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Today, the supreme court has enforced a new surrogacy law where it allows only an altruistic surrogacy where the surrogate should be the relatives, and friends of the intended parents. The fertilityworld, best surrogacy centre in Kolkata has the best legal surrogacy lawyers that maintain and records all the legal surrogacy laws i.e. (authorized to proceed with surrogacy from the supreme court, parentage order, contract agreement e.t.c) easing total confusion of the intended parents. Not only that, it also offers surrogacy at a reasonable cost: Surrogacy Cost in Kolkata.

Surrogacy in Kolkata

What is the new surrogacy law in India, today?

The new law on surrogacy came into force in January 2022. It states that surrogacy is a practice where a woman gives birth to a child for an intending couple to hand it over to them after the birth. The law permits only Altruistic Surrogacy today to those couples who suffer proven infertility or disease. Surrogacy is prohibited for commercial purposes such as for sale, prostitution, or any other forms of exploitation.

It also states that once the child is born, it will be deemed to be the biological child of the couple. Abortion of a fetus is allowed only with the consent of the surrogate mother and the authorities and must adhere to the provisions of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act.

Surrogacy Success Rates in Kolkata

Surrogacy success rate increases if the egg and sperm are coming from young Donors, healthier individuals who have no major health issues in their past or current medical history. It also helps if both individuals are non-smokers. Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) with gestational carriers has a 99% success rate for a healthy birth with a donor egg, 70% with self gametes, and 80% with donor sperms. See the pie chart below about Surrogacy success rates in Kolkata:

“FertilityWorld” is also unique because with our holistic surrogacy program we provide a stable pregnancy rate of 75% to 80% following the additional infertility treatments. 

Who is eligible to go for surrogacy treatment in Kolkata?

Surrogacy treatment in Kolkata

A person who is waiting to turn into a parent via surrogacy is known as an “intended parent.” Couples and individuals of types could choose this path to achieve parenthood, but most importantly, intended parents ‘ are:

  • People who have struggled with infertility
  • A couple with certificates of eligibility and essentiality to have a child via surrogacy
  • A couple should be married for 5 years,
  • Females should be between 25-50 years and a male between 26-55 years.
  • The couple must not have any living child (biological, adopted, or surrogate.). However having a child with mental or physical disabilities, or one suffering from a life-threatening disorder or illness has been exempted from the above criterion.
  • Same-sex couples
  • Anybody unable to safely carry a pregnancy to term

What is the process of surrogacy?

Surrogacy process in Kolkata

If intended parents entrust the fertilityworld for the altruistic surrogacy journey, we handle every step accurately. The surrogacy process is between an infertile couple and a woman who agrees to get pregnant through ART and in which the embryo implanted in the girls is usually processed from the gametes of the sterile couple. This pregnancy is then continued and the child is sent and handed over to the few to whom she has consented to be a surrogate. The following steps are involved:

  1. Recommend if surrogacy is the right choice for couples during free consultations. 
  2. Prepare the couples for surrogacy: Complete Screening, and examination.
  3. Create the best matches of your Surrogate mother, (Donor Egg, Donor Sperm, Donor Embryo) if required.
  4. Maintained complete legalities by the fertilityworld best lawyers.
  5. Start surrogacy process: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process.
  6. Embryo Transfer: embryo gets implanted into the surrogate uterus: IVF Implantation Process in India.
  7. Confirmation of pregnancy Via blood test, ultrasounds.
  8. Welcome the New Baby: Intended parents embrace the child in their arms.

Some IVF clinics will likely recommend Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) so that the healthiest embryos can be transferred. Typically, the best will be utilized for elective single-embryo transfer (eSET), while the remaining embryos are cryopreserved. This process only increases the success rate. To completely understand the process please visit the link and read: Complete Surrogacy process in India.

Surrogacy with Self gametes(self egg+self sperm)

Many intended couples often choose to undergo surrogacy with their female partner’s eggs and male partner’s sperm. It is one of the best forms of surrogacy to embrace one’s own biological child. However this surrogacy is possible only when the female partner does not have a uterus (genetic or surgical removal) or has a defective uterus (septum, bicornuate, arcuate, or due to infection like Tuberculosis) but she has a viable egg to conceive a child.   

Female with an AMH level between 1ng/ml to 1.6ng/mL and a male with a sperm count of 106 is a good candidate to undergo surrogacy with self gametes. Another reason we use surrogacy is when the couple has had numerous failed IVF cycles.

How to proceed with self-gametes surrogacy in Kolkata?

  • The intended parents come or register at fertilityworld to proceed with self-cycle surrogacy. 
  • They are provided with free consultations by our doctors and examine whether it is a good option or not. 
  • If yes, then the contract is signed and the tentative dates are decided to proceed. 
  • The female partner is administered pills to be able to synchronize with the surrogate’s menstrual cycles.
  • At the same time, the surrogate is also prepared to build the endometrium.  
  • Once the intended female partner period initiates, hormones/fertility drugs are injected to develop multiple eggs. This usually goes on for 10-12 days.
  • The hormones are given after 7 days again.
  • All the surrogacy processes are the same except for the use of self gametes or donor gametes.
  • All this is discussed and explained to the couple beforehand. There is regular communication through email, telephone, WhatsApp, video calls e.t.c.

Guaranteed Surrogacy in Kolkata, India

The Guaranteed surrogacy in India is attractive for those Intended Parents who have experienced years of emotional tension and uncertainty, unable to conceive. However, before proceeding with such a program it has to be aware of what the program offers and how it is? when choosing a guaranteed surrogacy program. 

  • This program benefits those women who are unable to conceive with their eggs and can now use egg donation as a fertility treatment via Donor Egg Bank
  • Women who have experienced premature menopause, a significant decrease in ovarian reserve, and/or who have had several unsuccessful IVF attempts using their eggs are good candidates for egg donation programs.

Best Surrogacy Doctors in Kolkata, India

Reading and understanding the content about surrogacy processes seems easy and simple but in reality, it involves highly experienced surrogacy Doctors such as chief embryologist that handles eggs, sperms, and embryo in the IVF process, dedicated gynecologist that specialize in female reproductive health, nurses for caretaking the patient’s needs, legal surrogacy lawyer that handles for smooth functioning of the surrogacy, and well-trained staffs that take care of all the documentation, scheduling, and appointments, registrations e.t.c. Some of our best prominent Surrogacy Doctors in India include Dr. Shobha Gupta (MBBS), Dr. Jaya Sharma (IVF consultant), Dr. G. K. Bedi (MBBS, Obstetrician, and Gynecologist as well as an Infertility Specialist) Dr. Shrutika Thakkar (MBBS, Obstetrics, and Gynecologist). Dr. Rajendra Desai {M.B.B.S, M.S. (Gynecology)}. e.t.c. To get in touch with our doctors, please register with us:

The best surrogacy agency in Kolkata, India

The Fertilityworld is also rated as the Best Surrogacy Agency in Kolkata, India because for the following reasons:

  • It provides complete satisfactory surrogacy services starting from registration till the birth of the child without compromisation.
  • It smoothly accomplishes the program for having the best legal lawyers. 
  • It offers complete transparency; No hidden cost. 
  • Provides direct Free first consultations with doctors & Lawyers.

The Fertilityworld surrogacy has been making parenthood possible for over 15+ years, rendering as the most successful surrogacy agency with a success rate of 99% for intended parents; the center has been guaranteeing intended parents via assisted gamete donation bring home a baby at the end of their journey for over decades. 

By guiding and helping all intended parents from India and across the world, creating amazing memories delivering them their biological healthy, beautiful child. To date, it has helped create 2000+ happy families and delivered 3000+ healthy babies via the following assisted reproductive technology:

Who can become a surrogate mother?

Generally, Surrogates come from all different backgrounds, but they have one major thing in common — the desire to assist people in an incredibly unique and important way. There are loads of misconceptions regarding the women who become surrogates, however, in the end, they’re just girls who can help construct a family. A common requirement for surrogates is that they have already completed their very own family, so they’re usually increasing children of their own and are generally married.

According to the new surrogacy law enforced by the supreme court, a surrogate mother has to be a close relative of the couple, a married woman with a child of her own, aged between 25-35 years, who has been a surrogate only once in her life. She must also possess a certificate of medical and psychological fitness for surrogacy.

Why surrogacy is important for intending Parents?

Today, surrogacy has become the most demanded assisted reproductive technology to thousands and thousands of people across the world because it is simply building complete families, fulfilling the parenthood dreams every year at an affordable cost starting from Rs.11 lakhs up to Rs. 16 lakhs maximum. 

Surrogacy delivers a healthy baby(ies) for those families who do not want to undergo the pressures of natural pregnancy and labor. Many intended couples depend on surrogacy as a medium when they suffer from certain infertility medical conditions making it difficult to conceive a pregnancy naturally. Fertilityworld surrogacy center in Kolkata serves the best altruistic surrogacy program for such parents.

What makes the fertilityworld the best Surrogacy center in Kolkata?

The fertilityworld is considered the best Surrogacy center in Kolkata. With the support of the best Surrogacy Doctors, it is experienced and learned that “Infertility is continuously increasing in metropolitan cities today, mostly in youthful couples with primary infertility conditions. Speaking about spouses less than 35 years of age. We learned about the decreasing ovarian count and sperm quality because of urban lifestyle, focusing on career, pollution, and stress”. Therefore, the FERTILITYWORLD brought forward the life-changer to deliver a child via surrogacy program. Today, thousands of families have been built with us in Kolkata. Remember that surrogacy is impossible without IVF treatment. This partnership is special because it started IVF treatment in the frequent man. We make your surrogacy the highest success rate by providing the best possible latest reproductive technologies and other assisting arrangements:

Surrogacy is a relatively new family-building option, therefore it is not surprising that individuals still have loads of questions about it.  

Do you think surrogacy can make your parenthood dreams possible?

Absolutely YES! Surrogacy is the miraculous assisted reproductive technology (ART) that rescues many draining parent dreams, making it possible to let you hold your biological child in your arms. FERTILITYWORLD has positioned itself consistently with its best IVF networked chain centers in Kolkata over the past few years by upholding world-class standards for intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, natural cycle IVF, minimal stimulation IVF and injection-free IVF, and inclusive surrogacy program as surrogacy is not possible without IVF.

Our doctors always recommend any intended parents consult the infertility specialists as soon as possible when they don’t conceive a pregnancy after trying for up to 2 years. Always remember that your reproductivity will decline gradually as you age, and also depends on your infertility duration. Act fast when it is the right time for you.

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If you want to know more information relating to any fertility treatments such as Surrogacy, IVF, ICSI, IUI, FET, PGD, Surgical extractions, surrogacy, Donor assistance (egg/sperm), surrogate mother arrangements, and any other fertility treatments or services information in Kolkata please write to us at We provide free consultations. 

To directly discuss the cost of any fertility treatments such as surrogacy, cost of IVF with self gametes, cost of IVF with donor gametes, cost of ICSI treatments, cost of PGD/PGS, cost of Donor sperms, cost of Donor Eggs, Cost of the surrogate mother compensation, or any fertility-related treatment cost, and discount a please write to us at We provide free consultations.


Surrogacy Treatment cost in Kolkata?

The cost of Surrogacy has increased after the enforcement of new law 2022, the couples have to pay 15 to 20 lakhs depending on their individual medical report and additional treatment required. No hidden charges, the cost package will comes after the case study by the expert of Fertilityworld team.

How to find Surrogate mother in Kolkata, West Bengal?

Fertilityworld centre has the best surrogate database with excellent health condition, fit and flexible to carry pregnancy on behalf of intended parents. To connect with surrogate simply contact to Fertilityworld via Call/Whats app- +91 9311850412 Email:

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