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What is Hyperspermia

Hyperspermia, a condition in which a man produces an abnormally small amount of semen during ejaculation, is a male condition. Hyperspermia is a condition in which less than 1.5ml of semen are produced per ejaculation. This condition can be caused by many conditions and traumas that can cause infertility in men. We will focus more on the symptoms and causes of hyperspermia.

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Hyperspermia  Symptoms

The average amount of semen that is expelled in an ejaculation ranges from 1.5 ml to 6 ml. Seminal fluid, which contains the sperm, is also part of the ejaculate. Hyperspermia is characterized by a low level of ejaculation. Hyperspermia may also be associated with decreased sexual satisfaction upon ejaculation.


Hyperspermia may be caused by other abnormalities or conditions. Trauma from surgery or exercise can cause complications in the male reproductive system. Congenital defects and lifestyle habits are also factors. These are the most common causes of hyperspermia.

Retrograde ejaculation: During ejaculation, the semen travels back into your bladder.

  • Absence of seminal vessels, or vas deferens (This congenital condition)
  • EDO (Ejaculatory Duct Obstruction) (Acquired, congenital).
  • Blockage of seminal vessels
  • Hormonal abnormalities can cause low testosterone production
  • Stress
  • Period of abstinence
  • Excessive alcohol consumption can have a negative impact on sperm production.

Treatment and Impact

Hyperspermia, which affects the release mechanism of sperm, is a major cause of male infertility. Hyperspermia can also have a negative impact on mental well-being. Low sexual satisfaction can cause a loss of confidence.

Treatment of Hyperspermia can be done depending on the reason. This can be a surgical procedure, medication, or lifestyle change. Hyperspermicians who are suffering from the symptoms should consult a specialist immediately.

Hyperspermia and other health issues

Hyperspermia doesn’t necessarily mean that a man is unsterile. It can be a warning sign about certain causes of sterility, such as those listed below.

  • Partial retrograde (some semen is ejected via the urethra, some is directed at the bladder).
  • Patients with advanced age
  • Varicocele (blocked drains)
  • Inflammation and infections of the ejaculation pipes
  • Genetic diseases
  • A deficiency in certain hormones, such as testosterone
  • Poor habits, such as smoking and poor nutrition, are unhealthy.
  • Surgery performed earlier

What are the risks of Hyperspermia

Hyperspermia refers to a condition where there is low semen production during ejaculation. The World Health Organization states that anyone who produces less than 1.5ml per day of semen is at risk. Hyperspermia is when the flow of semen is blocked by ejaculatory obstructions. There are many reasons this could happen. Learn more about hypospermia and the dangers it poses.

Hyperspermia, which is a reduced ability to make healthy sperm, is a leading cause of male infertility. Hyperspermia can cause side effects such as decreased sexual satisfaction, which can lead to confidence-related and psychological problems.

What Can Hyperspermia Do?

These are some of the hyperspermia-related diseases and complications:

  • Cryptozoospermia: No observable sperm in fresh samples
  • Necrozoospermia: Low percentage of live Sperm
  • Asthenozoospermia (Reduced Sperm Motility)
  • Azoospermia (Semen does not contain sperm)
  • Prostatitis is a swelling of the prostate gland.
  • Low sexual satisfaction

When is it a good idea to see a doctor?

If you are concerned about your fertility or have been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for more than a year, you should consult a doctor. The first thing your doctor will do is perform a physical exam. Next, your doctor will perform tests to determine your sperm count as well as other fertility measures. These tests could include:

  • Analysis of sexes. A sample of semen will be collected for your testing. You can either masturbate in a cup, or pull out and ejaculate in a cup during sex. The sample will be sent to a laboratory where a technician will examine it for quality and movement.
  • Hormone testing. To determine if your body is producing enough testosterone and other male hormones, a blood test can be performed. Low testosterone Infertility can be caused by these factors.
  • Image. To rule out infertility, an ultrasound of your testicles and other parts of the reproductive system is required to get an idea .

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