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Egg Freezing Success rates in India

A woman is born with about one to two million eggs that are packed in small follicles inside her ovaries which decline over time. The women’s age is the key factor in reducing egg qualities impacting egg freezing success rates. In India, the fertilityworld stands at the top of egg freezing services for its affordable cost, free consultations, and the highest success rates.

Egg freezing sucess stories

Egg freezing success rates by age

Egg freezing success rates are based on the women’s age between 18-35 years as it produces the best qualities of the egg in harvesting for freezing. The bar graph below shows the egg freezing success rate by age.

Egg Freezing Success rate in India
  • Women between 18 to 25 years can have a 90% to 99% chance of at least one live birth.
  • Women between 25 to 30 years can have an 80% to 90% chance of at least one live birth.
  • Women between 30 to 35 years can have a 75% to 85% chance of at least one live birth.
  • Women between 35 to 40 years can have a 60% to 65% chance of at least one live birth.
  • Women between 40 to 45 years can have a 50% to 60% chance of at least one live birth.

Today, egg freezing commonly uses a process called “VITRIFICATION” which is significantly more effective. About 60% to 99% of eggs frozen (up to 45 years) using the vitrification process survive the freezing and thawing process. However, here at fertilityworld uses frozen techniques even more effective than vitrification called Cryotec. A Cryotec produces a near 100% of egg survival rate. It is conclusive that, for those women below 35 years, egg freezing offers them their best chances of creating a family.

Best Egg Donor agency in India?

Best Egg donor agency in India

For the past two decades, the fertilityworld is providing donor assistance as well as egg freezing facilities. Being the best Egg Donation in India| Donor Egg Bank, thousands of women have successfully frozen their eggs at fertilityworld bank. Its banking technologies serve at the lowest cost starting from 10,000-15,000 INR per month. This center is the most recommended donor egg bank in India from the customer’s perspective for its high technologies in preservation with the highest periods of egg durability. Donor egg is directly associated with a higher success rate in reproductivity. Fertilityworld has proven that couples using frozen donor eggs for the IVF pregnancy cycle and ICSI have up to 90% likelihood of conceiving in the first attempt.

Best Fertility doctors in India

Best Fertility doctors in India

The team of best IVF doctors in India has 20+ years of experience in the fertility field, connecting thousands of infertile couples, single mothers, and single fathers every month building their dreams of parenthood through various treatments like IVF, ICSI, IUI, semen analysis testing, semen cryopreservation, using donor assistance, male-female infertility treatments, etc. 

The fertilityworld has the leading fertility Doctors in pan India with highly skilled chief embryologists with over 35+ years of experience like Dr.Pammy Murthy at Miracle advanced reproductive Center Chennai, and other finest doctors from across all other metro cities of India, some of them are Dr. Nidhi Sharma Dr. Mohit SaraogiDr. Brigadier R K SharmaDr. Adinarayana MakamDr. Swapna ChekuriDr. M NiharikaDr. Mukesh AgarwalDr. Indira HindujaDr. Abha MajumdarDr. Hrishikesh Dattatraya Pai, etc.

You get pregnant with the help of a leading fertility specialist in India. The most cost-effective way to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby(ies) is by connecting with fertility Doctors. Many couples in India and internationally suffering from fertility problems search for the best fertility Doctors in India and then come to the Fertilityworld. 

Egg freezing Process

Egg freezing Process

Shortly after your unfertilized eggs are retrieved, they’re cooled down to subzero temperatures to preserve them for future use. The makeup of an unfertilized egg makes it a bit more difficult to freeze and leads to a successful pregnancy than does the makeup of a fertilized egg (embryo). The vitrification process involves three main critical components. Let’s discuss each one in detail:

  1. The first component is exposing the unfertilized eggs or fertilized eggs (embryos) to high concentrations of cryoprotectants for rapid dehydration of cells. 
  2. The second component is loading the eggs or embryos into tiny storage devices (usually straws), which facilitates ultra-rapid cooling.
  3. The third component is cooling the content straws (eggs/embryos) as fast as possible, under thousands of degrees per minute.

This development of a high cooling rate along with using high concentrations of cryoprotectants allows the contents in the straw (eggs, or embryos) turning to a glass-like structure instead of ice formation. This prevention of ice formation successfully protects the eggs, or embryos from damage and allows them to be warmed later for fertility treatments giving survival rates consistently above 90%. This vitrification procedure can store the eggs or embryos indefinitely.

And when patients return to use their vitrified embryos or eggs, the vitrification procedure described above is reversed. Reversing back the egg and embryo from a frozen state to room temperature and then 37°C, and rehydration is made. The procedure “warms” the eggs/embryos in just 20 minutes and they are placed back in the incubator at 37°C in the laboratory. Embryos can be transferred back to the uterus immediately and eggs can be injected with a single sperm 3-4 hours later for fertilization to use in IVF, ICSI, and Surrogacy.

Have you been thinking about egg freezing?

If you are a single woman or married couple willing to delay pregnancy for personal, medical, environmental, or professional reasons- Freezing the egg is the ultimate pathway for you, as long as the eggs are frozen at a clinically optimum age. The way of your thinking and decision about egg freezing will open all the doors for you. As of today, Egg freezing is rapidly emerging as a viable clinical technique for preserving women’s fertility. 

The fertilityworld is ranking as the top egg freezing provider today in India for its advanced freezing techniques, highly qualified Doctors, and higher egg freezing success rates. Moreover, the most plus point about egg freezing at fertilityworld is its reasonable cost. Wants to know more about the cost of egg freezing in India? Read this link: Freezing your eggs | Cost of Egg Freezing In India.

Do you know the benefits of Egg Freezing

Egg freezing benefits many single women, and married women in different circumstances, personal reasons, and professional goals. They include: 

  • Those women who are suffering from cancer. Freezing the egg before undergoing cancer treatments is the best, as chemotherapy might affect their fertility stability.
  • Those women who have a history of genetic diseases that can show up in later life might be an infertility-causing factor.
  • Those women who have gone through multiple donor egg frozen IVF cycle failure.
  • Egg freezing is also beneficial for those couples with a diagnosis of infertility, same-sex couples, and single women.
  • Eggs can be frozen/preserved/stored without being fertilized.
  • It eliminates the limited supply of eggs in women if done at an early age.
  • It extends women’s fertility and has children later in life.

How long can I freeze the eggs?

Scientifically proven, frozen eggs or embryos can be stored indefinitely without losing their productivity. The fertilityworld assured you there is no limit on the number of years that eggs can be frozen because we use advanced egg freezing methods that as Vitrification and cryotec, which guaranteed procedures for freezing the eggs. Through these freezing technologies, women can freeze their eggs indefinitely without weakening them. Time is not a factor if the retrieval and freezing are done properly. However, till today we have seen frozen eggs for 15 years and fertilized eggs frozen for 24 years produced successful healthy live births. 

After how many years do you want to use your frozen eggs?

When you decide to use your frozen eggs at the fertilityworld, they’ll be thawed, fertilized with sperm in a laboratory, and implanted into your or a gestational carrier’s uterus. Our health care team entrusted with your frozen eggs can recommend using a fertilization technique called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The chances of becoming pregnant after implantation are roughly up to 99%, depending on your age at the time of egg freezing. The older you are at the time of egg freezing, the lower the likelihood that you’ll have a live birth in the future.

Egg freezing success stories

In 2014, Miss. Sangita, age 25 years visited the fertilityworld egg freezing center in India and she decided to freeze her eggs with our team. At the time, she was most reproductive with the best qualities of eggs. She had a great result and ended up with the number of 30 eggs on ice. Seven years later, in 2021 she came back to our team and shared her married stories and professional life. With great ease, she said me and my husband are ready to use my previous frozen eggs + his sperm in IVF treatments, and ICSI as another option in their mind (if IVF fails). However, there came no other options because she froze it at the right age, so she was able to conceive from the first embryo transfer.

Then after 9 normal months, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Sangita was much more excited after seeing her daughter resembling more like her than her father. Any couples or single women like Sangita and her husband searching for preserving the eggs in India. The fertilityworld egg freezing center is the best opportunity to take charge of your path of parenthood building by freezing the eggs for up to 15 years. Or they are indefinitely proven scientifically.

It has been researched and indicates that about 99% of frozen oocytes/frozen eggs survive the vitrification process and thawing. For women under 35 years, their frozen eggs when fertilized with the husband’s sperm produce a fertilization rate of 90%. However, sometimes embryo implantation rate can vary, depending on the woman’s age at the time of egg freezing. The fertility treatment success rate with frozen eggs is directly dependent on the woman’s age when she comes to freeze the eggs at the fertilityworld, not her age at the time of the IVF implantation process. Learn more about fertilized egg implantation into the woman’s uterus (womb); read the link: IVF Implantation Process in India.

Frozen eggs are primarily used in fertility treatments such as discussed below:

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

The cryoprotectants used in the vitrification process cause hardening of the zona pellucida, the glycoprotein shell that surrounds the egg and embryo. Since the embryo will have to escape from within the zona after it has been warmed and placed in the uterus, we will make a hole in the zona before transferring the embryo. This hole is made with a fine laser and it simply allows us to overcome the zona hardening that is characteristic of the vitrification process. The zona is a non-living part of the embryo, so no damage is caused by cutting a small escape hole.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

For any couples who want to delay their childbearing and are willing to conceive in the future- Egg freezing is the only option as it will preserve your eggs for many years. You can return to the fertilityworld egg freezing center in India when you are ready to conceive via IVF using your previous frozen eggs. IVF is the best ultimate pathway for couples to conceive a baby with self-frozen eggs or donor frozen eggs. Learn more about IVF; What is IVF Technology? The fertilityworld is the best center that offers an affordable IVF cost in India; How much does IVF cost in India?

The process of IVF using frozen eggs involves a chief embryologist, thawing and concentrating the eggs that are reversing the Vitrification process. After that, sperm is collected from the female husband or donor sperm which is allowed to fertilize the egg in the laboratory. To learn a complete IVF process, read here; IVF Process step by step. The fertilized egg that is an embryo after mature development is implanted into the uterus to conceive a pregnancy.

Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

ICSI is also an ART procedure, it directly injects a single sperm into the revived frozen egg. Know that this procedure is only used for patients who have poor sperm quality and where we suspect that sperm may not be able to fertilize eggs on their own. However, due to the hardening of the zona that occurs with vitrification, all vitrified eggs are fertilized using the ICSI procedure. The changes in the zona prevent sperm from penetrating in the normal way, and each egg has to be individually injected with a single sperm to get fertilized in the laboratory and implanted into the uterus to conceive a pregnancy. To learn the difference between ICSI and IVF, kindly read the link here: IVF Vs. ICSI | Difference between IVF and ICSI.

What are the side effects of egg freezing?

For every excellent possibility, there come some disadvantages, risks, and side effects. Likewise, egg freezing could have some mild side effects. However, till today research has not shown an increase in the risk of birth defects for babies born as a result of egg freezing. Some common side effects can disappear naturally but sometimes it may require an embryologist to take care of them. Let’s see here, the most common side effects of egg freezing:

  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome: Using injectable fertility drugs, like FSH or LH to induce ovulation, can sometimes cause the ovaries to become swollen and painful soon after ovulation or egg retrieval. The most important medical risks associated with egg freezing can result from ovarian stimulation. Signs and symptoms include abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. 
  • Egg retrieval procedure complications: In some cases use of aspirating needle during egg retrieval can cause bleeding, infection, or damage to the bowel, bladder, or blood vessel.
  • Emotional risks: Egg freezing can provide hope for a future pregnancy, but in some, there’s no guarantee of success. Success depends on the right age, right treatments, right professionals, and an individual’s fertility conditions.
  • Miscarriage: While using frozen eggs to have a child, the risk of miscarriage will be primarily based on your age at the time your eggs were frozen. Generally, older women have higher miscarriage rates, mainly due to having older eggs.

More questions about egg freezing and its side effects

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If the expense of egg freezing concerns you, ask for information about the costs associated with each step of the procedure and the annual storage fees, per month, cost of IVF, cost of ICSI, cost of FET, (egg/sperm/embryo), cryopreservation, or any fertility-related treatment cost, and discount. Please feel free and write to us at We provide free consultations and no charges for your query.

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Egg Freezing Success rates by Age? Egg Freezing success rate in 2021?

Egg freezing success rates are based on the women’s age between 18-35 years as it produces the best qualities of the egg in harvesting for freezing. A Cryotec produces a near 100% of egg survival rate. Last year in 2021 we achieved 100% successful results in egg freezing. Contact fertilityworld Clinic C/W: +91 9311850412 Email:

Egg Freezing Cost in India?

The cost of Egg freezing is not too expensive in India. The cost structure is flexible from 10k per month or 1.20 lakhs per annum. For more information talk to a fertilityworld expert (24*7).

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