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Surrogacy cost in Kolkata

“Fertility World” offers surrogate mother pregnancy processes, care & treatment at affordable Surrogacy costs in Kolkata. Gets in touch now with Best Qualified team to receive excellent surrogacy service with Self/ donor. Surrogacy Can Make Your Family Dreams Come True. Note Today, the new surrogacy law (2022) enforced by the supreme court allows only altruistic surrogacy where the surrogate mother must be personally known to the intended parents- she can be from the family members, relatives, and friends.

Why should you have surrogacy in our Clinic / Centre?

  • 100% Legal and safe surrogacy with the Best Egg Donors (Indian/Caucasian/Premium/European/Others)
  • Senior surrogacy Consultant having expertise of 25 years
  • 100+ happy couples &Surrogacy lab supported with the latest world-class technology
  • Special focus on hygiene, and cleanliness- DO NOT worry about HIV & other acquired infections

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a topic that has been discussed a lot. What does surrogacy actually mean? 

Surrogacy is when a surrogate mother lends the uterus to another couple who can’t have a baby because of certain conditions. It is offered to women with problems in their uterus who have tried unsuccessfully IVF, and those who aren’t allowed to have children due to medical issues.

Many reasons have led to surrogacy in KOLKATA on the rise. Patients coming from abroad will find surrogacy more affordable due to the low price of IVF. Because couples usually try multiple times before becoming pregnant, it is crucial that surrogacy costs are affordable and the process is efficient. India attracts couples who can afford surrogacy.

We offer gestational similarly to women from all countries. Our surrogacy clinic is well-known in KOLKATA for its excellent rates of pregnancy. Our Surrogacy center in Kolkata, Fertility World India screens all potential surrogates for possible medical issues, infections, and pregnancy feasibility. Patients coming from overseas will find surrogacy very affordable due to the low-cost IVF. 

These are the steps for surrogacy:

  1. Share with us your medical complications.
  2. Our specialists will examine your history and records to determine the best course of action and return to you as soon as possible.
  3. Once you have decided to proceed, you will be contacted by our legal adviser to make sure all required paperwork is completed. You should also contact your embassy to ask about the necessary documents. We are happy to help you.
  4. In the meantime, we will post a surrogate advertisement, screen the candidates, and choose the best one to transfer your embryos. A minimum deposit is required before the embryo transfer can be initiated. This deposit can be wired to our bank account.
  5. Once we have established your travel dates, you will be synchronized with the surrogate’s / egg donor’s (ED) cycle.
  6. If you have to access the injections and can arrive by the 6th day of your period, you could start then you could start the process of your home ovarian stimulation process. You will need to reach Kolkata on the first or second day of your period if you have difficulty accessing the injections.

All of the above steps are performed simultaneously: monitoring the stimulation with ultrasonography and blood level, giving injections, retrieving oocytes, and embryo transfer. To make sure that pregnancy occurs, the surrogate must remain in the hospital for the duration of the transfer. The pregnancy test can be done 14 days after embryo transfer. We will email you a copy of the results.

The Surrogacy Bill

Lok Sabha introduced the Surrogacy (regulation bill) 2016 on 21 November 2016. It was referred to the standing committee on 12 January 2017. Lok Sabha adopted the bill on December 19, 2018, on the basis that the report of the committee on Surrogacy (regulation) was submitted to Lok Sabha on 10 August 2017.

2016 Surrogacy bill focuses on commercial surrogacy prevention and encouraging altruistic surrogacy. The bill protects both the surrogate mother as well as her child from being exploited. Surrogacy allows an infertile couple to have a child through the help of a surrogate mom. The surrogate mother will not receive any financial benefit or compensation for renting out her womb to the intended couple, except for her medical and insurance costs during pregnancy.

The legislation proposed allows for the registration of surrogacy clinics and the establishment of a National and State surrogacy board and Appropriate Authorities.

Guaranteed Surrogacy Program with Donor Eggs

Finding the right donor can seem like a daunting task. This is where our center can help. We make every effort to match the ED with your suggestions. Below are the requirements you will need to supply us

  • Age limit on ED
  • Skin color
  • Hair Color
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Any appearance (such as Caucasian or oriental)
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Any other specifications
  • Searching for Surrogacy cost in India, India? Surrogate Can Make Your Family Dreams Come True.

Surrogacy Services using a donor egg or partner sperm can be referred to as Guaranteed Egg Donor Surrogacy Services. Your doctor might recommend that you obtain a donor egg to create embryos if your female partner cannot produce her own eggs. The embryo is then transferred into the uterus to be used for pregnancy.

Every Couple from India can avail of the Guaranteed surrogacy program. After signing up for a Guaranteed surrogacy Program agreement, you can start having twins or more. You must wait and watch the entire Surrogacy Doctor process. Also, wait for Live Birth. Guaranteed Surrogacy Program refers to the live birth of a single or twin baby after 32 weeks. For Surrogacy Procedure to be started, at least one of the components must come from an infertile couple. Your partner (First choice) or a donor will provide the Second Component. Every client who signs up for Guaranteed Surrogacy Program will have the option to choose from a surrogate as well as from a donor (if a Donor Cycle is Required).

Guaranteed Donor cost will be added to this package tentatively Get a FREE Quote on a Guaranteed Surrogacy with Fertility World. Contact us today! Book an appointment!

Assured Baby Surrogacy

Assured pregnancy and live birth – Package surrogacy INR 18,00,000./ (Rupees eighteen lakhs Only). This is a guaranteed plan that will ensure a live birth of the baby after 33 weeks. Your reports and the donor’s cycle will be reviewed to confirm your plan. The package does not include fees for donor eggs, legal documentation, or baby delivery. The Intended Parent must commit to at least four IVF cycles. In each cycle, multiple embryos will be transferred. If the IVF cycle fails to produce a pregnancy and live birth after 33 weeks, the surrogacy process will continue with a different surrogate.

Surrogate Mother Cost Package

We recognize that selecting a surrogate mum is a crucial part of any program we offer. You want to feel confident that your decision was right and you are making the best choice for your family. This is why we take great care to ensure every surrogate mother that we add to our database meets certain criteria. All surrogate mothers are young, healthy, have proven medical records, and are committed to carrying the pregnancy to its fullest. So you can rest easy knowing you made the right choice. You’ll also have a healthy child by the end.

Surrogate motherPrice
With Self EggsUp to 15 lakhs
Inclusive Surrogate CareUp to  5-6 lakhs
Injectable Medication, Drugs allowance, Embryo Transfer allowance.Up to 4 lakhs
Housekeeping allowance, psychological support 
(Delivery included)
Up to 4-5 lakhs


  • The above-mentioned costs and prices are subject to change / may vary.
  • Surrogate mother with twins will be charged Rs 2 lakhs extra

Comprehensive Surrogacy Package by Fertility World

Surrogacy procedureComprehensive cost packageRS11.5-15 LAKHS
Surrogacy using own eggs and own spermsRS 14- 15 LAKHS
Guaranteed SurrogacyRs 15 to 16 LAKHS
Surrogacy through donor eggs.RS 15- 16 LAKHS
Surrogate Mother – SM (Cost)Up to 4-5 LAKH
IVF (cost), Embryo Transfers, (Cost)RS 2.5-3
Cost of Surrogate Mother Selection + Blood Tests (Cost). Surrogate Maternal PreparationUp to 1-2 LAKHS

Fertility World shares its surrogacy success rates with full evidence between 90-100%. The success rates for a healthy baby are as high as 95% after the surrogate gets pregnant. To book your appointment, give us a call or fill up the form____________

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