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Surrogate mother in India

Growing your Family through Surrogacy

First, love is what we all want, then marriage and then the baby in a carriage. Surrogacy is a way to fill in the gaps for those 12-15 % of couples who are experiencing infertility problems. A surrogate mother in India will carry your dream of parenthood by injecting intending parents’ embryos in her uterus, which is the ultimate gateway of being parents for that infertile couple. The cost of a Surrogate mother in India is almost the same in metropolitan cities.

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  • Get the Best & healthy Surrogate mothers at their best age to carry your biological child in pan India.
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Surrogacy can be chosen for many reasons:

  • A woman may be prevented from becoming pregnant or cannot carry a child to term because of health issues.
  • Recurrent miscarriages and infertility can prevent couples from getting pregnant or keeping it.
  • The desire to have children is shared by same-sex couples. Although this may be two men, it could also be a woman. The egg and embryo can be transferred to the other partner and then carried on by the mother.
  •  Single parent may want biological children.

How do I find a surrogate

Sometimes, people find a friend or relative who is willing to be a surrogate. Surrogacy agencies in INDIA can help you find a match. To ensure that candidates meet the requirements of the process, agencies first screen them. They then match your needs and want to find the best possible situation for your family.

Are you unsure where to begin? 

FERTILITY World was established to examine and maintain ethical issues around egg donation and surrogacy.

Criteria to become a surrogate

While the qualifications to be a gestational surrogate differ from agency to agency, they include:

  • Age : Candidates must be aged between 21 and 35. The exact range will vary depending on where you live.
  • Reproductive background. They must also have at least one pregnancy to term, without complications, and have had fewer than 2 vaginal deliveries or two cesarean sections.
  • Lifestyle. Surrogates need to live in a safe and supportive environment as established by a home study. Other considerations include drug and alcohol abuse.
  • The Tests Potential surrogates should also undergo a mental screening and a physical, including a screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

There are certain requirements that intended parents must meet. These include:

Complete health histories

To ensure that they are able to successfully undergo in vitro fertilization retrieval cycles, it is important that they have physical exams

Screening for infection

Testing for genetic diseases that may be passed on to children. It is recommended that you seek mental health counseling to address issues such as surrogacy expectations, addiction, abuse, or any other psychological issues.

Surrogate Mother Home

Surrogate mothers in India live in the same place as their babies during pregnancy under the doctor’s guidelines and surrogacy terms and conditions but if an Intending parent wants a surrogate to live in the surrogate home they can make an agreement accordingly as there will be both options for choosing the program. Surrogate mothers play a key role in pregnancy. They have a lot of responsibility. Her primary goal is to be healthy and provide the best possible environment for the baby and her. To ensure proper growth, she must be in a healthy and comfortable environment.

We are often asked where the surrogate should live during gestation. 

Before they enroll in a surrogacy program, intended parents want to make sure that everything is okay for their baby. These divine women are called Surrogacy Houses and take on the responsibility of carrying another’s child. All these houses are well-furnished with all the necessary amenities for surrogates. The surrogates can still live in good health during the gestational period provided they have the right arrangements. We emphasize the importance of living with the family during this time. This is because surrogates tend to be more relaxed when they are with their family.

Surrogacy is a natural process It is best to keep surrogates in nature and not in dormitories. Her mental health and ability to live with her family or regular life can be affected, which could also affect the child’s development. She also benefits from the affectionate companionship and support of her family. Her own family has taken greater care of her.

FERTILITY WORLD surrogacy agreements allow surrogates to remain in their own homes with their children and families for the duration of the pregnancy. We monitor the surrogate’s progress with the child and keep the intended parents informed about her health. We keep the intended parents informed about the surrogate’s progress in the womb and let her live as she pleases. Our surrogates have a contract and are responsible for delivering the baby healthy.

Sometimes, intended parents are concerned about their surrogate engaging in sexual intercourse while she is at home. This can cause problems with the pregnancy initiation and/or restrict the growth of the baby at specific stages. Surrogates are contractually bound to agencies. She is responsible for the development of the child and takes proper care of her. All law-abiding surrogates are registered with us. We are confident in their ability to care for the child and take responsibility.

Surrogates should never be kept in a surrogacy dormitory because they might feel lonely. We’ve seen surrogates feel lonely even when they are surrounded by other surrogates. It hinders her mental development and the pregnancy she is having. Surrogates are free to live with their family and can do whatever she wants. She can take care of her house chores and pursue her hobbies. She is comfortable with the gestation period, as she has experienced it while having her first child. Her natural spirit might be affected by constant monitoring or tracking.

Surrogates chosen to carry other babies in their wombs are already familiar with the process from when they were pregnant with their own baby. They are familiar with the process and are able to care for the babies they carry. Living a normal lifestyle enhances their spirits and allows them to take better care of themselves. Unlike the surrogate, intended parents are not stressed out because she is still at their home. They are still assured of the best care from her family. She can live normally, as she has done all her life. Both the surrogate as well as the intended parents are happy with this practice. Surrogacy agencies act as a bridge between the two parties and ensure the best possible outcome for both.

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