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Surrogacy in Kolkata

 “FERTILITY WORLD” IS  here for your rescue! offering the best Surrogacy center in Kolkata. “Infertility is on the increase in metropolitan cities and we’re noticing an increase in youthful couples with primary infertility. Speaking about spouses less than 30 years of age. We’re noticing decreasing ovarian count and sperm quality because of urban lifestyle and pollution and stress.” FERTILITY WORLD is that life-changer, This partnership is special because it’s started IVF treatment into the frequent man! 

  • Get the Best, young and fit surrogate mothers at their best age. 
  • The higher success rate in Kolkata over the decades.
  • Make an appointment and get the Healthiest surrogate to carry your biological child.
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Fertility World” is also unique because with our holistic surrogacy program we provide a stable pregnancy rate of 75% to 80%. This process doesn’t have any injection and is a natural cycle so it’s painless and has no side effects, and no hidden fees or penalties later on. That’s a huge change from our opponents. We see and care for patients in the poorest backgrounds that are able to afford the cost of surrogacy in Kolkata with Fertility World. At precisely the same time, we have success rates that are comparable to the top centers in the US and Europe. You do not need to spend lakhs of rupees to even get IVF completed here.

Kolkata turning into global fertility hub

The town’s fertility practices are getting at least 50 patients on average every month these days. This is double that of 2011 and at the subsequent two years is predicted to demanding a 100 each. The rush is spurred by economical costs and a higher success rate. Most applicants are from the USA, UK, Israel, and the Middle-east. 

Surrogacy prices Rs 12-15 lakh at Kolkata – roughly $40,000. The city has become an international medical destination. Statistically, IVF and Surrogacy in Kolkata are even cheaper than in Delhi and Mumbai. A growing number of foreigners are now discovering that Kolkata has generated a remarkable revolution in the science of IVF technology. Aside from the cost advantage, there is also the legal factor involved.

Surrogacy is a relatively new family-building option, therefore it is not surprising that individuals still have loads of questions about it.

1.What’s surrogacy?

Surrogacy is an arrangement between an infertile couple and a woman who agrees to get pregnant through ART and in which the embryo implanted in the girls is usually processed from the gametes of the sterile couple. This pregnancy is then continued and the child is sent and handed over to the few to whom she has consented to be a surrogate.

2. Who selects surrogacy as a means to get parents?

A person who is waiting to turn into a parent via surrogacy is known as a “parent.” Couples and individuals of types could choose this path to parenthood, but most importantly, intended parents ‘ are:

  • People who have struggled with infertility
  • Prospective unmarried parents
  • Same-sex couples
  • Anybody who’s unable to safely carry a pregnancy to term

3. Who are the girls who opt to become surrogates?

Surrogates come in all different backgrounds, but they have one major thing in common — the desire to assist people in an incredibly unique and important way. There are loads of misconceptions regarding the women who become surrogates, however, in the end, they’re just girls who are able to help construct a family. A common requirement for surrogates is that they have already completed their very own family, so they’re usually increasing children of their own and are generally married.

4. What is the difference between conventional and gestational surrogacy?

The difference is in whose egg is used. Classic surrogacy is rare today because there are serious legal and emotional risks related to the surrogate being the biological mother of the infant. Not many professionals will finish traditional surrogacies. Rather, gestational surrogacy is what’s commonplace and often preferred by those involved.

5. Is surrogacy lawful?

This is a query with an always-evolving response. Surrogacy laws vary from one state to the next, from one kind of surrogacy to a different one, and more. We have a manual to all those state laws here. Don’t allow the laws to intimidate you, but do recall; Essentially, it depends on where you’re at. Surrogacy law is complex, and the security of a child could be at stake. That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to work with an experienced professional to procure a legal surrogacy contract that protects both parties — no exceptions. 

FERTILITY WORLD has positioned itself consistently with its best IVF networked chain centers in Kolkata over the past few years by upholding world-class standards for intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, natural cycle IVF, minimal stimulus IVF and injection-free IVF, and inclusive surrogacy program.


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