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Egg Freezing cost in Delhi

From the previous perspectives of successful parents using egg donors, the fertilityworld has been described as the best Donor Egg Agencies in Delhi today, for its reasonable egg freezing cost in Delhi. Also, the fertilityworld stands first in Egg Donation in India | Donor Egg Bank for its most reasonable Cost of Egg Freezing In India

Egg Freezing in Delhi cost

Best Egg Donor Agencies in Delhi

Best Egg Donor Agencies in Delhi

The center shares the nation’s largest egg donor databases and continues to deliver high success rates for intended parents, around 99.3%. The fertilityworld is the best egg donor agency in Delhi, led by a team of experts who have had their own firsthand experiences with egg handling and continuing for the past 20+ years in the field, and has connected intended parents, egg donors, and surrogates for over 20+ years. The center embarks on knowledge, leading and guiding those single women, and couples willing to freeze their eggs, or those needing the assistance of donor eggs to achieve their dreams of parenthood. Our experienced teams and staff help ensure that everyone who visits our center has the same delightful and personalized experience. We at the fertilityworld are committed to providing everyone the opportunity to be a parent and have expanded from its original headquarters in Delhi to Pan India. 

Cost of egg freezing in Delhi

Look at the table below, it clearly shows that the cost of egg freezing in Delhi on yearly bases is reasonable, low affordable cost:

Followed ProceduresWhat is includedCost in INR
Initial ScreeningFertility hormone tests & health check8000 – 10,000
Ovarian stimulationInjections & Medications70,000 – 80,000
Cycle MonitoringUSG, Hormone tests, Consultation10,000 – 15,000
Surgical ProcedureEgg retrieval under anesthesia20,000 – 25,000
IVF laboratoryEgg screening & denudation25,000 – 30,000
CryofreezingFreezing & maintenance20,000 – 30,000

You will be lucky enough to proceed with egg freezing in Delhi at the fertilityworld. Quite interestingly, the process of egg freezing is cheaper at fertilityworld in Delhi, than at other clinics. The center offers low-affordable egg freezing from Rs.1.00 lakhs and Rs. 1.20 lakhs INR per annum.

It will cost Rs 10,000 on monthly bases, and the frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycle will cost from Rs.100,000 to Rs. 200,000 per cycle. This cost is inclusive of the charges of the IVF protocol, which covers the medicines and injections given for ovarian stimulation, along with the charges for the procedure of egg retrieval and subsequent freezing.

Egg Freezing Success Rates by women’s age in Delhi

As of today, egg freezing is rapidly done in Delhi, most of them fall under the age of 18 to 37 years. Their egg responds miraculously to egg freezing with the highest success rates and also the studies proved that at this age the quality of eggs is at its highest point of reproduction and declines over time as women age. Analyze the graph below & estimate your egg freezing success rates:

Egg Freezing Success Rates by women's age in Delhi

Looking at the bar graph of the egg freezing success rate above, it is conclusive that;

  • Women between 18 to 25 years can have a 90% to 99% chance of at least one live birth.
  • Women between 25 to 30 years can have an 80% to 90% chance of at least one live birth.
  • Women between 30 to 35 years can have a 75% to 85% chance of at least one live birth.
  • Women between 35 to 40 years can have a 60% to 65% chance of at least one live birth.
  • Women between 40 to 45 years can have a 50% to 60% chance of at least one live birth.

Who should freeze the eggs?

Who should freeze the eggs?

The fertilityworld experiences in egg freezing techniques for 20+ years have learned that women who freeze their eggs before the age of 37 have a better chance of a successful pregnancy than those who freeze their eggs after age 37. Therefore, the fertilityworld in Delhi suggests those women with the following conditions should freeze their eggs:

  • Have sickle cell anemia, autoimmune diseases such as lupus, and gender diversity, such as being transgender. As these circumstances or conditions can affect your fertility.
  • Medical treatments such as radiation, and chemotherapy can harm a woman’s fertility. Therefore egg freezing before cancer treatment enables women to have biological children in the future.
  • While undergoing IVF some eggs or embryos are left behind. So women can prefer those unused gametes for freezing to have another baby via IVF.
  • If women want to delay pregnancy during their best age. You can preserve younger eggs via egg freezing for future use. Freezing eggs at a younger age helps you get pregnant when you’re ready.

When should I freeze the Egg?

When should I freeze the Egg?

Let’s discuss from here; what is the best time for women to freeze their Eggs for future pregnancy.

  • The best time women can freeze their eggs is between 18 to 37 years. Women are born with a limited number of eggs. As you age, those egg numbers decline, and so does the quality of eggs decline.
  • Aging is not the only reason for women to consider egg freezing. Several other conditions can also affect the quantity and quality of your eggs. These include gender diversity treatments, Sickle cell anemia, Autoimmune disorders like lupus, Chemotherapy, or radiation treatment for cancer or other illnesses.
  • Women should freeze eggs in their late 20s or early 30s. But if you are diagnosed with an illness that may decrease the quality & quantity of eggs, you should consider freezing your eggs even sooner.

Need a donor egg today?

Contact the fertilityworld in Delhi. The fertilityworld has prepared egg donors on the database and has frozen eggs for your immediate use.  so you can cycle sooner without the months of delay that come with traditional donor IVF treatment.

The use of Frozen donor eggs gives you 100% confidence that your cycle plans will not be disrupted due to an egg donor who fails the screening, has a low ovarian response or has an unexpected life event. In this way, you can save money by not repeating the cycle treatment. Our success rates are comparable to traditional donor IVF cycles and you gain peace of mind that you will bring home a baby 100%.

What is egg freezing?

Egg freezing also known as oocyte cryopreservation in medical terms is a procedure or technology to preserve a woman’s eggs. Egg freezing opens a door for those women not ready to get pregnant and who want to postpone pregnancy to a later date due to personal reasons, medical reasons, or social reasons.

Who are the best fertility Doctors in Delhi?

Today, the fertilityworld is currently hoisting medical tourism in Delhi and for the World with the best team of fertility Doctors in Delhi. Among them, Dr. Nidhi is the best-renowned fertility doctor in Delhi. She is an excellent fertility specialist cum the top fertility researcher, for various reasons the fertilityworld can produce the highest fertility treatment success rates among all other clinics in Delhi. If you wish to know more about fertility Doctors in Delhi, please visit the link: Best IVF doctors in Delhi.

The most cost-effective way to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby(ies) is by connecting with fertility Doctors. They are committed professionals, they know even a minor change to the way they practice could dramatically increase the chances of conceiving a pregnancy. 

The Fertilityworld egg freezing and egg donation center based in Delhi is fortunate of having doctors who are devoted and experienced, also a team of researchers and scholars who continuously work to support each individual’s journey. Local and international patients travel to Fertilityworld knowing that they will receive exceptional care from a knowledgeable, determined, and dedicated team of Doctors and professionals. You can also see; IVF costs in Delhi at the Best IVF Centre in Delhi.

Why is egg freezing done?

Egg freezing is the best option for those women who want to delay their pregnancy now but want to have a child in the future. The reasons can be personal decisions, due to medical conditions, due to cancer, genetic diseases, etc. We will discuss the reasons for egg freezing below:

  • Women with conditions or circumstances that will affect fertility. These issues can include sickle cell anemia, autoimmune diseases such as lupus, etc.
  • Women are about to have cancer treatment or other illnesses which can affect their ability to get pregnant. Like before radiation or chemotherapy treatments. Egg freezing before treatment might enable you to have biological children later.
  • Women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). When undergoing IVF treatments, some people prefer egg freezing to embryo freezing for religious, and ethical reasons, or to use them in the next cycle when the first cycle fails.
  • Women between 18-35 years wish to preserve younger eggs now for future use. Freezing eggs at a younger age might help you get pregnant when you’re ready.
  • With frozen eggs, women can use it any time they wish to try to conceive a child with partner sperm or donor sperm. A donor can be known or anonymous. The embryo can also be implanted in the uterus of another person to carry the pregnancy (gestational carrier) which is known as surrogacy.

What is the process to freeze eggs?

The process of egg-freezing also called oöcyte cryopreservation in medical terms, involves stimulation of the ovaries with fertility hormones to produce multiple eggs than one egg. After the egg matures, they are retrieved from the ovaries and monitored in the laboratory under specific condition. Under the condition, they’re cooled to subzero temperatures under the liquid nitrogen and stored for years. The eggs are thawed and used at a later date for conceiving a pregnancy.

Egg Retrieving Process: The process of retrieving eggs is identical to the first phase of in vitro fertilization, or IVF. It involves getting anesthesia and there will be a needle puncturing your vaginal wall. First, the woman will be given hormone injections for stimulating the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. Women have to visit the fertility clinic frequently, about 5 times in 10 days, while the ovaries are regularly monitored by vaginal ultrasound. After roughly a week or two of hormone treatments, the eggs are retrieved.

The egg retrieval process will consume about 10 minutes and is done under mild anesthesia or sedation. Using ultrasound guides, the doctor put a needle through the vagina to the ovarian follicle containing the egg. A suction device connected at the end of the needle sucks out each egg from the follicles. Simply, a needle goes into the ovary and the eggs get gently aspirated out.

Next is Vitrification (the process of egg freezing): 

Shortly after the eggs are retrieved, they’re cooled down to subzero temperatures to preserve via vitrification. The vitrification process involves three main critical components. Let’s discuss each one in detail:

  1. The 1st component is exposing the eggs to high concentrations of cryoprotectants for rapid dehydration of cells. 
  2. The 2nd component is loading the eggs into tiny storage devices usually known as straws, that facilitate ultra-rapid cooling.
  3. The 3rd component is cooling the content straws (eggs/embryos) as fast as possible, under thousands of degrees per minute.

This development of a high cooling rate along with using high concentrations of cryoprotectants allows the contents in the straw (eggs, or embryos) turning to a glass-like structure instead of ice formation. This prevention of ice formation successfully protects the eggs, or embryos from damage and allows them to be warmed later for fertility treatments giving survival rates consistently above 90%. 

When should I use my frozen eggs?

Women can freeze their eggs as long as they want at the fertilityworld best donor egg agency in Delhi. If you feel that you’re ready to get pregnant. This vitrification procedure can store the eggs indefinitely. And when patients return to use their vitrified eggs, the vitrification procedure described above is reversed. Reversing back the egg from a frozen state to room temperature and then to 37°C, rehydration is made. The procedure warms the eggs in just 20 minutes and they are placed back in the incubator at 37°C in the laboratory. Then the sperm fertilized the eggs, and the resultant embryos can be transferred back into the uterus immediately, or unfertilized eggs can be injected with a single sperm 3-4 hours later for fertilization to use in IVF, ICSI, and Surrogacy.

How long does IVF take with frozen eggs?

The overall procedure of IVF with frozen embryos and frozen eggs generally takes about 6 to 8 weeks. A frozen embryo transfer (FET) by itself requires about three weeks. At the fertilityworld Delhi, we provide embryo cryopreservation and frozen embryo transfer to those patients hopeful to expand their family in the future, as well as those who are ready to grow their family right now.

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Process

Couples going for frozen embryo transfer at the fertilityworld in India will first undergo a fresh IVF cycle to create embryos. During this assisted reproductive procedure, the chief embryologist will harvest the eggs either by natural means or via a medication-assisted ovulation cycle and fertilize the eggs with the partner’s, or chosen donor’s sperm. After about five days of growth in the laboratory, all viable embryos are frozen (cryopreserved).

When couples visit us with the decision of using their previous frozen embryos, Dr. Pammy Murthy our chief embryologist carefully thaws the embryo(s) and precisely transfers them into the female partner’s uterus and she carries the pregnancy to term. Frozen embryo transfer success rates are higher than the embryos transferred immediately after a fresh IVF cycle because of a more favorable uterine environment. 

To know more information about Donor Egg Bank and egg freezing contact the fertilityworld…

If you have any confusion or did not understand this page and want to know more about Egg Donation, Best Donor Egg Bank agencies, Egg freezing, FET, IVF, ICSI,  cryopreservation, or Donor assistance (egg/sperm/embryo) in Delhi, please feel free and write to us at we’re right away to answer and solve your problems with free consultations. 

Further, if you want to directly discuss the cost of Egg Donation, Best Donor Egg Bank agencies, Egg freezing, FET, IVF, ICSI,  cryopreservation, Donor assistance (egg/sperm/embryo) in Delhi, or any fertility-related treatment cost, and discount. Please feel free and write to us at We provide free consultations and no charges for your query.

Ask Our Specialists your questions- get answered and receive instant free online consultations with the best advice. The fertilityworld is dedicated and committed to building your parenthood together. Contact us today.

Egg Freezing Cost in Delhi?

Egg Freezing in Delhi at Fertilityworld clinic is more affordable than in other clinics. The cost is flexible for any woman who wants to freeze her eggs. The Egg freezing cost in Delhi ranges from Rs 10k per month or 1.20 Lakhs per annum.

egg freezing age limit in India?

Women between 18 to 25 years can have a 90% to 99% chance of at least one live birth.
Women between 25 to 30 years can have an 80% to 90% chance of at least one live birth.
Women between 30 to 35 years can have a 75% to 85% chance of at least one live birth.
Women between 35 to 40 years can have a 60% to 65% chance of at least one live birth.
Women between 40 to 45 years can have a 50% to 60% chance of at least one live birth

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