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Cost of IVF in Patna

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A single cycle of IVF in Patna costs between Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 (including prescription drugs and hormonal injections). The above cost varies from patient to patient depending on medical complications, the cost of treatments depends on different cities as well However, the cost of IVF treatment can be cheaper in PATNA as compared to other cities. To be precise, your IVF treatment cost may fluctuate depending upon your health status, infertility duration, and other factors. In order to afford economical IVF treatments, many couples travel across the country. Fertility World Patna offers advanced fertility treatments at budget-friendly prices. All our treatments and payment options are completely transparent with no hidden charges. 

Fertility World, an institution of excellence in IVF science and research has demonstrated thought leadership. Fertility World’s Quality IVF services have been proven by its global collaborations and sheer success since its inception. Fertility World offers quality IVF services beyond the boundaries of social, geographic, and logistical borders to all households through its digital outreach program.

 Who needs IVF?

Vitro fertilization allows the egg and sperm of the couple to fuse in a glass dish. The eggs are then fertilized naturally in an incubator under optimal conditions. This is known as the test tube baby. This test tube treatment in India is the most cost-effective. IVF can be  Offered to a couple if there is no quantitative or qualitative defect in the sperms or if the wife has one of these medical conditions: 

  • IVF and Test tube pregnancy indications-
  • Multiple failed IUIs
  • Blocked Fallopian tubes
  • In the past, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), was common.
  • Endometriosis (mild)
  • PCOS (Polycystic Obviary Syndrome)

If none of these conditions apply to you and you feel that IVF Treatment is a good option, you can rest assured and count on us to provide the best treatment in India. The cost of treatment may go up if advanced technology is required. We can however vouch that test tube treatment in India has a lower cost than in other states.

Complete IVF Process

Multiple eggs can be developed by controlled ovarian stimulation using hormones

  1. Under short anesthesia, Ovum Pickup (egg collection).
  2. For natural fertilization, layer the eggs using washed sperms in a petri dish.
  3. Incubator in IVF Laboratory for the culture of embryos.
  4. Transfer of 2-3 embryos of the best quality into the uterus (womb).
  5. 14 days after embryo transfer, pregnancy detection.

Fertility World has the ability to address many infertility issues in India. It is also well-equipped to do so at a fair price. We are committed to helping couples in India have successful IVF Procedures.


This is recommended for cases where natural pregnancy is impossible or when infertility has already been diagnosed. Each month, one egg is produced during the natural menstrual cycle. It is not advisable to have more than one egg for in vitro fertilization. Hormone stimulants can be used to produce multiple mature eggs at once. This program is recommended if the spermatozoids are insufficient for artificial insemination, or if fallopian tubes have been damaged or not passable. If natural insemination fails, this treatment is recommended.


Fertility Experts will draw a customized program of hormonal stimulation of ovaries using FSH – hormones that stimulate follicles. This results in more eggs being developed than normal. This process can take ten to twelve working days. Your doctor will monitor the growth of your follicles using ultrasonic testing. You can adjust the treatment program if necessary to improve its effectiveness.


Anesthesia is used to perform the ovum collection. A thin needle is used to extract the follicular fluid from the ovaries. This procedure takes between ten and twenty minutes.


The most important factor in determining the treatment is the quality of sperm. The choice of treatment is influenced by the amount and motility of spermatozoids. Two basic methods can be used to fertilize ovum:

  • IVF – Spermatozoids are combined with the ovum, and the number of fertilized eggs on the next day is counted.
  • ICSI -Spermatozoids is directly injected into the cytoplasm of eggs. The majority of active spermatozoids can be separated from the rest and insemination takes place within a few hours of retrieval of the ovum.


Insemination takes place in an incubator where the temperature and carbon dioxide levels are controlled. The embryo is formed when the ovum starts to divide. The number and quality of embryos are determined by how many cells they contain. The embryos with the highest quality are transferred to the uterus. All other embryos are frozen. Sometimes, embryos are kept in the laboratory for up to five days. This is known as the cultivation of embryos up to the blastocyst level. This can be helpful in selecting the most viable embryos. A doctor and an embryologist make the decision on whether to cultivate embryos until they reach the blastocyst phase.


In most cases, embryos are transferred to the uterus on the third day following an ovarian puncture. One or two embryos may be transferred. If the embryo is of high quality and she is pregnant, it is recommended that one embryo be transferred. Although chances of pregnancy are increased with the transfer of two embryos it can also increase the chance of twin pregnancy. Transfers are quick and painless. The thin plastic catheter is used to transfer the embryos from the vagina into the womb. The embryo must attach to the uterine lining within a few days of the transfer.

Waiting Period

Two weeks after implantation, a reliable pregnancy test can usually be performed. This is the longest & hardest part of treatment. One can only wait and hope that the embryo attaches to the lining of the uterus wall and then pregnancy will begin. This period is when patients’ moods can change from optimism and euphoria to deep despair. Fertility World’s specialists, doctors, and other specialists will be there to support you and provide inspiration.


Twelve days after embryo transfer, a blood pregnancy test is done. After embryo transfer, a urine pregnancy test is done 14 days later. Packages starting from just INR 1,00,000. Avail of this affordable offer right now.

IVF Treatment with Donor Egg

IVF with embryo donation is performed in patients where both the male and female partners are unable to produce gametes. Sometimes, sperm levels in male partners are very low. If sperms cannot be obtained surgically from testes then embryologists will have to use your gametes to conceive your female partner.

For women under 35, IVF is possible with a 60% chance of having children. However, for women over 42, the chance to have a baby drops to 4.5%. However, IVF using donor eggs can change the picture. The chances of having a baby via IVF increase to 80% if fresh donor eggs are used for women of all ages. Donor eggs in IVF have been a great option for many families. Donor eggs are a great option for women who want to overcome infertility at any age. They also make it easier for women in their 40s to have a chance of having a baby. Donor eggs can be a valuable option for women who are unable to conceive or want to have a child.

Fertility world announces super affordable IVF package with donor embryos starting at Rs.1,00,000 onwards

Frozen embryo transfer and IVF

Frozen embryo transfer (or FET) is an IVF treatment in which a frozen embryo is transferred to a woman’s uterus. It involves freezing an embryo that has been created during a full IVF cycle. It could be a cryopreserved embryo from a Female IVF cycle or a donor embryo.

Frozen embryo transfer (FET), is when a frozen embryo is transferred from an IVF cycle to a woman’s uterus. You won’t need to go through another cycle of hormone stimulation or egg collection. You can freeze embryos on your own natural cycle, hormone preparation, or induction. Fertility World offers IVF (frozen embryo transfer) at a reasonable cost starting at Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 2.50 lakhs in Patna

Successful IVF Treatments at affordable rates PATNA

IVF Costs at Fertility WorldPrices start from
Initial Fertility Consultation with scanRs 500 
IVF with own Eggs & SpermFrom Rs.90,000 –Rs.2,00,000
IVF With Egg DonationFrom Rs.1,50,000- 3,20,000
IVF with Embryo DonationRs.100,000-Rs.2,00,000
ICSIRs 1,20,000 onwards

*Cost for IVF with embryo Donation Depends on the quality of embryos*


We are proud to offer parents around the globe the best in medical technology and comprehensive care. Our success rate of 80% is what we hope will give parents who are struggling with infertility hope that they too can enjoy the joys associated with being a parent. You can achieve this through our IVF egg donation and surrogacy with egg donor programs. It is possible with less financial and emotional burden than other programs. However, it’s easier and more affordable than many other programs.

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