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Surrogacy cost in India | Surrogate mother cost in India
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India has become one of the most attractive Surrogacy Destinations across the Globe over the decades. It has provided a great service to many Intended parents, couples, single parents either of International or domestic origin completed their families by welcoming a child via surrogacy program in India. It has become the hotspot surrogacy destination because surrogacy cost in India is very reasonable and is easily accessible by any sterile couple despite its origin.

Note: An international Intended parents, couples opting for surrogacy in India should possess an INDIAN PASSPORT either one or both.

Though surrogacy program arrangements are complex and time taking, the Fertility World designed surrogacy program in such a way, which is simple and easily accessible to any intended layman (couples, parents, single parents, same-sex couples, heterosexual couples, We understand our agony of childless couples which is indescribable in words, so besides its complexity process, we complete our prospective parent’s dreams of parenthood at a very reasonable and affordable cost.

The cost of surrogacy arrangements in western Countries is very costly, compared with Indian surrogacy. India has emerged as a “surrogacy Destination” due to its low cost of surrogacy in India at Fertility World for the citizens is approximately INR 10 lakh to 15 lakhs (13657-20486 USD) and for international couples is 20,000 -30,000 USD. This package includes each and every procedure of the treatment and fees mentioned below:

  • Arrangements of traveling and staying.
  • Doctor fees.
  • Legal formalities fees.
  • Psychologist fees.
  • Surrogate arrangement cost.
  • Surrogate compensation.
  • Tests and treatments.
  • Gamete donors charges (if used).
  • Medication cost (drugs and consumables).
  • In-vitro fertilization treatment charges.
  • Antenatal care.
  • Delivery charges (incase of complication, may include extra charges).
  • Personalized special care and more.

If you compare it to other countries, India is the only country that offers the program at such a reasonable cost. Fertility World has its main surrogacy center in Delhi (India) and has its sub-centers functioning the surrogacy program in every Indian state and also working in great collaboration with the international best centers.

The cost of surrogacy varies depending on each state and the surrogacy agencies, below are the updated cost of surrogacy 2021 in Indian rupees and US dollar according to Indian States and cycle. The cost in INR and USD is rounding figures.

Indian statesSurrogacy programsINR  (in lakh)USD (in thousand)
DelhiArrangements of traveling and accommodation10 to1513 to 20
BangaloreDoctor fees. Legal formalities fees. Psychologist fees.12 to 2014 to 27
PuneSurrogate arrangement cost. Surrogate compensation.10 to 1613 to 22
KolkataTests and treatments. Gamete donors charges (if used).10 to 2013 to 27
AhmedabadMedication cost (drugs and consumables).10 to 1513 to 20
HyderabadIn-vitro fertilization treatment charges.10 to 1613 to 22
NagpurAntenatal care.10 to 1213 to 14
ChennaiDelivery charges(May charge more).9 to 1512 to 20
MumbaiPersonalized special care and more.11 to 1915 to 26

This is all you need to know about the surrogacy cost in metropolitan Indian cities in an updated version of 2021. For any queries regarding the overall surrogacy cost, and Cost of surrogates, Donors, IVF treatment, and more, the Fertility world is the one-stop solution for you.

Surrogacy cost challenges

The overall surrogacy cost varies based on the states you choose and the surrogacy professionals you choose to work with (world-class trained, Highly experienced, or state professionals). Some of the prospective parents choose to use their own identified surrogate mother whom they know personally. But Doctors and Surrogate agencies will get you the best surrogate carrier.

Additionally,  the intended parents can participate to complete an in-home assessment during the screening process when signing with an agency. You will be responsible for covering the cost of this assessment, which may be performed by your professional or outsourced to a professional specializing in surrogacy home assessments.

The 2nd challenge of surrogacy costs is variable expenses. These expenses could change significantly depending on several factors during the surrogacy process, including each intended parent’s individual circumstances. Legal services, medical expenses, and surrogate mother compensation are three of the most expensive variable costs in surrogacy. Be confident to ask potential surrogacy professionals of any additional services that may include in the agency fees, as well as unforeseen additional charges. Although it comes with a detailed package at the time of signing the Surrogacy contract.

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