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Surrogacy-A Dream To Parenthood

The surrogacy process is a method of assisted reproductive technique (ART) where intended (parents, couples, LGBT, and singles) seek surrogate gestational carriers (surrogate mothers) who will carry and care for their baby until given birth. 

Types of Surrogacy – Your Decision to Parenthood

There are different types of surrogacy possible. Beginning from how the surrogate mother is selected, what type of genetic material to be used, what procedures and processes are performed to impregnate the surrogate mother, how the surrogate mother is compensated, and finally whether or not the surrogate mother will reside in your home state or country. All of these factors contribute to “what type” of Surrogacy in Patna is being performed. 

For couples who are infertile naturally or due to medical reasons and don’t conceive a baby to complete a family doesn’t have to stress anymore. Medical science in today’s time has enhanced and influenced so much that it has discovered an advanced way by which infertile couples can have their biological child complete their family with the method of the surrogacy program. 

Since the past few years, surrogacy has been accepted by many infertile couples, parents, and single parents. Also, many intended international couples have utilized these privileges and have achieved successful surrogacy as the expense of surrogacy in India is reasonable. India is advanced with such services and many skilled specialists have completed the dream of many couples of having their child. In Patna, surrogacy programs are offered by many fertility centers, clinics, and hospitals at a reasonable cost and it is easy to find the surrogate mother effectively who will be carrying your child for full-term and gives birth to your child. 

The surrogacy and IVF innovation performed in India is considered the best in the world as compared to other countries. Therefore, the intended couples across the world give preference to India as the best destination for surrogacy in completing their family. Fertility World, advises and recommends every intended couple to seek the help of the professionals before choosing their destination for a surrogacy program.

Apart from the childless couple, many unmarried men and women want to have their biological child. Such individuals pick single guardian IVF where they have to take the help of the donor by whom the eggs/sperm are taken to create the baby. The fertilization technique occurs outside the human body in the lab which is called in-vitro fertilization and the best-matured eggs stages are transferred to the surrogate uterus to start the pregnancy. This procedure even provides privileges to the single male or female and also LGBT couples in having their biological child. Surrogacy gives you a second option for your long longing dreams of having a baby.

How is surrogacy processes

There are thousands of reasons to consider expanding a family through surrogacy, whether you are a couple who has struggled with infertility, a member of the LGBT community, or are looking to expand your family as an individual parent. Fertility World is actively involved and stands with you in every step of the process and provides you the best surrogacy program. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible with reliability. We believe that surrogacy provides an amazing gift of life for couples and individuals experiencing infertility. A complete family creates an amazingly happy journey in life. We are your guide in this process. If you’re looking forward to making your family a happy home or willing to give the gift of parenthood as a surrogate in Patna, you may have many questions about the surrogacy process and how it works.

Generally, the surrogacy process involves six major steps in Fertility World:

The first step in any surrogacy process is to carefully consider whether surrogacy in Patna is the right decision for you. Becoming a surrogate or a parent through surrogacy can be a long and emotional journey, and it is a big commitment for both parties.

  1. Initial free complimentary consultation: We understand the infertility stresses among the families and are very much interested to listen to your stories. Therefore, we provide the first free consultation to the prospective parents to clear all your questions and navigate you through a positive ultimate pathway to parenthood through surrogacy, if you’ve decided to take a stand in surrogacy.
  2. Agreement with the Fertility World: If you’ve been influenced by us in our initial consultation and agreed to continue the surrogacy with the Fertility World. Then, we guide you to the next step. We provide you with a separate specialist (doctor, embryologist, psychologist, and lawyers), they will review options including the detailed process of matching with you with a surrogate, legal implications, insurance details, surrogacy costs, and basic medical information.
  3. Prepare for Surrogacy; At Fertility World: If you’re intended international (parents, couples, LGBT+, singles, heterosexual, same-sex, married, or unmarried), all the information related will be shared through contacts, video calls, documents through email, or WhatsApp if necessary. But we ensure and safeguards the information kept among us regarding your legal documents, profiles. 

All the coordination team assigned for you will stand with you from the beginning till welcoming a baby in your arms. Most of our previous successful parents are still having a strong bonding relationship with us, we expect from you the same. Once the intended couples, individuals, and surrogate agreed to continue surrogacy with us. They should consider the type of surrogacy to undergo.

There are two types of surrogacy to consider:

  • Traditional – This type of surrogacy is rarely performed today because the surrogate mother is the biological mother of the surrogate child and there were many issues regarding biological parents. Here, the surrogate mother egg is used and fertilized with the prospective husband’s sperm or by using sperm from donors.
  • Gestational – In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate child is not biologically related to the surrogate mother. The embryo is created using an egg from the prospective mother or a donor and sperm from the intended father or a donor using In-vitro fertilization. Once the egg is fertilized in the laboratory, the embryo is transferred to the surrogate.

These are the surrogacy services providers, who help you to undergo surrogacy legally

Surrogacy Agency – Provides all surrogacy services, including matching, screening, case management, support, counseling, legal and more.

Surrogacy Attorney – Required in any surrogacy to complete the legal work, but may not provide other important services found with a surrogacy agency.

  1. Finding a Surrogate Mother and Gamete Donor

This step is one of the most important in the surrogacy process. If you have a known surrogate, it becomes easier to proceed and you will be required to work only with a legal attorney (specialized in assisted reproductive law). If you don’t have a known surrogate, don’t have to worry at all. We will help you find the best-matched surrogate based on your preferences (there are many young women at a high reproductive stage and are willing to help you, making you a complete family). We can also provide surrogate profiles from our database for our prospective parents to choose their surrogate. If needed our experts create a profile of text and photos that will help you get a sense of who the surrogate is and why she is pursuing surrogacy.

We care about overall processes and enable our surrogate’s choices, what type of intended parents they wish to work with any type of relationships they like to build. Based on our surrogate’s choices our professionals would find a family that matches their preferences. If you’re infertile due to low sperm quality or poor ovulation and required donors then we are with you and get you the best medically healthy donors from our database or provide you our donor’s profile and let you pick your choice based on your preferences. After both parties, that is the intended parents and the surrogate, agree to work together, you will be allowed to contact-mediated by our professionals through social platforms, phone calls, emails, etc. An agreement is signed between the surrogate, intended parents, and the Fertility World professionals to continue the surrogacy process.

  1. Legal Requirements; Your satisfaction 

Once a surrogate and intended parent have decided to move forward together in surrogacy, they are allowed to make it official by drafting a legal contract. Each party will have a separate attorney that ensures their legal interests are represented and protected. Each party meets their respective lawyer individually for reviewing the legal aspects of surrogacy. Once everyone agrees to the terms of the contract and each lawyer has had a chance to review and approve it, contracts will be signed, and the embryo transfer process can begin.

For Prospective Surrogates: Your attorney will discuss all of the legal aspects involved in surrogacy, from compensation to possible risks. Your attorney will review the contract that was drafted by the intended parent’s attorney to ensure it matches your requests. Once contracts are signed, you will begin receiving a monthly allowance to help cover the costs agreed upon in the contract.

For Prospective Intended Parents: Your attorney will discuss your legal rights, possible risks, and the compensation you and your surrogate agreed to. Once the contracts are signed, the next phase begins— fertilization and pregnancy. Your attorney will work with you to establish you as the legal parents of your child, which allows you to undergo medical decisions for the baby and include your names on the birth certificate. This is called a pre-birth order, which is an important step in declaring the child as legally yours.

  1. Fertilization and Embryo Transfer

After the surrogate is medically cleared and qualifies the requirements, she is ready to receive the embryo in her womb. The best stage embryo is selected and transferred to the surrogate uterus by our embryologist. After implantation, the surrogates are monitored regularly to check the positive pregnancy, lining of the uterus and do an ultrasound. The surrogates will conceive pregnancy during the 6th-7th week. You will feel the first heartbeats of your prospective child and be excited. After full-term pregnancy, your coordination team will start arranging hospitals for the delivery of your surrogate. During the time of delivery, the legal team will coordinate for the completion of the legal paperwork for your baby(ies).

  1. Welcome your baby home: This step is the most anticipated stage of the journey, filled with excitement, surprising wonders and you may feel like an end. But it will be your most awaited new beginning for your family. Our team will arrange all your formalities for your return back home safe and secure with your child.

Fertility World Surrogacy Success rate in Patna

With “Fertility World” you can count on us, together we make your dream come true! As our holistic surrogacy program provides a stable pregnancy rate at FERTILITY WORLD provides one of the best about 85% live birth and 90-95% success after pregnancy is confirmed using egg donors.

In General (at Fertility World), the success rate is very high when the whole process and procedure of IVF and surrogacy procedure are taken into consideration, generating a high success rate of up to 95% once the surrogate mother conceives with pregnancy. The live birth rate for gestational surrogacy is about 30% to 40% per single cycle while the traditional surrogacy is about 10% to 15% per one cycle.

Are you ready to start the surrogacy process with Fertility World? Do you want to learn more about becoming a surrogate or growing your family through surrogacy? Contact us now for a free complimentary consultation.

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