centres in Chandigarh pioneer in providing affordable infertility curation to all. The clinic is equipped with the state of the art infrastructure, advanced equipment and a pool of renowned specialists. 

Enhance your chances of success with the help of best IVF doctors in Chandigarh at Fertility World. 

Infertility cause and case are two important factors considered in IVF. Depending on these factors, the embryo transfer procedure is done at the best IVF centre in Chandigarh. If you wish to enhance your chances, get help from the fertility professionals at the Fertility world. There are many other ways to improve your chances : 

  • Choose the best IVF centre in Chandigarh 

It is best to select a specialist with good expertise and credibility. Fertility World is among the reputed fertility centres where experts give you guidance, best care and advice to get high success rates. 

  • Give yourself priority 

For a healthier life and to enhance your chances, take care of your mind, body and soul, which is the most vital thing to do. However, the Fertility World Center in Chandigarh takes proper care of physical as well as mental health while you are undergoing infertility therapy. 

Fertility treatment is a journey, and this path takes a while to get to the target of a stable childbirth. Fertility World Center in Chandigarh is among the top IVF centres that have produced higher IVF success rates of 75 per cent in women between the 21 of 35 age group and 85 per cent IVF success rate in donor cycle.

The centre is best because it uses the finest ART technology, ultra embryology lab and the most secure level. The centre has highly experienced fertility consultants to help you to fulfil your dream. So schedule your appointment with Fertility World, which will help you to solve all your infertility issues through many fertility treatments, including IVF.

Best IVF doctor in Chandigarh?

Fertilityworld has experienced and qualified doctors who are skilled in diagnosing and treating IVF for 25+ years and they keep themself updated with the latest medical advancements and procedures. Over 90% IVF success rate achieved by our doctors in India.

Best IVF centre in Chandigarh?

For those couples looking for IVF in Chandigarh, Fertilityworld is the best clinic for IVF and also provides free online consultations and the cost of IVF is affordable. The center is equipped with the latest fertility lab to support excellent embryo creation and smooth functioning for any infertility treatment.

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